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Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind. Get our half-hour radio program sent directly to you each weekday.

Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind. Get our half-hour radio program sent directly to you each weekday.


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Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind. Get our half-hour radio program sent directly to you each weekday.






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Friday shake-up: The new normal

We're all adjusting to pandemic life so let's talk about it. How are the restrictions affecting the daily lives of young Aussies? What innovative ways are we keeping happy and well? And is there any small silver lining to life under restriction?


Your COVID-19 questions, answered

We've opened up the phones and the textline for your questions about COVID-19. Answering them is Dr Nick Coatsworth, Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer.


Testing for COVID-19

As infection rates rise in Australia we speak to the man at the forefront of COVID-19 contact tracing in Australia, NSW Director of Public Health Pathology Professor Dominic Dwyer. Plus, athletes react to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, and life in China as the storm passes.


When your mates don't get it

Young Aussies have been called out for ignoring advice to self-isolate. So how do you talk to a mate who isn't taking the threat seriously? Plus: as some states close schools, teachers in others say they're being put at risk. And a new approach to coronavirus testing in Australia.


Pubs, clubs, gyms shut down

Pubs and clubs have closed and restaurants and cafes are restricted to takeaway only, as part of the latest social distancing measures to slow the spread of coronavirus. Meanwhile, thousands of Australians are queueing at Centrelink offices around the country as businesses prepared to shut down. Plus, what Italy's experience can teach the world about coronavirus response.


Friday shakeup: A rapidly changing world

It's been a huge week. We've seen massive changes to the way we socialise and work, and we could be operating this way for some time yet. Today: How the changing world has affected you, whether social isolation's affecting our love lives, and what the hell can we do on the weekend?


Answers from Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer

It's Professor Paul Kelly's job as Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer to advise Government on how to handle the COVID-19 epidemic. Today, he answers your biggest questions about coronavirus and the measures being taken to prevent its spread - including today's announcement that all foreign nationals would be prevented from entering the country. Plus, the events and parties you can attend from the comfort of your own couch.


Abandoning international travel

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described the COVID-19 pandemic as as "once-in-100-years-type-event," and announced measures never before seen in our country's history. We look at why the Government is suggesting we abandon international travel. Plus, are we testing enough people for the virus?


Corona anxiety

Doctors say Australia is heading for an Italy-level disaster. Here's the latest news from the COVID-19 outbreak, including how its affecting lives music and festivals and what you can do to avoid unnecessary anxiety and stay calm and healthy. We look at the many heartwarming acts of kindness performed by people helping others to get through the pandemic. Plus, an ABC Four Corners investigation has obtained a video that shows an SAS soldier shooting an unarmed Afghani man dead at close range,...


Your coronavirus questions answered

With so much coronavirus confusion around it's hard to sort the important information from the noise. We asked the medical experts your biggest questions.


Friday shakeup: Mass gatherings banned

Jenna Clarke from the West Australian and Marty Smiley from The Feed are in for the Friday shake up. Will the mass gatherings ban help prevent a major coronavirus outbreak in Australia? Are dating apps changing the culture of dating? And is it wrong to get deep in an ex's social media feed?


Festival coronavirus

The Federal Government has announced a $17.6 billion economic stimulus package to boost the economy, which is taking a hit from the spread of coronavirus. The package includes one-off welfare payments of up to $750 for some people. Plus, a person has been diagnosed with coronavirus after attending the Golden Plains music festival. We ask an expert if the virus could have spread through the mosh. And we go to a reptile park to take a look at the thrilling and scary job of milking venom from...


Infiltrating the far-right

Australian and international music festivals including Dark Mofo and Coachella have been either cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus. Here's the latest from the outbreak. Plus, we speak to Julia Ebner, a counter-terrorism expert who spent two years infiltrating far-right networks.


Dating apps

Have you ever had an experience on a dating app that made you feel unsafe? We're launching a major investigation to find out what's going on and we want your help to share your stories. Plus, if you're a casual worker and you get quarantined for coronavirus, you probably won't get paid. If you're a full-time worker, companies could force employees to use annual leave. And in other coronavirus news, airlines are slashing the price of travel in response to a massive drop in bookings.


Donating poo

Sixteen million people are in quarantine in Italy due to coronavirus, while in Australia school children have tested positive for Covid-19. Here's the latest news of the pandemic. Plus, women inside a Darwin prison have made a podcast about life inside, called Birds Eye View. And would you donate your poo to potentially save someone's life? We talk to the founder of Australia's first poo lab.


Panic buying

The Friday shakeup with comedians Lucinda Froomes Price and Cameron James.


Getting stressed

Apprenticeship numbers are going down and Scott Cam - the celebrity tradey from The Block who was hired to improve things - hasn't been helping much. Plus, the paid internship program for tackling youth unemployment is massively failing to meet its annual targets. And researchers are figuring out how to make a 'stress vaccine'. Do you get stressed? Does it help you work or do you freak out?


Super Tuesday

Fourteen states are voting in mini-elections, known as primaries, for the Democratic candidate who will take on Donald Trump in November. Plus, did you know there are teams of virus detectives tracking down suspected coronavirus cases? 'Contract tracers' around Australia are rushing to limit the spread of the outbreak. And for the latest edition of Hack Investigates we answer a question from Andy on Instagram: Is 'breaking the seal' a legitimate physiological phenomenon?


Hinge dating app

Australians may be detained or forced into treatment in a last-ditch effort to halt the spread of coronavirus, the Federal Government says. Plus, after this summer's bushfires the focus has turned regeneration. We head to a nature reserve in NSW where ecologists are working to back native plants. And we interview the founder of Hinge, one of the world's most popular dating apps. He gives us tips on what not to do on a dating profile, and the best time to transition to meeting someone in...


Coronavirus prepping

People are panic-buying supplies because of coronavirus, with the first human-to-human transmission of Covid-19 in Australia reported on Monday. What are the ethics of clearing the shelves and leaving nothing for anyone else? Plus, wine makers are dealing with the effect of bushfire smoke on their harvest, with some losing millions of dollars. And if you think you're being underpaid, you can fact-check your payslip with a free web-based app.