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A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.

A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.


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A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.






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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 165 :- Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, GDPR fines, Twitch, Brewdog App, Post Office Ltd, Coinbase, Navistar, Next Level Apparel, GDPR and POPIA

Coming up in this week's episode: Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram down for over 6 hours - was it a hack or a configuration error? GDPR fines massively increase in Q3 2021, Twitch data breach, Brewdog App data breach, Post Office Ltd repeats data breach, Coinbase data breach sees bitcoin investors lose thousands of dollars, Navistar data breach leads to court action, Next Level Apparel data breach, GDPR and POPIA - how do they work together?


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 164 :- Giant Umbrella, Stowmarket High School, Lincolnshire Police, Cookieyes Wordpress, Northern Ireland, Malta Union of Teachers, French Visa, Senate Bill, Nieman Marcus, Forward Air, Port of Houston, US Mental Health, Employee

Coming up in this week's episode: Giant Umbrella data breach halts payments to contractors, Stowmarket High School data breach, Lincolnshire Police pay £10,000 after data breach, Cookieyes Wordpress plugin important update, Northern Ireland mental health facility data breach, Malta Union of Teachers lodge complaint after data breach, French Visa system data breach, Senate Bill to set penalties for non-reporting of data breaches, Nieman Marcus data breach, Forward Air data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 163 :- Ministry of Defence, Stoke-on-Trent Council, Manx Care, CMA CGM, Alaska, Illinois, Debt-IN, ICO consultation, German Court, International Cyber Expo 2021

Coming up in this week's episode:- Ministry of Defence data breaches endanger lives of Afghan civilians remaining in Afghanistan, Stoke-on-Trent Council data breach reveals tenants details, Manx Care served with GDPR enforcement notice, CMA CGM shipping line data breach, Alaska residents to receive free credit monitoring after State Government data breaches, Illinois State authorities finally apologise for data breach, Debt-IN data breach in South Africa, ICO consultation on...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 162 :- Fitbit, Strava, FTC, Guernsey, Pension Trustees, Estate Agents, Irish Credit Unions, New Zealand Reserve Bank, Experian, French Covid-19, Anonymous Epik, United Nations, SCC, Irish Civil Liberties

Coming up in this week's episode: Fitbit, Strava and other fitness apps hit by data breach, FTC updates data rules to include fitness apps, Guernsey Data Regulator says human error most common cause of data breaches, Pension Trustees advised re UK GDPR actions, Estate Agents and the GDPR perils of 360 degree photography, Irish Central Bank breaches Credit Union data, New Zealand Reserve Bank censured by Data Commissioner John Edwards, Suspect arrested after Experian South Africa data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 161 :- UK GDPR Government consultation, Elizabeth Denham, Guntrader, Syracuse University, Dottys, MyRepublic, China PIPL, Turkish data penalties

Coming up in this week's episode: UK Government begins UK GDPR change consultation, Elizabeth Denham asks G7 countries for help with cookie policies, Animal Rights activists target gun owners after Guntrader data breach, Syracuse University sued by student after a data breach, Dotty's data breach, MyRepublic data breach, China passes PIPL into statute, Turkish data penalties


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 160 :- Whatsapp, Turkish Whatsapp, Telegraph reaction, Havant school, Welsh Government, Australian Insurers, Mesa County Colorado, Dallas Independent Schools, Bangkok Airways, Indonesian Government Covid-19

Coming up in this week's episode: Whatsapp fined 225 million Euros by Irish DPC, Turkish data regulator fines Whatsapp for non-compliance, Industry reaction to Oliver Dowden Telegraph interview, Havant mother awarded £10000 after a school data breach, Welsh Government has had 300 GDPR breaches since 2019, Australian Insurers and Banks concerned over potential damages to data breach victims, Mesa County Colorado electoral data leaked online, Dallas Independent Schools data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 159 :- New UK ICO, Oliver Dowden, NHS data grab, NHS compensation, NI Historical abuse, California State University, SAC Wireless, Singapore, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Apps, T-Mobile

Coming up in this week's episode: New UK ICO preferred candidate announced, Oliver Dowden announces his wishlist for UK GDPR, NHS data grab postponed indefinitely, NHS worker receives compensation after data breach, Northern Ireland historical abuse victims data breach compensation, California State University data breach, SAC Wireless data breach, Singapore eye clinic data breach, Microsoft Azure security breach revealed, Microsoft Power Apps potential for data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 158 :- Zoom, ICO Covid-19, T-Mobile, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, ICO Certification, Pearson, Colonial, Blackbaud, Doorstep Dispensaries, ICO SCC Consultation, Gibraltar GDPR

