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Luke 1 - The Feasts

Rev. David Pileggi begins a three week series on the subject of the Jewish holidays. Rosh Hashanah is a time of repentance and introspection, a period of ten days prior to Yom Kippur in which to get right with God and other people. Yom Kippur is the time to ask forgiveness for sins committed against God. The ten days prior are to put things right with others. Rosh Hashanah is also a time to blow the trumpets, to wake us up from our spiritual slumber. The blowing of the shofar is also said...

Duration: 00:33:42

Matthew 18 - Forgiveness

Rev. Pileggi looks at the process of what to do “if your brother sins against you”. Our tendency may be to enforce our rights and boundaries, engage in self-justification and exhibit a lack of mercy. We should understand the need to confront people within the context of the whole of Matthew chapter eighteen. When we read the Gospels, the context is very important. We come to today’s passage with three things in mind. 1. Jesus’ deep pastoral concerns, 2. Where do we find the presence of...

Duration: 00:33:38

The Bible Comes To Life

The Bible Comes to Life Our historical lecture series - 100 Years Ago: The British in the Holy Land - resumes. Aaron Eime speaks on the influence of visual display and exhibits on the faith and practice of Protestant Christianity.

Duration: 01:01:23

Matthew 18: The Heart of Faith

10 Sept. 2017 - Rev. Alex Jacob of CMJ UK explains the very heart of our faith is in relationship with Jesus and what unites us as believers is our commitment to Jesus as Lord. It is through Him that we know God and we know our identity in Him. We rejoice in our diversity but also in the unity we have in Him as Lord and Saviour. Out of that ‘vertical relationship’ there is also a ‘ horizontal’ one. When Jesus is Lord, we discover our brothers and sisters. Readings: Ezekiel 33:7 - 11,...

Duration: 00:26:11

Matthew 16 - Death that brings Life.

3rd Sept 2017. Rev David Pileggi recaps on last week by reminding us of the question, “What does a Messiah do?” and “What does Sonship mean?” The Father loves the Son and the Son obeys the Father. Jesus four times in this gospel states that he must go up to Jerusalem and suffer death at the hands of the religious leaders, however God Himself sends His Son to die for the sins of the world. Peter says, “Never Lord!” Crucifixion was so horrible and humiliating that it was seldom discussed. It...

Duration: 00:33:33

Matthew 16 - Jesus the ‘Obedient One’

Matthew 16 - Jesus the ‘Obedient One’ Jesus does not go looking for ‘gentiles’ but he is always very gracious when he does come across any in need. He has found a persistent and, faithful woman and so we continue with the Gospel story. Jesus goes North in the region of Caesarea Philippi., an area of darkness and paganism. It is in this area that he comes among the gentles, and he asks the question of his disciples, “Who do you say that I am.” There are several ‘models’ for the Messiah, a...

Duration: 00:30:55

Matthew 15 - Perseverance

Matthew 15 - Perseverance Rev. David Pileggi, in focusing in on the Canaanite woman, describes Jesus, when He meets a non-Jewish woman who understands that He is the Son of David. When people call upon Jesus as the Son of David they do so out of desperation. She comes in the context of worship, calling him Lord, a term of great respect and honour. The disciples urge him to send her away. She kneels down before the Lord in honour and respect. God can always be persuaded; for example with...

Duration: 00:33:37

Matthew 14 - Don’t Stop!

Matthew 14 - Don’t Stop! Keep your eyes on Jesus is the theme of this gospel passage, especially as depicted in many church icons, often seen in an ‘oversized Jesus’, stooping down to lift up a sinking Peter. If we want to be a hero of God, compassion is one of the major characteristics we will need. On the mountain, Jesus is in prayer, he needs to pray, in Hebrew this is a reflexive verb. Meanwhile the disciples are in trouble on a boat in a storm; Jesus watching for a while. The...

Duration: 00:29:05

Luke 9 - Behold the King in His beauty

Luke 9 - Behold the King in His beauty Rev. Howenstine notes that the transfiguration is the the hinge point of the gospels. The veil is momentarily parted and the disciples don’t know how to respond to it. His very physical presence is transformed before them. He receives face to face encouragement from Moses, who represents the sum of the law and Elijah, who represents the sum of the prophets. "This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!" Jesus then says I must be be...

