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Animal Radio is the most listened to animal programming in the U.S.; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.

Animal Radio is the most listened to animal programming in the U.S.; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.
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Animal Radio is the most listened to animal programming in the U.S.; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.




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Animal Radio Episode 932

George The Skateboarding Dog Nadine Singel never tried to train her bulldog to skateboard. When you see him surfing the concrete with such passion and skill, it's hard to believe that he picked up the sport by watching neighborhood kids skateboarding. You'll love George's story. Why You Should Adopt A Senior Pet Senior pets are often the most undesirable pets to adopt. But seniors actually make great pets. So says Kim Skarritt, founder of the Silver Muzzle Cottage, a rescue and hospice...

Duration: 01:17:44

Animal Radio Episode 931

Let Dogs Be Dogs Brother Christopher of the Monks of New Skete is our special guest. He says we're treating our animals too much like humans. He'll teach us to respect the true nature of dogs and become a pack leader. He'll also help us deal with Halloween, a truly troublesome time for many dogs. How to Baby Talk to Pets Dr. Debbie says it's important to learn how to "baby talk" to your pets. She uses baby talk for her patients and it makes a big difference. She'll teach us the nuances...

Duration: 01:18:32

Animal Radio Episode 930

What's It Like To Be A Dog? Neuroscientist Gregory Berns managed to put several dogs into an MRI machine to scan their brains and try to understand how they think and feel. Do dogs have emotions? Do they have empathy? Do dogs have a sense of humor? You may be surprised at some of these answers. Counterfeit Flea Medication The latest break in the counterfeit investigation came after a California man admitted in federal court that he had been selling unregistered and smuggled animal...

Duration: 01:18:42

Animal Radio Episode 929

My Big Fat Pet Makeover Animal Planet host Travis Brorsen begins a four-month weight loss and behavior modification journey with pet owners and their overweight animals. Is your pet tipping the scale? Don't take it personally. Over 60% of American pets are obese. Why Is Understanding Your Pet's Body Language Vital? Licensed Veterinary Tech and Certified Professional Dog Trainer Debbie Martin is here to help us decode our pet's body language She says there are some common signs of...

Duration: 01:18:49

Animal Radio Episode 928

Strange Animal Laws David Rosengard, a Staff Attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) explores the 10 Weirdest Animal Laws on the Books. He'll also share some of the important work the ALDF does for animals worldwide by being a voice for the voiceless. How Much Would You Spend to Save Your Pet? More and more pet parents these days are willing to go the financial distance for their pets to give them the best. Americans dog owners spend $2,033 toward their pets on average each...

Duration: 01:18:14

Animal Radio Episode 927

Katherine and Maverick Katherine Schwarzenegger (daughter of Arnold and Maria) is an ASPCA Ambassador and bestselling author. She has a new children's book, which will empower young readers to help dogs who find themselves in shelters and animal rescues. She's our guest this week. To Kiss Your Dog or Not To Kiss Your Dog A USA Today article cited lots of research and experts both for and against dogs licking humans on the lips. For example: There are more than 700 different types of...

Duration: 01:19:15

Animal Radio Episode 926

Nude Birding Olaf Danielson has made a hobby out of birding without any clothes. Olaf is an author, religious scholar, storyteller and adventurer. He will share some of his favorite stories of seeking out rare and exotic avian wildlife... while naked as a jaybird. Who is Tracking Your Pet Purchases? With the pet industry growing so fast, any information that can be gained from your purchases for your pets is going to be extrapolated every way possible for those companies which profit...

Duration: 01:20:13

Animal Radio Episode 925

Diva Duck Shellie Powell has an unusual pet. She is the proud guardian of "Diva," a pet duck that wears a diaper and shoes. Diva goes with Shellie everywhere, including Walmart, Target and PetSmart. Shellie is training Diva the Duck to be a Therapy Pet. Taking The Fear Free Movement Home Many veterinarians are practicing "Fear Free." Pets that like going to the veterinarian are generally healthier. Now, the Fear Free movement is coming to your home with ideas for enriching your pet's...

Duration: 01:21:16

Animal Radio Episode 924

Win a Brilliant Pad Self Cleaning Dog Potty We're giving away a dozen Brilliant Pad systems this week. If you have a dog that weighs less than 25 pounds, you could easily win a Brilliant Pad Self Cleaning Dog Potty just by calling in. The catch? You have to report back how much you love it. Is There Arsenic In Your Pet Food? The Clean Label Project (CLP) just did a study of the top pet foods and found 16 times the lead of the Flint Michigan crisis. They also found Arsenic, Mercury, BPA...

Duration: 01:19:45

Animal Radio Episode 923

How Will The Eclipse Affect Your Pet? Does your pet need special glasses to see the eclipse? Will animals act strange during this astronomical phenomenon? Astrophysicist Dr. Angela Speck is our guest. She has answers to these questions and other ecliptic queries. Would Your Pet Be a Good Model? Marketing genius Amy Peller managed to launch her dog's modeling career in an advertisement for Banana Republic. She says you shouldn't quit your day job. But she also says it's a lot of great...

