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Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is a member of the podcast network and is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at

Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is a member of the podcast network and is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at


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Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is a member of the podcast network and is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at






Making a difference in Little Rock is more than just wrestling

Little Rock hosted its first home event of the year on January 17 at the Jack Stephens Center against Oklahoma State and SIUE. The tri-meet launched the second season of Little Rock wrestling on the mats. Coach Neil Erisman, an Oklahoma State alum, sat down to talk about the progress of the program in the second year of competition, what it’s like to bring in new wrestlers with something tangible to show rather than just a vision, and the investment a coach feels when they lose an athlete...


Des Moines Register wrestling writer Cody Goodwin on the changing face of sports media

There’s been a long time between the time I spoke with Cody Goodwin of The Des Moines Register for International Podcast Day. We’d just finished up with the Night of Conflict out in Sioux City, Iowa and were conversing about the state of wrestling coverage. Part of that wrestling coverage discussion is here on Episode 644 of Short Time where the 2019 NWMA National Wrestling Journalist of the Year talks about his foray into podcasting with In The Room, how he talked his bosses at the paper...


Afsoon Johnston and her remarkable, trailblazing path

Afsoon Johnston, then known as Afsoon "Sue" Roshanzamir, was the first world medalist in women's wrestling back in 1989. Afsoon will talk about the book, Afsoon, written by Craig Sesker, that tells the story of how she and her family fled Iran in the early 1980s and landed in California. Her journey made her somewhat of an outcast in an era where tensions between the U.S. and Iran were high. She gravitated towards wrestling, a sport where girls were rare. Afsoon's breaks down the story of...


In his own words, Sgt. Slaughter on the late Danny Hodge

The wrestling world lost Danny Hodge on Christmas Eve. The only wrestler to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated for his wrestling credentials, Hodge was a standout in three varieties of the sporting world - collegiate and international wrestling, boxing and professional wrestling. As Hodge became one of the favorites in the world of professional wrestling, he worked and trained with hundreds of would-be superstars, including Robert Remus, an Eden Prairie, Minnesota native who would...


Get to know The Grind at Appalachian State #InternationalPodcastDay

Jeremy Barnes (aka J.B.) is one of the hosts for The Grind. A podcast committed to promoting all things Appalachian State Wrestling. The show started in effort to bring more awareness to Appalachian State Wrestling. Most people probably recognize the name from football, but our wrestling is just as successful or even more so. All that news and more … Daily Wrestling News, delivered every day, free. As always, you can support this network, its shows and its projects at...


Kicking off the Keep Fresno State Wrestling movement

On October 16, California State University, Fresno announced it was dropping men’s tennis, women’s lacrosse, and for the second time in school history, men’s wrestling. After a decade-long quest to bring the sport back to campus in 2016, a new quest has been started by Keep Fresno State Wrestling. In conjunction with USA Wrestling, the National Wrestling Coaches Association and Flowrestling, the Keep Fresno State Wrestling group will kickoff its official efforts on Monday, December 21 at 6...


Casey Moss has more to his game than daytime TV and The Last Champion

Casey Moss was best known as J.J. Deveraux on the long-running daytime drama Days of Our Lives. As Moss was toward the end of his run on the show, he earned the role of Scott Baker in the recently released wrestling-themed drama The Last Champion. On Episode 639 of Short Time, Moss talks about his role as Baker in the movie, what it was like to gain the role, his background wrestling growing up in Arizona before we go way off the original topic and talk about his band, Inner Echo, and our...


Former wrestler Michael Madden plays Deck Hines in The Last Champion

Washington native and former University of Jamestown wrestler Michael John Madden joins the Short Time Wrestling Podcast to talk about his role as Deck Hines in The Last Champion. Madden was a 2009 state qualifier in Washington for White River High School in Buckley. He wrestled for a season at NAIA Jamestown in North Dakota before leaving school to pursue acting. SHORT TIME SHOTS (it’s the scores and such, people) In the NAIA, Grand View broke one of college wrestling’s oldest records...


Writing and directing The Last Champion with Glenn Withrow, Hallie Todd and Ivy Withrow

Glenn Withrow grew up wrestling in Kentucky. A state runner-up in high school, he quickly went into film and over the last several decades, he’s acted, written and produced a number of series’ and films. On Episode 637 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, Glenn and his wife Hallie Todd and their daughter Ivy Withrow, join the show to talk about the December 8 release of The Last Champion, a film they wrote and directed together with high school wrestling as the backdrop of this story...


Earl Smith breaking down the Vengeance in Virginia on December 6

Earl Smith talks Vengeance in Virginia coming December 6. The event, which starts at 3 p.m. at Top of the Podium in Sterling, will feature 18 bouts with a mix of high school boys, high school girls and one college all-star bout. Information can be found at Live streaming will be available on SHORT TIME SHOTS The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga announced on Wednesday that the 2021 Southern Scuffle has been canceled. Full details can be...


