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Kowhai Montgomery - Special Snowflake Startups

Kowhai Montgomery has moved amongst the Wellington tecch scene for a while and, after working with NGO's and small startups before heading the sales for one is now working in the online/"blended" learning space. Kowhai has many comments on the archetypal sales approaches, the language used and the approaches that can be taken - discussing the difference between "hunter" and "gatherer" (and even saying those words aren't really correct. Sales, an issue for many Kiwi companies, takes many...


System Error / Mauricio Freitas - Bad, Worse and Worser

We have Lucas, Kay, Mike, Raj and off course Mauricio gathering around a the table at Golding's Free Dive to discuss the tech issues of the day! - - - - We cover: - Telcos – 2G is no more – forced upgrade off handsets - (lack of) Service providers - Netflix hacking - Some Devs teams don't think User Experience - Those dam updates! - The Olympics - How we judge...


Adam Shand – From WiFi To Wild Via Weta

Adam Shand is enjoying a journey that involves a lot of learning. He has learnt about setting up WiFi for communities before it was a thing, he has learnt how movies work (and don't), he is learning how to become sustainable, and he is learning what makes great managers tick and how to support them. All of this learning is not just for himself though is one that he does with others and wants to share as far as he can. This podcast has so much gold in it we just say - listen up! -...


Gavin Knight - Consulting Is Like A Performance Art

Gavin Knight (@gavinknight) has a story that is both typical and individual as he takes us behind the word "consultant" and exposes what it's really like to work for many clients, a handful of agencies and ultimately for oneself. Twitter: LinkedIn: ------------------------------------------------------ Access Granted podcast featuring Mike Riversdale, Raj Khushal, Pascale Hyboud-Peron,...


Merridy Marshall – Talking To Kids And Tall children

Merridy Marshall is a powerhouse taking the world of tech to the kids (big ones and small ones) through bringing Code Club Aotearoa to Wellington and touring with the Robotics Roadshow. And all this whilst she is an active mum, and principal consultant at Assurity ... that's one busy person. But the passion for tech for all shines through - enjoy! Contact Twitter: LinkedIn: Code Club Aotearoa...


Katarina Kolich – You Can't Be What You Can't See

Katarina Kolich ( has worked in the Wellington banking industry for many years, most notably at BNZ where she is currently the Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services. Whilst we touch on her work at the BNZ, as we sat in their sparkly new Partner Centre, we focussed mostly on her role in engaging more women into tech and specifically into the data sciences arena. This work includes New Zealand's first ever Stanford Women In Data...


Mahuki pt 2 - SimplyFi, Tide Talk, Vaka Interactiv & ContinUX

(recorded December 2017) We finish off our chats with the 2017 Mahuki cohort by finding out what the teams had worked upon, how they found the programme and, most importantly, what next. SIMPLYFI LTD SimplyFi are a family team of three dedicated to two things: simplicity and sharing. They are developing an application that will help artists, private collectors and everyone in between to simply and securely catalogue their collection. Showcase video:...


Mahuki pt 1 - Collaborate, I Want To Experience, LocalFlair & ScimitAR

Mahuki pt 1 (of 2) - Collaborate, I Want To Experience, LocalFlair & ScimitAR After an introduction about Mahuki ( from Bronwen Newton (2017 Mahuki Entrepreneur in Residence), we found out what the teams had worked upon, how they found the programme and, most importantly, what next. COLLABORATE We are a Social Enterprise called Collaborate run by four young Wellington women. We have designed a platform for matching volunteers skills with opportunities in community...


Dave Knight – Cultivating Sales, People

Dave Knight ( is a salesman at heart. He knows how to sell. He also knows how to not be a dick, stay away from the politics and focus on the outcomes required and it's from all of this that he started Hear:Say:Do ( his sales coaching company. Why do we on Access Granted even bother talking with "sales people" - well, it's for exactly the reason you're thinking that, because we believe that New Zealand tech and media...


Dean Johnson - Your Mess For Less

Dean Johnson ( is an experienced consultant that has worked in many countries, mainly in the banking industry - check out his roll of roles: CEO, CIO, IT Director, Pre-Sales Director and Programme Management. As we cover all of the tech industry we were honoured to hear Dean's story AND to get to grips with his THREE tips for all people that work in tech, no matter at what level: 1; There's No Such Thing As An IT Project 2: You Don't Manage...


