CHIRP Radio is committed to playing the best in new, independent and underrepresented music with the deep sense of history to back it all up. That means spotlighting new music you haven’t heard before without neglecting older music that you haven’t heard in far too long. It means going beyond the one or two standout singles, spanning the gaps between disparate scenes, genres and eras and giving listeners a radio experience they’re not going to find on any other station. We refuse to condescend to our audience or pretend to be hipper than thou, but we’re also not afraid to take our playlists where mainstream radio fears to tread. We’re inextricably bound to this city that we call home, to Chicago’s people and culture and most of all its incredible music, which we’re proud to support every single hour of our broadcast day. We want to be your friend with the most amazing record collection you’ve ever heard. But mostly, we just hope you like what we’re playing as much as we do.






4045 N. Rockwell Chicago, IL 60618 773-357-6647