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Episode 40: Fortnite Battle Royal and WWE Greatest Battle Royal Discussion & Review

Jake and Thoma discuss Fortnite Battle Royal, it has taken over our life, and then we discuss WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble! How did Jake and Thoma feel about the Saudi Arabia's exclusive event with a 50 man Royal Rumble along with 7 title being defended?


Episode 39: Steel City Con Experience, IWC Night of the Superstars WWE's Superstar shake Up

Jake and Thoma return to finally give you Jake's letter grade for Wrestlemania! The boys even discuss their experience at Steel City Con and IWC Night of the Superstars as well as their thoughts on the Superstar Shake up!


Episode 38: WWE Wrestlemania 34 Review and Discussion

Jake and Thoma review and discuss WWE Wrestlemania 34! Did the "Grandest Stage of Them All" live up to its name? Or did it become the "Lamest Stage of Them All"? Or did it just become the pre-show to WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27th?! Find out now!


Episode 37: WWE NXT Takeover New Orleans

We start off Wrestlemania weekend with a bang! We review and discuss WWE NXT Takeover New Orleans!


Episode 36: Fornite Battle Royal Woes, Wrestlemania Weekend Plans & News, Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal Name Change

This episode Jake and Thoma discuss and rant about their time in the game Fortnite Battle Royal, their plans for the Wrestlemania episodes, and all the news surrounding wrestling right now. April 3rd will NOT have a new episode! That weeks episode will be pushed back to the following weekend. For the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame, NXT Takeover Brooklyn, and Wrestlemania 35 we will be doing 3 EPISODES! April 8th will be a small discussion of the Hall of Fame, April 9th will be our review of NXT...


Episode 35: WWE Fastlane Review? Wrestlemania Plans for Women's Title with Alexa, Charolette, Ronda, Carmella

Jake and Thoma review WWE Fastlane as well as reflect on the Wrestlemania plans for the Women's Championships.


Episode 34: Possible Wrestlemania plans, Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations

This epiosde Jake and Thoma discuss possible Wrestlemania plans going into the last WWE PPV before the big show, Fastlane. They also discuss the possibility of Roman Reigns steroid allegations.


Episode 33: WWE Elimination Chamber Review, Ronda Rousey's Wrestlemania Plans, Dominos Pizza Story, Fortnite Battle Royal

Jake and Thoma review WWE's Elimination Chamber! What did they think about the historic women's chamber and the first ever 7 men chamber matches? Did Ronda's appearance go smoothly? What will she do at Wrestlemania? Also hear about why Jake and Thoma will not like to order pizza anymore during pay-per-views and also Jake's first impressions with Fortnite Battle Royal! BTW, I hate Facebook. (Thoma)


Episode 32: Gun Control Discussion, WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions, WWE Hall of Fame Discussion

This episode Jake and Thoma discuss something they never really bring onto the podcast and thats political views. The recent school shooting in Florida has sparked debate about gun control and they wanted to voice their opinions. Once they get back to wrestling they discuss predictions for Elimination Chamber as well as new Hall of Fame news!


Episode 31: Ronda Rousey is Stephanie McMahon's Fluffer? Elimination Chamber plans, Triple H controlling WWE?

This episode Jake and Thoma talk about the potential plans for Ronda Rousey being Stephanie McMahon's fluffer... no not that way... Also the potential plans for Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania.


Episode 30: Non-Believer's Nightmare #1; Non-Wrestling Fans Review of Wrestlemania X-Seven

This episode Jake and Thoma proudly bring to you the pilot episode of 'Non-Believer's Nightmare'! This episode is something they have ben wanting to do since episode 1, 31 weeks ago! Non-Believer's Nightmare is a series of episodes which will happen occasionally throughout the Backyard Booking Podcast's life span where Jake and Thoma bring non-wrestling fans onto that weeks episode to review a classic wresting event and give their honest opinion about the show. They hope to capture and...


Epiosde 29: XFL Returns 2020, Review of RAW 25, NXT TakeOver Philadelphia and Royal Rumble 2018, Ronda Rousey WWE Debut, Episode 30 Announcement

Episode 29 is a LARGE jam-packed episode! Don't worry, we won't point at the Wrestlemania sign too much... Jake and Thoma discuss the shocking announcement that Vince McMahon is aiming for his football creation, the XFL, to return in 2020. They then get into deep discussion about RAW 25, NXT TakeOver Philadelphia, and the 2018 Royal Rumble with the shocking victors for the male and female Rumbles as well as the WWE debut of Rowdy Ronda Rousey! Stick around for a special announcement for a...


