Zambia BlogTalkRadio's goal is to reach Zambians in the diaspora and consolidate on individual contributions to Zambia. We hope to be a news and resource forum for Zambians living abroad.


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Zambia BlogTalkRadio's goal is to reach Zambians in the diaspora and consolidate on individual contributions to Zambia. We hope to be a news and resource forum for Zambians living abroad.






Ms Linda Kasonde- Executive Director, Chapter One Foundation

Ms Linda Kasonde is the Executive Director for Chapter One Foundation, a lawyer and civil rights activist. She is the immediate past president of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and past Chairperson of the Oasis Forum. Since her tenure at LAZ, Ms Kasonde has continued to advocate for human rights, human rights defenders, women empowerment and social justice. Ms Kasonde is an officer of the Bar Issues Commission and the Africa Regional Forum of the International Bar Association (IBA) She...


John Sangwa SC- To Postpone or not to Postpone the Zambian Elections

What would justify or necessitate postponing a presidential election?


Remembering KK with Dr Nevers Mumba & Wynegood Malunga

Remembering KK


Growing up in the Diaspora

Growing up in the Diaspora is a conversation with the younger Zambian/American generation either born in Zambia or in the United States who are being raised by parents of Zambian origin. The conversation is designed to gauge their upbringing and the type of conversations/activities that are going on around the family homes. Join Mapalo Mubanga, Esther Chilundika and Manasseh Matatila as they share their amazing experiences.


Nutrition and health

We all want to eat healthy and look good. What exactly if the right food that we should be consuming? Join us this Wednesday as we look at nutrition and health.


What is beauty in this time and age?

We all want to look good, pretty, cute or beautiful. What exactly does it mean to be beautiful especially for a black female... Join us this Wednesday, June 16 at 9:00pm/est on Prime Time as we break down beauty. Dial 319-527-6219 to participate or to ask questions.


Bright Chinganya; Diaspora Stepping up for Public Office

Bright Belemu Chinganya is the Founder/Chairman of Carers of Africa which works to improve access to health services for disadvantaged persons from diverse backgrounds experiencing health issues, family and domestic violence and unemployment. Services offered include counselling, art therapy, mentoring, legal and other referrals, and individualised personal and professional development programs. Bright migrated to Australia from Zambia in 2002, he holds a Masters degree in Public Health...


The 1921 Tulsa Massacre 2

Join us as we continue the discussion on the 1921 Tulsa Massacre. What lessons can we draw from the past? Dial 319-527-6219 to participate


Women Stepping up for Public Office; Grace Namunyola (SP) & Mwinga Sichula (PF)

Zambia witnesses a rise in women candidates for the 2021 candidates, this weekend we feature 2 professional women who have stepped up for public office; Grace Natasha Namunyola is a freelance journalist who used to write for different private media and business organizations, she is the Socialist Party candidate for member ofparliament in Kwacha constituency. Grace obtained a Diploma in Journalism from Copperstone University. Mwinga Sichula is the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for...


The 1921 Tulsa Massacre

In 1921 a wealthy financial district of Greenwood in Oklahoma was burned to the ground out of racial hate. Join us this Wednesday, June 2nd as we discuss the event, implication and consequences of the massacre. The studio line is 319-527-6219.


Aaron Ngambi- Political Analyst

Aaron Ngambi is the Founder of Talala Africa an organization committed to helping less privileged people in Africa in education, health care and empowering them with tangible skills for them to become self reliant. He is also a freelance political strategist, political analyst and weekly comunist for The Mast newspaper in Zambia. Aaron has published close to a hundred articles focusing on democracy, good governance, politics and the rule of law. He also serves as an advisory board member for...


African Freedom Day is May 25th

The African continent and African people all over the world celebrate May 25th as the dawn of freedom. Is Africa really free? What is freedom? Join us the Wednesday, May 26th as we feature Mr. Patrick Lumumba Mulwale from Kenya and Mr. Patrick Kasozi from Uganda on Prime Time Show.


Pastor Moses Chiluba, Chairman- Central African Media Network (CAMNET)

Pastor Moses Chiluba is the Chairman of CENTRAL AFRICAN MEDIA NETWORK, ( CAMNET TV.) TV, and Senior Pastor of The Healing Word Ministries.


What is the role of music in a society?

Music has alot of influence and effect on us all. We all like some type of music here and there. Either to help us forget, remember and get through a day. Join us this Wednesday on Prime Time Show as we look at the role, influence and healing effects of music. The studio line is 319-527-6219


Fred Kazembe; Zambia-USA Business Conference

Fred Kazembe is president of The Zambian Associations Network of the United States (ZAN-US) which is the official, non-partisan and non-religious organizing and networking entity for Presidents of Zambian associations within the United States of America to plan, collaborate, coordinate and implement activities for the benefit of Zambian communities. ZANUS is organizing the 2021 Inaugural Biennial Zambia-U.S. Business Conference which will bring 200 to 300 individuals and organizations that...


What are the effects of colonialism on a people's culture?

Our culture has evolved overtime but completely changed when the Europeans made contact. What changed and what are the effects of those changes? Join us this Wednesday, May 12 on Prime Time Show as we explore the aftermath of colonialism on a people's culture. Dial 319-527-6219 to ask questions or share your thoughts.


Happy Mothers Day

Giving Thanks to our mothers - Happy Mothers Day


Bishop Emmanuel Adimora- President, Africa Unite Summit

Bishop Emmanuel Adimora is the Founder & President of Africa Unite Summit that is about to change the continent of Africa forever. Men and women from the 54 nations of Africa will be coming together to join hands together to create the much needed path for the growth, development and the advancement of our continent. The major change within the continent, economically, politically, infrastructurally, physically and religiously and we have believed it and are now acting on that word to put...


What is Culture?

We have all been told that we have our own culture as a people. Just what exactly is culture? What is the difference between culture and tradition? For these questions and more, join us this Wednesday, May 5 on Prime Time as Noah, Nancy & brother Warren slice up the discussion.


Open Forum

Cosmas Chilese discusses Tourism in Zambia