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The view from MY side of the cockpit door. Aviation news and commentary from an active captain flying for a major US legacy airline.




APG 290 – DC-6! DC-6! DC-6!

NEWS Ryanair cancels flights after 'messing up' pilot holidays Airport fuel crisis: Govt offers to help as flights cut Heartstopping moment two planes nearly collide come over Heathrow FEEDBACK Stefan - Would be able to land in a real 737 or 767 simulator? Mark - APG Syndrome Symptom Christian - Pan Am Lives On Chris Weitzel - Harrison Ford Interview Ross - 727 Question (Reversers) Liz - The FAA requires Erickson’s MD-87’s to drop retardant with landing gear down – Fire Aviation Paul -...

Duration: 02:43:29

APG 289 – Diversion Airfields and CRM

NEWS British father and son who 'dazzled pilots with lasers' in Spain facing £540k fine May pleads with Trump to help save British jobs Pilot, 80, walks away after crashing plane into tree in CT FEEDBACK Jan - Later in Life Career Change George - Jewish Humor for Dana Anthony - Video Christian - Broken Jetway and MD-90 Air Stairs Ben - Kiwi Kwestions Paul - How We Ruined Airline Jobs Walt - CRM Plane Tales - The Plane People Silviu - Diversion to Alternate VIDEO Trial...

Duration: 02:12:39

APG 288 – Birthdays and Man Boobs

Bella Terra Publishing NEWS Unruly Hawaiian Airlines passenger must pay $98k after plane returned Rogue Baggage Handler Aborted Airliner Landing United off the hook for the passenger dragging incident 130 pilots, 430 crew members of Air India likely to be grounded Belgian Army Pilot Falls From Helicopter During Airshow FEEDBACK Dave - Be a Regional Pilot and Keep my Current Job? Mike - Cockpit Visits? James - I'm Back! G-Man - Old Planes Michael, Al - Stupid Article Re. Mad Dogs Georg -...

Duration: 02:47:51

APG 287 – You’ll Pop and Die

SFO MEET-UPNEWSPilot freaks out passengers with ‘horrific’ tornado warning Houston airports closed; major impact on United, Southwest operations In post-9/11 first in US, Pittsburgh Airport to give non-passengers airside access Jazeera A320 at Kuwait on Aug 27th 2017, collision with cable of military captive balloon Qatar B788 near Hyderabad on Aug 25th 2017, first officer incapacitated Lufthansa A343 at Philadelphia on Aug 15th 2017, engine shut down without command during roll out...

Duration: 02:50:11

APG 286 – Eating the Sun

NEWS Delta Jets Clip 2 Planes, Truck in 24 Hours at JFK Airport American Airlines passenger tries to open cabin door during descent Here’s What The Solar Eclipse Looked Like From Delta’s Flight Of A Lifetime FEEDBACK Max - Pre-Solo Exam [54:09] Steve - No APG Syndrome Here! [1:00:32] Jonathan - Questions about KTPA and Cigar City Brewery [1:08:50] Mainiac Mark - Layover Accomodations? [1:23:10] Fabian - Bose A20, Radio Freqs, Comm/ME/Inst Checkride, Berlin MU [1:37:43] Iowa Matt...

Duration: 03:06:02

APG 285.5 – Eclipse Special

FEEDBACK Larry - Going Green - Again! Adam - ELT Bret - Strange 'military' plane circling US cities Marianna - NE Patriots buy 2 B767s Jules - Russian Style Pilots Moving WEST Robert - Seattle Flight Museum at Boeing Field Zack - Brian shul and the LA Speed story Tony - Calculating V1 on Touch and Goes? VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on...

Duration: 01:20:49

APG 285 – This… is… Jeffardy!

NEWS Pilotless Commercial Aircraft? Follow the Money Air Canada, FAA hindered investigation of SFO near-miss SNPL blames EasyJet for risking passenger safety FEEDBACK Richard - R101, Airlander, Bruce Dickinson [1:33:56] Justin - I Heard You, Dana [1:37:53] Tom - Tornadoes and Engine Acceleration [1:41:21] Plane Tales - No Distant Lands [1:51:53] Sean - AC toilet diversion - "Crapper's Law?" [2:14:33] Paul - St. Alban's Cross [2:19:23] Mark - APG Syndrome Symptom [2:23:13] Bret...