Episode 28: WWE Royal Rumble 2018 & NXT TakeOver Predictions, Jim Johnson & WWE Music Discussion, Wildcat Belts, New WWE Talent & Rumors

This episode Jake and Thoma discuss their predictions for the WWE Royal Rumble as well as NXT TakeOver Philadelphia. They also discuss WWE's current music situation with Jim Johnson's recent quotes from an interview. They also bring up the new WWE talent and how they will fall into place in the WWE machine. Next week will be our review for WWE RAW 25, WWE Royal Rumble 2018, and NXT TakeOver Philadelphia! Always remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook by searching 'Backyard Booking...


Episode 27: Winter Sucks, Paige's in-ring career over?, Mark Henry Retired, RAW Possibly moving to FOX?, Royal Rumble & NXT Plans

Welcome everyone to episode 27! Jake and Thoma rant about how this winter sucks, how Facebook screwed over Thoma as well as Paige possibly being done with wrestling at age 24 and Mark Henry retired from WWE. We also discuss our plans for Episode 28, we will have our predictions about the Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover Philly and then Episode 29 will be our review of RAW 25, NXT Takeover Philly, and the Royal Rumble! Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook by searching @BackyardBPod!...


Episode 26: New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 12 Review (NJPW, Omega, Jericho, Naito, Okada, Ibush, Cody)

This episode Jake and Thoma have their first review of 2018 and their first ever outside WWE review with NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 12! They discuss their feelings towards the show with Young Bucks vs Roppongi 3k, Cody vs Ibushi, as well as Jericho vs Omega! Find out how two people who has never sat down to watch a New Japan show felt about their biggest show of the year!


Episode 25: WELCOME 2018, Our 2018 plans, NJPW Discussion about Wrestlekingdom 12, XFL Reborn? New Year New Us!

Episode 25 is our last episode in our Monday time slot, we will now be releasing TUESDAYS AT 7AM! This Episode we enter 2018 with a bang and a new energized team! We discuss our upcoming plans for 2018 as well as how we will watch and discuss Wrestlkingdom 12 next week on Episode 26! Join us for the new year and an amazing year for us! Follow us on our Twitter, @BackyardBPod and engage with us on there, as well as we will tweet out our new Facebook LIVE when you hear this episode! Have a...


Episode 24: WWE Clash of the Champions Review, RAW & SDLive Over View, Royal Rumble Announcement, 2018 Plans & NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 News

This shorter podcast Jake & Thoma review WWE Clash of Champions as well as look over Raw & SDLive from the shows after. We also look into 2018 and give some small insight as to what will happen for the podcast! January 1st, 2018 will be Episode 25 at normal time, but then Episode 26 will be our review of NJPW WrestleKingdom 12!


Episode 23: 2017 End of Year Update, Backyard Booker's Backyard Wrestling Stories, Rich Swann Breaking News, Testing Wrestling Knowledge

Episode 23 updates our lovely fans about our end of the year plans for 2017! Episode 24 will be uploaded on WEDNESDAY December 20th, this will combine their WWE Clash of the Champions & Christmas special! 2018 will start up with a bang with January 1st 2018, and will be a fresh and exciting start for the Backyard Booking Podcast! We discuss Rich Swann's current predicament, stories from Jake & Thoma's backyard wrestling memories as well as Jake tests Thoma's knowledge on some wrestling.


Episode 22: Working Woes, Retail Pains, NXT on USA Network?, NJPW in America?, Absolution & Riott Squad motives

Episode 22 fires in with Jake and Thoma bringing you their fun rants about their daily lives as well as frustrations at work. They also discuss current WWE rumors and news as well as big headlines in the wrestling world. They discuss their thoughts on NXT possibly going to the USA Network as well as the chances of NJPW entering America in 2018. They also talk about their thoughts about the women teams of Absolution and Riott Squad on Raw and Smackdown respectively! Join us this week on...


Episode 21: Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers of All Time (Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker, Edge, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Finn Balor)

This Super Sized episode of the Backyard Booking Podcast Jake & Thoma discuss their favorite wrestlers of all time, spanning ECW, WCW, TNA, WWF and WWE! Who will be their Number 1? Did your favorite make the list or not make it at all? Find out on this super sized episode! If you would like you can follow us on Twitter @BackyardBPod and Tweet us YOUR Top 10 Favorite Superstars of all time or talk to us about our lists! If you leave a 4 or 5 star rating on iTunes and leave your Top 10 list...