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Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is a member of the podcast network and is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at

Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is a member of the podcast network and is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at


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Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is a member of the podcast network and is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at






Cam Tessari and Drew Tewell on the screenplay for the #CamTessariMovie project

Cam Tessari was one of the top high school wrestlers in the country. On a team with high school superstars Logan and Hunter Stieber and Chris Phillips, the "Monroeville Four" were destined for college greatness. Phillips never wrestled in college, while the Stiebers and Tessari went to Ohio State. All were All-Americans with Logan winning four NCAA Division I wrestling championships. Tessari placed as a freshman, then his off the mat issues sent him down a destructive path. A second...


Wrestling podcaster Ryan Warner has one simple question for you

How did wrestling change your life? That’s exactly the question Ryan Warner wants to know and that’s exactly the theme of his podcast, Wrestling Changed My Life. Warner, an Illinois native, started up the podcast a couple years ago and has been prolific with his interviews and his conversational style of podcast. Digging into greats, documentary series on his own and with the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Wrestling Changed My Life has been a fan favorite and it’s only getting...


IAwrestle's Tony Hager and the podcast tech within wrestling

Tony Hager, one of the guys behind IAWrestle, joins Short Time as part of International Podcast Day to talk about what he’s been doing with IAwrestle, Night of Conflict and his Rokfin-based Hager’s Happy Hour, which is a wrestling-centric show about pretty much anything. Well, beer and wrestling and everything else. Hager and Bryant talk about the genesis of the show idea, turn things around to talk about the importance of podcasting on the wrestling medium, as well as thing we all do to...


Launching the Etched in Stone podcast series with NCAA champion and show architect Pat Christenson

Pat Christenson has spent the last 19 years as the President of Las Vegas Events, which has helped bring major sporting events and such to Las Vegas. He’s been a key person behind the bid process for the NCAA championships for Las Vegas in all sports. He was also instrumental in the 2008 Olympic Trials and 2015 World Championships coming to Las Vegas. As a wrestler, Christenson won the 1976 NCAA Division I championship at 167 pounds as an unseeded senior for the University of Wisconsin....


Exploring the world of Fantasy College Wrestling

Fantasy wrestling has become a thing. Tony and Todd aim to bring the wrestling fans who host their own leagues information on the top scorers and favorable schedules as well as talking some general wrestling news while they're at it. It's for all your major decisions. ALSO The 2021 Virginia Duals have been canceled. I’ll breakdown a bit of information as to what led to it. Don’t yet have a presser about it, but it’ll be out when I get a chance to write it. I also talk about Friday The...


QCA Wrestle's Rob Hill talks more than just Quad Cities wrestling

Rob Hill and Jay Zeimet are the hosts of the QCA Wrestle Podcast. Rob and Jay both grew up in Iowa and wrestled through high school. Now, both have kids heavily involved in the sport. While they are both veterans in talking about wrestling, this is the first podcast either has been involved in. The QCA Wrestle Podcast predominantly consists of interviews of figures in the wrestling community, where we get to know our guests, dissect their careers, and provide our audience with actionable...


Hitting record on your wrestling conversation with Bloodround's Tommy Baranoski

One half of the pair behind the Michigan-based, alcohol-induced Bloodround Wrestling Podcast. Tommy Baranoski spent most of his wrestling career trying to come from behind the shadow of his sister's wrestling credentials. Now Baranoski has done fine in the year of our Lord Gable in podcasting. In all seriousness, Baranoski and co-host Kevin Claunch have taken the discussions we have as fans at bars at the NCAAs annually to the podcast form and they’ve done it for over 300 episodes, a...


Wrestling the Alphabet co-author Pat Hogan

Pat Hogan was a 2006 New Jersey state wrestling champion. He and his wife Amanda have recently released a new children's book, Wrestling the Alphabet. Today, I talk with Pat about the idea behind the book, the selection process for who is included and what they hope to get out of this project. Before talking with Hogan, I break down what’s awesome about wrestling in Iowa, pandemic or no pandemic, after the recent Hawkeye Wrestling Club Showdown Open. Pre-order Wrestling the Alphabet at...


MatGeeks founder Jacob Hewgley and building an interest in talking wrestling

Jacob Hewgley is the host of the Mat Geeks podcast. The Mat Geeks media organization is devoted to providing exclusive coverage of ACC wrestling. Hewgley works as a high school math teacher and wrestling coach in North Carolina. Hewgley decided to start Mat Geeks because he felt the ACC was not receiving the attention it deserves from the major wrestling media outlets. All of the Mat Geek's content can be found on the Mat Geeks Rokfin page! Recorded on September 30 for...


NC State's Brian Reinhardt using podcasting to promote Wolfpack wrestling #InternationalPodcastDay

Brian Reinhardt serves as the host of the #PackMentality Pop-Ins Podcast, a podcast that covers the back-to-back ACC Champion NC State Wolfpack wrestling team. Brian has been with NC State Athletics since graduating from West Virginia University in 1999. He has been the communications contact for all of Pat Popolizio's nine seasons with Wolfpack Wrestling in Raleigh, N.C., and he is the reigning, defending, undisputed SID of the Year having won the most recent award from the NWMA. The...