Sam Jarman – No time for messing around, just get into it

Sam Jarman (@samjarman) is a man on a mission and has the focus and goals of someone with many more years his 'senior'. From working as a dev (at time of recording it was Sailthru, but he is now at BNZ), to being a futurist and technology commentator he has a passion to share the world of technology - a mission we wholeheartedly approve of! This was a redo interview as we had technical difficulties and we quickly dive into what makes Sam tick, where he sees it all going and how he IS going...


Josh Forde – Rabid about software and social good

Josh Forde (@JoshForde) co-founder of Rabid Technologies the tech company behind many of New Zealand's online companies such as PledgeMe. Raj and Josh talk a little about what they do but focus more on where they are taking the company, the challenges within (re)focusing a fairly well established company. Josh explains how they have grown out of their Enspiral roots and are now looking at supporting "social good" using the skills and experiences they have at their fingertips. They also...


Jo Eggers - Deep Inside The Machine

Jo Eggers (@IslandBayGirl) works as senior project administrator inside New Zealand central Government and we can to chat about what it's like being deep inside the machine. We also divert into what iot's like being a woman inside IT, a common thread we cover in many episodes ( Jo has a fascinating take on the differences (or none) between the works she does and many IT Departments do and those out in the so called "start-up" and commercial...


Deborah Robb - Loving Life and Banking

Deborah Robb (@) is a powerhouse of positivity, joie de vivre, and seeing all things half glass full. Working in, and loving (of course), the world of banking for many years she takes Mike and Raj on a journey from South Africa to New Zealand and how we can all learn from the advantages we have in life to ensure we give back as much as we possibly can. (and Deb and Raj had a wee dance as well - check out the photos on the website) ------------------------------------------------------ We...


Jim Donovan - Professional Director Changing The World In Big Ways

Jim Donovan (@jimisambard) loves change and positive disruption! He began his career as an information systems engineer, progressing through project management, sales, marketing and general management in Britain and New Zealand. As a CEO, he led the transformation and expansion of several substantial technology-based companies: Electra, Fronde and Deltec (Hi Tech Company of the Year in 2000). He's advised major corporations in New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia on business strategy and...


The year that was #WellyTech 2017

What a monster of an 2017 ending we have for you! In between the fantastic interviews with the #WellyTech Xmas Do guests, Raj and Mike name their top episodes of 2017 ending with their picks of the year - what was yours (leave a comment) We take the #WellyTech interviews in batches of 3, thus: - Hon Clare Curran (@clarecurranmp) - "Minister of the Future" (Mike's supplied title, not official) - Liz MacPherson (@GovStatistician) - CEO of Stats NZ - Vic MacLennan (@optimalhq) - best person,...


Jenene Crossan – Growing successfully but taking time for yourself

It's always awesome when we have people back to share their ongoing stories and with Vaughan catching up with Jenene Crossan (@Jenene), founder and CEO of and winner of the 2016 Most Inspiring Individual at NZ Innovation Awards, that's exactly what we have* Vaughan and Jenene discuss the changes that have happened, the growth in the company and the challenges therein. They also discuss how important it is, as founders and CEO's of young growing companies, to take time to look after...


Julie Treanor - Corporate to startup, it's all the same people challenges

Julie Treanor (@domesticexec) has worked in "HR / leadership" (people focussed areas) at all levels of the corporate ladder but recently decided to stride out on her own and found herself in Wellington's BizDojo surrounded by "startups". Through a number of workshops, sitting down with people and listening she discovered that the differences in challenges were ones of scale not content. Julie has recently started her own business, Just Lead, set-up a woman-focuses mentoring service (Triple...


Pia Andrews (Waugh) – To do something so well that you transcend the act itself

Pia Andrews (recently married, you probably know her as Pia Waugh, @piawaugh) is a deep thinker, a deliciously cohesive speaker and one of the most active and effective people we have ever met when it comes to making changes in how governments work. Mike and Pia discuss her work in various parts of the Australian Government, the recent challenges therein, and how she is now (openly) working on Government As A Platform (GaaP) within the Lab+ team within DIA for us Kiwis. We also find out...


Aliesha Staples – The reality of storytelling

Vaughan Rowsell (@rowsell) talks to Aliesha Staples who comes from a 13 year film industry and VR/AR content creation background. Aliesha is the founder of Staples VR, a production studio for the creative technologies sector, and Staples Rentals, an emerging technology equipment rental company. Aliesha was the winner of the High Tech Awards Young Achiever of the year award for 2017 (Idealog story) and her company Staples VR is the finalist for both innovation and emerging business...


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