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Ep #37 with Paul Austerlitz, bass clarinetist and composer

Ep #37 with Paul Austerlitz, bass clarinetist and composer. Paul Austerlitz has immersed himself deeply in the music and culture of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. He brings those influences together with his love of jazz in his own compositions. He is an ethno-musicologist, author and teaches at Gettysburg University. A Worldsoul Records production You can watch the TV show and all previous episodes on Facebook:...


Ep #36 with Tantra Zawadi, spoken word artitst

Ep #36 with Tantra Zawadi, spoken word artist. Tantra has an unmistakable style of language in her poetry and her performances are always filled with love and connection. We met in Senegal in 2013 for the Senegal-America Project with our partner Tony Vacca, who joins us for the live music at the end of the show. She is the African Mermaid! She lives in NYC and works with many music producers there and in Europe. A Worldsoul Records production You can see the TV show on...


Ep #35 with John Sheldon, guitarist and singer-songwriter

Ep #35 with John Sheldon, guitarist and singer-songwriter. John Sheldon was childhood friends with James Taylor and played guitar with Van Morrison. He has created a very successful one man show called The Red Guitar about his musical journey. He recently went to Standing Rock to support the Lakota in their communal prayer to stop the pipeline. He has a deep and beautiful sound on his guitar. A Worldsoul Records production The TV show is on Facebook at:...


Ep #34 with Erik Lawrence, sax and flute player

Ep #34 with Erik Lawrence, sax and flute player. Erik Lawrence has played with many great jazz and pop luminaries in his career including a long stint with Levon Helm, former singer and drummer for The Band. Erik was performing with him one evening and experienced the onstage miracle of Levon suddenly regaining his singing voice after a long time of not being able to sing due to throat cancer. Erik is an old friend and plays on many of my CDs. A Worldsoul Records production


Love's Tearing Me Apart

Heartbreak song.


Ep #33 with Mac Ritchey, composer, oud player and producer

Ep #33 with Mac Ritchey, composer, oud player and producer. Mac Ritchey plays the oud, a Middle Eastern lute, and writes music that fuses funk, blues, rock as well as Arabic music. He is an excellent improviser and composer. We do a live music piece at the end of the show where he plays the curved didgeridoo that's tons of fun. A Worldsoul Records production See all the previous episodes of the TV show on Facebook at...


Ep #32 with Elsa Nilsson, composer and flute player

Ep #32 with Elsa Nilsson, composer and flute player. Born in Sweden and coming to the US as a teen to study music, Elsa brings together Swedish, Brazilian and jazz in her compositions. Her ongoing mission is to find the commonality between cultures. We are joined for the live music jamming at the end of the show by percussionist Cody Rahn. A Worldsoul Records production To watch the TV show go to Facebook:...


Ep #31 with Siselabonga - World Fusion trio

Ep #31 of The World Fusion Show features the World Fusion trio Siselabonga. With a Senegalese kora player, an Italian guitarist and a Swiss percussionist, they create music that seamlessly brings together their cultures. Shot in Senegal by Craig Norton and guest hosted by percussionist Tony Vacca. Nyo ko bok! ("We share it!) A Worldsoul Records production Catch up on all our previous TV shows on Facebook or on our YouTube channel where you can subscribe. Tell your friends...


Ep #30 with Pitz Quattrone, didgeridoo player and singer-songwriter

Ep #30 of The World Fusion Show with Pitz Quattrone, didgeridoo player and singer-songwriter. Pitz Quattrone calls himself the "Johnny Appleseed of the Didg." He leads his band, Pitz Quattrone and the Freelancers in northern VT, singing his original songs and integrating the ancient aboriginal Australian didgeridoo into his music. He does sound healing workshops and also teaches the didg to people to help them cure their sleep apnea. And he's a super fun guy! A Worldsoul Records production...


Ep #29 Pablo DeReyes, singer-songwriter and guitarist

Ep #29 with Pablo DeReyes, singer-songwriter and guitarist. This week on The World Fusion Show we feature Pablo DeReyes who was born in Mexico and grew up in Brazil. He writes stunningly beautiful songs and has a very unique style. He is a visionary artist with a poetic sensibility and we had a great time playing together. A Worldsoul Records production To see all the previous episodes of The World Fusion Show go to the YouTube channel...


Ep #28 The World Fusion Show Sampler 2

Ep #28 The World Fusion Show Sampler #2 featuring six of our previous guests doing live in the studio music, most of which was never aired before today. No interviews. Massamba Diop, superstar from Senegal on tama (with Tony Vacca also on tama), Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets doing his trademark fiery spoken word (also with Tony supporting), Jed Blume on handpan, Jim Matus on laoutar, Emily Lanxner on steel pan joined by Maestro Renald on hand drum and Stephen Katz on cello and shaker. A...


