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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)

True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)
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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)




Dirty John (and Debra!), a Sarah Koenig encounter, and a (maybe) deal for Serial's Bowe Bergdhal

Rebecca met Sarah Koenig!! She fills us in on that awkward encounter. What's the latest with Serial season two subject Bowe Bergdahl? Seems he's made some kind of deal with the government. We invite back retired USMC Lt Col James Weirick of the Military Justice podcast to explain why he thinks some of the early media reports are wrong and what a plea for a lighter sentence might look like. Then the panel digs into the new hit podcast from the LA Times, Dirty John. TO SKIP PAST THE...

Duration: 01:19:28

Law & Order does the Menendez Brothers, Scott Peterson's guilt in question, Steven Avery gets dealt a blow

The Crime Writers review the totally not Law & Order take on a famous case: Law & Order: The Menendez murders. Plus, a big setback for Stephen Avery has the panel revisiting our opinions on the Making a Murderer protagonist's guilt. Also in question...the guilt of Scott Peterson. Yeah, we know. In the Crime of the Week, things go wrong when a school administrator tries to pull a silly prank. EPISODE SPONSORS

Duration: 01:07:40

American Vandal, The Confession Tapes, and a Making a Murderer update

Did Brendan Dassey's dubious confession on "Making a Murderer" make your skin crawl? The Chief Circuit Judge in his ongoing appeal said it did. But the other two federal judges may be leaning the other way. In podcast news: "Accused" will roll out a new season next month. Also, the teams behind HowStuffWorks and Up & Vanished are getting together to re-investigate a series of child murders in Atlanta that were solved in 1981. This week's podcast focuses on two very different series from...

Duration: 01:12:17

The Deuce review, updates on Slenderman, S-Town and Unabomber and SO much more

The Crime Writers change the way we do business because someone told us to. We dive into a bunch of updates on cases surrounding the S-Town podcast and the super-creepy stabbing at the center of the HBO documentary "Beware the Slenderman," plus Kevin holds Rebecca hostage and forces her to watch the rest of that ridiculous Unabomber show. Speaking of being held hostage, will the team force Kevin to listen to even more Someone Knows Something? (Yeah, we hope get to do that!) We then dig in...

Duration: 01:17:59

We review Hanging AND catch-up on Laci, Scientology, Slenderman & more!

Weekly episodes have returned (no more goldbricking for Bricker - no more laying about for Lavoie)! The Crime Writers revisit some of the content they've recently discussed and give final verdicts on Homecoming, The Murder of Laci Peterson, and updates in the Slenderman case. Toby offers a preview of next week's topic: HBO's The Deuce. And the blow-back about the Payne Lyndsey - Up and Vanished controversy is deafening...not. The panel dives into the new podcast from the Mercury News,...

Duration: 01:08:00

That Laci Peterson series, a Bowe Bergdahl update, and a podcaster controversy

Red-eyed and jet-lagged, Rebecca and Kevin are back from Podcast Movement in Anaheim with stories of their exploits with your (and their) favorite podcasters. They'll spill some tea over what caused some controversy a big name - "NOT a podcaster" Payne Lindsey from Up & Vanished - made an audacious, self-congratulatory presentation...and how some even bigger names in the room reacted. Plus, a true crime podcast update! A hungover R&K met up with old friend Lt Col James Weirick for an...

Duration: 01:23:31

Casting Call, Black Hands & Ozark Binge

We're ready for our close ups! Our listeners asked and answered the hypothetical question, "If there were a movie about the Crime Writers, who would be cast to play them?" The results are in from #crimewriterscasting. Let's say three out of the four of us are satisfied with the picks. We grapple with "Black Hands" (see the play on words there?) - a true crime podcast about New Zealand's Bain family murders. Rather than a re-investigation or reexamination of the case, the ten-part series...

Duration: 01:16:24

Manhunt: Unabomber, A Profiler Debate, & Homecoming Season 2 Review

The Crime Writers tackle a pair of hot media properties this week with a look at the Discovery Channel's latest foray into crime with Manhunt: The Unabomber. This leads to a heated debate about how FBI profilers are portrayed in crime drama...and Rebecca joins #TeamToby for the first time! Then, a review of the second season of Homecoming, the dramatized podcast with a stellar cast from Gimlet Media. Is the show in a second season slump? Will Rebecca ever stop calling David Schwimmer...

Duration: 01:06:42

OJ Gets Out, Game of Thrones Groans, Breakdown Returns, A Trace Review

So that happened...OJ Simpson got early release for his 2007 Las Vegas robbery conviction. After watching the "Parole Hearing of the Century," what do the Crime Writers think? Should the parole board have considered his past arrest in that infamous double murder case when making their decision? Since every other podcast is talking about Game of Thrones this week, we ask Toby to give his take on HBO's swords-and-sex mega-hit. Only problem is...he hasn't watched the first six seasons, so...

Duration: 01:13:28

Dassey Hopes Dashed, More Ear Hustling, & Making a Mogul

As David Lee Roth said, "I heard you missed us. We're back." A one-week break gives us plenty of time to listen to stuff. And catch up on the latest news from the world of true crime. We circle back for a listen to the sophomore installment of "Ear Hustle." Thank you again to Lt. Sam Robinson for approving this story. Lara reports on the whirling dervish that is the Brendan Dassey appeal. He wins. He loses. He loses again. The "Making a Murderer" supporting player isn't going anywhere...

