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BONUS: A look into Valkyries of Valor … TAKE 2

Natassia had an opportunity to talk to two founders of the Valkyries of Valor organization, Maureen Elias and JoAnn Makinano. In this episode, you’ll hear more about this new organization whose goal is to bring amazing female veterans and first responders together by conquering the outdoors together. If you’re a female veteran or first responder and want to join this organization, follow them on social media, email them, and/or participate in any of their upcoming events. Follow Valkyries...


BONUS Ep 1: Behind the Pod with Chick Lit Murder Mysteries

Welcome to my first “Behind the Pod” episode, babes! We aren’t to season 2 just yet, but in the meantime I got to hang out with Katy and Frannie, the lovely lady voices behind the podcast Chick Lit Murder Mysteries. We talk about the podcasters behind our podcasts and the true passion for friendship that brings their show to life. We keep it light this time with tasteful profanity, #realtalk about keeping our kids alive and mostly clothed, but most of all, the beauty in being an everyday...


Mini 7: #fail, #trythingsthatscareyou, and #ownyourstory

Brodette Nation, Natassia had an opportunity to be the East Carolina University, School of Communication Commencement Ceremony speaker. Almost 10 years ago she walked across the stage and received her Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. The speech is short but powerful. Natassia reminds us all to do three things, #fail, #trythingsthatscareyou, and #ownyourstory. Intro promo Corpus Delicti: If true crime is your thing, it’s their’s too! With a touch of lightheartedness and a dash of...


Women In Defense Palmetto Chapter Leadership Summit: Building your Personal Brand

Natassia had an opportunity to attend the Women In Defense Leadership Summit where she nerded out and got to be around amazing, influential women in the defense industry. She attended the Building Your Personal brand presentation, given by Lee-Anne Scalley, CEO and founder of Oneinamil, a recruiting and HR talent management boutique. This episode features raw audio from the summit. So hang in there, the message is worth the imperfect audio. Follow Oneinamil: The mission of OIAM has...


Mini 5: Looking for a Knight

This week Natassia shares more about her background growing up in a strict household thanks to some advice from Trish Anderson, CEO of AndersonSupplyCo. She explains how the lessons her parents taught her by saying no like ALL THE TIME, played into her knight philosophy. She dedicates this episode and her insane drive her parents, Nick and Bruni. It’s a short episode but filled with laughs and insight. Follow Trish Anderson: IG: @andersonsupplycoEmail...


S1 Mini 3: That’s a wrap folks … at least for season 1

Welcome to the final episode of season one! Natassia talks about her expectations being blown out of the water, what she learned from her short time podcasting, the unexpected community she joined, and what to expect for season two … which she is still trying to figure out. Thank you to all the brodettes and honorary brodettes who took the time to listen to the stories of the most amazing women. To the ladies of season one, Keavy, Allie, Tara, Alison, Melissa, Chari, Laura, Vanessa, and...


S1 E11: No more sexy genie, french maid or damn cheerleader

Brodettes and Honorary Brodettes, we made it! It’s the final interview of season 1! This week Natassia talks to Tatiana Zappardino, a comedian and actress who found her way to the production scene by ways of the U.S. Marine Corps. Tatiana is a former public affairs officer who now runs her own all-lady comedy group in Atlanta called Fine China Comedy. She talks about how being a military officer set her up for success in the acting world, and advises that to be the best, you have to stand...


S1 E10: I’ll take you in my backpack

Brodette Nation just went international! This week, Natassia talks with Laura Snell, a clinical social worker in Japan and ESL teacher for children in China. Natassia and Laura talk about that awkward moment that made them bond in the gym locker room, Laura’s jobs, her travels around the globe, and her time in the gym. Laura talks about wanting to make things better for women, minorities and anyone who does not fit the “norm.” She talks about knowing your worth and having resilience. This...


S1 E9: Changing your mind set from if to when

This week Natassia talks with #brodettebadass Vanessa Rogala, lawyer, mommy, and miltiary spouse. She opens up about finding her mantra, which has gotten her through moving oversas to law school to mommy-hood. Vanessa and Natassia talk about the importance of support systems and their lack of speaking the spanish. SHAME, SHAME, SHAMMME. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to the Brodette Nation Podcast. The more brodettes that subscribe, the more women we can reach. Share your story...


