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All you need to know about Arts & Culture.






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Lonnie And Ronnie McFadden

The McFadden brothers are musicians, singers and tap dancers. They learned how to tap from their father, the legendary Smilin' Jimmy McFadden, and they've just received a 2017 Living Legends awards from the Tapology Music Institute, a national organization. Hear their story, which starts at 29th and Euclid. Guests: Lonnie McFadden Ronnie McFadden

Duration: 00:49:43

Domestic Violence Over Generations; Procedural Rules

Domestic violence happens privately at home, but it tears at the fabric of entire communities. A look at the impact of domestic violence over generations. Then: the hallowed halls of government are supposed to represent our highest ideals. But what happens when civility breaks down? Why the rules of debate are important. Guests: Damon Daniel, President, Ad Hoc Group Against Crime Scott Mason, Rose Brooks Center Alicia Jones, Manager, Family Support Services, Ad Hoc Group Against Crime Brian...

Duration: 00:49:49

Dealing With Clutter

The holidays are approaching, and some of us will be frantically cleaning our homes — and getting rid of clutter — in preparation for guests. Or we'll be visiting parents and relatives, where we might confront the stuff from years past. On this show, we take a closer look at clutter. It's bad and we should get rid of the things that don't bring us joy, right? Maybe not... Guests: Eliza Cantlay, professonal organizer, Simplicana Mary Traylor, costume designer, Lyric Opera of Kansas City

Duration: 00:49:45

Missouri French Creoles; Jews in The Midwest

The Missouri French Creole community, located mainly in the eastern part of the state, has its own language and culture. We hear more from a filmmaker who is working on a documentary about them. Plus: the overlooked history of how Jews shaped small towns in the Midwest. It's the topic of a symposium this weekend: Jews in the Midwest: 1850 to 1950 . Guests: Brian Hawkins, animator and filmmaker, Asiminier: Folklore of the Missouri French Creoles Lee Shai Weissbach, Professor Emeritus,...

Duration: 00:50:05

Naoko Wowsugi; 'Atlas Obscura' Book

In the early 2000s, an artist from Japan came to study at the Kansas City Art Institute. She made a big impression on the arts community here ... and it made one on her as well. She shares the story behind " Thank You for Teaching Me English ," now on display at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Then: what are the little-known "places of wonder" in Kansas and Missouri? In light of an upcoming event on awe-inspiring places, we hear about some local spots. Guests: Naoko Wowsugi , artist...

Duration: 00:50:02

Amy Sherald; 'Hitchhiking To The Edge Of Sanity'

We talk with artist Amy Sherald, who has two paintings at the Kemper Museum (one of which is part of a new portraiture exhibit ). Sherald is also painting the official portrait of Michelle Obama for the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. Then: the story of two friends from Fairway who hitchhiked across the Sahara desert in 1971. They're featured in a documentary that will be at the Kansas International Film Festival this weekend. Guests: Amy Sherald , artist Dick Russell Steve Ewert...

Duration: 00:50:29

Crystal Rose; Champion Trees

Meet a young musician who's starting to make a name for herself in Kansas City ... and who is putting some of her success towards helping the city's homeless. Then: how often do you think about the trees in our area? Since the 1940s, an organization called American Forests has been tracking the oldest and largest trees in the country — champion trees. We hear about the champion trees near us, along with the beloved trees in and around KC. Guests: Crystal Rose , musician Rick Spurgeon,...

Duration: 00:49:55

Dia De Los Muertos; Sheri 'Purpose' Hall

Hear the stories behind this year's Day of the Dead altars at the Mattie Rhodes Gallery, then meet a local spoken word poet/minister. Guests: Xanath Caraza , poet and writer; Professor, Department of Spanish at UMKC Jenny Mendez, Director of Cultural Arts, Mattie Rhodes Center Erika Noguera, community member who's involved in KC's Dia de los Muertos activities Sheri Purpose Hall , poet and author, Black Girl Shattered

Duration: 00:50:05

Joe Pace's Replica Movie Cars; Why We Like Being Scared

Kansas City's Joe Pace builds cars. But not just any kind of car... He makes replicas of well-known movie cars, like Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, the DeLorean of Back to the Future , and Dumb and Dumber 's Shaggin' Wagon. Plus, why do we like being scared? Featuring a visit to Exiled: Trail of Terrors . Guests: Joe Pace , replica movie car maker Joshua Hoffine , horror photographer Kim Frost , co-founder, Exiled

Duration: 00:50:08

Live From The Nelson: 'Gates Of Paradise,' And Picasso's African And Oceanic Influences

It's not every day you see — well, hear about — a set of 17-foot-tall, 4 1/2-ton gilded doors, but today is that day. We broadcast live from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and get the rundown on just such a set of doors, originally sculpted in the 15th century by Lorenzo Ghiberti . Then, we find out how a trip to the Musée d’ Ethnographie du Trocadéro transformed the way Pablo Picasso thought about the human body, and get a preview of the Nelson's newest exhibit. ' Through the Eyes of...

