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A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.

A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.


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A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.






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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 133 :- Vaccination Passports, YSoft, Home Schooling, Charities EU Donors, Clubhouse, Nurserycam, Npower, Bombardier, Indian Army, Article 49

Coming up in this week's episode: Vaccination Passports - good idea or pipedream? YSoft produce Covid-19 solution to sharing printers, Do teacher's need to give consent for home cchooling via Zoom? UK Charities face double whammy from EU Donors, Clubhouse data breach, Nurserycam data breach, Npower withdraw mobile app after data breach, Bombardier data breach, Indian Army data breach, Is Article 49 the golden bullet for data transfers?


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 132 :- Dr Jacqui Taylor, Clubhouse, EU Draft Data Adequacy Ruling, Aaron Banks,, Scottish Borders, Police Scotland, Lothian NHS

Coming up in this week's episode: An exclusive interview with Dr Jacqui Taylor, in which we discuss Clubhouse GDPR compliance and data security, the US Privacy Shield and Schrems II and EU/UK data adequacy agreements, EU Commission issues draft Data Adequacy Ruling for UK, Aaron Banks and lose appeal against data breach penalty, Scottish Borders data breach re free school meals, Police Scotland called in by Lothian NHS following data breach


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 131 :- Comb, WordPress, CMA, Email breaches, UK PNC Home Office, Experian, Serasa, Brazil, Calendar booking, Article 49, Schrems II, PSD2, University College Dublin, Lotus Notes, EU Privacy Directive

Coming up in this week's episode: Could COMB be the largest data breach ever? WordPress responsive menu plugin opens backdoor for data breaches, Competition and Markets Authority sees an increase in data breaches, Email breaches can be expensive, UK PNC Home Office data breach update, Experian denies data breach at Serasa, Brazil, Calendar booking app fined for GDPR breaches, GDPR Article 49 possible solution to Schrems II, PSD2 and GDPR interaction, University College Dublin...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 130 :- NHS Track and Trace, EGBA, Briitish Airways, Foxtons, Facebook, Stormshield, ICO Child Friendly Code, EDPB and EDPS, Data Breach, Irish Councillor, Escort Reviews

Coming up in this week's episode: NHS Track and Trace data breach, EGBA issue statement on EU / UK data transfer, Briitish Airways data breach claimants are given 2 months to join the class action, Foxtons Estate Agents data breach update, Phone numbers from Facebook data breach used by fraudsters, Stormshield data breach, ICO Child-Friendly Code, EDPB and EDPS, When should a Data Breach be reported to ICO? Irish Councillor plans to test limits of GDPR, data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 129 :- Home working GDPR, Monitoring employees, GDPR training, Australians, Policies Updating, Data Protection Worldwide, Mensa, Citrix, Grindr, Cybernews, Andrew Cuomo, ICO SEC, GDPR vs PDPA

Coming up in this week's episode? Homeworking GDPR - results of a ShredIT survey, GDPR implications of monitoring employees who are working from home, What GDPR training you should undertake while Covid-19 pandemic is prevalent, Australians wanting to return from UK hit by data breach, Which GDPR policies should you update first for UK GDPR? Data Protection Worldwide, Mensa data breach leads to board resignations, Citrix data breach settlement, Grindr fined 9.6M euros for GDPR...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 128 :- Pimlico Plumbers, EDPB Adequacy, Guernsey, Penalties, adtech, Ireland, Hackney election, East Devon, Ministry of Defence, Amey, Data breach ICO, Caixabank, Bonobos, Pixlr, CPRA, Territorial Reach

Coming up in this week's episode: Pimlico Plumbers, Covid19 vaccination and employer's rights, Which countries does the EDPB consider adequate for GDPR? Guernsey and UK GDPR adequacy, GDPR penalties up 39% year on year, ICO reopens adtech investigation, Ireland Government and the Mother and Child homes, Hackney postal electors are asked to register again, East Devon District Council data breach, UK Ministry of Defence sees an increase in data breaches, Amey data breach, When...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 127 :- Lockdown GDPR, Post Brexit, Capital Business Media, Leave.EU, Advocate General CJEU, Soft Opt-in, United Nations, Video Surveillance, Colorado Covid 19, UK PNC

