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Episode 20: Griffon Ramsey - Chainsaw Art

"That's the thing that got me excited about being creative is that you start with nothing and then something happens. We have so much power as creatives." If you get to the point in your artistic career where you are invited to help carve and build a church and sculptures out of ice in Slovakia for three weeks, you might think you have made it. But for Griffon Ramsey ( it is only a part of the beginning of the next exciting chapter. After spending many years...


Episode 19: Deborah Roberts - Dedicated to the Work

"I’ve always dedicated my life to the work, and what ever the work needed that’s what I did. I never thought about what it would cost me." It has been an incredible year for Austin based artist Deborah Roberts. But after decades of hard work and scholarship it’s not really a surprise. She was already an established artist long before deciding to go back to school to get her MFA in 2014, to study and find the language and direction for her new work. Her imagery started out in a very...


Episode 18: Roi James - Leaps of Faith

"You're an artist, you can create your future" After twenty years of being a full time artist you learn a few things. Like how to make simple but transcendent art, and how powerful and capable you really are. At least that could be said for Roi James, someone who has made it through a lot of adversity and challenges of belief to find success. But it’s not over yet. After many leaps of faith he’s gotten to where he is now, but at this very moment he is in midair hoping to again find firm...


Episode 17: Kirk Weddle - The Next Big Gig

Advertising and editorial photographer Kirk Weddle has worked with a lot of different local and corporate clients on jobs that have taken him all over the world. Throughout his career he has honed his skills photographing people and loves to do environmental portraits which often include the opportunity to visit some interesting and exciting locations. He has also specialized in a very difficult and adventurous type of photography. Underwater. Near the beginning of his career he got a big...


Episode 16: Bale Creek Allen - No Limitations

Bale Creek Allen has chosen to pursue a beautiful and rich life and live by his own rules. He is a prolific artist with a great work ethic who creates art in a very diverse amount of ways and with many different materials. Bronze, neon, sculpture, painting, wood, photography, music, spoken word and theater to name a few. Bale grew up in California, went to school in Boston and now calls Texas his home. He is a working artist with a great Austin gallery that exhibits fantastic national and...


Episode 15: Michael Anthony García

Michael Anthony García is a multidisciplinary artist, independent curator, and activist. His work takes many forms and attempts to addresses personal, local, and global issues, often highlighting those in this world who are marginalized, unseen, and under appreciated. Whether he is curating a show of someone else’s work, doing a live performance interacting with a video and audience, or presenting a very personal one man exhibit made up of sculptures created from old clothing and...


Episode 14: Nancy Mims - It Begins With A Walk

By seeking out the mundane and overlooked visual aspects of our world and sharing them through her perspective Nancy Mims shows us the beauty and expansiveness we might be missing. There can be order from chaos and it can be photographed. Not stopping there, by printing these images on fabrics, sometimes weaved back to together or embellished with vibrant stitching, she enhances these views to create a very personal take on what is right in from of us all. Our lovely conversation delves...


Episode 13: Flip Solomon - (Bonus Stories) Lek Chailert and the Hare Dream

This is bonus content from the interview with Flip Solomon Episode 12. The first inspiring story is about Lek Chailert who with the help of many others saves and rehabilitates hundreds of animals in Thailand. The second story is of a dream that inspired a drawing and created a connection. If you haven't listened to Flip's main interview please go back and check that out first. Thanks! Breaking Cycles: Lek Chailert...


Episode 12: Flip Solomon - Darkest Before Dawn

Flip Solomon grew up with art being at the center of her world but after leaving home found herself exploring everything else life has to offer for many years. But with the arrival of her daughter and the necessity of self care and meditation, to manage her newly intensified narcolepsy, she found her passion for creating art again and started translating the themes and symbols found in her very vivid dreams into epic, touching, and timeless pen and ink drawings. In the last five years she...


Episode 11: PRINTAUSTIN - Cathy Savage & Elvia Perrin

PRINTAUSTIN is one of the top art events in town that happens every January and February. Cathy Savage and Eliva Perrin started this celebration of printmaking five years ago, and with a lot of hard work and some help along the way they have created a month long community building and art promoting steamroller. Join me for a fun conversation about their own careers, how they met and started PrintAustin, and many of the great exhibits, artist talks, demonstrations and workshops that will be...


