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Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Avani Dias and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.

Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Avani Dias and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.


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Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Avani Dias and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.






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Down the TikTok rabbit hole

A joint Hack and Four Corners investigation reveals how TikTok is exposing users to dangerous content and misinformation, and accused of censoring others. Beyond the dances and skits there’s a darker side to TikTok. In our second collaboration with Four Corners, Hack reveals how the app harvests data and takes users down harmful paths. The investigation has found the app's powerful algorithm fuels body image issues and eating disorders in young people by promoting unhealthy exercise and diet...


The Shake Up: Scott Morrison on Hack and dating reality shows

It's the Shake Up and we're talking… Asking PM Scott Morrison the big questions on our vaccine stumbles, climate change and mental health. Plus, why we’re obsessed with dating reality shows. Join Hack's Ange McCormack with The New Daily’s political editor Josh Butler and Siobhan Blake, paralegal and former president of the WA Young Nationals.


Scott Morrison on COVID-19, climate change and mental health

Hack asks Scott Morrison about the impact of the pandemic on young people, including vaccine stumbles and access to COVID disaster payments. Plus, we get his thoughts on Australia’s lacking climate targets and mental health. The Tokyo Olympics have had a pretty chaotic start, but that hasn’t stopped Aussies from celebrating Brisbane winning the 2032 Olympics. And, is it cruel to boil crabs alive? The UK’s debating a bill that could increase welfare protections for fish and invertebrates, and...


Billionaires joyriding into space

Jeff Bezos blasted himself into space in his own rocket, but some say the billionaire should be spending his money on more worthy causes. Indonesia’s coffin-makers are struggling with the demand as deaths from COVID-19 continue to rise. Plus, young American author Zakiya Dalila Harris tackles race and workplace diversity in a blockbuster novel that’s being dubbed 'Get Out’ meets ‘The Devil Wears Prada'. Live guests: Hellena Souisa, journalist in the ABC’s Asia Pacific newsroom Zakiya Dalila...


Your mind on plants

In his new book, best-selling author Michael Pollan explores what our endless craving for drugs like opium, caffeine and mescaline says about us. South Africa is experiencing some of the worst violence its seen since the end of apartheid in the 1990s. It all started as a protest against the jailing of a former president, but the issue has exposed deeper issues of poverty and inequality. Live guests: Michael Pollan, bestselling author and journalist Sally Sara, ABC presenter and former Africa...


Hooking up with mates

New research has found two thirds of couples surveyed were friends before they started dating. But as Hack listeners tell us, it doesn't always end in happily ever after. After three weeks of lockdown, the NSW premier has announced harsher COVID-19 restrictions, including for the first time, a ban on all construction. Meanwhile, England's getting ready to pop the champers as pretty much all restrictions are lifted, despite a third of adults not being vaccinated. Live guests: Courntey...


The Shake Up: Good news, KRudd to the rescue and skincare tragics

It's the Shake Up and we're talking... Skipping bad news and practicing gratitude, former PM Kevin Rudd trying to speed up the vaccine rollout and social media's obsession with skincare. Join Hack's Ange McCormack with Alisha Aitken Radburn, former Bachelor contestant and host of the politics podcast 'In the House and In the Senate', and Zak Kirkup, former WA Liberal opposition leader.


It’s not all bad news

Today on Hack, we skip the COVID-19 chat and highlight some incredible moments from 2021 you might’ve missed. And Hack listeners tell us about their wins. Plus, we celebrate the biggest scientific achievements of the year, including the creation of our ticket out of the pandemic - the vaccine. Live guests: Dr Tim Sharp, psychologist Dr Darren Saunders, Associate Professor in Medicine at UNSW


Getting through the pandemic blues

A year and a half on from the beginning of the pandemic, it feels like we’re in a never-ending loop of lockdowns, border closures and long queues for the vaccine, and our mental health has taken a hit. Plus, if you’re a student on Youth Allowance, you’re not eligible for the weekly disaster payments the PM announced this week to help people in lockdown. Also, it’s International Non-Binary People’s Day and we talk to young gender-fluid Aussies about coming to terms with their identity. Live...


Why is everyone obsessed with skincare?

More young Aussies are trying to take care of their skin, forking out serious dosh for treatments and wonder products. But should you really trust what skin-fluencers say? Three black soccer players have faced a torrent of racist abuse after England’s Euro 2020 defeat. Plus, researchers suspect wildlife vigilantes are working in secret to keep dying Aussie species from going extinct. Live guests: Joe Williams, a proud Wiradjuri/Wolagulu man and former NRL player Amy Clark, senior beauty...