Coming up in this week's episode: GDPR compliance when working from home during Covid-19 lockdown, GDPR changes continue after the end of Brexit transition, Capital Business Media relocates to Ireland to avoid UK-EU data transfers, Leave.EU moves to Ireland and faces calls for investigations into GDPR breaches, Advocate General CJEU pronouncement in Facebook case may have widespread implications, Soft Opt-in - when can it be used and what limitations, United Nations data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 126 :- Rhombus, US data transfer, Estate Agents, Data Breach post Brexit, Capitol insurrection, Cybersecurity training, BA update, Blackpool data breach, Now Pensions data breach, Ho Mobile data breach, Communist Party of China

Coming up in this week's episode: Rhombus CCTV detection of face masks, EDPB issues updated US data transfer guidance, Estate Agents and Employment Agencies face data transfer woes, Data Breach handling in the post-Brexit world, Capitol insurrection and subsequent data breach, Cybersecurity training, BA data breach update, Blackpool data breach, Now Pensions data breach, Ho Mobile data breach, Communist Party of China data breach, Dassault Aviation data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 125 :- EU/UK after Brexit, T-mobile, Kawasaki, Walmart, Schrems II , Ledger, Data Broker, Romwe, Ireland Financial Services

Coming up in this week's episode: GDPR after completion of the EU/UK Brexit trade deal, T-mobile data breach, Kawasaki data breach, Walmart facing legal action for data breach it denies ever happened, Schrems II update with latest steps required to remain compliant, Ledger data breach, Data broker selling millions of data records, Romwe data breach, Ireland seeks to gain lion's share of financial services market


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 124 :- GDPR changes as a result of UK-EU trade deal

A special episode of the GDPR Weekly Show examining the effects on GDPR of the UK-EU trade deal announced in December 2020.


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 123 :- Covid19 Vaccinations, School Covid19, DHSC, Facebook, Dr Jacqui Taylor, Brexit, Twitter, Peoples Energy, Norwich, Scottish Ambulance Service, Swedish University, Desjardins, Father Christmas

Coming up in this week's episode: Should you keep details of employee's Covid-19 Vaccinations? School Covid-19 tests and GDPR implications, DHSC update on Covid-19 test result data handling, Facebook moves UK user data to California, Interview with Dr Jacqui Taylor, whose work has affected over 1/3 of the world's citizens, Brexit and UK third country status, Twitter penalty issued by Irish DPC, Peoples Energy data breach, Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 122 :- GDPR Awareness Survey, EU Drugs Regulator, VST Enterprises, EU data arrangements, Channel Islands, Scientific Research, Facebook, HMRC, East Devon District Council

Coming up in Episode 122 of the GDPR Weekly Show: Results of GDPR Awareness Survey of people now working from home, EU Drugs Regulator data breach, VST Enterprises released Covid19 digital passport, EU data arrangements after 1st January revisited, Channel Islands - how GDPR changes after 1st January, UK Scientific Research community worried by UK potential 'third country' status, Facebook announces GDPR changes to Messenger API, HMRC gives details of 2019/20 data breaches, East...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 121 :- Covid19, wearable, countme, pension funds, brexit transition, Kent and Medway, Sheffield City Council, Armagh, Twitter, Loch Rannoch, Flagship, West Mercia Police, Absa, Knwu, Embraer, Canon, Vancouver Metro Translink

Coming up in this week's episode: Covid19 test and trace update, Wearable covid-19 tracking device released in Ireland, app released, Pension Funds regulator urges Brexit action, Brexit transition period ends in 4 weeks, Kent and Medway Integrated Health and Social Care record, Sheffield City Council says human error most common cause of data breach, Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon data breach, Twitter penalty due on 17th December, Loch Rannoch data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 120 :- Covid19 Employee Policy, Lockdown ends, Man Utd, Spotify, Sophos, Carrefour, NHS Highland, Bristol, Hampshire Hospitals, Headlam Group, New Zealand, Vodafone, FCA, ICO