Episode 10: Claire Howard - Curating & The Open Road

This interview is with Claire Howard, the Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Blanton Museum of Art here in Austin. The museum is currently hosting a traveling photography exhibit called The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip. Claire speaks about the content and images that make up the exhibit and shares what goes on behind the scenes to plan for and integrate an exhibition into a new space. She also had the chance to add elements to the original line up...


Episode 9: Hayley Gillespie - Art.Science.Gallery.

Turns out that art and science are more related than you might expect. This weeks highly informative episode is with Dr. Hayley Gillespie, the founder and director of Art.Science.Gallery. She has bachelor’s degrees in biology, fine art, and environmental studies from Austin College and a doctoral degree in ecology, evolution, and behavior from UT. In addition to being a small business owner she also studies endangered species, creates art that is inspired by her activities as a scientist,...


Episode 8: Yuliya Lanina - The Nature of Being

Yuliya Lanina is one of the most diverse artists I know having already gained a lot of experience and wisdom in her life and career. Her work is evocative and multi dimensional and is most often intended to be interacted with face to face in an immersive way. She creates paintings, animations, animatronics, and often collaborates with others to create performances in person, and also through the movement of the beings and creatures she brings to life on paper and mechanically in 3D. The...


Episode 7: Paloma Mayorga - Healing & Empowerment in Art

Since graduating from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, in 2010, Paloma Mayorga has inhabited and worked in three different art worlds. She has had a great career, at a young age, as a professional artist, has worked with and curated many exhibits for other artists and organizations, and has years of experience in art administration. Her own art focuses on women's issues, meaning, relating to others, seeing, gender limitations, personal narratives, and how we can heal and...


Episode 6: Steven Walker - Rocking Photography

Moving to America from England almost four years ago was a risky move for him and his family, but Steven Walker made it work because he knew it would. Persistence, hard work, and a love for music and photography were key ingredients. His vision was for a gallery focused on offering high quality classic rock & roll photography as well as fossils, rocks, and minerals. He knew Austin was the place to do it and now Modern Rocks is one of the best galleries in town. We had a great conversation...


Episode 5: Emily Galusha - Undercurrents

Painter, illustrator, and graphic designer Emily Galusha did not start out with the intention of becoming an artist, even though she had a very creative and supportive upbringing. After studying dance for many years she transitioned to 2D art and being a graphic artist and now uses that knowledge of dance to inform her artwork. She is also very influenced by the aesthetic of the southwest US and the rural lush green forests and county life of Arkansas. She has found a balance between her...


Episode 3: Shea Little - EAST and the Artist

If you have been in Austin long and are into art you have probably heard of the East Austin Studio Tour or Big Medium. One person at the center of both from the beginning has been Shea Little. With EAST 2017 coming up it made sense to sit down with Shea and find out how it all started, how he got involved in art, and what the future might look like. Some of the subjects we discuss: How does Big Medium support artists E.A.S.T, W.E.S.T. differences Texas Biennial explanation and history...


Episode 2: Troy Campa - Architecture to Art Gallery

Troy Campa, co-founer with his partner of CAMIBAart, started out as an architect in Houston but then decided to change careers, and after a year break decided to open a gallery in Austin. We talk about that transition, what he has learned over the last three years running his two galleries, and his wonderful international art tours. Some of the subjects we discuss: Childhood beginnings in art Art and Architecture William T. Carson’s Artwork Leaving architecture career to open a gallery...


Episode 1: Stephen Clark - Austin History and the Photographic Gallery

For our first episode we speak with Mr. Clark about his rich history living in Austin and also about the ins and outs of running a gallery and selling art. After you listen to the show check out some of the links below to many of the people he mentions in the interview. Some of the subjects we discuss: Austin beginnings and stories Photography as Art Childhood influences & Houston upbringing Selling and collecting photography Specific artists work Advice for artists Living with art Running...


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