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WLRN Music Hour #16: Pat & Judy with DJ Phoenixx

This week's music hour features the poetry of Pat Parker and Judy Grahn on their 1976 Olivia record, Where Would I Be Without You. Hope you enjoy hearing this treasure of Lesbian Feminist spoken word for the first time or the ten thousandth! "Side one" with Judy Grahn: A History of Lesbianism if you lose your lover in the place where The Marilyn Monroe Poem The Common Woman II. Ella III. Nadine IV. Carol V. Detroit Annie VII. Vera She Who parting on the left the woman in 3 pieces one She Who...


Women's Summer Gatherings: WLRN's 25th Edition

Summertime is coming soon, and that means festival season is almost here! Our 25th edition podcast features interviews with the founders of three such events: Michigan Framily Reunion, https://www.michiganframilyreunion.com/ Ohio Lesbian Festival, https://www.facebook.com/OhioWomynsFestival/ and Cinema Systers. https://www.cinemasysters.com/ WLRN would like to welcome our newest member, Maya, who provides headlines for this month. Musical selections include August Moon by Nedra Johnson and...


The Sounds of MichFest 2015: A Radio Documentary on the 40th and Final Fest

Thanks to Anonymous, WLRN was able to recover this documentary that aired on October 26th, 2015 from the studios of Madison community radio station WORT 89.9 FM. Shortly after the airing of this documentary, Thistle Pettersen was banned from the radio station due to complaints from trans activists. The documentary itself is not about hate at all, but rather highlights and amplifies the thousands of women's voices that came together every year for forty years on the Land. Enjoy this Labor of...


November 3rd 2014 Interview with Sheila Jeffreys, Elizabeth Hungerford and Jane Doe

Thanks to Anonymous for sending WLRN this sound file from 2014 when Thistle Pettersen interviewed Sheila Jeffreys, Elizabeth Hungerford and Jane Doe on the Access Hour at Madison's community radio station WORT 89.9 FM. The lead-up to this show and the aftermath were notable since trans activists and proponents complained to the station that this show was "trans misogynistic" and full of "hate speech."


Extended Interview: Maria Klemperer-Johnson of Hammerstone Carpentry and School for Women

In this interview, WLRN producer Jenna talks with Maria Klemperer-Johnson, founder of Hammerstone Carpentry and School for Women. Having grown up with a woodworking father and grandfather, Maria found her way back to carpentry after going to college for computer science, and later starting a PhD program in geology. She talks about the the empowerment of being physical; using your body to create; knowing your strengths and limits. Being part of a small percentage of wimmin in the trades,...


WLRN Music Hour #15: Emotional Creatures with DJ Phoenixx

Recently, I've been inspired by hearing 17 year old Emma Gonzalez speak against gun violence. Her confident, passionate and intelligent speeches are so moving to me. I've also been remembering the fires of myself at that age which were made impotent by hetero reality. This week I invite you to join me and the music for a journey of female friendship and reclamation of the fires of those adolescent years of being 'Emotional Creatures" (term borrowed from a young woman interviewed by Eve...


WLRN extended interview with the owners of Bloodroot

WLRN's Julia Beck traveled to Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant and Feminist Bookstore in Bridgeport Connecticut in March of 2018. Surrounded by the laughter and ambient sounds of women listening live to this interview, Selma Miriam and Noel Furie tell the story of how they came to be business owners and also share their own personal stories as feminist women and lesbians. http://www.bloodroot.com/


Anniversary Merch!

WLRN is celebrating two years of collectively producing feminist community radio! To mark this achievement, Natasha Petrov, WLRN's resident graphic designer, has created some wonderful merch described in this PSA. Please take a listen and consider ordering your Women in Media merch today! https://wlrnmedia.wordpress.com/merch/


WLRN Edition 24: Women Makers and Sustainers

Our 2nd year anniversary podcast is here! WLRN has worked collectively for TWO YEARS to bring YOU woman-centered news and music every single month. This month we focus on women creators and supporters of the feminist movement. We interviewed Maria Klemperer-Johnson, the founder of Hammerstone Carpentry School, as well as Selma Miriam and Noel Furie, two of the founding members of Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant. We also spoke with Judith Arcana, one of the Janes from Chicago's underground...


WLRN Music Hour #14: Trio Reunion

This week's music hour features music by Barbara Higbie, Teresa Trull and Cris Williamson in honor of their Reunion Tour. They've been gracing various venues along the east coast these last several weeks. I saw them this past weekend! It was great fun to witness powerful women sharing power so reminiscent of how things were done at MichFest and other womyn's music festivals. They really set the bar for that particular Feminist value! I'm so grateful for continued modeling of that...


