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Episode 246 - All Eyes On Deck!

In this Week's TechtalkRadio Show, Justin is out and Andy Taylor talks with Andy Hodge, CEO and Founder of Owl Cameras Inc. Mr. Hodge has an extensive background in technology as part of the team at Apple putting together the first iPod and iPhone. He was also on the development team of Dropcam which became Nest/Google. With Mr. Hodge's vast experience, himself and a team of developers and engineers put together in a garage in Palo Alto, the Owlcam. Andy Taylor recently featured the Owlcam...


Episode 245 - Securing The Goods!

In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Justin and Andy chat about changes in Technology and Justin shares one of his recent projects. He talks about working on some Home Automation with product from Konnected. Justin explains the connection between the Home Assistant and Konnected and the already installed Pre-Wired Alarm System. People are finding new use for these system without the monthly monitoring fee and finds how Konnected brings it together. We talk with CEO/Founder of Konnected Nate Clark...


Episode 244 - Spider Monkeys Are Everywhere!

In this Week's Show Justin is in the TechtalkRadio Studios and joins Andy talking about the latest in Technology. We get Justin's thoughts about returning to the wonderful Southern Arizona Temperatures. Justin touches upon his Tech Support history recollecting working at the AOL Call Center some years ago. We get the story about a legendary call into the center that called up the frustrations of the Agent handling the call. AOL certainly was a big stepping ground for many that would...


Episode 243 - Two Screw Left Behind!

For this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy talk about recent moves in Bitcoin and some safety features with a Ledger which is safer for holders of Crypto to store the digital assets. Just shares info on the Nano S that he has and how it can be set up and used along with an App from CoinStats to track increases and decreases in Value for Crypto. Friend of the Show Jessica calls in looking for advice and thoughts for buying a laptop. What should she be looking for in regards to her needs and why...


Episode 242 - Where Does This Go On The Elephant?

In this Week's TechtalkRadio Show, Justin fields a question from Marisol in Green Valley listening on KGVY Radio wanting to know if a Non-Techie can get into the 3D Printing Justin described in the past weeks Radio Show. Justin gives us a breakdown on the cost paid and a couple of projects he has accomplished since last week. There are also some Safety Concerns with the continued printing and recommends Thermal Detection/Protection. We also find out how to get "patterns" and templates for...


Episode 241 - Printing Into Another Dimension!

In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Justin has returned from his trip to Japan. Broadway is out taking care of the wrap up of baseball season with his son. Justin shares some helpful tips about the flight to Japan and traveling with a small child. A tablet for his son really seemed to smooth the flight for him. How has flying changed in the past ten years when traveling? Technology for the traveler comes with options for individual screens with options for TV Shows Movies and Music as well as the...


Episode 240 - Quiet, Mama's Listening!

Justin gets snowed in back at home in Denver and John Broadway and Andy Taylor share some of the latest ideas in Technology. Andy tries to get the proper pronunciation on saying Wisconsin from John. After Andy comments on a photo of Johns home in Wisconsin, the guys have to talk in a subdued tone as John's wife will put the kibosh on a future drone purchase. John explains why. What would be today's features he would be lookingfor in a new drone? The guys talk about hoarding Technology and...


Episode 239 - My Motherboard is a Truck

John Broadway returns and joins Andy Taylor to converse about the latest in Technology. Computers systems for both the desktop and laptop have really continued to work well in performance years after they were built or purchased. Andy's Asus K55 has begun to show a slowdown in performance which he believes could be from a system fan beginning to fail. Asus has been in the news recently with a security hole found in the MotherboardUpdate feature, the company has since patched the problems...


Episode 238 - Turn up the Heat and Cook It

In this TechtalkRadio Show, John Broadway joins Andy Taylor to talk about the latest in Technology. Justin is in Japan on "leave" and we are hoping he has a safe fun trip! Broadway tells us about the latest with his recent technology upgrade and now some months later how has the Tech Kitchen held up. Surprisingly not everything is working at 100 percent and Broadway shares with us why. If you have thought about purchasing a Smart Refrigerator, he shares with us some of the great reasons to...


Episode 137 - Living The High Life In The La Quinta Inn

In this TechtalkRadio Show, Justin and Andy try to change up the opening we've been using since 1996 and it’s an absolute disaster. The guys ask for listeners to send audio/voice of their favorite Technology so we can use it during the show opener. The guys talk about Email hacks and now some are using phone hacks to spoof phone numbers. In this new day an age, answering the phone has become a hassle not a joy. Leave a message or get blocked. Google finds a Zero Day Vulnerability and warns...


