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27 | Understanding Business Risk

In this show Andy discusses business risks and why being aware of these risks can make you a better consultant to your clients. You’ll also learn why focusing on one area of risk will help you make better business decisions. Understanding risk will also help you managing your own career as we are exposed to risks throughout our lives. You’ll learn the five (5) major types of risks that businesses face. We’ll also cover the five (5) ways of dealing with a risk. Understanding how...


26 | Five Actionable Steps To Deal With Cultural Differences

In this episode Andy discusses some steps to dealing with cultural differences in the workplace. These steps are meant to improve the relationships between co-workers.


25 | Effective Ways to Deal With Cultural Differences

By now, you'd be oblivious to think that you live in a homogeneous cultural society. This is a great episode as Andy and Cat contrast each other in so many different ways, even when we talk about culture. Wherever you are in the world, you'll most definitely have interacted with people of cultures other than your own. I'm not even just talking about one's heritage. There are definitions of cultures than just the one to which we normally refer. You'll be surprised at how many different...


24 | Gender Differences - Part 2

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss some of the aggressive and confrontational events that sometimes occur on a project or at a business. They discuss how to identify when we may be challenging someone's manhood at work and what to do about it.


Effective Ways To Work With The Opposite Gender - Part 1

In this episode Cat and Andy tackle the topic on working with the opposite gender. They discuss differences, challenges as well as some ways of working through those differences to develop strong working relationships.


Why Being Louder Isn't Always Better

In this Episode We all have experienced this. There's always the one guy who thinks that volume is an effective way to persuade you to his way of thinking. Annoying? Yep. Effective? Not a chance. You’ll learn to find the best medium to fit the message. How emoji's can actually be a legit form of communication. Three questions to ask your audience to be sure they're with you. You will learn how to find the forms of communication that best fit for you and your personality. Items of...


Where Do You Get Your Energy

Where Do You Get Your Energy is an episode where Andy discusses the steps to consider to manage your energy levels. As a consultant your energy levels are crucial to your success with your clients and your personal life. Andy will share some stories on managing energy and will provide seven steps to consider in regards to your energy. Those seven steps are: How Do You Get Recharged, introvert vs extrovertWhat Do You Do To Get RechargedWhen Do You Need to Be RechargedWho Do You Recharge...


Keeping Your Momentum Going

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss: - Ways of gaining momentum in 2018 - Seeing things one way will improve your mindset - Tracking throughout the year will help you create a fantastic year


Art of Consulting 2017 Year in Review

In this episode Cat and Andy share some of their favorite shows from 2017. They also talk about some current events that are happening. They also talk about 2018 and how to start out for a great year.


Goal Setting

In this episode Cat and Andy review different goal setting approaches. They discuss: - How they set goals - Different thought processes on goal setting - Benefits of setting goals


Having your Cake and Eating it Too? The Goodwill of Food

In This Episode Bringing food to a gathering is hardly a new concept. But there was a certain magic about its ability to bring people together, and to increase morale, and I started doing a little digging. You will learn how to find awesome tactics and techniques to connect with people using food. Why food is such a primal way to bring people together The Super-Charging Aspect of Food and what Linda Coles has to say about it. Items of Interest The National Geographic had this...


The Power of Vision Boards

Vision boards are a tool to allow you to physically see images of the goals you want to achieve. In this episode Cat and Andy discuss Vision Boards as well as other mental approaches to achieving your goals. You will learn:


Lessons from Optimus Prime on Making a First Impression

First impressions. It should be no surprise to you that you get only one chance to make a first impression. That applies to anywhere in life: meeting a friend for the first time, a blind date, an interview with a new recruiter, or company. You will learn how to find awesome tactics and techniques that leave a lasting, award-winning impression. What to do to salvage your handshake Why Being the Alpha isn't always the best practice How some Asian cultures have mastered the art of...


A Hundred Ways to Create Wealth

A while ago, I was listening to 100 Ways to Create Wealth by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend the read. It’s a light read. Steve Chandler is a motivational speaker and coach in business. Sam Beckford is a very successful entrepreneur. Together, they have coached some very high-profile companies in the past few years. They’ve put together this humorous guide full of practical tips on creating wealth in your life. Most of these methods...


Achieve Balance While Jumping onto a Moving Train

The reality of the situation is that we never have just one thing going on. We’re always balancing work with family, family with fitness, fitness with rest time, rest time with finances. The list goes on and on. Take me, for example. I’m a mom, a wife, an IT consultant, a fitness instructor, a blogger, an entrepreneur, an investor. Not matter what we do in our life, we’re always juggling various different balls. Anytime we start anything new in our lives, be it a new career, fitness...


Book Launch Update - The Consultant's Code

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss the launch of Andy’s boo The Consultant’s Code. They talk about the Four Pillars of the book which are: They talk about what makes up those pillars as well as some common misconceptions about those pillars that can hold consultants back.


You Broke It You Bought It

In You Broke It You Bought It, Andy discusses the benefit of owing up to your mistakes. He discusses why being accountable for your actions and apologizing for negative impacts will actually help your career. He talks about why most consultants, and people for that matter, shy away from apologizing. Andy also covers that trust is built on taking responsibility for your actions You’ll learn the five (5) steps to apologizing to your client which is: You will learn that owing up to your...


Linear vs Nonlinear Thinking

In this episode Andy discusses the differences between linear, nonlinear and fragmented thinking. He explains the differences and the benefits to each type. Andy discusses how you can become a non linear thinker of a process by first using linear thinking. He also discusses how experts use non linear thinking to quickly solve problems and challenges however this approach can have some negative side effects at times. Fragmented thinking is also discussed and Andy explains the difference...


Four Stages of Competence

In this show Andy discusses the Four Stages of Competence that all human beings must go through to become a master or expert in a subject. He provides examples and explains the details of each stage. He also covers challenges and areas of concern that consultants should be aware of when moving from one stage to another. You’ll learn the Four Stages of Competence which are: Unconscious IncompetenceConscious IncompetenceConscious CompetenceUnconscious Competence You will learn that being...


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