Ep #27 - Eugene Uman, composer and pianist

Ep #27 with Eugene Uman, composer and pianist. Eugene is the director of The Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro, VT. He is deeply inspired by the music of Colombia where he has spent a lot of time teaching and performing. A wonderful improviser, he writes very memorable compositions, some of which are featured in this episode. A Worldsoul Records Production All of the previous TV episodes of The World Fusion Show can be found on the YouTube channel at...


Ep #26 Emily Lanxner, steel pan player and composer

Ep #26 with Emily Lanxner, composer and steel pan player. Emily lives in Hardwick, VT and is an exceptional steel pan player. She performs a Bach Prelude in this episode along with a song by Cesária Évora. As an environmental activist she uses her music to bring attention to honey bees and the current concern with colony collapse disorder. For the live music we are also joined by Haitian drummer Maestro Renald and play a rousing Rara piece with the Koné horns. A Worldsoul Records production...


Ep #25 with Abiodun Oyewole Part 2

Ep #25 with Abiodun Oyewole (Part 2). Abiodun is an original member of The Last Poets, considered by many to be the first rap group, starting in Harlem NY in 1968. He is a hard-hitting spoken word artist and singer-songwriter. In this episode our song "Sobobade" is featured as well as live versions of his spoken word pieces "If We Only Knew" and "My People." Dun tells the story of how he spent 3 years in prison for stealing money from the KKK in North Carolina when he was younger and how...


Ep #24 with royal hartigan and Wes Brown

Ep #24 with royal hartigan and Wes Brown. royal hartigan is a drummer, ethno-musicologist and teacher. He has traveled to Ghana, The Phillipines, China and more to study and share his music. Wes Brown is a bass player and is interested in many kinds of World Music. They have worked together for decades and have a group called Blood Drum Spirit. A Worldsoul Records production You can see the TV version of all previous episodes of The World Fusion Show by going to the...


Ep #23 with Dale Stuckenbruck, multi-instrumentalist

Ep #23 with Dale Stuckenbruck, multi-instrumentalist. Dale comes from a musical family, growing up in Germany where he started playing the violin and musical saw. After getting his doctorate in the violin in NYC he traveled to Taiwan and was exposed to the erhu (Chinese fiddle) and the dan bao (a Vietnamese monochord). He also plays theremin, mandolin and sitar. Maybe his most unusual instruments are the ones that he carves from vegetables. He was recently a guest on The Conan O'Brien Show...


Ep #22 with Pape Sakho, kora player and singer

Ep #22 with Pape Sakho, kora player and singer. This is our second "on location" show from Sobobade in Senegal, West Africa with our guest host Tony Vacca. Pape Sakho comes from a traditional line of kora players but has gone beyond his roots doing collaborations with Kanako from Japan, myself and others. We get to see his video with Kanako and hear his original song "Sakho Dougou" from his CD "Kora From Sobobade" that includes me playing the electric violin. A Worldsoul Records production...


Ep #21 with Abiodun Oyewole, songwriter and spoken word artist

Ep #21 - Abiodun Oyewole is a founding member of The Last Poets considered by many to be the first rap group, starting in 1968 in Harlem, NYC when he was 19. This year marks the 50th anniversary of their performing together. He is a songwriter and a hard-hitting spoken word artist. He is also a great lover of humanity. This episode (Part 1) includes his deeply moving song "Pelorinho," shot on Goree Island, the ancient slave port in Senegal, West Africa. A Worldsoul Records production...


Ep #20 Jeff Greene, composer and multi-instrumentalist

Ep #20 with Jeff Greene, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Jeff has traveled the world for decades and everywhere he goes he brings back musical instruments. He is the co-founder of Tribecastan, a band specializing in World Fusion music. We interview him via Skype from his music room in NYC, surrounded by hundreds of his cool and unusual instruments, which he demonstrates for our audience. A Worldsoul Records production To watch the TV show for this episode and all the...


Ep #19 with Stefanie Sylla, composer and violinist

Ep #19 with Stefanie Sylla, composer, violinist, singer and visionary musician. Born in Germany, Stefanie has traveled to India and Senegal to experience a deeper connection with the music of other cultures. Tony Vacca is our guest host for this one - the first in a series of on location shows shot in Senegal in Jan 2018. Video and sound recorded by Craig Norton. A Worldsoul Records production You can watch the TV show on YouTube: