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Keep on Hashing! The most engaging blockchain podcast you'll find! Join Neal and Nathan as we look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, all manner of other cryptocurrencies, interview noteable Blockchain startups, and look at the economic forces that shape the cryptoverse

Keep on Hashing! The most engaging blockchain podcast you'll find! Join Neal and Nathan as we look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, all manner of other cryptocurrencies, interview noteable Blockchain startups, and look at the economic forces that shape the cryptoverse
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Keep on Hashing! The most engaging blockchain podcast you'll find! Join Neal and Nathan as we look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, all manner of other cryptocurrencies, interview noteable Blockchain startups, and look at the economic forces that shape the cryptoverse






#62 - Interview with Giorgio Zinetti and Yves Petitjean of

Who are you, really? For most, our identity officially is confirmed by government records such as birth certificate or passport, but is there a decentralized way? Today we talk with Valid who attempt to create a digital identity based on your network and relationships with other people, so that even if you are from a place where government records aren’t trustworthy, you can still have a blockchain-based ID. Visit Valid at:...


#61 - Interview with Jeffery Huong, founder of Mithril

This week Nathan intervies Jeffery Huong, the founder of Mthril. Together they talk about the need to put personal content IP on the blockchain and provide revenue to those who provide it. Visit Mthril at ——————————————————————————————————————————- This episode was brought to you by Bankera, “Banking for the Blockchain Era”. Check out their ICO at ICO is on until the end of February ————————————————————————& [...]


#60 - Bitcoin Hype is Back! Is it going all the way to $50k?

Nathan, International Man of Mystery, and Neal are pinching themselves, is the Bitcoin Hype back again? After all the recent doom and gloom? The mega Crypto correction in January and February is still all talk in the media, but Crypto land is already talking about $50k price target for end of 2018 – does this make sense? Or are people getting carried away with amateur Technical Analysis that is spreading like wild fire on social media? Listen to our latest episode to find out...


#59 - Interview with JWC Ventures

Nathan interviews Luca Mohammadi and Frank Saviane from JWC Ventures, who connect people from the blockchain start-up world with venture capital in Europe and South East Asia. Visit JWC Ventures website for more information: ——————————————————————————————————————————- This episode was brought to you by Bankera, “Banking for the Blockchain Era”. Check out their ICO at ICO is on until the end of February ———————————————————— [...]


#58 - Crypto Market Relief after CFTC and SEC hearing

Finally! Some good news! Neal and Nathan dissect the CFTC (Commodities and Future Trade Commission) and SEC (US Securities Exchange Commission) hearing and look into what this will mean for Crypto Markets. Is the downward trend over? Or should you stay buckled in? Nevertheless, long term, things are looking up for ICOs, with Dow Jones volatility potentially pointing to crypto as the major investment vehicle for 2018. CFTC and SEC hearing:...


#57 - Interview with Vytautas Karalevicius, CEO of Bankera

This week, Nathan interviews Vytautas Karalevicius, the CEO of Bankera, who recently bought a bank as they aim to bring blockchain to the banking industry. Vytautas started his blockchain adventure with Spectrocoin, where users can use credit cards to make payments online. Now his next venture will take Spectrocoin to the next level with Bankera. They are looking to develop products that will offer Loans, deposits and new investment solutions on the blockchain. Bankera also aim to reduce...


#56 - Is a Crypto Bear Market upon us? Buy, Sell or Hodl?

Neal and Nathan are shirtless after a rough week in the Crypto Markets. This week they look into 3 key factors that are causing continuous pressure on the markets and whether or not this Crypto Winter will continue. Could Augmented Reality and Pokemon Go offer insight into how long it could take for crypto markets to recover? There is also an update on Nathan’s blockchain company, Minespider, as he is about to jump on a flight to Cape Town for a mining conference. Gartner Hype Cycle:...


#55 - Interview with Chris Housser, CEO of Polymath

This week, Nathan interviews Chris Housser the CEO of Polymath. Polymath create a KYC platform for securities and accreditied investors. They aim to facilate the process to bring securities to the blockchain world and allow investors to participate in offerings in a compliant manner. Bloomberg on Polymath: “If a platform like Polymath gains steam, it could magnify the consequences of the booming world of token sales, which has spurred the rise of more than 800 coins. The digital...


#54 - The Lightning Network Explained

“Ride the Lightning!” It’s tin-foil hat time! Neal and Nathan attempt to explain the mechanics of the Lightning Network, which is supposed to be a massive gamechanger for Bitcoin. It has the potential to reduce fees and transaction time which should help increase Bitcoin adoption with merchants and the masses. Not the easiest of topics to discuss on a podcast, which is why we often fell over ourselves trying to explain it. Apart from the impressive innovation of the Lighting Network,...