Duration: 02:50:04

APG 284 – Flying on Ecstasy

NEWS Easyjet pilot convicted for flying under the influence of ‘Ecstasy’ 'Severe turbulence' on American Airlines flight leaves 10 injured - Fox News UPDATE: Eastern Air Lines B737 at New York on Oct 27th 2016, overran runway on landing long FEEDBACK Bill - Another set of graves Liz - Contaminated Air? Che - Cheaper Flight Training Larry - An excellent example of CRM Ryan - College? Walt - APG 275 and General Aviation Robert - The secret system that prevents pilots who hate each...

Duration: 02:41:40

APG 283 – Searching for an APG Syndrome Cure

NEWS EAA AirVenture 2017 Breaks Records Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (drones) Mid-Air Collision Study NATS Drone Assist b4ufly Jet passed within 10 minutes of where North Korean missile test landed, official says Teenager opens emergency door of taxiing plane and slides down wing after it lands at San Francisco airport Dramatic moment hero pilot saved 127 people in risky landing FEEDBACK Rebecca - Proposal Pilot style... [1:11:09] Peter - APG App [1:14:07] Louisiana...

Duration: 02:52:58

APG 282 – Leather Helmets and Goggles

NEWS NTSB: Air Canada close-call at SFO was even worse than first reported AI plane flies with wheels out, forced to land early Clash between Delta Airlines pilot and flight attendant delays flight at LaGuardia Airport FEEDBACK Frankie - Funny stories and flying blind! Ross - Quick question on cargo hold temperature Nick - LED landing lights Corey - Speedbird Frik - Widebody/Narrowbody Glidepaths? Mascha - Audio Feedback - Applause Captain Joe YouTube Captain Al - Legal...

Duration: 02:46:25

APG 281 – The One Where Dana Kills His MacBook

NEWS US ends laptop ban for good ‘Passed gas’ forces passengers from plane at Raleigh-Durham airport Flight delayed after 4-year-old girl sneaks on board, parent thought she was too short for a ticket The Rare Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Returns to the Skies Once More FEEDBACK Richard - Mad Dog Powerbacks? [1:04:12] Janel - Tui 757 backs up on RWY [1:06:32] Nick - The Middle Plane Seat May Be The Best Soon With Revolutionary Design?? [1:10:34] Bennett - KRCA? Oh KRAP! [1:12:08] Pat,...

Duration: 02:49:00

APG 280 – Pineapples and Rainbows

NEWS 16 dead in Marine Corps plane crash [44:06] A tourist died from jet blasts at world famous Maho Beach behind Princess Juliana Airport | [49:12] 'Where's this guy going?' Air Canada plane narrowly avoids disaster in San Francisco [53:38] Delta A320 near Daytona Beach on Jul 10th 2017, hail strike [1:17:34] FEEDBACK Zachary - Scariest Experience You've Had in the Air? [1:23:26] Liz - Can Pilots Have Successful Relationships? [1:47:28] Joyal - Best Flight Schools in...

Duration: 02:58:30

APG 279 – Amelia Earhart Captured By Japanese?

Portland Meet-Up NEWS Amelia Earhart Captured By Japanese? Unruly Delta passenger tried to open exit door in flight, complaint alleges FEEDBACK Ross - Family seating with a child John - I need some miami hick Luke - Back after a Hiatus from APG Luke's YouTube Channel This Is Your Chance To Become An Airline Pilot In Hawaii Luke - Power Reductions on Takeoff Robert - DL 747 Walk In Exhibit Open Nick - Favorite Airplanes in a Particular Fleet? Plane Tails - The Maverick of...

Duration: 02:48:06

APG 278.5 – Feedback Extra

FEEDBACK Steve - Mother Floater!!!! Joe - NOTAMS Sean - Alligator-strike? Steve - FDP Extension Ross - Single engine taxiing question Stefan - Qantas flight 72 Jon - Dana's Story? Pip - Feedback for Dana George - Dausalt, 737 Bird strike protection, SR-71, RFTP 87 Robert - When You Just Need That Coffee Fix Louisiana Steve - F-4s on Carriers John - John Deere, Charleston Ray - Plane Tales Applause (and a chance for APG to uncover a Conspiracy involving a Sunderland!) The...

