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新加坡报业控股华文媒体集团中文电台 96.3好FM,2018年1月8日启播。 以 “好歌 ,好FM” 为口号,96.3好FM主打80、90年代最精彩动听的好歌! 除了精选听众最熟悉最有共鸣的歌曲,报业控股华文媒体集团的丰富资源将成为96.3好FM最坚实的后盾 ,结合各领域专家的知识,为听众编制丰富的生活资讯、即时新闻、乐活保健以及财务规划,96.3好FM 将是听众生活中最好的伙伴。 96.3好FM, (96.3 Hao FM) targets mainly on well-learned digital immigrants between the age of 40 to 59 and plays all the classic hits you may have forgotten. As its slogan dictates, “Great Songs, Hao FM”, be sure to tune in to all the familiar mandarin pop tunes from the 80s and 90s, classic hits by Wan Fang, Winnie Hsin, Emil Chau, Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung and our very own local Xin Yao. As part of the SPH Chinese Media Group, the station gets hold of the most updated news and information from the news room; coupled with the informative insights provided by experts of different professions. Bite-sized capsules formulated from topics on lifestyle, healthcare and finance/wealth planning, 96.3好FM, (96.3 Hao FM) is the all-in entertainment and information station to tune in to. Tune in on weekdays to hear Jing Yun, Carine, (菁云), De Ming (德明) and Jie Qi (杰奇) from 6am to 10am, Anna Lim (安娜) from 10am to 1pm, Li Yi (丽仪) and Guo Xian (国贤) from 4pm to 8pm.