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This podcast targets many facets of your daily lifestyle, be it education, art, business, health and nutrition, gardening, sports, cooking in a jiffy, technology, integrative medicine, youth life, fitness, yoga and any how-to's as we go along.

This podcast targets many facets of your daily lifestyle, be it education, art, business, health and nutrition, gardening, sports, cooking in a jiffy, technology, integrative medicine, youth life, fitness, yoga and any how-to's as we go along.


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This podcast targets many facets of your daily lifestyle, be it education, art, business, health and nutrition, gardening, sports, cooking in a jiffy, technology, integrative medicine, youth life, fitness, yoga and any how-to's as we go along.




Women's health and managing PCOS

This episode is a very insightful conversation with renowned Ob-Gyn and book author Dr.Nitu Bajekal. She has written a wonderful book "Living PCOS free", co-authoring it with her daughter and nutritionist Rohini Bajekal. To anyone looking to manage PCOS or to get answers to puzzling aspects of women's health, this episode is for you! Dr.Bajekal has been practicing for over 35 years & has helped several women find answers to commonly faced gynecological issues. Her book is full of evidence...


Preserving our planet & climate by making wise food choices

Our guest in this episode is Glen Merzer, who is a playwright, screenwriter, and author/co-author of multiple books. He wrote for network television for many years before stumbling into a career writing books that advocate the plant-exclusive diet. Glen's book "Food is Climate" explains the capacity we humans have to heal our planet and bring good reasoning to the climate debate. It's an engaging dialogue on how we can preserve planet earth from all the deterioration and stop climate...


Incorporating a weight loss regimen and living a vibrant life

My guest Chef AJ has been on a plant exclusive diet for over 43 years. A chef, culinary instructor, and professional speaker, she is the author of the popular book Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight, which chronicles her journey from an obese junk-food vegan to learning how to create foods that nourish and heal the body. Her latest bestselling book The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: A Revolutionary Approach to Conquer Cravings, Overcome Food Addiction and...


Impact of blue light from devices & adopting a healthier use of technology

Our guest Gigi Mortimer is the founder of EyeJust, a blue light blocking screen protector product that helps users adopt a healthier approach to technology. In this conversation, Gigi and host Vai talk about the impact of blue light from screens, detrimental effects and how her company is making a difference in a virtual world. Some focus aspects from this conversation include: and much more.... Tune in today to benefit from this conversation and spread the word! Follow the podcast on...


Creating a thriving workplace; achieving peak performance - focus on Mental Health at work & in sports

Dr.Jarrod Spencer is a clinical psychologist who's passionate about improving the emotional health of athletes and business leaders. He is the author of the famous book "Mind of the Athlete Clearer Mind,Better Performance". In this episode, host Vai and Dr.Spencer focus on Mental Health as it relates to employee well-being and businesses, AND his other area of expertise; working with athletes. Discussion focus areas include: * Crucial factors impacting business performance in the present...


Food combining for vibrant health- a multi cuisine approach

Combining food that we put on our plate and planning meals lot of times seems to be a mystery. Our guest Divya Alter, who owns the famous Manhattan restaurant Divya's kitchen, and co-founder of Bhagavat Life, an Ayurvedic culinary school, talks about aspects of food combining in this episode. Vai and Divya discuss how best one can do this across different cuisines of the world. Here are some areas we focus on, in this wonderful dialogue - An Ayurvedic Guide to Cooking with Healing...


Yoga and Mindfulness as an aid to book writing and publishing

Linda Sparrowe, our guest, is a coach, developmental editor, collaborator and ghostwriter. This episode is about how Yoga and mindfulness inform her unique approach to the writing process. She shares how her clients are able to incorporate this into their journey as a book writer and make it very authentic, bringing out their unique voice and message. Linda and host Vai talk about the following in this delightful conversation : Linda Sparrowe's may be reached via her website...


Harnessing tools to help athletes peak, injury prevention & mental health

This episode is with our guest Paige Roberts who is currently assisting athletes all over the world ranging from youth, teen, NCAA, USA National Athletes, MMA, NFL, MLB, NHL and weekend warriors in reaching their full sports and life performance potential! Paige uses Performance Neuro training to provide sports injury intensive recovery sessions, and sports and life performance coaching. Having been a collegiate athlete herself, this discussion is highly engaging and relatable to every...


Power of Self Love in building self esteem & worthiness

Our guest Jenna Banks is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, author, host of The Jenna Banks Show video series, real-estate investor, and self-love advocate focused on women’s empowerment and gender equality. This conversation with Jenna comes out on the day her book “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness and Success Through Self-Love” is scheduled to release , commemorating Interational Woman’s Day. Having survived a traumatic upbringing, Jenna was able to thrive in the business world,...