Cole Hauser talks about his role as a former wrestler and coach in The Last Champion

John Wright is a disgraced American wrestler who finds himself back in his hometown with a chance at redemption. Cole Hauser plays Wright as he returns to his hometown and finds himself back near a wrestling mat after years away. On this episode of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, Jason Bryant talks with Hauser about the role, the release and production of the film and how he approached taking on a role of a wrestler and wrestling coach for the film. The film gets released digitally on...


Cam Tessari and Drew Tewell on the screenplay for the #CamTessariMovie project

Cam Tessari was one of the top high school wrestlers in the country. On a team with high school superstars Logan and Hunter Stieber and Chris Phillips, the "Monroeville Four" were destined for college greatness. Phillips never wrestled in college, while the Stiebers and Tessari went to Ohio State. All were All-Americans with Logan winning four NCAA Division I wrestling championships. Tessari placed as a freshman, then his off the mat issues sent him down a destructive path. A second...


Wrestling podcaster Ryan Warner has one simple question for you

How did wrestling change your life? That’s exactly the question Ryan Warner wants to know and that’s exactly the theme of his podcast, Wrestling Changed My Life. Warner, an Illinois native, started up the podcast a couple years ago and has been prolific with his interviews and his conversational style of podcast. Digging into greats, documentary series on his own and with the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Wrestling Changed My Life has been a fan favorite and it’s only getting...


IAwrestle's Tony Hager and the podcast tech within wrestling

Tony Hager, one of the guys behind IAWrestle, joins Short Time as part of International Podcast Day to talk about what he’s been doing with IAwrestle, Night of Conflict and his Rokfin-based Hager’s Happy Hour, which is a wrestling-centric show about pretty much anything. Well, beer and wrestling and everything else. Hager and Bryant talk about the genesis of the show idea, turn things around to talk about the importance of podcasting on the wrestling medium, as well as thing we all do to...


Launching the Etched in Stone podcast series with NCAA champion and show architect Pat Christenson

Pat Christenson has spent the last 19 years as the President of Las Vegas Events, which has helped bring major sporting events and such to Las Vegas. He’s been a key person behind the bid process for the NCAA championships for Las Vegas in all sports. He was also instrumental in the 2008 Olympic Trials and 2015 World Championships coming to Las Vegas. As a wrestler, Christenson won the 1976 NCAA Division I championship at 167 pounds as an unseeded senior for the University of Wisconsin....


Exploring the world of Fantasy College Wrestling

Fantasy wrestling has become a thing. Tony and Todd aim to bring the wrestling fans who host their own leagues information on the top scorers and favorable schedules as well as talking some general wrestling news while they're at it. It's for all your major decisions. ALSO The 2021 Virginia Duals have been canceled. I’ll breakdown a bit of information as to what led to it. Don’t yet have a presser about it, but it’ll be out when I get a chance to write it. I also talk about Friday The...


QCA Wrestle's Rob Hill talks more than just Quad Cities wrestling

Rob Hill and Jay Zeimet are the hosts of the QCA Wrestle Podcast. Rob and Jay both grew up in Iowa and wrestled through high school. Now, both have kids heavily involved in the sport. While they are both veterans in talking about wrestling, this is the first podcast either has been involved in. The QCA Wrestle Podcast predominantly consists of interviews of figures in the wrestling community, where we get to know our guests, dissect their careers, and provide our audience with actionable...


Hitting record on your wrestling conversation with Bloodround's Tommy Baranoski

One half of the pair behind the Michigan-based, alcohol-induced Bloodround Wrestling Podcast. Tommy Baranoski spent most of his wrestling career trying to come from behind the shadow of his sister's wrestling credentials. Now Baranoski has done fine in the year of our Lord Gable in podcasting. In all seriousness, Baranoski and co-host Kevin Claunch have taken the discussions we have as fans at bars at the NCAAs annually to the podcast form and they’ve done it for over 300 episodes, a...


Wrestling the Alphabet co-author Pat Hogan

Pat Hogan was a 2006 New Jersey state wrestling champion. He and his wife Amanda have recently released a new children's book, Wrestling the Alphabet. Today, I talk with Pat about the idea behind the book, the selection process for who is included and what they hope to get out of this project. Before talking with Hogan, I break down what’s awesome about wrestling in Iowa, pandemic or no pandemic, after the recent Hawkeye Wrestling Club Showdown Open. Pre-order Wrestling the Alphabet at...


MatGeeks founder Jacob Hewgley and building an interest in talking wrestling

Jacob Hewgley is the host of the Mat Geeks podcast. The Mat Geeks media organization is devoted to providing exclusive coverage of ACC wrestling. Hewgley works as a high school math teacher and wrestling coach in North Carolina. Hewgley decided to start Mat Geeks because he felt the ACC was not receiving the attention it deserves from the major wrestling media outlets. All of the Mat Geek's content can be found on the Mat Geeks Rokfin page! Recorded on September 30 for...