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Talking to MDs with Dr. Jason Hulme

Dr. Jason Hulme is a Chiropractor in the greater Nashville area, and has developed what might be the most systematized Functional Movement practice around. With just 1 Doctor (and a lot of trained staff), Jason consistently sees 140-150 patients per WEEK! And, more surprisingly, each patient spends 45 minutes in the office at each visit. … Continue reading "Talking to MDs with Dr. Jason Hulme"


Launching a Gym with Nicole Spencer

Nicole Spencer is a consultant and coach to multiple gym owners. Nicole’s amazing success story included launching a gym in a small town in Georgia, where she knew absolutely no one. In just 90 Days, she had her gym at capacity thru smart marketing and great service. Nicole now runs Authentic Conversion, a service that … Continue reading "Launching a Gym with Nicole Spencer"


Blending Business Models with Dr. Scott Mills

Scott Mills is a Chiropractor based in San Francisco, where he treats patients and hosts the Full Body Fix Blog and Podcast. In this episode, Scott discusses the business lessons he learned while pursuing his “Dream Business”, and having the guts to actually go after it. Scott has successfully created his perfect business and takes … Continue reading "Blending Business Models with Dr. Scott Mills"


Building a Systematic Business with Brad Martineau

Brad Martineau is the founder of Sixth Division, an agency specializing in helping business owners build systematic businesses that serve their clients at the highest level. After working with 1000’s of business owners, Brad has observed that the biggest restrictions on business aren’t the products or software’s, but it’s the beliefs of the owner. On … Continue reading "Building a Systematic Business with Brad Martineau"


Treating the Clinical Athlete with Quinn Henoch

Quinn Henoch is a Physical Therapist and the author of the book “Weightlifting Movement Assessment and Optimization”. He is considered to be the leader in treating Olympic Weightlifting athletes from his base in Orange COunty, CA. Additionally, Dr. Henoch runs, where he hosts workshops and educational events for clinicians all focused on treating lifting … Continue reading "Treating the Clinical Athlete with Quinn Henoch"


Valuing Your Services with Paul Gough

Paul Gough is a Physiotherapist from the UK who travels through the US to show PT’s and Chiros how to go to a cash practice. His systems help him run 4 clinics in the UK without him there, and his 100’s of US clients sing his praises. Find him at:


Dr. Josh Wagner reveals: Every Patient Starts Care

Dr. Josh Wagner is a Chiropractor and the developer of the Patient Mastery system. This program helps get Chiropractors their “perfect patient” and helps the patient and the Doctor find value in care. Find out more at:


The State of Chiropractic with Dr. Bobby Maybee & Dr. Tim Raven

In this special interview recorded at the Parker Seminar Las Vegas, Drs. Maybee, Raven, and Satterlee discuss their impressions and takeaways from the seminar. They are completely candid and don’t hold back on their impressions and opinions of the Chiropractic profession and it’s current direction.


Copywriting tricks with Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is a marketing and copywriting expert living in the backwoods of Virginia. He has successfully marketed Millions of dollars of programs and software from his backwoods bunker. Along with Russell Brunson, he developed the “Funnel Scripts” software that helps clinicians and others to quickly find the “emotive” copy that will get customers to … Continue reading "Copywriting tricks with Jim Edwards"


Fitness Industry Risk Management with Ken Reinig

Ken Reinig is known as “The Insurance Guy”. Ken’s expertise has helped keep ME and 100’s of other gym owners protected from dumb clients, overbearing landlords and sneaky employees. In this interview, Ken gives some real-world tips to save your bacon when running a Clinic/Gym Hybrid. In all seriousness, Ken knows which policies will actually … Continue reading "Fitness Industry Risk Management with Ken Reinig"


A Functional Training System with Brendon Rearick

Brendon Rearick has been part of Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning for over ten years and is a lead instructor for the Certified Functional Strength Coach program. Brendon shares techniques and systems to run world-class training with almost no equipment or space. Get our FREE 6-month plan to learn about adding a gym to your chiropractic … Continue reading "A Functional Training System with Brendon Rearick"


The Future of Chiropractic with Bobby Maybee

Dr. Bobby Maybee is a Chiropractor in Portland, Oregon, and the Founder of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance. Bobby is a force to reckon with within the future of the profession and he talks all about the “dark side” of the Chiropractic profession. He also shares his experience with an early version of the Clinic/Gym … Continue reading "The Future of Chiropractic with Bobby Maybee"


Commercial Real Estate Secrets with “Matt”

“Matt” is a Commercial Real Estate agent in Las Vegas, NV. We can’t use his real name…. Because he reveals all the secrets of commercial real estate in this extra-long podcast. If you’re looking for the absolute BEST info on every aspect of Commercial Real Estate and finding space for your business, don’t miss this … Continue reading "Commercial Real Estate Secrets with “Matt”"


Success Case: Kinetic Sports Rehab

Sean Masters is the subject of our first “Success Case” showing off a Hybrid Clinic. Sean is the Co-Founder of Kinetic Sports Rehab in Seattle, an incredible facility that has changed the face of Chiropractic in that city. Sean delves into how to have a wildly successful practice and a successful TEAM of Doctors, Therapists, … Continue reading "Success Case: Kinetic Sports Rehab"


Sales & Marketing with Ryan Chapman

Ryan Chapman is the Founder of Fix Your Funnel, a Software and Marketing agency built out of necessity. Each of the software programs they offer were built “In the Trenches” from selling and working directly with clients. Ryan is an expert in marketing and sales, and helps us establish our “Yellow Brick Road” of sales. … Continue reading "Sales & Marketing with Ryan Chapman"


Reaching Your Potential with Ryan DeBell

Ryan DeBell of The Movement Fix is a Chiropractor and online educator. He has helped hundreds of Chiropractors and Therapists realize their true dream and create a path to actually achieve it! In this episode, Ryan shares simple methods and tips for you to reach your potential…all from the lessons he learned building a massive … Continue reading "Reaching Your Potential with Ryan DeBell"


Small Group Training with Jason Glass

Jason Glass is a strength coach based in Vancouver, BC. He has successfully run what might be the most profitable gym in North America….in just 400 square feet! His lessons on Small Group Training are applicable for anyone starting up a Hybrid Facility. Coach Glass is also the host of the Coach Glass Podcast and … Continue reading "Small Group Training with Jason Glass"


Making Accounting Simple with Greg Crabtree

Greg Crabtree is the ONLY Accountant I have ever interviewed… and the ONLY one that ever makes numbers simple. He will help you understand your business numbers, AND he can even tell if you are spending enough on your Marketing, simply by looking at your books. His ideas will help you advance your business through … Continue reading "Making Accounting Simple with Greg Crabtree"


Establishing a Value Ladder with Tyler Jorgensen

Tyler Jorgensen is the “BizNinja”, helping entrepreneurs and business owners develop sound marketing strategies. Tyler was the first person to ever introduce me to the idea of a “Value Ladder”. This idea strengthened my business and will help you understand your Hybrid facility’s true market potential.


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