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Dumb things camera companies are still doing, but are they really?

Are camera companies slacking? Do they lack innovation? Are they slow on the uptake with advancements in transmission standards like WIFI? Is the new Nikon D850 the perfect camera? Was the Nikon D7500 a failure due to artificial market segmentation? There are a lot of questions that we discuss in this episode. This episode was recorded on 09/28/2017. Article mentioned in the video: As...

Duration: 00:14:48

Should you back up your data?

If you don't already make backups of your data... you should start now! Unless you really don't care about the data, you might find out after it is gone that you needed it or really wanted it. It's easy to start such as simply buying an external drive or using online backup solutions. We discuss what backup plans we have used in the past and use currently. We also go over a number of options of various price ranges to get started.

Duration: 00:07:20

Goodbye Fatwallet! The practice of shuttering acquisitions.

Did Fatwallet ever stand a chance after being sold to Ebates? Did they have a chance if they had not been sold? It's all debatable. After Fatwallet Cash Back ended in 2016, did you join the ebaters club? We talk all about the shuttering of this community based web 1.0 startup! It's a loss for us because it's one of few local Internet based startups to the Rockford Illinois metro area. Or at least it was until Illinois decided to institute affiliate tax laws that would have ended the...

Duration: 00:11:28

The next frontiers for humans in outer space?

We discuss some of the next viable frontiers for humans in the Solar System. Although the cold war space race is long over, we have transitioned into an age of private companies pushing forward to achieve what was once accomplished as well into new accomplishments. Some of the companies are SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin, and Stratolaunch Systems. There is progress being made in practical inflatable space structures, reusable rockets, space tourism, and a multitude of other areas....

Duration: 00:07:54

D&D Workplace Etiquette Drama!

We talk about a comical Dungeons and Dragons related posting on the Workplace website. The gist is that a new employee met people with similar interests after 4 months and started playing D&D with them. At the first session of an ongoing game, the original poster decided to kill off his party after they were severely hurt in a team battle against monsters. After the session, this person is completely shunned in real life by the entire D&D group. Commenters attempt to help...

Duration: 00:07:14

Apple Keynote September 2017 Discussion - Special

This special news episode is live an hour before our scheduled Monday episode. Our scheduled episode is a fun one about D&D workplace drama, so be sure to check that out too! We discuss the various new products mentioned recently such as the series 3 watch, the 4k Apple tv, and the two tiers of new phones (8 and X). A cellular connection on the watch is an expected, but useful jump. The Apple TV also saw what looks like an incremental improvement in performance, which might signal Apple's...

Duration: 00:13:24

Our Entrepreneurial Attempts That Failed To Synergize

It's story time! We talk in this special episode about our mutual entrepreneurship attempts. Expect some crazy situations full of laughs, intrigue, shocking twists, and even a big mystery that still feels unsolved. We discuss two large startups we attempted along with a third that didn't get far at all. What did we learn along the way? Well... a lot, but you will have to join us to find out!

Duration: 00:15:30

Digital Assistants and Smart Devices

Digital Assistants... what are they, what are the benefits, what are the drawbacks, and where are they going? The big elephant in the room is privacy, which we talk in detail about. The issue includes the case where Samsung TVs were recording audio even when the feature was disabled. We also discuss positives such as hands free driving directions, automatic AI infused assistance with Google Now, and being able to easily manage music vocally with the Amazon Echo. We talk about future...

Duration: 00:15:30

The Fate of Desktop Computers?

Will desktop computers survive as they are? With the advent of tablets and powerful smartphones, the classic desktop computer has seen losses in sales for many years now. Laptops have continued to scale in performance while also slimming down, especially with the recent Nvidia GTX 1000 series GPUs (1080, 1070, 1060). Our preference is that desktops survive and thrive, but there are many challenges moving forward. We go into detail about reasons that they will stick around, but also reasons...

Duration: 00:18:36

Canadians in outer space... on television! - Weekday Special

We talk mostly about outer space based science fiction shows produced in Canada. Especially one called Dark Matter that just finished their third season on Syfy channel (also on Netflix). They are up for renewal, so we wanted to get the word out to tweet with the hashtag #RenewDarkMatter to help the cause.List_of_science_fiction_TV_produced_in_Canada (Wikipedia)Other shows mentioned are Sliders (1995), Space Cases (1996), Earth: Final Conflict (1997), Lexx (1997), Stargate SG-1 (1997),...

Duration: 00:11:54

Virtual Reality, where is it now and where is it going?

Are we in a virtual world... oh wait, no, where is virtual reality now and where is it going in the future? We talk about our personal experiences with current VR technologies such as trying the HTC Vive at a restaurant trade show, the first Playstation VR games, the cheap and easy to use Google Cardboard, and others. We discuss if think VR will expand to become a household product just as consoles did in the 1990s, or if it will be more of a communal service like laser tag. The chance for...

Duration: 00:11:33

Are millennials killing businesses and industries!? - Weekday Special

We discuss the idea that "millennials" are the reason that various businesses and industries are dying out. This includes diamonds, various restaurants including "Breastaurants", napkins, bar soap, cereal, golf, home ownership, home improvement stores, motorcycles, yogurt, designer bags, fabric softener, and banks to name a few. It's hard to tell exactly what age range "millennials" refers to exactly, but 1980 - 2004 and 1976 to 1994 are two of the more popular ranges, though the common...

Duration: 00:06:31

Native vs. Crossplatform Mobile Development Tools

We discuss the positives and negatives of native and cross-platform software development tools. Our experience spans native Apple iOS development as well as native Android programming (Eclipse IDE & Android Studio). Along with some cross-platform development in the form of React Native and Phone Gap. The challenge with cross-platform is that it never seems to be fully mature, but the problem is partly due to native tools constantly changing. Will cross-platform take over, and should it?

Duration: 00:11:54

AI, Automation, and Jobs in the Future

In this episode we talk about humanity's desire to continuously automate work for better or worse. It's happened throughout human history from farming to the creation of robot supported manufacturing lines. We talk about software automation and what future it will have soon in industries such as trucking and the passenger car market. Even industries such as law and computer programming are prime for deep learning AI assisted automation in the not too distant future. Will recent...

Duration: 00:16:27

Tech Sites & News Sources, what do we read currently?

In this episode we discuss a handful of technology sites we currently use to stay current such as Ars Technica, TechSpecs, HardOCP, Hacker News, and others. We also talk about how to stay current as conveniently and easily as possible. Even though RSS readers became unpopular years ago, there are a few options that still exist.

Duration: 00:05:23

The Fate of Local Stores?

In this episode we talk about the constant failures of retail stores, and why we think they keep going out of business. We talk about what value local retail stores have over online, but are those positives enough to keep that brick and mortar store around? Online has started to lose a little bit of appeal, but still has many advantages that local stores have a tough time dealing with. Getting what you want right now is appealing, but often local stores have limited or unappealing...

Duration: 00:17:48