Graphic COVID ad sparks backlash

The Federal Government is copping a fresh round of criticism for its vaccine rollout, this time over a graphic ad showing a young person struggling to breathe on a ventilator. Key abortion provider Marie Stopes has shut down four abortion clinics in regional Australia, leaving advocates worried. Plus, gamers are making some serious cash by selling old consoles and games, sometimes up to millions of dollars. Live guests: Professor Julie Leask, expert in public health and vaccine uptake at the...


The Shake Up: Healing country, pandemic privilege and phone etiquette

It's the Shake Up and we're talking… NAIDOC Week and the celebration of First Nations trailblazers, how different communities are experiencing the pandemic and our inability to put away our phones. Join Hack's Ange McCormack with Bianca Hunt, broadcaster and Kamilaroi, Barkindji, Ballardong and Wadjak woman, and Tyrone Bean, educator and descendant of the Kabi Kabi, Wakka Wakka, Nughi of Moorgumpin Quandamooka & Bindal tribes.


Do single people always draw the short straw?

There’s an expectation for single people to spend heaps of time, money and effort on celebrating couples, but what do single people get? Collecting data about diverse communities is super important to fighting COVID-19 and a successful vaccination rollout, but Australia's strategy for doing it is patchy. Plus, an Indigenous superhero helps spread COVID-safety messages in language. Live guests: Tim Soutphommasane, Professor of Practice in Sociology and Political Theory at the University of...


Why our laws still allow Indigenous sacred sites to be destroyed

More than a year after the Juukan Gorge disaster, why is it still legal for companies to damage and destroy Indigenous sacred sites that date back tens of thousands of years? The fastest woman in America has had her Olympics dreams crushed after she tested positive for marijuana, and was disqualified from Tokyo. Plus, Australia’s vaccine rollout is under the microscope again after more than 160 students from an elite Sydney private school got the Pfizer jab, even though most of them weren’t...


Will we be renting for life?

As young Aussies grapple with the realisation that we could be lifelong renters, a report has tried to find out what needs to change to make rental life less shit. In an explosive new book, former Liberal MP Julia Banks has detailed extraordinary allegations of sexual harassment and bullying during her time in federal politics. Plus, for tens of thousands of years, Indigenous people living in the south east of Australia used to wear possum skin cloaks to keep warm and dry. Now the tradition...


Heal our land, heal our people

NAIDOC has been celebrating the culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for over 60 years. But it wasn’t always a celebration. Australia Post has announced it will acknowledge traditional place names in their packaging. Plus, a massive fire on the ocean surface west of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is being blamed on a gas leak from an underwater pipeline. Live guests: Shannan Dodson, Yawuru woman and co-chair of NAIDOC Week Rachael McPhail, Gomeroi woman and...


The Shake Up: Vaccine bungles, snitching on Barnaby Joyce and dry-er July

It's the Shake Up and we're talking… The government’s confusing handling of the vaccine rollout, whether we’re a nation of snitches and how we can improve our relationship with alcohol without succumbing to peer pressure. Join Hack's Ange McCormack with The Daily Telegraph’s Clare Armstrong, and permaculturist and musician Charlie Mgee.


A deadly heat wave scorches North America

Hundreds of people are dead as a record-breaking heat wave hits Canada and the U.S, meanwhile there’s an Antarctic blast in New Zealand. The extreme temperatures have climate scientists worried. A report by Human Rights Watch has revealed allegations of harassment and surveillance of Chinese and Hong Kong students on Australian university campuses. Do you trust Australia’s politicians to spend public money fairly? We explain the Coalition car park scandal. Plus, a judge has rejected Britney...


Why our mates pressure us to drink

Have you ever tried to give up or cut back on booze only to have your mates roast you? Today on Hack, we unpack the psychology behind why succumbing to peer pressure is hard wired into humans and what you can do about it. States are rebelling against the PM’s announcement that young people can now get the AstraZeneca vaccine. So what’s next? We get into whether men’s fashion has gotten bolder during the pandemic. Plus, what effect do screens and spending more time indoors have on our...


Young Aussies can finally get the jab, but will we?

Young people are rushing to book their AstraZeneca shots after the PM said we could, but a lot of work is needed to combat attitudes about the vaccine's safety. Plus, ABC journo and host of 'Coronacast' Tegan Taylor answers all your vax-related questions including why the government's advice has changed, and what the benefits and risks are. And, we get into the reasons fewer young people are getting hitched.