Doing the basics correctly and living healthy the Ayurvedic way

Ayurveda is the ancient science of Indian medicine and everything we do in life is treated as components of mind, body being in harmony. Our guest Nidhi Pandya comes from a family of Ayurvedic practitioners and she shares her expertise on how one can do everyday basics right to be able to lead a robust, invigorating life. Host Vai and Nidhi talk about the following aspects in this enlightening conversation- And much more.... Follow the podcast on Spotify, Google, Apple , Amazon or...


Authoring your first book & the nitty gritties of it

Our guest Nicole Meier is the author of three critically acclaimed women's fiction novels. In this episode, Nicole and I talk about the aspects one needs to focus on to be able to write their first book in their genre of choice. Episode focuses on: Follow the podcast on Spotify, Google, Apple , Amazon or app of choice or the website .Follow me on Instagram for interesting digital media content and on twitter as well. Also, click this Buzzsprout link to get started with your own podcasting...


Unraveling the mystery with college application process and admissions

Neha Gupta is the CEO and Founder of College Shortcuts and she, along with her team help students find their dream fit as far as college applications/admission. She is a Ted-x speaker, three time best selling book author. In this episode, Neha and host Vai talk about: * Neha's initiation into the stream of college admissions counseling as a career * Achievement culture and self discovery * A student's path to college admissions - when to start the process and how to go about it *...


Homeopathy as a treatment method for acute and chronic illnesses

Our guest Dr.Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman is a board certified homeopathic and naturopathic physician, practicing for over 35 years. Along with her husband Dr.Robert Ullman, she has co-authored several books on homeopathy including the best selling "Ritalin-free kids" and "Homeopathic Self Care: the quick and easy guide for the Whole family". She has written another best selling book "Whole woman homeopathy". In this episode, Dr.Reichenberg-Ullman and I discuss about : Dr.Judyth...


Functional medicine and its effectiveness in addressing root causes of illnesses - an integrative approach

Our guest Dr.Bindu Alexander is a renowned Atlanta area doctor practicing both internal medicine and an integrative approach using functional medicine. She is board certified with ABIM(American Board of Internal Medicine) and IFMCP (Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner). In this episode, Dr.Bindu Alexander and host Vai discuss the role of functional medicine in addressing root causes of illnesses and how every practitioner can possibly do both conventional medicine and...


Ensuring student success in a changing educational landscape

In this episode we focus on the current trends in education with our guest Dr.Maureen O’Shaughnessy, an expert educational consultant, micro schools founder, book author and a Tedx speaker. She founded Lead Prep, an innovative micro school where education is engaging, not one size fits all so learners can be seen, heard, valued and can thrive. Vai and Maureen talk about the following aspects in this insightful discussion. - Current trends in education system - Nurturing student...


Chalking out path as a junior tennis player & addressing physical, mental and nutritional needs

In this Special episode series, this conversation is on junior tennis and how one can chalk out a path successfully for themselves from the time they're a small kid to high school and further on. Pragnya Kumar, a Division 1 NCAA college tennis player, talks about her journey from the time she first picked up a racquet to her current stage in tennis. We talk about * Path one can carve for themselves as a junior * Team tennis and its role * Role of coaches, parents * Physical, emotional...


Role of gut microbiome & health, women's health & focus areas

Part 2 of interview with Dr.Kousalya Nathan is about the role of gut microbiome, robust immunity, women's health and menopausal issues. Dr. Kousalya’s philosophy is to treat and prevent diseases through personalised lifestyle intervention and precision nutrition. She practices out of Chennai, India and her website is In this discussion, our conversation focus is on - * What is gut microbiome and why is this being talked about everywhere * How can we build our gut...


Pilates, its benefits, & methodical approach

In this Special episode series, my guest Dr.Jayne Morgan (a renowned Cardiologist) and I, talk about Pilates, her journey and now her role in teaching Pilates. Dr.Morgan is a returning guest on the show and has 17 certifications in Pilates to her credit. This conversation in this episode is centered around - and much more .... Dr.Morgan is on Instagram and her handle is @pilateswithdrjayne. She runs weekly classes online via Zoom and her Instagram handle above has the link to sign up for...


Puberty, adolescent well being, nutrition and lifestyle aspects

Part 1 of interview with Dr.Kousalya Nathan is centered around adolescent well being and puberty changes in both girls and boys. KALM is the brain child of Dr. Kousalya Nathan Ph. D., a well known lifestyle and anti-ageing consultant. Having a broad base of national and international clientele, Dr. Kousalya is known for her promising results not only for weight management, but also various complicated lifestyle disorders. Her unique blend of clinical experience with a research background...


Successfully engaging audience across age groups- Unicorn Jazz kid series, book author & digital media expert's wisdom

In this Special episode series, my guest Lisa Caprelli, who is an author of multiple books talks about her Amazon TV show Unicorn Jazz for kids. Lisa and I talk about her book series on this and her show and also so much more on youth, their opportunity to succeed as entrepreneurs and for anyone to carve a path for themselves in business. Lisa is a digital media marketing expert as well and shares her acumen with listeners in this highly engaging and enlightening conversation. Episode...