Sam Herring and Jude Swisher, wrestling's podcasting wonderkids

The teenage duo that hosts the Home Mat Advantage Podcast, Jude Swisher's a rapidly improving Pennsylvania High School wrestler. Along with co-host Sam Herring, the pair have carved out a place for themselves in the rapidly evolving world of online sports media. Recorded on September 30 for #InternationalPodcastDay Rockin’ Wrestling Fact Drop REALLY SHORT TIME Mount Hood Community College earned its only wrestling All-American at the NJCAA level in 1982. The program was short-lived,...


Patrick Kelly educating the wrestling world in Kansas through podcasting

Coach Patrick Kelly has been innovative not just in the world of wrestling, but also in the world of podcasting and melding the two for the great wrestling state of Kansas. On Episode 623 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, Coach Kelly, the head coach at Seaman High School in Topeka, Kansas talks about his wrestling backstory and how the medium of podcasting has helped him not only educate, but bring a dynamic set of guests to the Kansas wrestling community. Recorded on September 30 for...


Discussing Fresno State, NCAA championship sites and talking podcasting with K.J. Pilcher

Episode 622 of Short Time features award-winning wrestling journalist K.J. Pilcher of the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Pilcher is an Iowa native who followed his brother to wrestle at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa. Getting into journalism, Pilcher has one of the most strenuous beats in all of wrestling - covering the Iowa high school and college scene in the wrestling-crazed state. Pilcher breaks down how Pinning Combination, his wrestling podcast, works with the coverage ideals of...


Kyle Klingman has gone On The Mat before wrestling podcasts were a thing

Episode 621 of Short Time features Kyle Klingman, a longtime radio and podcast host. The co-host of On The Mat, Klingman is a content producer for SportEngine's Klingman's first foray into podcasting came in 2008-09 with Wrestling 411, but prior, he'd been the host of On The Mat when it was housed by the NWHOF's Dan Gable Museum. Klingman talks about the structure of the show and how On The Mat has evolved over the years from a live radio show in Iowa to one of the...


Twin coaches Anthony and Gennaro Bonaventura talk D3 wrestling, podcasting and coaching #InternationalPodcastDay

Twin brothers and Division III wrestling coaches Anthony and Gennaro Bonaventura are up next on Short Time. The pair host the D3 Nation Podcast, which focuses on, you guessed it, Division III wrestling. Anthony is a coach at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, while Gennaro is an assistant at their alma mater of Waynesburg. This interview was part of the #InternationalPodcastDay marathon live stream from Mat Talk Online on September 30. This episode of Short Time also quickly...


Wyoming wrestling alum Sam Eagan and his world of professional podcast editing

Sam Eagan wrestled for Mark Branch at the University of Wyoming and spent time growing up in Utah and New York. He currently produces Vice News Reports for VICE and previously was the producer for Mo Rocca's Mobituaries. Eagan was the first guest of #InternationalPodcastDay Wrestling Edition. Eagan breaks down how he got into becoming a podcast editor and the journey that started with a trip through public radio in Laramie. Some comments and questions from this episode originated from a...


Looking to make a difference with BTS Chicago's Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon had a long coaching career across Division I and Division II with the lion’s share of it coming at Old Dominion before he returned to his alma mater at Indiana. On Episode 618 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, Dixon talks about his newest move as he’s the new Director of Wrestling and Enrichment at Beat the Streets Chicago. Dixon talks about his introduction to wrestling as a sophomore in high school, his first college coaching job at Division II Indianapolis and then getting...


Johnny J. Rock Johnson and RAW 241 has been delivering talent for years

One of the more underrated wrestling club coaches in the nation is past Division III All-American Johnny “J Rock” Johnson out of New Jersey. Picking up wrestling as a freshman in high school, Johnson placed three times for what was then known as Trenton State College at the NCAA Division III championships. After getting into college coaching at his alma mater under the legendary Dave Icenhower, Johnson ended up taking Brett Matter under his wing. A few years later, RAW 241 was born and a...


Anthony Robles is still going strong

Anthony Robles won the 2011 NCAA Division I championship at 125 pounds for Arizona State University. Since then, he's been a visible personality on television with the Pac-12 Network and ESPN, a motivational speaker, and a record-breaking athlete. On Episode 616 of Short Time, Robles chats about his next venture, The Unstoppable Podcast, which will launch in October on If you'd like to SUPPORT THE SHOW and all the on-demand audio offerings, free newsletters and...


Colorado's greatest wrestling upset documented in Unmatched

Brady Buck grew up in the blue collar town of Wray in Eastern Colorado. A wrestler as a youth, he gravitated towards other sports before heading to college at Duke University in North Carolina. He always kept up with wrestling as a fan, but something drew him to tell the story about one of the greatest upsets high school wrestling in the West had ever known. On Episode 615 of Short Time, Buck talks about chronicling the journey of Brett Roller and his quest to win a state title and stop...