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The Aftermath | TUPDebates 001 | Ft Johnny Sykes

After the main event we cught up with Johnny one of the contestants and grilled him on how the debate went, the argumnts of both sides, and on the topics at hand.... Nuclear disarmament Prisoners getting the vote Nationalisation of the banks Catch the main Debate over on Youtube via: This is the first is our brand new series of debates, we put a hell of a lot of effort and energy into creating this and we have massive plans for where we want to take it in the...


The TUP Show #025 - Panorama Revelations, Boris Under Scrutiny & Yaxley Lennon Jailed

The 2 Alex's join us to discuss Tommy Robinson being sentenced, panoramas Labour Party antisemitism documentary and Boris Johnson's involvement in planning an attack on a journalist. Jack and Ada go head to head in Totally Unrelated to politics talking the ancient mammoth gold rush and the 3D printed brain slug. All at the TUP Show. #Panorama #Borisgate #TommyRobinson ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process:


The TUP Show #024 - UN Climate Warnings, No Deal Promises & Plaid Step Aside Ft Ex MP Julian Huppert

UN Climate disaster Warnings, Boris Johnson's no deal promises and Plaid Cymru and The Green Party stepping aside in the Brecon and Radnorshire By election are the centre of today's chat featuring Julian Huppert ex Cambridge MP for the Liberal Democrats! There's also the Lib Dem leadership race, Panorama's upcoming Labour Antisemitism show and some Women's World Cup chat. ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process:...


The Totally Flat Earth Special Ft Chief Skeptic Michael Marshall

[Audio Fixed] Skeptics Week is coming to a close here on Totally Unprepared Politics, but we hope you can continue to implement the tenents of skepticism in your everyday life as a guard against misinformation and spin. To round off a great week we have one final treat for you all in the form of a extra special podcast episode featuring Michael Marshall a professional skeptic who (In our opinion) much like batman dons his cape and heads out into the world to fight evil! Listen in as we...


The Totally Sceptical Special Ft Cambridge Sceptics

Flat Earth, Moon Landings, Trump collusion, anti vaxxers, the mudflood and how to debunk these ideas are on the agenda with Cambridge Sceptics Sam and Andrew. Asking where conspiracy theories come from and why do people believe them? Discussing everything from early flat earth tests to religions effect on conspiracies. The gateway conspiracies of JFK's assassination and the moon landings to the high level stuff like the firmament and the cosmic egg. We sat down with 2 members of the...


The TUP Show #024 - Skeptics Weeks, Trump in North Korea & Boris Johnson

#Trump4eva, Stormzy and Glastonbury say f*ck boris and Trump visits North Korea are the stories of the week and with an unearthed ancient palace, laser identification cameras and the anniversary of the moon landing. Its a mighty start to the TUP Sceptics Special Week! Trumps tweet: Ancient palace article:...


#AskTUP 005 - Tory Leadership Race, Sexism in Soccer & Falcon Heavy Launch

Got questions about the Tory leadership race, sexism in soccer, the Iranian conflict with America or the Falcon Heavy launch. Well don't worry we already answered them all! As well as talking World War 3, antisemitism in the Labour party and Theresa Mays future escapades! If you have question you'd like the #TUPQandA to answer just tweet @TheTUPShow with the #AskTUP


The Totally Behind The Scenes Show - #001 June

Jack and Ada sit down to talk about running TUP in June. Talking all the shows we released, protests we have covered and interviews we have banked. From audio nightmares to interesting guests and from technical tribulations to how Jack and Ada actually make any of this wonderful stuff happen. Its a brand new show! ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process: Join in the community over on our Facebook group for more...


The TUP Show #023 - Khashoggi report, Trump vs Iran & UK illegally selling arms

A UN report on Mohammed Bin Salman and Khashoggi, Iran and America back in conflict and the UK's illegal arms sales are whats been keeping us awake this week. So Jack sits down with Tom and Tim to talk it all over. The Tory Leadership race, banning cars and Facebook's cryptocurrency also get a mention. Would you stop briefly if falling through a hole in the earth? Facebook monopolising your data...


The TUP Show #022 - Bojo, Climate Kids & Grenfell Anniversary Ft Marco of XR (Extinction Rebellion)

#Boris4PM, #KidsAgainstClimateChange and #GrenfellUnited have all been on the political agenda this week as we welcome Marco, a member of Extinction Rebellion, to the pod. With No Deal Brexit, the Climate Emergency, the Grenfell anniversary and Assange being signed off for extradition its been a busy week. Jack and Ada are here to help make sense of it all. To learn more about Extinction Rebellion: If you want to ask Marco any questions: @marco_prain...