Duration: 01:20:27

Animal Radio Episode 922

Veterinarians Committing Suicide Out-surging Dentists, Veterinarians now have the highest suicide rate in the U.S., at four times the general population. Dr. Elizabeth Strand discusses the causes of this disturbing trend and possible solutions. Legislation Would Provide Service Dogs to Veterans with P.T.S.D. The PAWS Act also known as Puppies Assisting Wounded Service members Act has been introduced on Capitol Hill by Congressman Ron DeSantis. The legislation would direct the Department...

Duration: 01:19:05

Animal Radio Episode 921

Even Celebs Have Trouble Potty Training Their Pets Actress Nancy Dussault (Too Close For Comfort, Mad About You) is coming on the show to yap about her new Maltese Yorkie mix that seems to be having difficulty learning where to go to the bathroom. Feeding The Pets of the Homeless Genevieve Frederick heads up an organization that connects pet food with homeless folks and their animals. While sometimes controversial, pets can provide a meaningful relationship for the displaced and...

Duration: 01:19:24

Animal Radio Episode 920

Racing Greyhounds Tested Positive for Cocaine For the greyhounds running at Florida's dozen racetracks, a trip to the winner's circle also means a urine test. So per state regulations, the dog officially known as "WW's Flicka" submitted her sample. The results came back positive for cocaine. But a hardcore narcotic swimming through the bloodstream of an innocent pup shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone paying attention. According to state records, Flicka had already tested positive...

Duration: 01:18:43

Animal Radio Episode 919

Why Is Your Cat Peeing Outside The Litter-box? Award winning cat author Dusty Rainbolt has written the definitive guide to solving litter-box problems. Cat owners know that the solutions aren't always simple. But Dusty breaks it down in easy to understand steps. She can tell why your cat isn't using the litter-box and how to fix it. How Does Your Pet's Name Influence Their Disposition? Hollywood Numerologist Glynis McCants says the name you give your pet has a powerful impact on its...

Duration: 01:18:48

Animal Radio Episode 918

He's No Dummy Ventriloquist Jay Johnson (SOAP) brings his witty banter to the show this week to talk about his connection with his dog and his involvement with Actors and Others for Animals. Living Rent Free Emma Higgins hasn't paid rent in three years. To boot, she's been traveling throughout Europe. How does she pull this off? She's a live-in pet sitter. She takes care of animals and house sits for extended periods all over the world. She has tips to help you give up your 9 to 5 and...

Duration: 01:21:29

Animal Radio Episode 917

Swimming With The Sharks Brian Skerry has spent more than 10,000 hours underwater photographing sharks. He says they're misunderstood and not the evil beasts portrayed by Hollywood and the media. He'll share stories including some scary (Skerry) moments. Rescue Express Mike McCarthy made his millions in software development. After retiring, he decided to take on a new project transporting thousands of adoptable pets from saturated shelters in Southern California to the Northwest United...

Duration: 01:18:39

Animal Radio Episode 916

Mutual Rescue A young soldier left the battlefield in Baghdad with traumatic brain injuries and P.T.S.D. after a mortar attack. Right before he was to give up on life, a stray cat walked up to him, placed his paws on his leg and saved his life. Josh Marino is here to tell his story of Mutual Rescue. China Switches from One-Child to One-Dog Policy China may have scrapped its one-child policy, but one Chinese city (Qingdao) has now instituted a one-dog policy! Those who own more than one...

Duration: 01:18:41

Animal Radio Episode 915

Wacky Willard Returns Actor Fred Willard is back to share his love for the furry-four-legged and his pet project, Actors and Others for Animals. If you saw him on Modern Family (ABC) last week, you might say he looks the same as he did in the movie Best in Show, almost 18 years ago. He'll tell us his secret to youth. Yes, it might have something to do with animals. Hugging Turkey? Albert the Hugging Turkey is a viral sensation. His guardian, Hollywood producer Brant Pinvidic is our...

Duration: 01:18:13

Animal Radio Episode 914

Pet Detective Jamie Katz She's a real life Pet Detective, schooled as a human Private Investigator. Jamie Katz has found over 150 lost or stolen pets in the last 2 years. She'll share some wild stories and give you tips to make sure your pet isn't stolen. Federal Agency Goes Pet Friendly The Interior Department welcomed a new breed of visitor to its Washington headquarters last month, one on four legs, covered with fur and on a mission to boost morale at the agency in charge of public...

Duration: 01:19:42

Animal Radio Episode 913

What The Pet Food Manufacturers Want You To Know The pet food industry is worth 29 BILLION dollars a year. With so much at stake, they've formed a lobbying group called Pet Food Institute. PFI's Communications Director, Mary Emma Young joins us to tell you want they want you to know about pet food. Pet Fooled Pet food advocate and director of the movie "Pet Fooled," Kohl Harrington believes you are being lied to and manipulated by the major pet food manufacturers - all in the name of...

Duration: 01:18:41

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