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030: Take All My 1’s and 0’s

Hungry for information? Adam & Lew discuss their workflows for consuming and digesting information from the massive buffet of content in today’s world. Discover how to NOT drown when drinking from the internet firehose. Also, Lew has an addiction. Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts News & Follow Up NicecastWacomVainglory's Privacy Policy Consumption of Information Lew's Workflows Reading NewsifySafari ReaderReading ListVoice Dream ReaderVoice Dream Writer Podcasts Overcasttoo many...


029: Accept, Accept, ACCEPT!

PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE LISTENING TO THIS EPISODE. Lew & Adam (“Creative Genius”) chat about the common “CYA” legalese for software and the web. Creative Genius provides no warranty for this audio or its quality (it was free). Intro Mobile World CongressSamsung S9 Follow Up Terms of Service CYAToS;drUber Monitoring Users Wrap Up SDRCPart time UFOAlto’s OdysseyVainglory Credits Opening Song by Steven James Find more of his work on... Bandcamp - SoundCloud -...


028: Art & Tacos w/Special Guest Aaron of Artarys

Special Guest Aaron, co-founder of Artarys, discusses technology’s influence on art and the future of the art marketplace. Adam & Lew (both artistically challenged) yield to a true artist to predict the future of art in a digital world. Also sorry Texas, Breakfast tacos != Breakfast burritos. Intro Follow Up Doug Loves Movies Technology’s Influence on Art Creation Hardware Tools WacomiPad ProApple Pencil3D Printing Software Tools Paper by FiftyThreeProcreate Consumption and...


027: F.L.O.S.S. (Frugal Lucrative Open Source Software)

Long Live Open Source! Brush your teeth, and don’t forget to FLOSS. Adam & Lew review the current state of open source software and its exposure and use. Also hear Lew struggle to clearly convey a URL to listeners “dub-dub-dub-dot-creative-genius-cast-dot-com” Intro Patagonia SaleBuy Me Once Follow Up Dick Pic Open Source Software FLOSS Podcasts FLOSS WeeklyThe ChangelogCommand Line Heroes Licenses GNUMITApache Operating Systems Distrowatch Adam: CentOS & Ubuntu Lew:...


026: You're Worth A 99¢ Super Like

Love is in the air (or on the wire?). Two guys talk Tinder, married life, and the Internet-of-D... Lew & Adam discuss how technology has changed the dating, married, and self-love scenes. Login to your MySpace profiles and swipe right! Intro BlueBottle Follow Up Falcon Heavy Launch Technology & Romance - Valentine’s Edition Dating Life Apps on Apps: PoF,Grindr,Tinder,Bumble,OkCupid Old Skool: MySpace, Facebook, Christian Mingle, J-Date, Farmers Only, eHarmony, Match Common...


025: Have Fun With Your Smart Fridge

CES-SPOOL 2018! Lew is back to help sift through all of the junk to (hopefully) find a gold nugget hidden in the Consumer Electronics Show. Reboot your smart toilet, sit back, and relax while Adam & Lew list their favorite (and not-so favorite) products announced this year. Intro DVORAKThe Boring Company Follow Up FarragoIron Man CES Post Show Best of Lew Alpine iLX-F309ViewSonic VP3278-8KDJI Osmo Mobile 2First Alert Onelink Safe & SoundNeutrogena SkinScanner Best of Adam PROJECT...


BONUS: Lew's Movie List 2018

THE ULTIMATE POP-CULTURE SHOCK! Adam & John to review Lew’s 1st official mandatory watchlist of movies for this year. This crash-course will hopefully encourage him to be less culturally ignorant. [Part 2 of 2] Lew's Movie List 2018 Iron ManiTunesAmazonMean GirlsiTunesAmazonBatmaniTunesAmazonThe Silence of the LambsiTunesAmazonStar Wars: A New HopeiTunesAmazonSnatchiTunesAmazonSaving Private RyaniTunesAmazonIp ManiTunesAmazonThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the...


BONUS: Cheep Cheep! Oh, Hi Mark...

Special Guest John joins Adam to discuss tech news and breakdown their Top 5 Movies (in preparation for Lew’s Movie List). John also really likes The Room, enough for it to earn a top spot on his list. Why?! [Part 1 of 2] Intro & News Bitcoin value rollercoasterMalware targeting CryptoMinersNintendo LaboreactionsvariationsAmazon Prime Monthly Cost Increasenew campus location choicesSpaceX Falcon Heavy Test Fire Follow Up stupidshorts Top 5 Movies John's Picks Back to the...


024: The Grammy goes to... A Robot

Dubstep, Rebecca Black and AI-created Pop songs. This week is all about technology and it's impact on music creation & production. Peek under the hood of Adam's audio editing workflow (SPOILER: a LOT is fixed in post), and listen to Lew-Lew-Lemon’s struggle with retail stock levels. Intro Consumer Electronics ShowKickstarterZubits! Follow Up SoundcloudAnker Qi ChargerVehroot ShelfLululemon - T.H.E. ShortGoofBoard Music & Technology Digital Audio Workstations Logic Pro...


021: F^3 DRM Protected Episode

AIM died officially, SpaceX freaked out Southern California, and there is DRM protection all over the place. The boys are back for more and this time we are talking about that pesky DRM protection. It's there to protect the creator and the consumer. Tune in and see what we think! Follow Up Litecoin goes upFunny blockchain tweet Data Rights Management (DRM for short) This is what it is Places it exists Other Countries do it differently DMCA Challenges and issues Benefits to relaxing...


020: Trash-Eating Junkyard Crypto-Goats

This weeks episode offers another guest, Mr. Darin is here to fill in for Jim while he studies for finals! Darin is a geek with nerd tendencies who just might like Taylor Swift as much as Adam. In this episode the boys talk about the Blockchain. Follow Up T-Swift Blockchain What it isDocumentary How does it work? Video Explanation What does this solve? Uses Wrap Up Credits Opening Song by Steven James Find more of his work on... Bandcamp - SoundCloud - Facebook Where to...


019: Virtual Reality: NSFW Boom Mic

Welcome back! The boys are back and we are going into the matrix. This episode is all about what virtual reality is and what it can do! Intro Assassins Creed OriginsLew was in a documentary Follow Up Bitcoin and the Stock Market Virtual Reality (Not to be confused with Augmented Reality)(Trust me, they're different) What is it? It is the MatrixWiki says Who are the big names in the game? Oculus RiftViveDay DreamHololensVirtualBoy Chalenges Here is what we mean Areas of use Video...