Duration: 00:32:27

Matthew 13 - The Parables

Rev. John Howenstine explains how God uses images in the gospels; the parables. This is how reality works, let us saturate yourself in these images, given from the heart of God, images to encourage us to faithfulness. History tells us that life centred around tables and meals until the invention of print, in the whole scope of human history this is a short moment in time. What images are we saturating ourselves in? He encourages us to marinate ourselves in the images that Jesus gives us,...

Duration: 00:35:48

Matthew 13 - Let them grow up together!

Matthew 13 - Let them grow up together! Jesus in His parables explains, the principles of Christian leadership, church growth, the Trinity, the Kingdom of God. He demonstrated the power of the Kingdom through miracles, casting out demons and in relationships,… it is a very rich subject not to be summed up on a ‘bumper sticker’. He is talking about a person, His presence, God’s power, grace to forgive, transforming lives, a community that will make Jesus King. This is a present reality. Who...

Duration: 00:32:45

Matthew 13 - Listen!

Rev. David Pileggi expounds on the subject of The Parables , which are illustrations of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Hebrew language is key to the stories known as parables. These usually have one point and are universal, coming from everyday life. Many concern themselves with the end of life, instructing us to prepare ourselves to stand before God. Today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts is particularly relevant to every day life, therefore let us live a life of repentance,...

Duration: 00:30:57

Matthew 11 - I will give you rest.

Matthew 11 - I will give you rest. Rev. Aaron Eime’s sermon focuses on the Kingdom of Heaven, the Messianic expectations of John and his disciples, and the tension between free will and predestination. He ends with Jesus’ invitation for us to to take upon ourselves His easy yoke and light burden. Readings: Psalm 145:8-15, Romans 7:15-25, Matthew 11v:16-19, 25-30

Duration: 00:24:39

100 Years ago: Christ Church Lecture: Conrad Schick

100 Years ago: Christ Church Lecture: Conrad Schick Among the hundreds of Orientalist’s, archeologists, and missionaries of th 19th century, none left an impact on Jerusalem as did Conrad Schick. Professor emeritus and historical geographer, Haim Goren shares his extensive research of the contribution to Jerusalem in the man Conrad Schick.

Duration: 01:07:29

Matthew 10 - Present Ourselves

Rev. Howenstine exhorts us to continue walking out our position and identity in Christ as we present ourselves to him as living sacrifices, saying that, "He who receives you receives Me." Readings: Romans 6:12-23, Psalm 89:1-4,15-18, Matthew 10:40-42

Duration: 00:27:37

Matthew 10 - Where is Home? Fear not!

Rev. Howenstine exhorts us to a deeper and more faithful discipleship, sharing personal testimony. He asks the question, “How does home work for you?” Home is in Jesus, in worship and in fellowship with those who show us ‘The Redeemed Way’. Part of the issue for us as we think about home my be fear. Jesus says, “Fear not,” to show us how valuable we are to Him. He knows us by name and all our hairs are numbered. He has taken our sin away, by name. Rev. Howenstine looks at Jesus’ question,...

Duration: 00:31:40

John Howenstine - Deeper Faithfulness

Rev.John Howenstine shares a word of exhortation on the walk of Deeper Faithfulness. Readings: Romans 5:1-8, Psalm 100, Matthew 9:35-10:23

Duration: 00:31:18

Matthew 28 - Trinity Sunday

Rev. Aaron Eime explores the Trinity and uses two pictorial icons to illustrate his message. God invented the calendar as a means to help his people remember his mighty acts. The mystery and majesty of the Divine is seen in the Trinity. Jesus said, “I have more to tell you but it is too much for you to hear; I will give you Holy Spirit who will reveal the Father to you.” The Hebrew mind set loves to dwell on the mysteries of God … “I meditate on your word day and night.” The western...

Duration: 00:26:13

John 20 - Intimacy - The Basis of Unity

20170604-DPileggi-John20v19-23 Rev. David Pileggi asks and then answers the questions, “What truth do we need to learn from the passage?” and “What is the outreach and mission as described in John’s gospel? The Holy Spirit is given to us for outreach to others. It is coming into and experiencing divine life and sharing it with others. Coming into an intimate relationship, a Trinitarian Intimacy. Participating in the life of Jesus who brings us to the Father by the Holy Spirit. To be cured...

Duration: 00:29:51

Ruth: Story of Lovingkindness

Rev. David Pileggi guides us through the love story of Ruth, which is read by Jews every year at Shavuot.

Duration: 00:54:05

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