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Three millennials discussing all things pro wrestling.

Three millennials discussing all things pro wrestling.
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Three millennials discussing all things pro wrestling.






Episode 51: WrestleMania Spectacular 2018 (04/05/18)

We return AGAIN to talk all things WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND. The boys start off harping about how awful the Wrestle Buddies toys are, and John struggles to find a shirt to order on Amazon for this weekend's festivities. Vegan eggs come up multiple times and make Bryan crack up (PUN INTENDED) We run down both WrestleMania and NXT TakeOver: New Orleans cards and give our theories as to where things are heading. We are going to start doing a movie-centric podcast and we want help picking out a...


Episode 50: XFL Returns and So Do We (01/25/18)

THE XFL IS BACK AND SO ARE WE We return to talk the aftermath of RAW 25 and the impending ROYAL RUMBLE Weekend. We make our predictions for the Final 4 in both the Men's and Women's Rumble Matches and briefly rundown the TakeOver Philly card. The darkside of the podcast brings us to Academy Awards movies and the benefits of MOVIEPASS (Not a paid sponsor) TWEET US at BUY OUR SHIRT at What A Maneuver!!!!


Episode 49: Take The Power Back (08/30/17)

We come out of hiding to evaluate the post-SummerSlam landscape of WWE. We hit on the Roman vs Cena promo and why their feud is starting at No Mercy. NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III was probably the best show of SummerSlam weekend again, and we talk about where the brand is heading. We breakdown the McGregor vs Mayweather fight and do some MMAVille, as well as talk about the mechanics of John's bleached hair in SalonVille. TWEET US at BUY OUR SHIRT at What A...


Episode 48: Superstar Shakeup Aftermath (04/19/17)

WrestleMania is in the books and we briefly summarize the Ultimate Thrill Ride. Bryan complains about the wrestling year reset and the aftermath heading into Payback. The Superstar Shakeup has led to a rise in the midcard on SmackDown Live, we chat about the NEW #1 Contender for Randy Orton’s WWE Championship. Who’s worse on the microphone…..Baron Corbin or Bayley? John and Bryan take turns talking about their favorite moves during the Superstar Shakeup, and our hopes for them going...


Episode 47: WrestleMania Return Spectacular (03/29/17)

We return to talk all things WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND. John details the 6 month adventure through Iceland, while Bryan talks about going to wrestling shows and drinking through most of it. We run down the entire NXT TakeOver: Orlando card and give our predictions, regardless of the fact we haven’t watched the TV show in quite some time. John breaks down the Black Craft Cult fashion and Bryan chimes in with our buddy Brendan’s infatuation with the brand, as well as Violent Gentlemen. (SPONSOR...


Episode 46: SmackDown vs RAW (09/28/16)

This week we talk about how much better SmackDown has become since the Brand Split, and how it's making us consider watching RAW on Hulu versus live. Who is the top heel in the WWE Women's Division between Charlotte and Alexa Bliss? The boys make their case for both sides. The Miz is killing it on SmackDown and we sing his praises while discussing his ongoing feud with Dolph Ziggler that has taken an interesting turn. Kevin Kelly sits at the tail end to talk all things Cruiserweights and...


Episode 45: The Gift Of Smarkville, Drink It In Man (09/07/16)

This week we sit face to face rather than face to FaceTime and break down all the RAW happenings, as well as the card for Backlash. Bryan and John give Chris Jericho some love while also mourning the death of T-Swift and Tom Hiddleston's budding summer relationship. The KO Show is in full effect, and we talk about how we see the Prize Fighter's Universal Championship reign in the coming months. Bryan is Team AJ and John is Team Ambrose, hear how we defend our men as they head towards the...


Episode 40: Smarkville's EXTREME Adventure (05/24/16)

This week we discuss the fallout from Extreme Rules, as well as the next night’s RAW. How is the Money In The Bank Ladder Match shaping up after the first 5 qualifier matches? We discuss the return of our Crossfit Jesus in Seth Rollins, and how he’s immediately positioned as a top tier heel, much like when he left. How is Charlotte going to continue to rise as Women’s Champ now that she’s disowned her father and who is next to step up for a fight? We spend the last portion of the podcast...


Bonus Episode: Halloween Havoc

WHAT'S UP GHOULS? We talk over Undertaker vs Kane from Hell In A Cell 2010. Think of it like a wrestling Mystery Science Theater 3000. Send us suggestions for future matches. Pop open WWE Network and pause at 2:08:04. when we say go you can follow along. @smarkville on Twitter TOP ROPE PRESS.COM RADIO NETWORK


Episode 18: Raw Recap, Kane's Entrance Music, and BREAKING NEWS

It's our first episode on the Top Rope Press Radio Network, and we spend most of our time talking about ANYTHING but the abysmal episode of Raw this week. We also discuss YOUR answers as to what was the best version of Kane's entrance music. Tweet us @smarkville


Episode 17: Night Of Champions/Raw Recap 09/22/15

We recap the events of Night Of Champions as well as the following Raw. We also play your submissions for an entrance theme song. What's the best version of Kane's music? TWEET US @smarkville


Episode 16: Raw Recap/Night Of Champions Preview 9/15/15

We recap this week's Raw and give our predictions for this Sunday's Night Of Champions PPV. We also discuss what our entrance themes would be, and give ideas about how to make WWE Network cooler. TWEET US WHAT YOUR ENTRANCE THEME WOULD BE @SMARKVILLE