S1 E8: An unconventional 9/11 Story

Keavy and Natassia were together again in Afghanistan doing Brodette Vet things, kicking terri ass together and recorded another episiode. This week Keavy shares her unconventional September 11th story. Warning, this story is going to hit you in the feels. Keavy shares the lost of her first son Ivan and how her experience on 9/11 fundmentally changed who she is. The episiode is short, but powerful. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to the Brodette Nation Podcast. The more...


S1 E7: Confidence, Strength and Humor

This week Natassia interviews Chari Hensler- wife, mother, teacher, business owner, weightlifter and self-proclaimed pelvic floor dysfunction ambassador. Chari talks about body dysmorphia, relationships, and how she stopped viewing life through a filter, worrying about aesthetics, and started focusing on strength and happiness. Learn how she refers to the dark times in her life as steps that made her grow and become the person she loves today. She refers to exercise as her drug but reminds...


S1 E6: NOT hustling for your worthiness

This week Natassia interviews Melissa Boatwright, another Brodette Vet, a civilian badass, and a woman who doesn’t let the word no, stop her from doing what she thinks is right. Melissa and Natassia waste no time diving into topics like female leadership, dealing with emotions, the art of not being busy, working hard to NOT hustle for your worthiness, and the start of Melissa’s non-profit organization called Battle Tested Veterans. An organization that fights veteran stereotypes and is...


S1 E5: From #brodettevet to the side hustle- Setting priorities & chasing a passion/babies

This week, Natassia interviews Alison Hestermann - Air Force #brodettevet turned CrossFit box owner from Brookings, South Dakota. Alison talks about life happening in seasons as she breaks down her transition from being an aerospace physiologist to a mom to a CrossFit gym owner to Roden and Fields consultant and how she priorities her goals to make it all happen. Natassia and Alison talk about the question most military women get, “How do you do it?” Alison breaks down her passion to serve...


S1 E4: Lift Like Mommy

This week, Natassia talks with Tara Duncan, a 29 year-old mother of one who started chasing her powerlifting goals two months after giving birth. Tara talks about what makes her a brodette and how she uses powerlifting and strongman training to conquer her depression. She discusses gaining and losing and gaining weight and how if she wasn’t going to be small, she was going to be strong. Tara is a hard worker and once she decides to do something, she is going to do it, no matter the...


S1 E2 Brodette Connections: Finding a unicorn at the end of a rainbow

Show Notes: In order to survive in a high-speed, low-drag world, you can’t be a wuss. You have to be able to roll with the punches and give them right back, and sometimes you need a brodette sidekick to do just that. In this episode of Brodette Nation, Natassia interviews Keavy Rake during a work trip to Afghanistan. Yes, you read correctly … This was recorded in a damn combat zone. These ladies talk about their passions for what they do, not letting others get in their way, how they nerd...


S1 Mini E1 Am I a badass?

Show Notes: In the first, mini series episode, host Natassia Cherne has an awkward experience at the bowling alley. This experience leaves her with the question, am I a badass? Podcast available on: Music Credit: Song: Locked and Loaded [Main track]Artist: Mitchell MarlowAlbum: [...]


S1 E01: Take 3: Real and gritty as hell in a Brodette state of mind

Brodette Nation, In this episode, Natassia sets the stage for what’s to come this season. She talks about turning 30, her body image, living in an RV with her husband and two young boys, and the strong, powerful boss ladies she has met and interviewed for the Brodette Nation Podcast. She tackles self-image and self-love issues, being perfect and conquering fears, and how she stopped apologizing and started striving for badassery. Show Notes: [1:00] Let’s do this [2:15] Brodette vets...


S1 E00: What the hell is a brodette and why is there a nation?

Meet Natassia Cherne, a badass mom of two and the host of Brodette Nation. This is episode 00 of what will be a season-long, weekly podcast of hardcore women talking about how they do life. Natassia begins defining “brodette” and gives a little taste of what’s to come with this podcast. So if you’re a badass lady who doesn’t do such basic things, or if you’re Natassia’s parents, tune in and learn more about this exciting new movement. Show Notes: E00 lasts for 16 mins:19 secs, perfect...