Duration: 01:07:22

True Crime & Wine, Disappointing Verdicts, & Raccoon Badassery

Love mail galore as listeners weigh in on Ear Hustle, Toby's dog-like voice, and listening to our show during the most important moments of their lives (really!). Then, our take on the not-so surprising (but still upsetting) verdicts in the trials of Bill Cosby and Jeronimo Yanez, the cop that killed Philando Castille. In the back half, we look at a documentary that even Lara Bricker's fire chief husband enjoyed, Sour Grapes on Netflix. This tale of a high-end wine con man had us asking -...

Duration: 01:11:12

Ear Hustle Crushes It! Adnan's Judges Get It! & Another S-Town Twist

What should Toby's standard karaoke song be? THE WORLD IS WEIGHING IN. Rebecca heard something in this week's Undisclosed episode on Adnan Syed's cross appeal proceeding that she REALLY wants you to hear. The judges really seem to get it...we think? S-Town is making SO much news as the trial of Tyler Goodson will now incorporate his part in the podcast as evidence. Should Brian Reed have used tape that put Tyler in legal peril? The panel is split. (Note: This episode was recorded before...

Duration: 01:10:04

Adnan Syed & Steven Avery Updates, The Keepers (Wrapped in Newspaper!) Detail & 74 Seconds

The State of Maryland got its bite at the apple, asking a three judge panel to reinstate Adnan Syed's conviction. The hour-long hearing dove more into Asia McClain and not-so-much into fax cover sheets. What's next for the "Serial" season one subject? We also talk about the latest epic filing in the Steven Avery case. Will "brain fingerprinting" save the day for the man at the middle of Making a Murderer? And what's up with Brendan Dassey's case? Did we forget to mention the CRAZIEST thing...

Duration: 01:16:02

Jeepers! Netflix's The Keepers, Tiger Woods' Fall, and Dede Revisited

We start with a pat on the back for Kevin, as our spin-off podcast "...These Are Their Stories" has been nominated for Best TV/Film Podcast by the Academy of Podcasting. No one know how or why the show was picked, but they needed 10 to fill out the category, so... Thanks to the many listeners who helped fill in some of the narrative holes left by "Mommy Dead and Dearest." Among the questions answered from last week include facts about feeding tubes, Dede's medical knowledge, and reasons...

Duration: 01:26:32

She can walk?!!! A 'Mommy Dead and Dearest' review - Is it PEAK true crime?

The crime writers take on the super weird and (sort of) satisfying HBO film Mommy Dead and Dearest. Plus, we explain why we talk about some podcasts and not others, Rebecca asks our listeners for a HUGE favor, and a listener schools the panel on how to pronounce a certain city in Maine. Then, in the crime of the week, we make a BIG decision about doody. Subscribe to Rebecca's new podcast HGTV & Me! Sponsors for this week: - 74 Seconds - A new podcast by APM - Sock Fancy! - Get an extra...

Duration: 01:11:49

Serial Justice, Podcast Crushes, And A Big Hand For The Handmaid's Tale

First: More listener-driven shenanigans Next: The panel makes recommendations for podcasts you should be downloading. They include finishing the long-but-excellent "Crimetown," a double recommendation for "My Dad Wrote a Porno," and the brand new show "True Crime Obsessed." Further: Undisclosed just dropped a special pre-appeal episode about the Adnan Syed case. In it, Rabia poses the question of whether justice is served when the appellate judges know less about the case than the general...

Duration: 01:10:55

Richard Simmons Strikes Back, 'Trigger Warning' Debate, and Casting JonBenet

We open up the mail bag and let you weigh in on our discussions about "13 Reasons Why" and the former-profiler-turned-podcaster who's caused a bit of a dust-up among our fans. Richard Simmons may have lost touch with many people, but his lawyers aren't among them. The now-reclusive fitness guru is suing the National Enquirer for a story saying he's had a sex change operation. He also says he's being blackmailed by (say it ain't so!) former companion Mauro. If the stories are false, we...

Duration: 01:14:10

Real-Crime Profile of S-Town, 13 Reasons Why & The War on Twitter

We needed that week off. Seems like everyone's got a podcast side gig now. Toby's hosting Radio Free Dystopia, Kevin's making an appearance on Jed Bartlet is My President, and Rebecca is a new permanent panelist on Slate's Mom and Dad Are Fighting. Rebecca didn't get verified on Twitter and she's PISSED! In a true crime podcast update podcast update, we'll give our take on how the experts from Real Crime Profile used their profiling skills on John B. McLemore from S-town. For a character...

Duration: 01:23:48

Richard Simmons Emerges! Adnan Syed Update! And Casey Anthony...WTF?

Did Missing Richard Simmons flush out our favorite fitness guru? The Crime Writers give their take. Plus, Kevin reaches out to Legal Siri (AKA Colin Miller of Undisclosed) to get the latest scoop on the never-ending Adnan Syed appeal. Then, WTF was up with that three-part Investigation Discovery special Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery? Do *any* of the Crime Writers think this case is a mystery? And how does Toby feel about the first I.D. show he's ever been forced to watch? Much...

Duration: 01:11:51

S-Town by Serial: Group Therapy on a Post-Podcast Couch

The Crime Writers are taking you to church (er...not that church) as we share your love for and criticisms of S-Town (and your criticisms of our criticisms). Were we made to sympathize with racist characters? Did we miss a deeper significance in episode six? How does the horology metaphor hold up upon further review? Is CWO not intellectual enough for our listeners? Was John manipulating Brian and the other people in his life with a variety of false promises? Would any of this story have...

Duration: 01:14:09

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