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Episodes Daily 12 - 7 Game Preview, Richmond Webb Interview

Tom and our new contributor Ashley discuss her roots of becoming a Dolphins fan. Talk about the MNF game and the Gronk suspension. Drake vs Ajayi and how much it has made a difference on offense. we dive into Roger Goodell new extension and what he must do to overcome the constant loss in ratings and confidence in players and owners. We then interview the great Richmond Webb. Follow us on twitter @dolphinstalk, @ternisse13 and @savagegirlsport


Denver Vs Miami Post Game Show

Tom and Mike dive into the Dolphins 35-9 victory against the Broncos. How the Dolphins came together as a team and scored in all phases of the game. we look ahead to the Patriots game next week and how they SHOULD be with out Rob Gronkowski for the match up. Thanks for listening in. Please visit every day for all your Dolphins news and opinions. Be sure to follow us on twitter! @dolphinstalk @ternisse13


Jets Vs Dolphins Postgame

Randy and Tom dive into the huge comeback victory against the New York Jets. We talk game recap and look ahead to the Baltimore Ravens game this Thursday and beyond. Check out for all your Miami Dolphins news and podcasts. Follow us on Twitter @dolphinstalk @ternisse13 @rjclifestyle. Thanks for listening! Make sure you comment, follow and share


Miami Vs Atlanta Post Game Show

Dolphins and Falcons post game show with Tom and Randy. We dive into the Dolphins improbable comeback against the Falcons. We talk mostly the second half turnaround, game stats, defense shutting down Matt ryan and co and take twitter questions. Follow us on twitter @dolphinstalk, follow @ternisse13 and @rjclifestyle as well. be sure to check out DAILY for all your news and information #FinsUp


No More Moore

Tom flies solo tonight with a recap of the game between the Eagles and Dolphins. He talks Jay Cutler, Jay Ajayi, Why Matt Moore is done and much more. Follow us on twitter @dolphinstalk and be sure to visit our website daily for all the latest Miami Dolphins news @ternisse13 @rjclifestyle @thephinstones


Dolphinstalk Preseason Gm1

Finally, Randy and Tom are back with the first episode of the 2017 Miami Dolphins season. They talk about the victory against the Falcons, the unfortunate injury to McMillan and other topics. Subscribe to the podcast on soundcloud, itunes, stitcher and tunein. Follow us on twitter @dolphinstalk @rjclifestyle @ternisse13


Dolphinstalk Live Episode 2

Hey all, We are back with a live broadcast featuring writer Travis Wingfield(@travis_writes) Where we talk about dolphins training camp and news from this month. We also go into Camp battles and areas of concern for the Miami Dolphins. We also re-air the Jarvis Landry interview and go into how we have become dolphins fans. Make sure you like, share, comment download and subscribe to the podcast. Follow us at @Dolphinstalk @rjclifestyle @ternisse13 @travis_writes


Ronnie Brown interview

Hey guys! We return with a great interview with Ronnie Brown. They go into many topics from being drafted to his playing stint with the Miami Dolphins. They also got into sharing the back field with Ricky Williams. Also the Wildcat offense and defeating the Patriots with it. Life after football and if Ronnie Still roots for the Dolphins. Make sure you like, share, comment, download and subscribe to the podcast. Follow us at @dolphinstalk @ternise13 @rjclifestyle @ronnie23brown


Dolphinstalk Podcast June 4th

Hey All, We return with a podcast in reference to the an update on Dolphins from the past week. 1. Juice goes 42 2. London games in Jeopardy 3. OTA updates 4. Weekly podcast? and more to come. We are coming to you some great content in the next few weeks. make sure you check us out on and follow us at @ternisse13 @dolphinstalk @rjclifestyle Make sure you, like, share download and comment.


Sam Madison Interview

Hey all, We return with another great interview this time with the great Sam Madision(@sammaddie29). He goes into depth with his experiences getting drafted and his rookie season with the Dolphins with Jimmy Johnson. he also talks draft and the state of the current Miami Dolphins defensive backs. He also talks about life leaving miami, playing for the NY Giants and defeating the 2007 New England Patriots for the championship. Sam also talks about life after football and working with Jason...

