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Pay Per Click 101 Part 2 - How To Set Up Your Ads

Part 2 of PPC 101. This week we cover Pay Per Click 101, to help get business owners started generating leads for themselves or at the very least have a better understanding of how PPC works.


Pay Per Click 101 - How to Get Started Lead Generating With PPC

This week we cover Part 1 of Pay Per Click 101, to help get business owners started generating leads for themselves or at the very least have a better understanding of how PPC works.


3 Keys To Master Lead Generation With Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our interview with Zach Goldie, a mechanical engineer turned copywriter turned PPC genius, reveals the 3 keys to PPC success. We talk about how he was able to boost conversion on his pages by making a few tweaks to his google adwords campaign.


3 Growth Hacks To Build Your Cold Email List And Wow Customers

Today's lead generation episode focuses on 3 different strategies to get customers online, all from tools that are free or low cost. There's something for everyone today from growth hacking your cold email list to finding your competitor's unhappy customers.


5 Killer Tips On Generating Leads Through Podcasts

After a year of podcasting I've learned a few things about using it to generate leads. I'm here to share my research and what I've learned long the way to generate opportunities through podcasting.


How to Network For Leads and Opportunities

It's conference season again and with new business meetings comes a lot of missed opportunities. While today's episode is less about digital marketing it's still about an "add value" approach to generate opportunities. Whether you are B2C or B2B you can use concepts from networking to grow your business.


Lead Generation With Local SEO

This week's free actionable lead generation tip for small businesses is local seo. Back in 2017 we identified this as an overlooked opportunity for new business. Today we'll cover exactly what you need to do to set it up as well as how to get it seen so you can generate new opportunities for your business.


How Your Business Can Make A Bigger Impact

We usually cover ways to grow your business but all the tactics on the netverse isn't going to allow your business to have the same level of impact on the world that this one idea will have. Spend 20 minutes with me imagining how to take your business from success to significance.


Facebook A to Z Part 2

Facebook Marketing A to Z with guest John Pohly. We talk about Facebook marketing, funnels, chat and more!


12 Days Of Lead Generation For Small Businesses

It's almost 12 days to Christmas, so I thought I'd go on Facebook Live and talk about 12 lead generation techniques for small businesses. Offline and online and everything in between, we cover facebook, linkedin, SEO and even mention Reddit!


Facebook Marketing A to Z

After last week's Future Proof Marketing plan which included going on Facebook live, you better believe we were going to get an absolute expert to bring you the ins and outs of Facebook. This week we have special guest John Pohly, Real Estate's number 1 Lead Generator (according to LeadPages!!). He's going to give us Facebook Marketing A to Z. Instead of transcribing the podcast like we normally do, we're going to post it here for you to listen to and John has recorded a video for us as...


Future Proof Marketing Plan for 2018

If you're able to grab hold of what we're discussing this week you'll be able to create a lens with which to view every marketing channel through and even potentially change your business. (Note that this is mostly a transcription, pardon and grammatical errors). [su_quote]If you aren't leading your life you're following someone else's.[/su_quote] It's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of noise that's in our in our market as in real estate agent you get bombarded with messages about...


SEO FAQ - Episode 013 | 4rd Marketing Podcast

We're wrapping up this SEO Series with YOUR SEO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Before we dive in "FAQ Style" let's give you a little recap. Here's the topics in order in case you want to reference this for your SEO future. Many of these episodes answer common SEO FAQ. SEO FundamentalsSEO 101 Part 1 - 9 Keys To SEO Success SEO 102 Part 2 - 9 Keys To SEO Success How to Build Backlinks For SEO - 9 Effective Link Building Strategies 3 FREE Keys To Keyword Research For SEO Instead of doing a...


3 FREE Keyword Research Strategies To Pick Winners - Episode 012

In this episode we cover the wonderful world of Keyword Research. There's so many tools and so many methods, this has become an area that many business owners can get analysis paralysis. Today we want to demystify it for you with 3 FREE Keyword Research Strategies To Pick Winners. SEO Series Recap We started off with SEO's foundational thing which is site structure. So many business owners and so many bloggers miss this step. Of knowing the why behind their Web site and what is it...


9 Of The Most Effective Link Building Strategies For SEO | Episode 011

If you've been doing SEO for any time then it's likely that you've found out about how valuable links are. In fact... Getting high quality links to your site is the most important SEO strategy. The key is high quality. In this week's episode we continue down the path of helping set you up for SEO success. We went from setting up the foundation of site architecture to Covering SEO 101 and SEO 102 with 9 Essential Components Of SEO and now we're covering the 9 Of The Most Effective Link...


SEO 102 - Part 2 of 9 Essential Components Of SEO Success

If you've been following along on our bookmarkable series on SEO, then you know that we trying to cover the bases for you. In the first episode you learned about about site structure and even learned an advanced technique (what silos are). Last week we covered the first 5 essential components of SEO Success. This week we are going to dive right back in and go over the other 9 components. [su_highlight]Disclaimer: Sure there are more than just 9 components, but there's only 9 that I think...


9 Essential Components Of SEO

We take a deep dive into SEO and talk very specifically about the 9 Essential Components Of SEO. Essentially, what it takes to create a successful piece of content. Specifically what attributes are required to rank. From the Title to the Links in the page, everything can be optimized but the key is to not over-optimize. Show Notes from 9 Key Components Of SEO [su_box title="Warning about Keyword Research" box_color="#fd7c5e" radius="4"]Go Niche! Don't try to go after generic terms....


008 - Why Site Architecture Is Foundational To SEO

Site architecture is usually reserved for SEO nerds to discuss and deemed outside the conversation for just regular entrepreneurs and small business owners. In this episode we cover the basic of how search engines work and why site architecture is foundational to SEO. Basic Points MOZ SEO adds detail to a blind searcherPlugins That Help On Site Architecture and Siloing: [su_quote cite="Edmond Major III @ Envoc" url=""](On Users) So keep them inside your cluster/silo. Once...


007 - 7 Emails That Will Drive Sales

Everyone knows that emails can drive marketing, but if your readers don't open the emails it's almost no good! Find out what title and emails do get opened and in some cases get saved! Case Study EmailsQuestion and Answer or Frequently Asked QuestionsHow ToSocial EmailFREE OFFER7 Must Have Wordpress PluginsWhat Blogging Topic Drive The Most Traffic Example of Re-engagement Email I mentioned. [su_note note_color="#fdfcd3" radius="8"] Name, Hey! Haven't gotten any return calls or e-mails...


006 - How do Bloggers, Vloggers and Podcasters Make Money

What is the ROI of blogging, vlogging and podcastings? I think everyone wonders at some point, "how do they make money doing that?" and that's exactly what we discuss this week is how bloggers, vloggers and podcasters make money. You might not immediately see the connection to your business but as you will see in this episode of 4rd marketing, that these mediums almost require a small business to make them profitable. Most people who are looking at this will likely go straight to...


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