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Indy 50: World of Sport Wrestling Episode Four (Justin look at the Sysum of him!)

Amer and Steve break down a great showing from ITV’s World of sport this past weekend. Justin Sysum has officially arrived at the party and boy is he putting in work. We also have a stellar women’s division, a great use of tag team wrestling and an international star to boot! Steve: Amer: Smark Plug Spotify: spotify:show:6C209E6vvYeg9VnN12yjLg Smark Plug Itunes Link:


Beer and Banter with……..Chuck Mambo

Amer and Nick were blessed to sit down with one of the British Independent Wrestling scenes most colourful and kind gentlemen, CHUCK FREAKING MAMBO. Chuck has been on an absolute tear lately winning the inaugural Brighton Championship for Riptide Wrestling as well as putting in amazing work for Progress, Attack, RevPro and so many more amazing promotions in this country. We sat down in a sweet beer garden to just have a great chat with the charismatic and gnarliest dude in wrestling and...


WWE SummerSlam 2018 Review

Amer and Kyle sit down in a bumper show to discuss everything that happened on Sunday for WWE Summerslam and dig into a bumper set of interactions from our amazing listeners. Nadia Sapphire Twitter: Nadia Sapphire YouTube Channel: Darkside Tattoos: Kyle: Steve:


NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 Review

Amer, Steve and Kyle sit down in the aftermath of NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 to discuss everything that went down on yet another magical night for the WWE developmental brand. New champions crowned, stars burning brighter than ever and the culmination of one of the all-time great wrestling rivalries of the modern era! Enjoy <3 Kyle: Steve: Amer: Smark Plug Spotify:...


Indy 50: Revolution Pro Wrestling Summer Sizzler (The Jap Slap)

Amer and Steve sit down in the Yaris to review RevPro’s Summer Sizzler headlined by the seismic collision involving Walter and Tomohiro Ishii. <3 Nick Payne: Amer: Smark Plug Spotify: spotify:show:6C209E6vvYeg9VnN12yjLg Smark Plug Merch: Smark Plug FB: Smark Plug Twitte [...]


Week in the Universe Podcast Chapter 74.1: Roid Rage PVP (Raw and SDLive Review)

Amer, Kyle and Taylor are here to discuss a blockbuster week of Raw and Smackdown Live. Dean Ambrose has returned, Meltzers being a bellend again, Bully Ray can’t shut the fuck up, Samoa Joe should never shut the fuck up and Heyman doesn’t know how to use pepper spray properly. All that and a lot of bad blood building towards #SmarkPlugPVPSummerslam Taylor Twitter: Taylor Talks Youtube Channel: Amer:...


Indy 50: G128 Climax Finals Review (NJPW is heaving with Sexy Men)

Amer and Kyle sit down to discuss the finals of the G128 Climax as Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kota Ibushi wage war for the right to be crowned G1 Climax Champion for NJPW. The final show saw a plethora of storylines unfold and we’ll be giving our opinions on them all including whether NJPW has made the right decisions going forward. We also discuss our MVP’s of the tournament and our finest memories along with who would make great additions to the tournament in future years and we also tell you...


Manic Mondays Podcast Season Two: Episode 4: WCW Sin 2001 Retrospective

Amer and Steve return to lighten those Monday blues and what better way to celebrate a return to work…..BUT WITH AN OLD SCHOOL WCW RETROSPECTIVE (I’m so sorry - Amer). Yes, we are heading back to 2001 to look at WCW Sin 2001. While the WWF was gearing up for the road to Wrestlemania 17, WCW was gearing up for closure and no PPV signalled the obvious end more than this car crash. Carny bollocks ahoy as the guys tell you all about it. Steve tells us what WWF was doing at the same time in...


Indy 50: World of Wrestling Episode Two (Joe Hendry is my local hero)

Amer and Steve review Episode Two of WOS on ITV. This week we saw the crowning of a First Ever WOS Women’s champion as Kay Lee Ray, Bea Priestley and Viper went to war for the honour. We also had the return of “Local Hero” Joe Hendry! Enjoy <3 Steve: Amer: Smark Plug Spotify: spotify:show:6C209E6vvYeg9VnN12yjLg Smark Plug Itunes Link:


Lets Talk Some S#1T Episode Eight: Unpopular Opinions with Kyle

Amer and Kyle sit down to share their most unpopular opinions on this world in our latest instalment of the non-wrestling related podcast Lets talk some Shit! DC vs Marvel, who’s the best Batman?, What triggers Amer most about domesticated pets?, Whose Kyles most underrated band?, Anchovies or Pineapple? and so so much more! NOTE: Its unpopular opinions so prepare to be triggered! Amer: Kyle: Smark Plug Spotify:...


Chapter 73.1: Our top five Walking Dead Wrestlers (Also Raw)

Amer, Kyle and Taylor briefly review Raw then almost fall asleep from boredom so they spend some time discussing their top 5 wrestlers to have in The Walking Dead world (inspiration courtesy of The Hardest Part of the Ring Podcast) Hardest Part of the Ring Podcast: Taylor Twitter: Taylor Talks Youtube Channel: Amer: Kyle:...


