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09: How to Powerfully Engage with Your Audience with Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah Anne Stewart’s heart-centered approach as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and the Founder of Holistically Slim, has allowed hundreds of people to reach their health goals naturally without crash dieting. In this episode, you'll discover the role meditation and mindfulness played in her healing multiple eating disorders, why telling her story was the secret to understanding her target customer on a deeper level and how it transformed her business, the content strategy she...


08: A Decade Worth of Entrepreneurial Lessons with Robyn Youkilis

Robyn Youkilis is a Certified Wellness Expert, Author, the leading authority on gut health and weight loss, and has appeared on The View and The Today Show. In this episode, you'll discover what inspired her to shift from a career in acting to one in health and wellness, why putting her blinders on was the key to gaining traction at the start of her health coaching business, how she leveraged her story to differentiate herself, the top three highs and lows of her entrepreneurial...


07: Creating a Business That Feels Like Falling in Love with Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin is an artist and spiritual teacher who cusses like Louis C.K. and has founded a meditation system that she brings to museums, festivals, and summits around the world. In this episode, we talk about how Biet went from being a drug addict to a nationally renowned spiritual teacher, how she created a career that feels as exciting as falling in love, why being too focused on how much money you’re making will lead to less opportunity, and so much more! To learn more about Biet...


06: How to Find Balance Between the Magical and the Practical with Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodzak is a bestselling author, global meditation and wellness teacher, called a spiritual leader by Well+Good, host of Eat with Intention TV, and was ABC's The Taste. In this episode, you'll discover why she considers angels her Board of Directors, how she's built a business without having a Type A personality, her top three tips for growing your following on Instagram, why it's essential to build trust in life and the universe as an entrepreneur, and so much more! To learn...


05: Why You Need to Be the CEO of Your Dreams with Amie Valpone

In this episode, Amie and I discuss her incredible health journey that once saw her with a life threatening diagnosis and only 24 hours to live, why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, the importance of truly understanding what you want and need out of life, and so much more! To learn more about Amie and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes. Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram


04: How to Build Your Courage Muscle with Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman is an internationally renowned holistic health coach, natural food chef, and former Top Chef contestant who is dedicated to educating others about alternative healing and sustainable eating. In this episode, you'll discover how she went from working at MTV Networks to being a health expert, how she grew her business in the early 2000's without social media, why patience, passion, and knowing your why are key to being successful in business, and much more! To learn more...


03: How to Build Genuine Relationships with Nitika Chopra

Nitika Chopra is a certified life coach, wellness entrepreneur, and motivational lifestyle guru who is a go-to resource for young women around the globe. She's on a mission to inspire radical self-love and she does this through her speaking gigs, social media platforms, coaching programs, and just by walking her talk. Nitika began her journey as an entrepreneur as the founder of the popular online magazine, Bella Life, in 2010. She's also the host of the talk show, Naturally Beautiful, on...


02: How to Grow Your Business Organically with Jennifer Racioppi

Jennifer Racioppi is a holistic health counselor, a behavioral specialist, a Duke certified health coach, and a registered yoga teacher who blends together her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health to coach high achieving female entrepreneurs. In this episode, you'll discover what happened when she jumped into creating a business before she was ready, how she grew her client base and online following organically, why she highly recommends taking beta clients...


01: Why Your Story is Your Brand with Nicole Jardim

Nicole Jardim is a certified women's health coach and the creator of Fix Your Period; a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormone health using a method that combines simplicity and sass. She's also the co-host of The Period Party podcast and the co-creator of the Institute for Integrated Nutrition's hormone course. In this episode, you'll discover how she transitioned from the film industry to the wellness industry, why she decided to specialize in women's health, how...


00: The Why Behind the Brand Yourself Podcast

In this episode, you'll discover who I am (Blair Badenhop), why I created this podcast, and what you can expect from this amazing series of interviews with female entrepreneurs. Hint: it's real, raw, and filled with golden nuggets of wisdom that will help you build your business and brand from a centered and soulful place. Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram