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Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa. Three nerds discussing tech and loosely related matters. An offshoot from Neutral, our car show.






235: Notch-Savvy

MightyAudio bit depth24/192 Music Downloads... and why they make no senseMonty's explainer videoAndroid notch1Password backpedals a bitA a a a a Very Good SongHow do you sync your home directories?Old tech that's still in use?🙄 Destiny 🙄Google's diversity "memo"Yonatan Zunger, ex-GooglerSuzanne Sadedin, Ph.D. in evolutionary bioRosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers, gender/STEM researchersMegan Molteni and Adam RogersCynthia Lee, woman in computer scienceApple sets $1B budget for original...

Duration: 02:08:53

234: Everybody Has Asterisks

Toaster reviewsDo By FridayO-MD E-M10Zoom lensSony α7R IISony α63001BlockerBetterFLACPonoTidalBrace stylesDolphin emulator behind the scenesJonathan Mann Sponsored by: BettermentWarby ParkerSquarespaceATP

Duration: 01:08:39

233: Nobody Cares But Me, But I Do Care

Naming of process nodesIntel's claimed three-year advantageIntel set to lose process leadership after 2018?HiFiMan HE-6Christmas Island crabsIslaPronunciation videoWoomDerailleur gearsPriority CoastHuffy and Wal-MartA Christmas Story@ATPReferencesThe HomePod firmware leakSteve Troughton-SmithHis PatreonGuilherme RamboAllen Pike's takeMax Rudberg's take"Ferrari"RIP [most] iPodsRIP FlashJonathan MannSpace GremlinDisk Inventory XDaisyDiskGrand Perspective Sponsored...

Duration: 01:47:56

232: You've Exceeded Some Limit

A10XAnandTechSource & DrainLarrabeeNetflix credits skippingJohn's original complaintDisney may have wanted to buy TwitterPlayer Unknown's BattlegroundsMongoose CalifornianAlternative imageStorming Mortal #15: Apple Kool-Aid and the MongooseJohn realizes his full potentialPee Wee's bikeHuffy White Heat Sponsored by: BettermentEeroATPFracture

Duration: 01:19:41

231: I Am Not a Salad Power User

Rtings TV SettingsChoptSaladWorksSmart SignageSamsung Frame TVTHX Tune-Up appLightning Digital AV AdapterPanic's surpriseNuForce DiaGrace Digital GDI-BTAR513SMSL Q5NuForce DDA-120Teac AI-301DANAD D 3020Type-C PersonalityOLEDMarco's image retention testApple's silence on Net Neutrality1PasswordTheir blog postTextExpanderUnder the Radar #87: Old Code vs. New APIsJonathan MannNeutralThe family Sponsored by: AfterShokzFractureHoverATP10

Duration: 01:53:15

230: Auto, Dynamic, Fresh, Dank

Windows HelloDemo videoTelling Twins ApartRubber-hose cyptanalysisRelevant xkcd ComicApollo RobbinsNever re-write softwareVint CerfZero-config sourceSiracusa on RendezvousMac IIfxF/XMovie MagicLG 2017 4K OLED SeriesWorse Products Through SoftwareCanonical Bagel FlavorsAerial screensaverParadigm AtomHarman Kardon SoundsticksG4 Cube SpeakersJonathan MannDouble DareLet People Enjoy ThingsOral History of Double DareNet NeutralityVihart videoCGP Grey videoAjit PaiArs advice Sponsored...

Duration: 01:39:07

229: Just Smush the Screen Somewhere

YoinkApp StoreApp launch time thanks to Relevant WWDC 2016 talkSorensonWebRTCOpusWebKit announcementCodec requirementsAcid2 TestConnectedFederico ViticciMyke HurleyStephen HackettCanvasFraser SpeirsCortexCGP GreyUpgradeJason SnellWIMPNew iPhone RumorsConnected #149: CaramelSneakersJonathan MannLG UltraFine 5K Display Sponsored by: CasperATPSquarespaceATPFracture

Duration: 01:36:05

228: I Never Cancel a Drag

Example multi-use hubCasey's ReviewKeyboard "shim kit"Belkin hubHomePodMarco's favorite follow-up ever in Analog(ue) #10Echo ShowDr. WaveDragonDrop 3App Startup Time: Past, Present, Futurehis VBR wishOriginal ATP discussionOvercast timestamp linkOfficial CBR versionVBR versionJonathan MannPC ConvertibleSpaaaaacccccceeeeeee Sponsored by: BettermentFractureHarry's

Duration: 01:50:22

227: Typing on Pillows

Serenity Caldwell on the new iPadBody size comparisonScreen size comparisonTyping to SiriNew lock & power off behavior"Offload"ing unused appsSpringboard treatmentSpaces persistenceSpatial FinderDocument-based apps' launch UIFaceTime capture of Live PhotosADAs and default appsHEIF is good!32-bit support "sunset" in macOSNon-fragile ivarsHigh Sierra FormatCD caddyiMac Pro price comparisonOddities between iMac TiersHomeKit is available to allApps can allow "programming environments"App Store...

