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Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa. Three nerds discussing tech and loosely related matters. An offshoot from Neutral, our car show.

Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa. Three nerds discussing tech and loosely related matters. An offshoot from Neutral, our car show.
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New York, NY


Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa. Three nerds discussing tech and loosely related matters. An offshoot from Neutral, our car show.






251: Uninstall Your Water Reminder App!

ISO 8601Celsius is stupid for ambient air tempertureXplorerShell scriptGboardDragThinghears your feedbackCraigProdan StatevGoogle Photos adSparse bundleForecastQuitterLAME MP3 encoderLogic Pro XCocoa BindingsUnder the Radar #108: Punch-List ModeForgotten Towelon Twitter Sponsored by: FractureATP17AfterShokzLinodeAccidentalPodcast10

Duration: 02:19:00

250: We're Doing a Show

Butterfly keyboardVideo of Casey's old ThinkPad 701SteganographyJamie Clawson leather skinsApple Leather Casedbrand skins12the Nintendo SwitchCasey has fun at workSuper Mario OdysseyStarsasumiMaroš ŽofčinErik NeuHigh Sierra "root" security issuePatrick Wardle's investigationFollow-upTemporary fixOriginal reporting on dev forumsApple automatic security updatesActual fixFix for the fixApple's statementGruber's writeupSilver liningsSMS on the MacCasey on CarsCasey's blog postSavagegeese...

Duration: 02:29:15

249: Beehives Full of Bees

Requesting refunds on AppleCareJohn HimmFake fingerprint stickersHomePod gets delayedUpgrade #168: Hail HydrantJonathan's near-RTFUNeutral #1: Big, Fat, and BloatedQi chargers and battery healthApple's tipsAppleTV remote for AirPowerApple is both brilliant and... inept?JenkinsMarco's Ancient LaptopAnkerstuff10.5" iPad ProSmart KeyboardSound DevicesUSBPre 2AirPodsCarPlayMacBook AdorableGoProApple Watch with LTEAirPodsApple TV 4KSony α6300Mac ProKeratoconusMarco's best laptop everBuy...

Duration: 02:24:13

248: Chili Cookoff

Kbase articleiOS' commentaryJoe Rosensteelhas thoughtsportrait modesome failuresFocosGeForce NowKim AhlbergOnLiveMarcMVEncrypt.meAirPowerMagic MouseMagic KeyboardJonathan Bowlingwho clarifies his positionMophie discRAVPower standStudio Neat Material DockElevation DockBelkin vs. MophieIKEA Qi chargerGrovemade chargerThe Verge's iPhone X Review (timestamp link) Sponsored by: Jamf NowBettermentFractureATP17

Duration: 01:53:54

247: A Place to Stick Your Gum

makes John happyTime Machine local snapshotsApp Camp for Girls fundraiserNathan WallsApple Leather CaseKapila WimalaratneSony A7R IIIAnandaCanon 5D Mark IViStockNowFaceID Security Guide Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPWarby ParkerFractureATP17

Duration: 02:34:47

246: I Just Want My Stories

Apple TV output formatsNew "WWDC" videoNew Apple TV betaThe Verge's takeRetro ThinkPadBack to Work #346Apple fires engineer involved in iPhone X leakTim WalkerCasey's Instagram postStephen Levy's reviewYouTube reviewsMatt Alexander's take on the PR strategyUpgrade #165: The iPhone X ReviewJason's reviewPanzarino's reviewJuan BagnellCasey's previewDoug DeMuroCGP GreyJohn's YouTube channel Sponsored by: CasperBettermentJamf Now

Duration: 02:21:38

245: Senior-Citizen Advantage

BitcoinThe Talk Show #74Glenn FleishmannBitcoinMacintosh SE/30How to catch PhishA Live OneLive PhishIt's preorder timeCasey's tipsMac Ministill a thingRiccardo Mori's 3 optionscar journalistWheel BearingsParking garage clipZF 8HP transmissionArs Technica Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPFractureAfterShokz

Duration: 02:15:02

244: The Mac Renaissance

ATP 243 notesSkyJohn's chairTorxJohn's alternative chairApple Express Replacement ServiceExample imageApple Watch and proxied notificationsDue weighs inRunning Plex with no logged-in userStrong-ARMed Mac ProMarco's Many iMac ProsMarco's MacBook ProMacBook keyboard failures–Ed.Special ending theme by Jonathan MannYouTube channelPatreonHire him to write a song for youSongonauts podcast from The TruthVBRTop Four #33: Pumpkin Spice Everything 🎃 Sponsored by: BettermentHoverAwayATP

Duration: 01:16:49

243: Knew About the Dollar Signs

Hannes HauerSonos and Google sitting in a tree...Anker and Amazon are K-I-S-S-I-N-GSpeaker fragmentationMaxMiniKyleSebastianComayGit TowertcshPerforcefishDueTwitterrific for MacSkyJenova ChenStardew ValleyFlowerJonathan Mann Sponsored by: AudibleSquarespaceATPFracture

Duration: 03:40:42

242: These Arms Are Coming Off

New Google PixelsQi chargersMike Boltontyping challengeSt. Jude Children's Research HospitalBrady Center to prevent gun violenceHispanic Federation for Puerto Rico reliefNew Amazon Echo announcementsVerge SummaryNew EchoEcho ConnectEcho PlusFire TV 4KSonos OneEcho SpotJonathan MannWirecutterSteelcase GestureHerman Miller EmbodyHerman Miller Aeron Sponsored by: Hullo PillowBettermentCasperATP