#53 - Interview with Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa

Good news, everyone! We have a bonus episode this week! I had a chat this week with Xinshu Dong, the CEO of Zilliqa. They are a digital currency, similar to Bitcoin, who are attempting to solve the “throughput problem”. The Bitcoin blockchain can only process about 7 transactions per second, and when demand goes up, the fees go up. Zilliqa uses proof of work and sharding in order to reduce the burden on the network. This episode gets into some of the details on how it works technically...


#52 - Interview with Ada Jonuse, CEO of

Can we use blockchain to incentivize a healthy lifestyle? Today’s guest, Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse is trying to find out! Lympo is a Lithuanian blockchain startup that allows people to monetize their fitness data collected from fitness tracking devices. Sponsors post fitness challenges that people can compete in in order to receive tokens as a reward. We also discuss how blockchain can disrupt the healtcare industry in general and how this industry can adopt these disruptive solutions. Links...


#51 - Bitconnect, fake news, and the factors that drove the crypto dip

Neal and Nathan come out of their nuclear bunkers after the scary market crash which supposedly marked the death of crypto. They delve into 4 factors that drove the “crash” as well as provide tips as how to avoid scams or poorly managed ICOs in light of Bitconnect shutting down. Links for beginners: Coin Market Cap: Coin Warz: Crypto Compare: Bitinfocharts:...


#50 - Live Recording of Analysis In Chains 2nd Meetup in Berlin

Episode 50: Live Recording of Analysis In Chains 2nd Meetup in Berlin - Jan 11th, 2018. You’ve probably seen all the crypto prices fall since the news of the Bitconnect scam. But there have been crypto winters and scams before, and crypto has recovered. To mark our 50th episode we present to you the audio recording from our Blockchain Unpacked live event from January 11th where Nathan interviewed Joshua Scigala, CEO of Vaultoro. Josh founded Vaultoro after losing money in the Mt.Gox...


#49 - Fearing the Kraken and Mnuchin doesn’t get Crypto!

This week, Neal and Nathan try to empathize with Kraken users who had to deal with a blackout, while Steve Mnuchin, US Treasury of the United States, gets called out for demanding ridiculous regulation. This episode digs into what type of regulation would help strengthen then Crypro world while Governments try to introduce policies that would ruin the point of it. Remember, “Make Crypto, not War”. Steve Mnuchin comments: Links for beginners: Coin Market Cap:...


#48 - Interview with Cesar Ortega, CEO Skaratoken

Most modern computer games have a form of in-game economy, but few have taken the step yet to move to the blockchain. Today we talk with Cesar Ortega founder of Skara the blade remains, a game with over 300,000 players, who has decided to create a token for their in game economy. Unfortunately we did have a small sound quality issue with this interview and were unable to fix it. We apologize for that. Skara Token home page: Next Analysis in Chains Meetup...


#47 - Crypto Analysis Techniques and Ripple Price Jump

Neal and Nathan are finally reunited after the holiday break. This week they explore ways to analyze a crypto currency for potential investment. The secret is down to asking the right questions about crypto projects and digging through the nitty gritty details of the business models. Also this week, Neal and Nathan review latest market movements, including Ripple’s massive price spike and putting context into it’s current valuation. Links for today’s discussions: Coin Market Cap:...


#46 - Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Happy new year fellow hashers! Have you been excited about crypto but don’t really know how it works? What is Bitcoin exactly? How is it secure against being hacked? Why is blockchain so disruptive, and what problems does it solve exactly? We have received these questions a lot in the past weeks and so we are starting the new year with this foundational explanation. It gets pretty technical, and may leave you with more questions than answers but hopefully as you start the new year...


#45 - Through the eyes of an institutional investor: Interview with Matthias Grobe, blockchain specialist at IBB-Bet

Everyone knows blockchain will be disruptive, but we mostly hear about it from the point of view of the startups who are right in the middle of the action. Today we take a different tack and talk with Matthias Grobe. Matthias is the blockchain specialist at the Investment Bank of Berlin’s Beteiligungsgesellschaft, which is the venture arm one of the largest investment banks in Berlin. What do institutional investors look for in a blockchain project? Do they see crypto as a hype bubble or...


#44 - The Influence of Whales and Hype on Crypto Prices

Neal and Nathan nonchalantly talk about the latest Bitcoin all time high as Crypto pricing follows another predictable behaviour cycle. The price boom continues while Bitcoin attracts more and more retail investors, but risks are still inherent since whales have major effects on price swings, while liquidity is less than it seems. Links for today’s discussions: Bloomberg article on Whales in Crypto: We hope you enjoy our show and feel free to reach out to us at...


#43 - Interview with Martins Liberts, CEO of Debitum Network

Today Nathan sits down to talk with Martins Liberts, CEO of Debitum Network. Debitum started as a standard lending platform, but when they recognized the disruptive power of blockchain they moved to transform the network into a platform where people can secure loans using smart contracts directly on a blockchain network. It was interesting to get Martins’ take on the power and limitations of blockchain for lending, and to discuss the ICO process itself, and why they made the choices they...


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