Duration: 01:58:21

226: Smooth Scrolling Is For Suckers

Lots of Follow UpAPFS WWDC sessionNorm formsDrop of third party service integrationPerhaps the APIs were removed?Log your friends into your WiFiMultiple file uploads → Mobile SafariThe Talk Show #193: Crack Marketing TeamSonnet eGFXApple Wireless Keyboard A101620ms vs. 50ms latency23Sample rate videoMicrosoft videoPeople prefer 120 Hz displaysJonathan MannSocial PolicyRun LoopUnder the RadarJacketsPhiladelphia cream cheese brick Sponsored by: BettermentIndochinoATPMailRoute

Duration: 02:16:14

225: A Conversation with Siri

Our WWDC 2017 live show! Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPAudible.comFracture

Duration: 01:47:53

224: Yearning for Reflection

Multiple versions of photosWWDCUpgrade #143: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2017What If the iPad Smart Keyboard Had a Trackpad?Jonathan Mann Sponsored by: JetATPCasperATPBetterment

Duration: 02:40:49

223: Throw the Fork Away

What do Apple Geniuses do?Official procedureSketchy keycap removal procedureRegrets from home repairDenise Young Smith: VP, HR → VP, Inclusion & DiversityDenise Young SmithLisa JacksonThe Talk Show #188: Apple VP Lisa JacksonThunderbolt to become royalty-freeIntel press releaseApple Siri-speaker-with-screenGoogle I/OKeynoteGoogle Photos improvementsHypercritical #9: No iLife is an IslandKotlinCompared to SwiftJonathan Mann Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPMailRouteFracture

Duration: 01:43:09

222: As Thin as Humans Will Tolerate

the quizMP3 is dead; long live MP3Fraunhofer's announcementCookiesLAME encoderAudacity 💔 MP3Spotify uses Ogg VorbisOpus codecDivX codecDIVX disc formatiPad Mini is dead?MacBooks and MacBook Pros are alive?Jonathan MannApple ParkMIT Stata Center Sponsored by: FractureAudibleBetterment

Duration: 01:44:44

221: Personal Body Chemistry

the last episodeDirty laptop fabricAlcantaraMr. Clean Magic EraserOleophobic coatingWikiTribune...is based on Wordpress and not maintained by Wikimedia...already has a competitor called WikinewsAmazon Echo ShowPrevious rumor Marco was enamored withHunt for Red OctoberYou Should Use DuckDuckGo3Com AudreyBrief QuizJonathan Mann Sponsored by: Warby ParkerSquarespaceATPAwayATP

Duration: 02:10:48

220: Executive Box Lunch

Moscone food research by Daniel JalkutSamsung Galaxy S8Assistive Touch WikiTribuneJimmy Kimmel's storyCasey's tweet recapAssociated episode of Analog(ue)Amazon Echo LookDownload #1: Wardrobe PhilosophyMicrosoft Surface LaptopJonathan Mannreally lovesMario Kart 8 Deluxeover LAN Sponsored by: CasperATPBettermentIndochinoATP

Duration: 02:09:57

219: Million Dollar Lunch

ATP WWDC Live at AltConf!Get tickets here$40 eachDavid CarltonConnected #139PlexTouch ID moving to the back?Touch ID is capacitiveM4A chapter support12Apple Design AwardsUber is über-grossJonathan MannMidwest ExpressJohn forgets something...but has a workaroundWalt Disney World Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPEeroFracture

Duration: 02:01:46

218: MagSafe Cups of Water

OvercastPodlove Simple ChaptersAPFS free spaceNvidia coming back to the MacKieran HealyMarco's commentsClipsspecial treatment in the app storeT-Shirts!until April 26Example Jet BlackInverted JennyUSB-C MagSafe patentXbox breakaway cableBeginning of the end for iTunes?PS VitaiStockNowHypercritical #49: Pinching the HarmonicaJonathan MannWWDC lunchesloves Odwallaa lotReally Sponsored by: BettermentJAMF NowMailRoute

Duration: 01:39:32

217: Apology Mac Pro

Mac Pro transcript postedWorkflowT-ShirtClipsOSNews rumorsLance UlanoffGruberiMac Pro RumorNVIDIA Titan XpApple moves away from Imagination Technologies GPUsJonathan MannMacRumors Buyer's Guide Sponsored by: SquarespaceATPAudibleFracture

Duration: 01:58:17

216: Thermal Corner

APFS file name encodingWWDCRIP Jason SeiferMac ProGruber's takePanzarino's takeThe Case for a True Mac Pro SuccessorProject AraJonathan Manna betT-Shirts are for sale! Sponsored by: CasperATPBettermentIndochinoATP

Duration: 02:23:48

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