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Post-Election 2016

Post-Election 2016 Podcast talking about Democratic stupidity, Dems blaming everybody but Hillary Clinton, and the party not understanding that the Republicans have been at war with them (and us) for a very long time. Emotionally blackmailing Dems into working with Trump while they have no power to protect the rest of us is foolish. http://www.whisperwatch.com


Adults in the Room Post Convention

I say this to you as one Liberal adult to another: F-ck every last one of you who seek to vote-shame American citizens and browbeat the younger generation into wallowing in an ocean of bullsh!t that your careless Neoliberal policies have created. There. I said it. Supporters of Bernie Sanders are constantly berated as immature, childish or not having a firm grasp of political reality. As a result of such f-ckery, the only way to generally express my disgust of what happened during the...


Consequences and Repercussions

whisperwatch - This nation may be about to deal with the consequences and repercussions of actions taken by the elites in both parties. The Republican voters pushed forth Donald Trump as their nominee and the Democrats supposedly voted for what is clearly the weaker of their two candidates. The level of social and economic dissatisfaction around the country is palpable while establishment politicians and their corporate media allies remain dismissive of people's complaints. Worse, the...


As Millions of California Ballots Sat Uncounted, Establishment Moved to Endorse Clinton

Did the Democratic leadership and establishment Dems really give a sh!t about the outcome of the California primary, or was President Obama and Elizabeth Warren going to endorse Hillary Clinton anyway? The California Democratic primary was held last week and we still don't know who won. The media is decreeing a Hillary Clinton, of course, reportedly, at least 3 counties so far have flipped to Bernie Sanders as over 2 million mail-in and provisional ballots are SLOWLY being counted. Despite...


Podcast 020: Incrementalism or Real Change?

One reason why many people are so discontent, even though Obama's Presidency has a stellar list of accomplishments, is that the root of what's wrong with the political system has yet to be improved in favor of the poor and the middle class in a significant way. Incrementalism as practiced by the Democratic party appears to be made up of compromises simply for the sake of keeping the peace, preventing major confrontations around expansive ideas, and hoping for some type of conclusion for...


SnS: Bernie Sanders and Race

I'm just going to say it: You know good and damn well Bernie Sanders didn't say all black people are poor and live in ghettos, or that all white people don't know what it's like to be poor. Cut that sh!t out. The following podcast was recorded in response to the Flint Michigan debate. I debated whether to post it and initially decided to skip it. But there's still a very small strain of folk trying to push the ridiculous notion that Sanders "doesn't know how to talk to black people" as if...


Oscars: Yall gon boycott or nah?

After Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) dragged Jada Pinkett-Smith and her husband -- over the river and through the woods all the way to grandmother's house -- for their recommendation to boycott the Oscars, it has sparked a serious discussion as to whether or not boycotting the Oscars will mean anything.


Why is the Media Still Riding Donald Trump's Jock?

The corporate media is apparently still riding the Trump Train in search of higher ratings and more advertising dollars. Members of the media know exactly how to deal with Donald Trump, but the invisible hand of their corporate owners are controlling this game. We've seen what the media does when they don't want to cover a specific subject: they just don't cover it. Period. There are no panel discussions, nor any public hand-wringing. They just won't tell you sh!t. Period.


Sanders vs the DNC - As it Happened

This podcast was recorded as the news was breaking about Bernie Sanders and the DNC at odds over data. Because the contractor (vendor) the DNC hired had a software problem which allowed any campaign to access all of the other campaigns' data, an ex-Sanders campaign employee looked at data belonging to the Clinton campaign. The staffer was fired but the DNC sought to keep the Sanders campaign from having access to ANY AND ALL of their data about their voters as a consequence. His supporters...


The Beneficiaries of White Privilege

Some people hear 'white privilege' and think you're calling them Bull Connor. They have no idea about the generational benefits which have brought them to their positions of power. I have to remind them that at the very least, their ancestors got left the fck alone while black people's repeated attempts at social and economic evolution were systematically crushed. Calvin Michaels Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diSUpIvNCl0


The Wiz: It was alright

The Wiz was just alright to me. I didn't think it was the best thing since sliced bread. Black excellence? The movie was black excellence.


Spring Valley Nonsense

The Spring Valley High assault could have been averted if the ADULTS in the room were more determined to help that child and less determined to enforce their will onto her.


How to Control Donald Trump

The media should stop pretending like they don't know what to do about Donald Trump. They know how to handle people like Trump because they do it all the time with people and issues they don't collectively care anything about.


Stop Telling Dems they have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton

Telling your Democratic allies that they have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton is a losing argument and tantamount to shooting yourselves in the foot.


Anti-Choice: What's the Real Reason?

To those anti-choice people seeking to make the decisions for women about their own bodies: I'm gonna need yall to sit the fck down somewhere and worry about your own business. This is not up for debate or discussion. You will NOT use me, or millions of other women of child bearing age, to make yourself look good in front of God


The Music Industry Aint $hit Right Now

These thoughts came after watching an episode of Sisterhood of Hip-Hop. The music industry ain't $hit right now. That's my opinion. You ain't gotta agree. There is a line of people in power (mostly male) who want the artist to do all the foot work to get themselves noticed/hot/talked about, but don't want to spend ANY money to make it happen.


Piers Morgan Gets Dragged for Policing Nicki Minaj Taylor Swift Dispute

Umma need Piers Morgan to drink a nice big cup of 'Shut The Fck Up'. Exactly why did he jump his happy a$s right in the middle of a misunderstanding between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj?


Major Garrett or Major A$$hole?

Umma need Major Garrett to sit his a$$ down somewhere. Apparently he's been taking lessons at the Miss Cleo school of Mind Reading and now he knows for a fact President Barack Obama is "content" to let Americans languish in an Iranian prison. (Un-bleeped version)


F#ck Donald Trump!

F#ck Donald Trump! Systems based on white supremacy coddle people like Donald Trump and validate their opinions -- however baseless, classless and thoughtless those opinions are. Listen to the podcast for much more.