Duration: 00:48:32

Post Office Herb Garden; Carrie Hawks' Film 'black enuf*' (R)

The Westport Post Office recently moved to shut down the DIY herb garden in its front lawn. The gardener, and neighbor of the post office, shares her story. Plus, a rebroadcast of our conversation with queer artist Carrie Hawks, whose film black enuf* ​ encapsulates a childhood search for black identity. The Kansas City native returns to their hometown for a showing this Friday at the Kemper . Guests: Glenn Stewart , gardener Carrie Hawks , artist, filmmaker

Duration: 00:50:04

Cat Mahari's 'Violence/Break'; International Sculpture Conference Comes To KC

The International Sculpture Conference is in Kansas City this year. We hear from three local artists on what's changing in the world of sculpture. Plus, "movement artist" Cat Mahari is set to perform an autobiographic dance later this week , showcasing themes of violence and how they play out in street dance. Guests: Cat Mahari , performance artist Dwight Frizzell , professor, Converging Media, KCAI Fatimah Tuggar , artist, associate professor, Foundations Studies, KCAI Karen McCoy ,...

Duration: 00:49:46

Rachel Hayes; Ft. Leavenworth Gifts; Isaac Cates

Last month, at Milan Fashion Week, the models at the Missoni show walked the runway under a colorful fabric canopy that was created by a Blue Springs native. We chat with artist Rachel Hayes about her fabric sculptures. Then: Since 1894, military officers from around the world have studied at Ft. Leavenworth's Command and General Staff College . Upon graduation, many of them have presented the college with gifts from their home countries, resulting in a 4000-piece collection. Two curators...

Duration: 00:50:22

Cricket In KC; Kids And Sports

At many metro parks, you'll see players from around the world playing cricket. We take a closer look at the growing culture of the sport in Kansas City. Then: a recent article in Time Magazine stated that kids' sports is a $15 billion dollar industry. With the rise of club teams, is the way that kids play sports good for them? Or is it a sacrifice — not only for them, but for the whole family? Guests: Muhammad Aadil, local cricket player Vissu Kottapalli, co-founder of Cric-Clubs Nate...

Duration: 00:50:16

Midwest To Broadway, And Back Again

The musical Between the Lines , based off a bestselling novel by Jodi Picoult and her daughter, just made its world premiere at the KC Rep . It was a huge hit, but will it make it to Broadway? We discuss what it takes to get there with a local artistic director, a national producer and a Broadway performer. Plus, Midwest Coast is the best coast, right? Author Jon Lauck's new book aims to put "flyover country" back on the map. Guests: Eric Rosen , artistic director, Kansas City Repertory...

Duration: 00:49:45

How A Black Barbershop In Kansas City Inspired A New Children's Book

Sometimes, a haircut isn’t just a haircut. When he was growing up in Kansas City, author Derrick Barnes felt like a new kid after visiting his barber. “Man, to get my haircut on Thursday means that when I showed up to school on Friday, I would look so fresh, and people would pay attention to me,” he told host Gina Kaufmann on KCUR’s Central Standard . “I felt smarter and my girlfriend thought I was the most handsome boy in the entire school,” he added. “This was all in my head, but I just...

Duration: 00:50:36

Sike Style; Arts Residency Program On Troost; Marcus Lewis

He's a jazz trombonist with an 18-piece big band, and he also tours with Janelle Monae. Meet Marcus Lewis, who has collaborated with two local rappers to put a new spin on their songs. Plus: A new arts residency program on Troost, and we catch up with Sike Style, the man behind the colorful murals around town. Guests: Sike Style , local artist Selina ONeal, Neighborhood Residency Coordinator, Charlotte Street Foundation Marcus Lewis , jazz trombonist

Duration: 00:49:33

Artist Scribe's Mural Defacing; A Century Of Kansas Recipes

A "Love Kansas City" mural on Southwest Boulevard was recently vandalized. What the artist did to repair the damage, and address the possible reasons for the vandalism. Plus, one woman has collected over a century of Kansas recipes. She joins us ahead of her speaking event on October 4 in Shawnee, Kansas . Guests: "Scribe" Donald Ross , graffiti artist Louise Hanson , cookbook collector

Duration: 00:49:53

Y'all; Patsy Cline's Last Concert (R)

In this encore presentation: Patsy Cline's last show was here in Kansas City in March of 1963; she died in a plane crash as she was leaving town. Nearly 55 years later, a young local singer shares how Patsy Cline has influenced her. Then: Have you noticed that more and more people are saying "y'all"? A look at how the word has spread beyond its Southern roots. Guests: Lauren Krum, country music singer Sam Sanders, reporter and podcast host , NPR Christopher Strelluf, linguist and Assistant...

Duration: 00:49:08

Vanessa Thomas

Vanessa Thomas is a singer who is living her dream life in Lawrence. She's a vocal coach, a church music director and a mom of four. Oh, and she also tours the country to perform with the legendary Doc Severinsen. Hear her story: how she overcame the trauma of abuse through music, and how her hometown of Clay Center, Kansas, played a big part in connecting her to the world. Guest: Vanessa Thomas

Duration: 00:49:57

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