Duration: 01:59:15

241: Jazzercise Boot Camp

Jazzercise 1982 video compilationSt. Jude Fundraiser UpdateApple TV 4K has a fan 😭TeardownDownloading 4K iTunes moviesBoot Campcheesy Apple videosSam AbuelsamidWheel BearingsTLX DCT@tapbot_paulMarco's post about APIsUnder the Radar #99: Effecting ChangeUpgrade #160: A Helipad on Your TableConnected #161: A Handbag? Face Cream? A Chainsaw?Stephen Hackett's reviewJonathan Manncar Sponsored by: Jamf NowSquarespaceATPBackblaze

Duration: 01:53:50

240: Undefined Wait Period

Stephen Hackett's St. Jude's FundraiseriPhone X screen sizeBigger OWC dockJohn's forthcoming OWC dockElgato dockData is substitutive, not additiveOliver ThomasThe Talk Show #200Confirmation of John's prediction about face swipe timingNo APFS for Fusion DrivesSeinfeld on car reservationsTwitter app preferencesTwitterrific for Mac: Project PhoenixFederighi interview on TechCrunchCasey's theoryApple 29W USB-C Power AdapterApple USB-C → Lightning cableAnker 5-Port USB-C chargerStudio Neat...

Duration: 00:55:24

239: Set This Money on Fire

Apple Special Event, September 2017Dan Frommer's photo essayToday at AppleApple Watch intro videoKyles the GrayLouis CK: Everything is Amazing & Nobody is HappyOvercast and Apple Watch offline playbackWatch DotsQi charging standardATP #172: iPhone XFive Years of OS XiPhone X in the HIGDisappearing scroll thumbJokey notch scrollingRolodexLight L16 cameraBack to Work #341: Rich Boy PhoneiPhone Folio Case InsideJonathan MannPenny-farthingFuse 6Fattie/29Orbea Loki 27+ H10Budnitz...

Duration: 03:11:34

238: Begging for the Hub

Casey's lessons learned4KSteve Yedlin on 4KViewing distance calculatorWhy & how we use PlexCasey's Plex PrimerDon Melton's scriptsApple LED Cinema DisplayMagic Keyboard with Numeric KeypadLogitech Optical USB MouseATP #96: The Windows of Siracusa CountyBusiness as Usual at ATPJonathan Mann Sponsored by: BettermentHoverAwayATP

Duration: 02:33:31

237: You Are Not a Datacenter

sit bonesCasey's new-Mac strategyCrashPlan native client may not be for small businessCrashPlan migrations over 5 TBArq and macOS metadataMichael Tsai: What Backblaze Doesn't Back UpSynology C2 backupDan Moren: iCloud Backup for Mac?Apple KnowledgeBase article@ismhCasey's O-MD E-M10 ReviewShawn Blanc's reviewLensRentalsWirecutterDPReviewAPFS in High SierraNo home button on "iPhone 8"?Jonathan Mann Sponsored by: CasperATPAudibleFracture

Duration: 01:09:00

236: Irresponsible Use of Infinite Terabytes

Baby ClocksCasey has newsiZotope RXiTunes U → Apple PodcastsJoel on Software: Things You Should Never Do, Part 1PanicOmniBBEditOLED vs. LCDMall of MarcoGazelleMac Me an OfferMicrosoft Natural KeyboardGoogle Photos UploaderThe new M5CrashPlan sunsets consumer backupsOfficial announcementBackblaze on NAS business modelBackblaze B2PricingCasey justifies using a NASiSCSIArqSoftRAIDHeadLiss adapterJonathan MannNest IQReconcilable Differences Sponsored by: HoverBettermentAfterShokz

Duration: 02:10:31

235: Notch-Savvy

MightyAudio bit depth24/192 Music Downloads... and why they make no senseMonty's explainer videoAndroid notch1Password backpedals a bitA a a a a Very Good SongHow do you sync your home directories?Old tech that's still in use?🙄 Destiny 🙄Google's diversity "memo"Yonatan Zunger, ex-GooglerSuzanne Sadedin, Ph.D. in evolutionary bioRosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers, gender/STEM researchersMegan Molteni and Adam RogersCynthia Lee, woman in computer scienceApple sets $1B budget for original...

Duration: 02:08:53

234: Everybody Has Asterisks

Toaster reviewsDo By FridayO-MD E-M10Zoom lensSony α7R IISony α63001BlockerBetterFLACPonoTidalBrace stylesDolphin emulator behind the scenesJonathan Mann Sponsored by: BettermentWarby ParkerSquarespaceATP

Duration: 01:08:39

233: Nobody Cares But Me, But I Do Care

Naming of process nodesIntel's claimed three-year advantageIntel set to lose process leadership after 2018?HiFiMan HE-6Christmas Island crabsIslaPronunciation videoWoomDerailleur gearsPriority CoastHuffy and Wal-MartA Christmas Story@ATPReferencesThe HomePod firmware leakSteve Troughton-SmithHis PatreonGuilherme RamboAllen Pike's takeMax Rudberg's take"Ferrari"RIP [most] iPodsRIP FlashJonathan MannSpace GremlinDisk Inventory XDaisyDiskGrand Perspective Sponsored...

Duration: 01:47:56

232: You've Exceeded Some Limit

A10XAnandTechSource & DrainLarrabeeNetflix credits skippingJohn's original complaintDisney may have wanted to buy TwitterPlayer Unknown's BattlegroundsMongoose CalifornianAlternative imageStorming Mortal #15: Apple Kool-Aid and the MongooseJohn realizes his full potentialPee Wee's bikeHuffy White Heat Sponsored by: BettermentEeroATPFracture

Duration: 01:19:41

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