Coming up in this week's episode: Update your Employee Privacy Policy to account for Covid19, Retail and Leisure venue considerations as England Lockdown ends, Update on Manchester United data breach, Spotify changes passwords after data breach, Sophos data breach, Carrefour fined for multiple GDPR breaches, NHS Highland data breach, Bristol City Council data breach exposes details of Special Needs children, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust has second data breach at Winchester...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 119 - Brexit Special Edition

Coming up in this special Brexit episode: What is changing? When is it changing? Deal or no deal? Key questions you need to ask Is it really going to be enforced? So what do I need to do? Can I do it myself? How can Ensurety (producers of the GDPR Weekly Show) help?


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 118 :- Covid19, Sheffield, Delaware, Manchester United, Animal Jam, Glofox, Canada, Employee Consent, Spanish DPA, Belgian DPA

Coming up in this week's episode: Covid19 update on GDPR requirements for Track and Trace, Sheffield City Council hides behind GDPR re school Covid19 numbers, Delaware Public Health data breach of Covid19 records, Manchester United data breach, Animal Jam massive data breach, Glofox data breach, Canadian Privacy Protection Act starts its path through the Canadian Parliament, Employee consent can be voluntary in some circumstances, Spanish DPA reaches agreement on Internet...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 117 :- Occupational Health, Covid 19 Data Retention, Public Health Wales, Ticketmaster, 1 and 1, Twitter, Guernsey, Sandicliffe, 123RF, Australia, Mashable, Malta, EDPB, Instagram

Coming up in this week's episode: Guidance issued re Occupational Health data, Covid 19 App data retention rules, Public Health Wales accept GDPR report recommendations, Ticketmaster face £1.25m penalty for GDPR breach, 1 and 1 win appeal against GDPR penalty, Twitter data breach investigation nears conclusion, Guernsey legal firm fined after data breach, Sandicliffe data breach in Nottinghamshire, 123RF suffers data breach, Australian holidaymakers suffer data...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 116 :- NHS Covid19 Proximity App, USB Keys, ICO RTB legal action, 150 to every user, Irish Prisons, UK Cabinet Office, BA Marriott lessons learned, Folksam, Growdiaries, South Africa POPIA, India, Slovenia

Coming up in this week's episode: NHS Covid19 Proximity App - should you enforce its use in your workplace? USB Keys and their safe disposal, ICO RTB enquiry ends abruptly but faces legal action, Oracle and Salesforce action could result in £150 to every UK Internet user, Irish Prisons biometric access not complliant, UK Cabinet Office data breach, BA Marriott lessons learned on ICO penalties, Folksam data breach, Growdiaries data breach, South Africa POPIA compared with...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 115 :- Marriott Hotels, Experian, Uber, Scottish Ambulance Service, Gothenberg, Finland, Australia, Google, Class action

Coming up in this week's episode: Marriot Hotels and ICO agree £18.2 million penalty for data breach, Experian served with GDPR Enforcement Notice by ICO, Uber face class action in Amsterdam Court over 'robo-profiling', Scottish Ambulance Service suffer data breach, Gothenberg security company have data breach, Finnish psychotherapy unit data breach, Australia looks to review its privacy laws to satisfy GDPR adequacy test, Lawyers engaged by Google suffer data breach, Are Class...


GDPR Weekly Show Episode 114 :- Covid-19 testing, Employee monitoring, Foxtons, Stormont, Legal battle Mother and Baby Homes, Facebook, Instagram, Pfizer, Scalable, FCA, New Zealand, Japanese vaccine

Coming up in this week's episode: Details released of data requirements for Covid-19 testing providers, Remote employee monitoring - a note of caution, Foxtons Estate Agents data breach, Stormont data breach, Legal battle in Irish Republic, does Mother and Baby Homes investigation have right to override GDPR, DPC investigates Facebook & Instagram handling of children' data, Pfizer data breach, Scalable data breach in City of London, FCA taken to complaints commission over data...