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Navigating Through Change, Uncertainty, and Chaos

When change happens, be it an individual change, an organizational change, or changes in our family, navigating through the disruption is easier said than done. We are often more comfortable when things stay the same. In this solo episode, I share my thoughts and personal experiences on dealing with the necessary and inevitable subject of change. I present three strategies to using change as a tool for personal and professional growth. My book, Bring Your Whole Self to Work comes out May...


A Woman’s Movement is a Man’s Movement Too with Ray Arata

My guest today is someone who has had a profound impact on my life. My friend, Ray Arata, is the Founder of the Better Man Conference and Co-Founder of the Inclusionary Leadership Group. He is the Author of Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up: Transforming Your Wake-Up Call into Emotional Health and Happiness, and his new book, The Power of the Heart: A Guidebook for Inclusionary Leaders. Ray encourages change by leading by example. Ray is also a men’s coach and group leader who is focused on...


Executive Presence with Ron Carucci

My guest today is Ron Carucci. Ron is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Navalent, a consulting firm working with top-level executives from influential companies. Ron and I discuss how leaders can show up fully to fill the enormous expectations placed on them, the common pitfalls many new executives face and how leaders can anticipate and preemptively tackle the challenges that arise from being placed in a position of power. Ron contributes to the Harvard Business Review and Forbes....


Attaining Global Dexterity in Cross-Cultural Communications with Andy Molinsky

My guest on today’s podcast, Andy Molinsky, is an expert in cross-cultural adaptation. He is a Professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School with a joint appointment in the Department of Psychology. He received his Ph.D. and a Master’s from Harvard. He holds a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University and a BA in International Affairs from Brown. He has been featured in and written for Harvard Business Review. During our conversation, we discuss his...


Intentional Energetic Presence with Anese Cavanaugh

My guest on today’s podcast, Anese Cavanaugh, is a pioneer in the field of corporate wellness programs. At a time when few corporations were investing in their organization’s welfare, Chevron hired Anese in the 1990s to develop a health and productivity leadership program. She has since started her own consulting firm, written the influential book, Contagious Culture, and raised two children. During today’s show, Anese walks us through her IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence) method, how...


Why We Need Women to Lead with Will Marré

My guest on today’s podcast, Will Marré, is a passionate women’s leadership advocate. He has worked for over 25 years helping corporations like Gap Inc., Nike, GE, and Johnson & Johnson create cultures of inclusiveness. During our discussion, Will shares the history of women in the corporate system, why male behaviors are favored in the hierarchal structure, and why the system needs to change in order for a corporation to flourish. He also shares five things women and men can do to create...


Setting Intentions for a Successful New Year

Happy New Year! 2018 is now officially upon us. I know it’s common for people to make a new year’s resolution at this time. So, I thought I would share my process for completing 2017 and how I set my intentions and goals for the new year. The process, for me, is a series of questions I ask myself. There are six completion questions that help me reflect on the past year and five creation questions that really shine a light on what is important for me and what I hope to achieve in the next...


Bringing Closure and Completion to 2017

It has become my tradition to use the week in between Christmas and the New Year to reflect back on what transpired during the year and take a personal inventory of any wins and challenges I experienced. 2017 has been quite a year, eh? In this final podcast episode of the year, I share the six completion questions I ask myself to consciously complete any items I don’t intend to bring forward into 2018. This is a powerful process we can use to make space for creativity and opportunity in...


Putting Love into Action with Scott Stabile

This week I talk with writer and speaker, Scott Stabile. Scott is a fascinating guy who shares his life experiences in his book, Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart. The book is a collection of essays that developed from the stories of love and authenticity he posted on his Facebook page. During our discussion, he openly reveals the challenges he faced after losing his parents in a tragic act of violence at the age of fourteen, why he shares his personal story with others...


Conscious Leadership with Diana Chapman

This week I chat with Diana Chapman. Diana is a trusted advisor to senior leaders within some of the top companies in the world. She is an advocate for personal growth, personal responsibility, and conscious leadership. I find her no-nonsense approach to life and business refreshing. Diana is the co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group and the co-author of 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: The New Paradigm for Sustainable Success. During this episode, Diana shares her important...