The TUP Show #021 - Trumps UK tour, The race to be PM & YouTube's banning spree

Trumps UK state visit, The conservative party leadership race and Youtube's banning of supremacist content are top of the agenda today. Alex from the facebook group and an untitled history show coming soon joins in as we laugh at the nightmare that is politics. From Beverly Hills tobacco ban to Obamas new podcast network and from Tommy Robinson to Boris Johnson we talk everything contemporary we can. Did you know the ISS is accepting tourists?...


Trump in the UK, Muellers Report and Longevity & Ageism in Politics with Attila Csordas

Longevity politics, ageism and EU elections eclipse Trumps state visit, Robert Muellers first public announcement and Corbyn kicking Campbell from the labour party in this weeks show. Attila Csordas joins us to talk the weeks news and his political platform when he ran in the MEP elections. From the Cambridge hustings to Brexits effect on stress and even AI soldiers. Is age a disease? Should health of candidates be a part of voting decision? Is the Queen better at ageing than Trump? If you...


The TUP Show #020 - Anti-Trump Demos, EU Investigates Farage & The Collapse of ChUK Ft Alex

The TUP Show is back, this week Ada and Jack are joined by regular guest Alex to discuss the weeks news... This week President Trumps first official state visit to the UK was met with protest across the country, The EU issues a 24 hour deadline to Nigel Farage demanding he appear and defend undeclared campaign donations and Change UK is in crisis, losing leader, Heidi Allen, and founder (and namesake) Chuka Umunna. We also cover tourists destroying Mt Everest, the 1922 committee, stop and...


#TUPQandA Jordan Peterson vs Noam Chomsky, Stormzy in schools and Brexits effect on the EU

Q and A time! Your questions, our answers! Brexit, councils, MP term limits, Jordan Peterson, Europe, Noam Chomsky, Owen Jones, fake news and Stormzy are all on the cards in the latest TUP Q and A!


The TUP Show #019 - May Resigns, EU Election Results & British Steel Collapse Ft Harry

The TUP Show is back, this week Ada and Jack are joined by new group member Harry to discuss the weeks news... Theresa May announced the date of her resignation sending Westminster and MP's into a whirlwind of activity, who are the contenders, and are there any dark horses in the race? It has also been a big week across the European Union with people going to the polls in the European Parliament elections. We follow along the results as they come in live during recording and give our...


The TUP EU Election Special Ft Lib Dem Candidate Lucy Nethsingha

Brexit, EU elections and MEPs are all top billing. Lucy Nethsingha, Lib Dem MEP candidate talks Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Greens vs Lib Dems and the European Parliament. Find Lucy at: @LNethsingha ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process: Join in the community over on our Facebook group for more discussion: Check out our interviews and video content over on YouTube: And you can...


The TUP Show #018 - Alabama Abortion Law, C4 Outs Farage & Chelsea Manning Jailed Ft Sam

Discussing Alabama's abortion laws, Nigel Farage's funding allegations, Eurovision and Israel, Milkshakes vs the right and Chelsea Manning going back to jail, with Sam ex chair of Bristol for Europe. Hear our in depth interview with Sam here: ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process: Join in the community over on our Facebook group for more discussion: Check out our...


The TUP Show #017 - EU Elections, Cladding & USA v China Ft Tiernan Douieb

Its a very special TUP Show this week as Tiernan Douieb, stand up comedian and host of the Partly Political Broadcast podcast joins Jack and Ada to talk some of that politics stuff. Including the EU election polls, the UK governments Grenfell cladding removal plans and Trumps upcoming trade talks with China. Also something crazy about sheep happened. ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process: Join in the...


The TUP Show #016 - Climate Emergency, Heathrow & Huawei Ft The Right Dishonourable

Tup goes dishonourable with Jimmy from The Right Dishonourable podcast invading our mics to talk Corbyn's Climate Emergency, High court rulings on Heathrow and the latest Huawei controversy. We also inevitably chat BREXIT and much much more! ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process: Join in the community over on our Facebook group for more discussion: Check out our interviews and video content...


The TUP Show #015 - The Home Office, Prince Harry & Corbyn's Climate Crisis

TUP returns once again with your weekly dose of news and tangents. Jack sits down with cameraman Tom and occasional guest Alex to chat everything from Home Office whistleblowers to Prince Harry's instagram controversy. Whilst also touching on recent goings on including Brexit, Extinction Rebellion, Jeremy Corbyn and Chinas new Silk Road! ================================================== Support TUP and gain some cool benefits in the process: Join in the community over on our...