Manic Mondays Podcast Season Two: Episode Three: TNA Lockdown 2007 retrospective

We head back to 2007 this time around to look at the incredible history of TNA Wrestling and most importantly at this time, TNA Lockdown 2007 from St Charles. TNA incredibly has been going for 16 years and at this time there was a significant amount of world-renowned talent involved. Unfortunately, there was also world-renowned idiots involved behind the scenes so for better or for sometimes very worse, Amer and Steve look back at TNA Lockdown 2007 Steve:...


Indy 50: Revolution Pro Wrestling Live at the Cockpit 31 (Hedgehog Watch)

Amer is joined by Nick Payne to round off his incredible four-day graps bender as they review RevPro’s Live at the Cockpit 31. Another magnificent night of graps is unfortunately interrupted by an unsavoury incident involving a massive tool. Wrestling is for everyone and that message will not be lost on this podcast. We tackle the issue head-on but most of all do what we do best which is talk about amazing British Independent Wrestling. PEACE <3 Nick Payne:...


Indy 50: Riptide Wrestling Brighton Championship Tournament Day Three Review (HEADBANGARANG BABY)

In what will go down as one of the most emotionally charged nights in Independent wrestling history and a moment that shook the very foundations of the squared circle to its core, Amer reviews the final day of Riptide Wrestlings Championship Tournament as we finally crowned our first ever Riptide Wrestling Champion. Two monstrous semi-finals involving Chuck Mambo, Spike Trivet, Jonah Rock and Chris Ridgeway. And as if that wasn’t enough, the magical debut of the dubsteppers themselves that...


Indy 50: Riptide Wrestling Brighton Championship Tournament Day Two Review (The DubStep Mega Powers Unite)

Day 2 of the BCT 2018 is in the books as Riptide looks to crown an inaugural Champion. The 1/4 finals threw up some highly intriguing matches including a brutal affair between Chris Ridgeway and David Starr as well as Chuck Mambo vs The Import Killer Jordan Devlin. Heres to you all during a magical Pride weekend! Much love <3 Riptide On Demand: Riptide Twitter: Amer: Smark...


Indy 50: Riptide Wrestling Brighton Championship Tournament Day One Review (BANGARANG!)

Amer sits down to review the first of three incredible days for Riptide Wrestling in Brighton as they look to crown their first ever champion with the backdrop of the magical Gay Pride weekend. 16 men and women vying for the honour of being this companies first ever champion. And nothing highlights the competitive nature of this tournament more than PWG and Progress Champ Walter vs Jonah FREAKING Rock! Amer runs down all the results and shows love in his usual quantity for his and our...


Week in the Universe Podcast Chapter 72.2: Threes Company (SDLive Review)

Amer, Kyle and Taylor for the first time ever as a Triple Threat sit down to review SDLive for The Smark Plug and its a barnburner. The three discuss whether or not the internet rage of Charlotte Flair being inserted into the SDLive women’s championship match is justified. Tangents ahoy as the gang discuss their most unpopular Wrestling opinions and we have a blockbuster level of interactions from our AMAZING Listeners. ENJOY <3 Taylor Twitter: Taylor...


Week in the Universe Podcast Chapter 72.1: The number one co-host vs the number one no show (WWE Raw Review)

Amer sits down to discuss Raw with Taylor for the very first time and what a perfect time for our female host to join us for some current WWE Product review. Taylors nemesis Brock Lesnar was finally back on Raw for what it was worth and frankly, it didn’t inspire much from us in terms of creative going forward. Poor old Roman Reigns is caught in the crossfire of dreadful creative and he’s joined by a plethora of talents on Raw who seem to be at a standstill. We also got some awesome...


Indy 50: World of Sport Wrestling Episode One (Will Ospreay can fly!)

Amer and Steve heil the return of World of Sport to our British televisions and review their fantastic first show on ITV. Its a brand new all-star cast for a British wrestling tradition that is weekend graps. We’ve got so many great names involved including NJPW talents Davey Boy Smith Jr and Will Ospreay. British mainstays in Rampage Brown, Sha Samuels, Martin Kirby and Kip Sabian not to mention a colourful list of characters and a refreshingly new announce team with a vociferous GM....


Indy 50: Revolution Pro Wrestlings Summer of Independence in Chelmsford, Essex

Amer sat down to review his experience of RevPros debut event in Chelmsford, Essex. We were treated to a monster card including two genuine monsters in Jeff Cobb who faced RevPro Golden Boy EL-Phantasmo as well as Jonah Rock facing Bad Bro Josh Bodom. It was a magical evening with wrestling mates and wrestlers alike and Amer breaks down the show and also gives a couple of controversial opinions along the way. Enjoy <3 Amer: RevPro:...