Authenticity is a Constant Process of Discovery with Henna Inam

This week I speak to a kindred spirit who shares my passion for authenticity, Henna Inam. To be true to her authentic self, in 2010, Henna abandoned her climb up the corporate ladder to start her own consulting company, Transformational Leadership Inc. Henna helps shape cultures of authenticity in organizations by coaching and fostering authenticity in corporate leaders. Henna’s approach to authenticity starts at the foundation of awareness and appreciation of self. Her book, Wired for...


Breaking Through the Upper Limit Barrier with Gay Hendricks

This week, I speak to the inspirational Gay Hendricks. I have respected and admired Gay for many years. Through his best-selling books, The Big Leap and Conscious Loving, he shifted my mindset and my approach to relationships. For 45 years, Gay has been a leader in relationship transformation techniques and mind/body therapies. He joins me today to share his insights, perspectives, and examples of what bringing your whole self to work means to him. Gay’s curiosity and passion have made him...


From Heartbreak to Wholeness with Kristine Carlson

This week I speak to my dear friend Kristine Carlson. I met Kris through her late husband, Richard. Richard mentored me and generously helped me to get my publishing career started. His groundbreaking bestseller, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, impacted me like no other book ever has. During this episode, Kris and I fondly remember Richard’s selflessness, discuss how our culture deals with loss, and Kris tells me about her very personal new book, From Heartbreak to Wholeness, which will be...


Radical Candor with Kim Scott

This week I have the pleasure of talking to Kim Scott, the Author of the New York Times bestselling book, Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. Kim has had a very successful career in technology - working for startups and tech giants Apple and Google, and then working as a CEO coach and advisor at Dropbox and Twitter, among others. During our conversation, Kim shares her insights about gender, leadership, teamwork, writing, and her important work around radical...


Be True to Yourself Even When You’re Famous

This week I talk to the multi-talented Jenna Ushkowitz. You may know Jenna from her work on Broadway or as Tina on Glee or from one of her podcasts. Last year, I had the pleasure of being on an episode of her Infinite Positivities podcast and her new podcast, Epic Fail, asks actors to share what they believe to be their biggest failure. During today’s show, Jenna talks about being committed to the career she started at age three, what it feels like to be involved in a project (Glee) that...


Embracing the Inherent Uncertainty of Life

Recent natural weather-related disasters and the abundance of political crises prompted me to verbalize my thoughts about the fundamental uncertainty of life. When we are not pushed into decisions by things that are out of our control, how much risk do we actually take? How many unknown journeys do we embark on? It is always easier to stick with what we know but how does that help us grow? What would embracing uncertainty look like in your life? Key Takeaways: [:58] Braving the...


Asking the Deeper Questions Around Race and Inequality

In this solo episode, I explore how human beings engage with one another, how we take a stand or speak up, and how we express ourselves when faced with hot-button, emotional issues. Last week, the President publicly commented about the athletes and teams who are taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial oppression and inequality. And as a former pro-athlete, who always stood with my hand over my heart in front of the flag during the national anthem, I wonder what I will do...


5 Ways to Be a Force for Good

In this solo episode, I examine how we can be a force for good in the midst of all the intense, difficult and challenging things happening in the world right now. In the wake of a negative political climate, natural disasters, and the events in Charlottesville, among other things, it can be challenging to focus on the good stuff. Focusing on the good stuff doesn’t mean always being positive or accepting a spiritual bypass — I mean being a force for good. How can we show up and be a force...


Heroes Seldom Wear Capes

At age nine, after a fire burned 100% of his body, John O’Leary was given a 1% chance to live. John chose life. During his physical recovery, John was inspired by the people who were rooting for him to rise above the hardships and to live life to its fullest. His parents, classmates, and even a total stranger believed in his ability to overcome the tragedy. So he did. John embraced who he truly was and chose to be a victor. Today, John is a husband, father, author, podcast host, and a...


Inclusion, Diversity, and Perspective in Silicon Valley?

My guest this week, Sarah Brubacher, is an anomaly in Silicon Valley. She has been with the tech giant, eBay for 13 years, she has survived two different forms of cancer, she and her husband recently welcomed a new baby into the world, and she inspires other females through keynote speeches at her Alma Mater, Cornell University. During our discussion, Sarah shares openly about her experience as Chief of Staff, serving on Devin Wenig’s leadership team. Including, how it felt to be part of...


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