Warrior's Lullaby: song by Thistle

Shortly after holding up a sign at the women's march in Madison on January 21st 2017, Thistle Pettersen was defamed by hundreds of peers and colleagues in her community to the point of losing her regular music show at a neighborhood bar and almost losing her employment. This song was written during that period of backlash that lasted for about 10 weeks after the women's march. It is about taking care of yourself, soothing and guiding yourself towards the default setting of the universe...


Interviews with Julie Bindel & Meghan Murphy on WORT 89.9 FM in Madison

After two years, Thistle Pettersen went back into the studios of WORT 89.9 FM, the community radio station in Madison, to interview Meghan Murphy LIVE on the Access Hour and to play a pre-recorded interview she did with Julie Bindel. Thanks to WORT's Access Hour for allowing these interviews to be broadcast from the station. Ms. Pettersen was banned from the station's premises in January 2016 due to transactivist complaints about her previous LIVE interview with Sheila Jeffreys in 2014 and...


WLRN Music Hour #13 with DJ Phoenixx

This week I invite you closer into my personal life to walk through a remembering/honoring of the violent murder of my dog companion, Phoenix, eight years ago to the day. Gun violence is perpetual under male supremacy and this experience brought it to my hearth as it has come to so many women around the world, maybe even yours. I hope that this personal sharing touches and strengthens you and the entire Liberation Movement on the planet. If you want to read more of my personal walk through...


Julie Bindel Ahead of March 19th WORT Show

On Monday, March 19th, WLRN's Thistle Pettersen will venture back into WORT 89.9 FM's studios in beautiful downtown Madison to play a pre-recorded interview that she did this week with Julie Bindel and to interview Meghan Murphy LIVE! This short clip contains a Feminism 2.0 question generated by a group of radical feminists following the build-up for the show. It will not be included on Monday night's LIVE broadcast. The show on Monday is meant to be a Feminism 101 introduction to what two...


WORT Promotional Audio for Interviews with Murphy & Bindel March 19th

This is a one minute promo Thistle Pettersen recorded at the studios of WORT 89,9 FM in beautiful downtown Madison to get the word out about her interview with Meghan Murphy & Julie Bindel on March 19th, 2018.


WLRN Edition 23: Analysis of Rape Culture & #METOO Movement

WLRN's edition 23 on the #METOO movement and rape culture begins with world headlines presented by Sekhmet She Owl followed by "Hands Clean" by Alanis Morissette, a song about a 14 year old girl who was raped by a music exec . Next, you'll hear an interview clip of Jyssica Schwartz jyssicaschwartz.com/ talking about her new book coming out on March 14th called You Are Not Alone, inspired by the #METOO movement. The book is a collection of 56 stories written by women (and some men) about...


WLRN Music Hour #12 -- the Divine Girl Child with DJ Phoenixx

Playlist: Cradle song Kitka (In background) Ten Mile Stilts Wailing Jennys Lullaby Dixie Chicks Ooo Child Beth Orton Sweet Wonder Carolyn Hillyer Diamond in the Rough Shawn Colvin Nature Song Sweet Honey in the Rock I Love to Laugh Sweet Honey Bird Song Heather Masse Tuwe Tuwe Sweet Honey Oh My Goodness Look at this Mess Sweet Honey Spring Tracey Chapman Be Careful Cris Williamson Feral Children Beth Orton Motherland Cris Williamson This week on the Music Hour, we'll be celebrating the...


WLRN Special Edition: Midwest Women's Herbal Conference 2018

You are in for a special treat! Start off the hour with the musical selection “Dandelion” by Heather Maloney and then be intrigued & inspired by the first interview clip featuring Linda Conroy, conference founder, speaking with Thistle Pettersen. After a brief musical interlude of “The Spirit of the Plants” by Lisa Thiel, you’ll hear how YOU CAN WIN A FREE TICKET to the conference followed by interview excerpts with conference keynote speaker, Isla Burgess from New Zealand and author of...


WLRN Music Hour #11 Featuring Mary Watkins & Sally Miller Gearheart with DJ Phoenixx

This week, we're keeping things simple, streamlined, for our women's liberation music hour. Simple and streamlined, yet elegant and deep. Featuring talented composer Mary Watkins and readings from the classic novel, The Wanderground, by Sally Miller Gearheart, we will take a journey with sound and story guided by these two sisters of the revolution. Here is an introduction to these two women of power: Ms. Watkins is the recipient of several granting foundations such as Meet the Composer,...


WLRN Interview with Anya Robyak about Using the F-Word

Anya Robyak has worked in Early Childhood Education for almost 20 years as a classroom teacher, researcher, consultant, and college instructor, and holds graduate degrees in Early Childhood Special Ed, Fiction Writing, and Instructional Technology. She hopes to bring conscious radical feminist analysis to the theory and practice of Early Ed in order to open up conversations about the ways in which sexism shapes children's lives. She is working on a book whose working title is Using the...


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