Duration: 02:52:26

APG 278 – ATC Privatization, High Temperatures

Arash Mahin's Ride to Conquer Cancer Java Jive in the Hangar video from Dave Abbey Brandon Gonzales, Podcasting On A Plane Podcast NEWS Thunderbird Crash at Dayton International UPDATE - Beechjet 400A (Jennifer Lawrence) NOT a Dual Flameout AirAsia X A333 near Learmonth on Jun 25th 2017, engine shut down in flight after severe vibrations Video aboard AirAsia X Missing compressor blade of AirAsia X EASA publishes safety information on...

Duration: 02:48:57

APG 277 – A Load of Hot Air

NEWS Ejectable, floating 'black box' to be installed on long range Airbus planes [1:09:19] Bizjet Deadsticked To Safe Landing [1:18:05] FEEDBACK Corey - 1500 Hour Rule [1:28:10] Silviu - A330 Quick Descent [1:39:13] Alex - UK/Australia? Which is it, Nick? [1:50:32] Joe - Sports to Aviation [1:51:50] Miami Hick - easyJet recording has surfaced!! [1:55:29] Flying Kiwi - Depression [1:57:33] Plane Tails - A Load of Hot Air [2:15:47] Radio Roger - Captain/First Officer Relationship...

Duration: 03:01:19

APG 276 – Sesame Street of Aviation

NEWS China Eastern A332 at Sydney on Jun 11th 2017, engine shut down in flight [25:41] Spitfire crash on takeoff few meters from public during airshow in North of France [31:49] Horror on Bristol easyJet flight as pilot says there's only a 50-50 chance of engines working [39:22] Pilot crashes after GPS sends him to non-existent airport in Scotland [51:33] FEEDBACK Tom - Westjet Trans Atlantic Flight [1:13:09] Jeff - Shabby-looking Jets [1:24:23] Paul - Its time for a change...

Duration: 03:08:06

APG 275 – Pilot Fatigue, and Do Pilots Get Nervous?

NYC MEET-UP Arash Mahin's Ride to Conquer Cancer NEWS Jetblue A321 near Grand Rapids on May 30th 2017, LiOn battery overheats in flight [38:37] Summit L410 at Lukla on May 27th 2017, contacted trees and impacted ground before runway [49:31] FEEDBACK JD - Depression Discussion [54:21] Miami Hick and Maineman Micah [1:07:35] Yogi - Autoland or Manual Flying? [1:12:18] Mark - Acme Jr Scheduler [1:19:40] Mississippi Matt - Agricultural Aviation [1:38:32] Chris - ATC Moncton...

Duration: 02:36:30

APG 274 – Outsourced Maintenance – Safety Concern?

Plane Talking UK Podcast Meet-up with Dave Abbey in NYC Arash Mahin's Ride to Conquer Cancer NEWS The Southwest flight that flew nonstop — to West Mifflin [27:46] What Do Pilots (Actually) Do on Long Flights? [32:09] Laptop Ban Update (ALPA) [38:14] Man drives through airport gate, makes it onto plane with backpack before being detained, authorities say [46:41] Incident: Malaysia A333 at Melbourne on May 31st 2017, possible hijack attempt averted by other passengers [49:02] ALERT...

Duration: 03:05:09

APG 273 – The B-52, aka “BUFF”

Arash Mahin's Ride to Conquer Cancer Jen Niffer's Tales From The Terminal - Wings Over Avgeeks NEWS British Airways: Flights cancelled amid IT crash - BBC News [36:03] Dutch King Reveals Secret Life As Airline Co-Pilot [46:55] Snowbirds make decision to cancel upcoming performances to get more practice [50:56] Emirates A388 over Arabian Sea on Jan 7th 2017, wake turbulence sends business jet in uncontrolled descent [53:51] 2 dead as jet crashes on approach to Teterboro...

Duration: 03:13:04

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