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Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Avani Dias and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.

Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Avani Dias and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.


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Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Avani Dias and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.






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Brisbane woman starts talking with Irish accent after tonsillectomy

Angie Yen, who usually speaks with an Australian accent, got her tonsils out and ten days later she woke up with an Irish accent. It's a condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome and Dr Karl explains it can happen after a huge variety of medical episodes. Plus - The federal budget is expected to be all about "recovery" with a big focus on jobs - but what's in it for young people? And violence between Palestinian and Israeli forces has escalated this week, with at least 20 people dead and...


Dogecoin didn't reach the heights many expected after Elon Musk's SNL appearance

There was a lot of hype around the cryptocurrency Dogecoin in the lead-up to Elon Musk's SNL appearance. Unfortunately for those who invested, the price plummeted after the show, and a lot of people lost money. So is there still hope for this meme-based cryptocurrency? There's some good news in this year's federal budget for people who make and play videogames in Australia. CBD oil can now be bought legally online in Australia - but the jury's still out on the therapeutic benefits of low...


The Shake Up: India repatriation flights, cryptocurrency and sober dating

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Experts warn cryptocurrency hype is unsustainable

Young people are investing in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum in rising numbers, but experts warn the hype is unsustainable. Donald Trump is still suspended from Facebook after its oversight board assessed the social media giant's decision earlier this year. But is the ongoing suspension fair or does Facebook need to update its rules? Are you keen to pop out a couple of babies anytime soon? More young people are deciding not to have kids because of climate change....


Time to change blood donation rules?

If you're a sexually active gay or bisexual man or you're trans you can't donate blood right now. And while other countries are making it easier to donate, the LGBTQIA+ community in Australia says the reasons here aren't properly explained. Plus Melbourne man Gary Newman travelled to India in March last year - and he's been stuck there ever since. Now he's taking the federal government to court over its decision to make it illegal for Australians to return home from India. And if you're...


The review into Gymnastics Australia was shocking but it's not the only sport with issues

A report into gymnastics in Australia by the Human Rights Commission uncovered shocking abuse but journalist Tracey Holmes told Hack, the issues extend far beyond gymnastics. Have you noticed your period has gone out of whack since COVID-19 began? There's a good reason - and ways to help get it back in sync. Obstetrician & gynaecologist, Dr Charlotte Elder, explains. And a team photo of the West Coast Eagles has got people asking, is this the circle game or a right-wing sign? If today's...


Why Australians in India could end up in jail if they try to return home

The Australian Government has announced a ban on Aussies travelling home from India - and they could be locked up if they try to come home. We ask Australia's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, why? Plus we take a look at what should happen if you rock up to a hospital or police station after a suspected drink spiking. We've heard from heaps of young people who say they've been dismissed by health care professionals and police. And Billie Eilish has revealed a very new look on...


The Shake Up: Scott Morrison doing God's work, non-alcoholic beers and making your relationship official

It's the Shake Up and we're talking... Scott Morrison's call to do 'God's work', Australia's first 100% alcohol-free bar and how you know you're officially in a relationship. Join Hack's Avani Dias with broadcasters Bianca Hunt and Marty Smiley.


There are zero affordable rental properties if you're on youth allowance in Australia

New data from national welfare agency Anglicare shows there are no affordable rentals available anywhere in the country if you're a student on welfare. There are a bunch of reasons for it like COVID-19 and a booming housing market but what are the solutions? We find out. The Tassie election is happening and one of the big issues is protest laws. We take a look at why it's such a spicy issue on the island state. And if you're trying to avoid getting smashed - good news - non-alcoholic...


Olympians jumping the queue for the COVID vaccine

The announcement that athletes heading to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games can have the vaccine even if they're not classed as vulnerable has divided opinion. And, hundreds of junior doctors have joined a class action lawsuit because of unpaid overtime. Also, the rest of the world has embraced offshore wind farms. Why is Australia lagging behind?


Australian government stops all flights from India

India is in a COVID-19 crisis. Daily infection rates have surged, people have died waiting for oxygen, and now the Australian government has paused all flights from India until mid-May. We hear the concerns of two young Indian-Australian journalists. Plus ACT politicians consider new legislation around stealthing, which is where someone removes a condom during sex without consent. You hear from the Liberal Party leader who’s pushed for the change. And Apple has just released a very small...


Why the heck were we in Afghanistan for nearly twenty years?

Australia has had a military presence in Afghanistan for close to 20 years but Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recently announced all remaining troops will be out of the country by September. We take a look back at the war, to find out why we were there for so long and if it was worth it. Plus the Premier of WA, Mark McGowan has announced the state's three day lockdown will end on time but the outbreak which started in hotel quarantine has raised serious questions about Australia's hotel...


The Shake Up: Milkshake consent video, climate targets and buying a home over FB

It's the Shake Up and we're talking... Why the milkshake video put out by the Department of Education got consent so wrong, how Australia's climate targets compare with the rest of the world, and how a young woman used Facebook to buy a house. Join Hack's Avani Dias with Young Labor's Jason Byrne and broadcaster Alice Mathews


Meet the young farmers who want climate action

PM Scott Morrison says Australia's climate targets won't be met by inner city living. So tonight on Hack we speak to the young people in the regions who are changing their farming practices to make them more sustainable. Also, Australia pledges more money towards technology to flight climate change, ahead of a US summit on the issue. So how to we compare to the rest of the world in emissions reduction? And, the new social media platform, Yubo, that's got Australian in its sights.


Former cop found guilty of George Floyd's death

After just ten hours' deliberation, a jury has found Derek Chauvin guilty of two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter of Minnesota man, George Floyd. So is this verdict a turning point in race relations in the United States, or is there more to be done? And what does it mean for Australia, where no police officer has ever been found guilty of a black death in custody?


Football fans upset over Super League plan

Football fans are threatening to abandon their favourite clubs over decision to create a new Super League tournament. And, the Department of Education has taken down two videos aimed at teaching school students about consent, after backlash from experts and the wider community. Also, why Byron Bay locals are mad about a new Netflix series on influencers in the area.


Hack's new investigation into eating disorders

Listeners have told us has COVID has made body image issues worse, as people spent more and more time scrolling through social media. Today Hack launches its new crowdsource investigation, and we want to hear from you*. Also, the Government's new consent video has been slammed by experts as way too confusing. And, the fake fairybread controversy that was cooked up by comedians. *If this discussion has brough up issues for you, there’s always someone available at the Butterfly Foundation on...


The Shake Up: ADF dancers, forgetfulness and awkward dates

It's the Shake Up and we're talking... Whether the portrayal of a dance routine at the launch of a new naval ship was sexist, why COVID is having an impact on our memories, and what it's like to witness other people's awkward dates. Join Hack's Avani Dias with lawyer Geoffrey Winters and Paralympian Madison de Rozario.


How do we stop Indigenous deaths in custody?

Today marks 30 years since a powerful inquiry to stop First Nations people dying in prisons and at the hands of police. But the families of those lost are still desperate for justice. Also, young people who’ve been to prison talk about what kind of support they need to keep away from the criminal justice system. Plus, Gunai woman Ronnie Gorrie joined the police force to help change the system. She left dismayed. And, the Australian Government has announced it's going to withdraw all troops...


Why being forgetful isn't always a bad thing

Loneliness, social media and even COVID can have an impact on your memory. But researchers say you can train your brain to stop being so forgetful. And, thousands of people have come forward with stories of having their drink spiked, but the crime remains seriously underreported. Also, Lil Nas X's new video finds a new home on Pornhub, after allegedly being kicked off mainstream platforms.