Coming up in this week's episode: German regulator says Zoom on demand is not GDPR compliant, ICO says some Covid-19 Track and Trace apps gather too much data, T-Mobile data breach, AT&T denies data breach has happened, JP Morgan Chase data breach, ICO announces first GDPR certification programmes, Pearson pay $1 million penalty to SEC, Colonial data breach update, Blackbaud data breach update, Doorstep Dispensaries penalties reduced at tribunal hearing, ICO starts UK SCC...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 157 :- Barclays, Bank of Scotland, RBS, Jack Wills, Deliveroo, Foodinho, Chanel, Waste Management Resources, Senior Advisor, Murata, Standard Contractual Clauses

Coming up in this week's episode: Barclays, Bank of Scotland, RBS, all affected by credit card data breach, Jack Wills and Reindeer data breach, Deliveroo and Foodinho fined for use of automated profiling, Chanel Korea data breach, Waste Management Resources data breach, Senior Advisor data breach, Murata data breach, Standard Contractual Clauses - what's changed between the old and new versions?


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 156 :- Isle of Wight, UK High Court DSG Dixons, US Supreme Court, Medical data breach, Limerick Taxi CCTV, University of Kentucky, NHS Highland Covid, Chaos Computer Club, Connecticut new data law, Germany software update

Coming up in this week's episode: Isle of Wight schools ransomware attack, UK High Court damages ruling in Dixons Carphone Warehouse case, US Supreme Court sets the bar for damages cases, Medical data breach in Republic of Ireland, Limerick Council told it cannot have CCTV on taxi rank, University of Kentucky data breach, NHS Highland Covid-19 vaccination data breach, Chaos Computer Club says it will stop working with CDU, Connecticut introduces new data law to protect businesses...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 155 :- Amazon, TikTok, Whatsapp, Clubhouse, Dr Jacqui Taylor, GDPR AADC, Hackney Council, Northern Ireland Covid-19, German Covid-19, Le Figaro, Maryland Uber, DPA focus, Data Retention, DSAR German Court

Coming up in this week's episode: Amazon receives record GDPR penalty, TikTok fined for only having English Privacy Policy, Whatsapp fine due to be announced, Clubhouse deny data breach, Dr Jacqui Taylor interview, GDPR Age Appropriate Design Code, Hackney Council residents data breach, Northern Ireland Covid-19 passport data breach, German pharmacies halt Covid-19 passports after a breach, Le Figaro fined for breach of cookie policy, Maryland Uber drivers receive $100...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 154 :- Matt Hancock, Dutch Covid19, Irish Covid19, Tokyo 2020, Oxford City Council, National Lottery Community Fund,, New Zealand Hospitals, ICO Health Sector Report, CBS Database Review, Belgium Biometrics, Data Rete

Coming up in this week's episode UK Government rejects request to scan Matt Hancock's private email, Dutch Covid-19 app GDPR compliance, Irish Covid-19 app GDPR compliance, Tokyo 2020 Olympics data breach, Oxford City Council data breach, National Lottery Community Fund data breach, data breach, New Zealand Hospitals data breach, ICO Health Sector Report shows increase in data breaches, CBS Database Review prompts stronger access controls, Belgian Government asked to...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 153 :- Corporation Tax Rebate, Matt Hancock,, North Norfolk, Anglesey, GP Pensions, EDPB Facebook Whatsapp, Mint Mobile, Canon, Guess, Forefront Dermatology

Coming up in this week's episode: Implementing GDPR can now get you a Corporation Tax Rebate, Matt Hancock CCTV data breach investigated by ICO, data breach, North Norfolk care home data breach, Anglesey secondary schools data breach, GP Pensions details viewed by unauthorised staff members, EDPB Facebook Whatsapp, Mint Mobile data breach, Canon legal action continues in New York court, Guess data breach, Forefront Dermatology data breach


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 152 :- Kayesa, Classic Football Shirts, British Airways, Covid 19 Vaccinations, Mermaids, King of Spain, QSure, Morgan Stanley, PC magazine, German Facebook, Colorado, Federal Data Law, Deceased people and GDPR

