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WWE SummerSlam Build-Up

In this episode, the guys discuss how the SummerSlam card is shaping up. Roman Reigns is yet again in the main event against Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles has a ready, willing, and able opponent. Dan and Mike try to convince Anthony, again, why he should watch NXT TakeOver and Mike belatedly sounds off on the fans who occupied the Extreme Rules main event.


Extreme Rules 2018 Match Card Predictions | WWE News and Rumors | Team Hell-No

The FFfaceoff's presents, The Pro Wrestling Review Podcast. Today, we will discuss the upcoming 2018 WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view and give our match-card predictions. We will also talk WWF nostalgia, Nia Jax, Team Hell-No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) the Undertaker and more.


Money In The Bank Reactions | Dolph Ziggler Wins IC Title

In this episode, the guys will discuss all the big spots from the Money in the Bank show as well as what this all means for the SummerSlam build up. Also discussed is the surprising Dolph Ziggler IC title victory, Vince McMahon's MSG power play, and why Anthony Cervino doesn't watch NXT. All of that and much more pro wrestling talk can be found right here. Also, found out which one of the hosts is still unimpressed with Ronda Rousey, even after her encounter with Alexa Bliss on RAW.


Reacting to the Superstar Shakeup

The dust has settled on another Superstar Shakeup and the guys are ready to discuss some of the moves and what it means for WWE in 2018. Also on the show, the guys discuss their thoughts on John Cena and Nikki Bella headed to splitsville, WrestleMania potentially being a two-day event, and Wrestling toys.


WrestleMania 34: Final Card Predictions | News and Rumors

On today's episode, the guys break down the latest WWE Wrestlemania News, rumors, and potential final match card. Will the Undertaker answer John Cena's challenge on Monday night Raw? Will Shane McMahon be physically ready to tag team with Daniel Bryan versus Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn? Will the Rock or Hulk Hogan make an appearance? We give you our predictions and more on today's episode.?


Daniel Bryan Returns and WrestleMania 34 Talk

Heel Turn Radio has joined forces with Wrestling News Pro is now bringing you a 3 man podcast! The guys spare no time in jumping into the recent news of Daniel Bryan, WrestleMania build-up, and behind the scenes rumors. Somehow in all this discussion, we hear things like the Brothers of Destruction and Baston Booger. Don't forget to visiting today for all the articles and content you need.


The Return and WrestleMania Hype

After a nine-month hiatus from the podcast, Wrestling News Pro has returned and it is now a two-man group! Anthony Cervino joins Michael Hauff as they delve into some of the bookings for this year's WrestleMania. They discuss everything from the Universal title match to Charlotte and Asuka going on last. Enjoy the show and please like and review!


XIV: Money in the Bank!

It is one of our favorite PPV events of the year, Money in the Bank! This year will be no different as the Women are once again breaking down another wall. The Women will do battle in their own MITB match and as always the Men will have their turn as well. We'll have thoughts and predicitions on the show as well as some thoughts on RAW and our recent tournament poll! Like and give us some stars!


XIII: Samoa Joe is your #1 Contender!

Extreme Rules has come and gone and Wrestling News Pro feels as if it was a success! In this podcast we will dive into some reactions on the PPV and where they might lead us into RAW and Great Balls of Fire! Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar will epic and we will discuss...


XII: Extreme Rules Thoughts and Predictions

The Wrestling News Pro podcast is back with some better audio equipment! Ready to roll, we jump right into our thoughts and predictions on Extreme Rules! We also dive into our next online tournament poll and discuss some of the newest content on the blog. Download, listen, and enjoy! Cheers.


XI: Backlash Predictions

It is almost Backlash time and folks are itching for a Jinder Mahal title run! Not so fast though because an RKO could come out of nowhere. In this episode, Mike will go over his thoughts and predictions on the show and what might happen. Also being discussed is the Tag Team Poll Tournament that is going on over at Head on over there and rock the vote! It is also the 15th anniversary of the British Bulldogs death so it makes sense that Mike would have on the SummerSlam...


X: Universal Title Woes

Braun Strowman is now out for the next 4-8 weeks and WWE officials are yet again stuck with unfortunate task of reshuffling opponents. Wrestling News Pro has some answers as to how they may want proceed. Will they listen to this podcast? Probably not but you totally should! Download and check my thoughts on what to do with the Universal title from now all the way to WrestleMania in New Orleans!


IX: 5 Ideas for WWE

We are just one podcast away from X! Before that though Mike looks to discuss this weeks episodes of RAW and Smackdown Live! We discuss if we are starting to grow concerned with Jinder and also cover the awesome RAW main event this week between the Miz, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor. Also deciding to have a little bit of fun, we have 5 ideas that we would suggest for the WWE! Are they good ideas? are they comical ideas? You'll have to download and listen to find out! Download, listen, share,...


VIII: Payback Rections

We said the booking for this show wasn't great but the superstars of RAW (and Smackdown) most definitely delivered! What an exciting show and Wrestling News Pro is more than ready to sink their teeth into some reactions. It is just the morning after the show and we can wait to talk so sit down, download, listen, share, and most definitelty enjoy the show!


VII - Paypack Predictions

Wrestling News Pro is excited for Payback despite its unorthodox booking. Download today to hear our predictions as we dive into things like Bayley defending her title in her hometown as well as yet another battle between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman! Also, what can we expect from the House of Horrors match? It is going to be a solid pay-per-view no doubt on the WWE network! Download, listen, share, and enjoy!


VI - Holy Mahal Batman!

Wrestling News Pro has quite a bit to discuss here. We will breakdown the breaking of the ring on RAW as well as the state of shock from the wrestling community over Jinder Mahal winning to become #1 contender! It is going to be quite the road to Backlash in Chicago and we are ready to discuss! Download, listen, share, and enjoy!


V - Superstar Shakeup Results

The Wrestling News Pro podcast is ready to dive into the aftermath that is the WWE Superstar Shakeup! Our reactions on Braun Strowman absolutely manhandling Roman Reigns will be here on this episode. Which superstars will be switiching shows and what are our thoughts on it. Download, listen, share, and enjoy cause we are ready to discuss!


IV: WWE is having a Superstar Shakeup

**This the podcast formerly known as the GTS Report Podcast** The Wrestling News Pro podcast decides to have a last minute podcast about the upcoming Superstar Shakeup! Could AJ Styles be on the move? Roman Regins? Everyone is fair game! The landscape of both RAW and Smackdown Live will be changed and we are ready to give all our thoughts and hopes headed into it. Feel free to download, listen, and most importantly, enjoy!


III: WrestleMania 33 Reactions

**This the podcast formerly known as the GTS Report Podcast** The Wrestling News Pro podcast will go into some reactions on WrestleMania 33. What were the high points and what were the low points in Orlando. We will give sone thoughts on the wildness that is the RAW after WrestleMania as well as a rant about the Reigns Resistance. Download, listen, and enjoy!


II: WrestleMania 33 Predictions

**This the podcast formerly known as the GTS Report Podcast** It is time for some WrestleMania 33 predictions! We will cover all the matches that are on the card and pick the winners! Join us as get ready for the showcase of the immortals! Will Brock Lesnar finally being able to get the upper hand on Bill Goldberg? Will Roman Reigns end up as the sole ruler of the yard? Find out our thoughts now!