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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.
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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.








Was Jesus Resurrected BEFORE or AFTER He Died?

Jesse asked his new Biblical Question of the Week: Was Jesus resurrected before he died, or was he resurrected after he died? Some were confused by the question, as well as the answer, at first. We also talked about the Boy Scouts accepting girls into the organization, which is about destroying masculinity. Toward the end of the service, one man disagreed — he thinks we should abandon old fashioned gender roles and segregation by race and sex. Jesse invited him onto a new podcast with...

Duration: 01:10:23

Overcoming Fear and Doubt

Today Jesse briefly mentioned the Las Vegas shooting, and a Bronx high school stabbing by a homosexual or "bisexual" Hispanic boy who attacked black supposed "bullies," killing one and putting the other in a coma for two days. We talked about getting over fear and doubt. Jesse said that when you have anger you have fear and doubt and can't speak up. So you must forgive. Until then, doubt every thought, because every thought is a lie. A woman watching online asked: Is anger the woman's...

Duration: 00:59:42

There Is No Liberty Without Virtue

At Church we talked about cremation, getting old, virtue, anger, and an Army Ranger NFL player apologizing for standing for the National Anthem. Read more:

Duration: 01:06:40

False Black 'Role Models' Kneel for Evil

More Sunday, Sep 24, 2017, Jesse talked about how NFL players are kneeling to protest over the imaginary problems of "racism" and "police brutality" — two things that don't even exist. These wicked people are misleading and brainwashing young black children and others to hate whites, police, and America. When have blacks stood for good in the last 60 years? But too many Americans are addicted to their spectator sports to boycott and give it up. But President...

Duration: 01:07:18

Why Men Are Not Men Anymore

More Sunday, Sep 17, In Church, we discussed why fathers and mothers do not raise righteous men (or women) today. Most men hold onto anger and do not forgive. Therefore, they remain insecure, indecisive, and lacking in self-control. Although God created us in his image, we are weak and fall short due to our un-forgiveness, our lack of faith. Men remain needy and lonely, but they do not see their longing is for their father, for God. Instead, they look to women...

Duration: 01:01:28

Cut Out Sex Before Marriage

Jesse explains that if we never listened to any thought in our imagination, we will never go wrong. A couple of men talk about separating from their thoughts, rather than going with them. God said to be present with him at all times: Pray without ceasing. Meanwhile, Satan has something to say about all things — he thinks he knows, and makes you think you know. Jesse talks briefly about a new show with BOND guys called The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban...

Duration: 01:10:30

Why Do You Return to Your Own Vomit?

Today we held a silent prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana — as the President said it's National Prayer Day. Jesse asked if anybody brought any questions or comments to share at church, or if they only came to receive. Several people talked again about whether they know themselves. Most people do not — even those who pray, some still do not know themselves. So Jesse asked, "What is your motive?" This is an important question because people return to their...

Duration: 01:05:45

The Cause of Human Suffering (Church, Aug 27)

Today we talked about Jesse's biblical question of last week: What is the cause of human suffering? People said that opinions, trying to control, and disconnection from the father cause suffering. In the course of the conversation, a man said he has never heard God's voice. So we discussed what it means to hear God's voice. We also talked about Adam and Eve — one person asked why Adam ate the forbidden fruit instead of just letting Eve die. For one, he ate it because God told him not to do...

Duration: 01:00:48

Are You Where You Should Be in Life?

More Jesse mentions the Baltimore Ceasefire that activists are pushing for the gangsters and drug dealers to participate in. Black Lives Matter and the government there pushed the cops away so crime and homicides are out of control there. Selma, AL, crime is out-of-control too. They don't follow the law of their heart, so they need the law of the land. Jesse urges people to buy land outside the urban areas, in the country. One 26-year-old man feels his mother...

Duration: 01:08:09

Are You Dying That You Might Live? If So, How?

More One man says that he is not an angry person, but thinks can make him angry. Another man talks about confronting wicked people. One man tells about getting beat up in West Hollywood after visiting a friend — someone hit him in the head from behind; he fell to the ground and got knocked out; they stole his stuff. He woke up in an alley the next morning and made his way home, although he doesn't know how. Jesse talks about his Politicon panel discussions on...

Duration: 00:59:57

Do Politicians KNOW How Evil They Are Toward Blacks & Hispanics? #SB10 #BailReformCA

More Jesse reports about testifying against a California Senate Bill SB 10, authored by state Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) and Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Compton). Watch Jesse's report: Read Jesse's article in WND: Democrats Hate Blacks and Hispanics Watch where Jesse tells off Sen. Hertzberg and has his mic cut by black Assemblyman Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer (D-South Central Los Angeles):...

Duration: 00:59:30

Racism Does Not Exist, Never Has

More Sunday 11am PT – On Monday, Jesse told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that "racism" does not exist. In fact, it has never existed. Numerous outlets picked up on the statement. Due to the feedback, Jesse invited everyone to discuss it. People often bring up slavery as "racist." But slavery was simply part of the times among all cultures. It was not about race, nor was any of the fallout post-Civil War with Jim Crow or Segregation (WATCH EXCERPT:...

Duration: 01:06:47

Loss of Common Sense Pushed by Media

Streamed live on Jul 2, 2017 Sunday 11am PT Jesse asked people if they had common sense, and where it comes from. Some said they have it but don't always use it, while others said they lack common sense. People said common sense comes from experience, God, and good upbringing. Jesse noticed people lack common sense today due to anger. The media pushes lies, evil, and a lack of common sense by trying to make the people emotional — for example, they want to...

Duration: 01:19:11

Dealing with Anger Issues and Women Being Called the "B-word"

More Sunday 11am PT Jesse started out church by reminding us that our battle is within ourselves. The battle is not with the world or other people in the world. If we feel upset, it's our problem — not the people who provoke the anger. A couple of women asked how to deal with an "enemy" at work, or troublesome neighbor. Jesse reiterated that you must relax and suffer through the pain. When you get past the anger, then you can see how to deal with them. One...

Duration: 01:02:11

Father's Day: Rebuilding Weak Men

More Sunday 11am PT Jesse talked about how blind men are today. Many grown men do not leave their parents' home. Their mothers keep them close, stunting their growth. Armenian culture mistakes this for "honoring your parents," to help them with whatever they need. Many parents let their adult children stay home and help them through college to keep them out of debt. One man said his mother sabotaged his relationship with his father, keeping secrets and making...

Duration: 01:11:44