Episode 136 - If I Fits, I Sits

In this Weeks TechtalkRadio, Justin and Andy talk about the Foldable Phone that manufacturers have been racing to achieve. The Cost for this technology will more than likely drive the price tag of smart phones in the 2k region. Justin talks about some new smartphone technology that could be coming from Google. Justin adopted the Pixel 3 as his smartphone not too long ago and loves it! He shares his reasons. Snow Day in Tucson has Andy taking photos with both the iPhone and Canon DSLR and...


Episode 135 - Two Men Walking in the Woods

In this TechtalkRadio Episode, Justin and Andy talk about the continuing use of the term, IOT - Internet of Things and what it means. Bugged by the Grammer Police? Shouldn't there be an understanding that using Text should allow for shortening messages? Andy falls down the Rabbit Hole watching a video on YouTube with Peter Sellers, Dom Deluise, Nipsey Russell that has him laughing. The guys talk about different places to find jokes online while Justin has Andy busting up with some great...


Episode 134 - Time to Put The Cat Down

In this TechtalkRadio Episode, Justin and Andy talk about the confusion of the holidays and wonder why it is so darn difficult to adjust to getting back to work over the holiday's. Justin gets his hands on Super SmashBrothers for the Nintendo Switch and gives us his thoughts on it and while amazing, what is the downside? Careers in Gaming are discussed with a recent story about Ninja and his income from gaming and endorsements for 2018 which superseded projections of 500k per month which...


Episode 133 - Damn You Puccini

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy speak with Joe Blackburn returning to the show to talk about Crypto Currency and the interesting year it has been with Bitcoin and Alt Coins. We talked with Joe last year when the Crypto Market was riding high, where is it now and Why? On Justin's Christmas List, he is hoping for the Google Home Hub. Justin tells us about the device and why he believes this is a great product for the Home. Andy talks about his experience with the Amazon Echo Show and how...


Episode 132 - It If Looks Like A Duck

In this Weeks Episode Justin and Andy talk about Facebook and a recent story about a possible DDos Attack. Justin explains what a Denial and Distributed Denial of Service attack is in very easy to understand but silly terms. How damaging could a DDos Attack be? Could your computer be used to attack other computers. The guys talk about the Addiction of the Smartphone and the Internet and Justin shares info on a fictional book he started to get into that imagines the electrical grid being...


Episode 131 - Now for Something Completely Different!

In this TechtalkRadio Episode, Justin and Andy begin with a discussion of Monty Pythons Flying Circus and how Netflix has added the shows to its library of entertainment. New shows such as Sam Esmail’s "Homecoming" and the return of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to Amazon Prime are discussed. Justin and Andy talk about Repairing PC's and Macs with Today's Technology. Where can a consumer have a Macbook repaired? The only solution in most cases for warranty and parts would be through an Apple...


Episode 130- I'm Hiding Under Your Bed!

In this TechtalkRadio Episode, Justin and Andy talk about the New Google Pixel 3XL available from Verizon which Justin has gone out and purchased! We hear from Justin on his reasons for moving from Samsung to Google. His discussion on the Google Pixel 3XL focuses on performance, Camera capabilities and cost. Justin talks about the thoughts between the different sizes in storage on the Google Pixel 3XL and why going for the 128GB made more sense even with the "Unlimited" storage options...


Episode 129- It's More Than Just a Website!

In this TechtalkRadio, Andy Taylor flies solo as Justin is out this week. Andy shares the latest news regarding gaming. Andy sites a report stating videogaming is the largest most profitable electronic entertainment sector over streaming movies and television shows as well as motion pictures in theaters. The recent release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has set records for First Day purchases and Andy breaks down why the the Videogame Industry is so profitable. Red Dead Redemption 2 is due the...


Episode 128- Family Safety Online and Home Automation

Justin and Andy are back in studio together for this episode of TechtalkRadio and talk about some of the exciting products on the way for the Gamer. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is now out and Red Dead Redemption from Rock Star is coming, October 26th. Google makes its official announcement of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL Smartphone’s. Some have shared some disappointment at the storage, the guys remind of the concept of cloud storage which Google has been moving ahead with Google Docs and...


Episode 124- Hey, I'm Walking Here!

In this Week’s Episode Justin is back from his trip to New York talking about some of the different tourist sites he visited while there. Justin has thoughts on The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and The World Trade Center Memorial Museum. Andy wonders about Internet Connectivity in a big city like New York, how do they make it work? Justin recommends checking out YouTube videos when traveling to a city to get tips on working around town. You devices with social media...