Duration:00:33:02 Live Debut ep

Hey all, We did a live episode sunday at 9pm. We introduce a current writer on the website (@dolphinmick). We talk draft for a majority of the podcast. We also go into other fins news about Mike Pouncey, Jarvis Landry's contract and Jason Taylors bust for the hall of fame. We also re-air the Michael Thomas interview. Make sure you follow us at @Dolphinstalk @ternisse13 @rjclifestyle @dolphinsmick like, share, download, comment and subscribe!!!!! Finsup!


Dave Hyde interview

Hey Guys! We are back with another great interview with Dave Hyde (@davehydesports) from the Sun- Sentinel. They dive into the draft and the state of the Miami Dolphins. After the interview, Tom breaks down the dolphins news of the week and the schedule release. Thank you guys for listening to our podcast and make sure you like, subscribe, share and comment. Finsup! follow us at @dolphinstalk Randy - @rjclifestyle Tom - @Ternisse13 Dave Hyde- @davehydesports And Visit for...


Tim Robbie Interview

Hey all, We go right into an Interview with Miami Dolphins royatly. We go into a few things like his Father, the 72' Season and many things. We also go into his experience in the front office of the Dolphins and being around the guys. We will be back next week for our weekly podcast. Make sure you like, share, download and subscribe! Finsup!


Episode 29 vs Pittsburgh (Playoffs edition)

Hey all, We get into the NFL playoffs. We react to the Dolphins lose in the first round against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We go on the points about the loss and how the Team can improve on the crushing loss. We also give out awards to the Miami Dolphins in reference to how they performed this season. We also want to thank all of those who listen, shared, downloaded and followed our podcast. We will be back soon! Finsup! @dolophinstalk @rjclifestyle @ternisse13


Episode 28 Vs Buffalo

Hey all, We are inching closer to the end of the season and the dolphins clinch a spot in the AFC Playoff race with the victory over the Buffalo Bills. Tom ( @ternisse13) Flies solo here giving a break down of the game and a preview for the week 17 match up with the reigning AFC East champions The New England. Make sure you Like, Share Subscribe and Download this weeks podcast. @Dolphinstalk @ternisse13 @rjclifestyle @sinbadsports @sportsovertime @theSportsbros #Finsup


Dolphinstalk this week in news

quick rundown from @ternisse13 on the news from this week! Finsup!


Episode 27 Vs New York

Hey all! We are getting closer to the end of the regular season and your Miami Dolphins ae inching closer to a playoff spot with a dominating victory over the New York Jets. We break down the games and the impact plays. We also go into the game again Buffalo Bills. and what the Dolphins needed to do to defeat them and proceed to the playoffs. Make sure like, share, subscribe, and comment. We will be back next week for the reaction to the christmas eve game. Finsup! @dolphinstalk...


Episode 25 vs Baltimore

Hey all, We react to the lost against the Baltimore Ravens. We go into the positives and negatives of the lost and see what the team could build upon the lost. We also invite Todd Wade back on the podcast about the update in the team and what he has been up to since we last talked to him a while ago. We finish the podcast with an outlook for next weeks game against the Arizona Cardinals. Please make sure you Like, Subscribe, Share and download the podcast. @dolphinstalk @ternisse13...


Episode 23 vs Los Angeles

Hey Guys! The Dolphins defeat the Los Angeles Rams in an ugly defensive battle. We break down the usual scoring of the games but also get into certain points of the victory. In addition to that we also look forward to the game against the San Francisco 49ers. #finsup #phinsup #miami follow us at @dolphinstalk and Randy - @rjcifestyle Tom- @Ternisse13


Episode 22 Vs New York

Hey all, We Breakdown a dolphins victory against the division rival New York Jets. We go into quartre by quarter analysis and give out MVP's and discuss key plays and who stepped up. We also go into some bullet points from the game and do a preview for the game against the San Diego Chargers. Please make sure you like, Share, Download and Subscribe to the podcast. Also Follow @dolphinstalk and visit for you everyday content for the Miami Dolphins. @rjclifestyle @ternisse13...


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