Coming up in episode 152: Kayesa ransomware attack, Classic Football Shirts data breach, British Airways reaches out of court settlement with data breach victims, Covid-19 vaccinations and employee records, Mermaids trans-gender charity data breach, King of Spain health information data breach, QSure data breach in South Africa, Morgan Stanley data breach, PC magazine chart of top 25 data breaches, German regulator instructs German Government agencies to close down their Facebook...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 151 :- UK GDPR adequacy, Scottish Government, Trafford Council, LinkedIn, Mercedes Benz, Lime VPN, Amsterdam Facebook, Herff Jones

Coming up in episode 151: UK GDPR adequacy, Scottish Government and agencies almost 2000 data breaches since May 2018, Trafford Council following Freedom of Information request, LinkedIn says data was scraped and no data breach to report, Mercedes Benz data breach in USA, Lime VPN data breach, Amsterdam court to hear GDPR action against Facebook in October, Yearbook publisher Herff Jones reveals data breach


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 150 :- UK GDPR Adequacy, NHS Matt Hancock, EU Representatives, Employee Emails, Personal Data in Car, Technisanct, Abu Dhabi GDPR lookalike

Coming up in episode 150: Final decision awaited from EU on UK GDPR Adequacy, Matt Hancock makes a statement on NHS data grab, UK High Court clarifies responsibilities of EU Representatives, German court rules employee emails not a reasonable component of employee data subject access request (DSAR), Have you committed a data breach leaving personal data in a car? Technisanct data breach, Abu Dhabi new data law is a GDPR lookalike


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 149 :- Carnival Cruises, UK Trade Department, Gateley, CakeBox, UK GDPR, South Korea, CJEU Immaterial Damages, CJEU Parallel GDPR investigations, NHS Scotland, Live Facial Recognition, IAB Tech Labs RTB, CVS Health

Coming up in this week's episode: Carnival Cruises, UK Trade Department data leak exposes existence of Cabinet Office FOI Triage unit, Gateley data breach, CakeBox data breach, Group of MPs suggest changes to UK GDPR, South Korea seeking data adequacy agreement from EU, CJEU asked to rule on GDPR immaterial damages, CJEU rules parallel GDPR investigations can take place into same organisation by different DPCs, NHS Scotland faces criticism over Data Loch project, Elizabeth Denham,...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 148 :- Fastly, Amazon, NHS, EU SCC, Tunbridge Wells, Belgian state, Liverpool Dr, Passwords, Mcdonalds. Colonial, EA, Dutch court, China Post Mortem, Appeal Court Immigration

Coming up in this week's episode: Fastly data outage, Amazon could face biggest fine in GDPR history, NHS data grab deadline extended to 1st September 2021, EU issues new Standard Contractual Clauses, Tunbridge Wells schools closed by data breach, Belgian state faces action over GDPR non-compliance, Liverpool Doctor loses patient medical data, Biggest ever password data breach, Mcdonalds data breaches. FBI recovers part of Colonial pipeline ransom, EA data breach, Dutch court...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 147 :- Conservative Party, Garda HSE, Tokyo Olympics, Southchurch, Colonial, Air India, High Court EU Agents, Scripps Health, AMT Games, ANZ Business Survey, Senate Social Media Protection, German enforcement, NOYB Cookie War, Clo

Coming up in this week's episode: Conservative Party fined for GDPR offences, Garda update on Irish Health Service data breach, Tokyo Olympics affected by Fujitsu data breach, Southchurch School, Essex data breach, Colonial oil pipeline data breach update, Air India data breach update, High Court rules on EU GDPR Agent liabilities, Scripps Health data breach, AMT Games data breach, Australia and New Zealand Business Survey, US Senate to debate social media data protection, German...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 146 :- UK Police, Dorset Police, Canada Post, Klarna, EU agents, Irish Government, GDPR 3rd Birthday, EU Parliament, Bose, Equifax, Fujitsu, Five Dutch cities

Coming up in this week's episode: UK Police reveal data breach figures for last 4 years, Dorset Police data breach involving child data, Canada Post large data breach, Klarna data breach caused by human error, EU and UK GDPR agents - clarification on when you need one, Irish Government departments data breach statistics, GDPR celebrates its 3rd Birthday, EU Parliament fires warning shot at Irish DPC, Bose data breach, Lessons to be learned from Equifax GDPR breaches, Fujitsu...