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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)

True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)
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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)




Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo, The Staircase returns, and an Atlanta Monster take-down

IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Crime Writers On is facing off against This American Life for a chance to win DiscoverPods's PODCAST MADNESS. We are one win away from SHOCKING THE WORLD! Let's get it done: vote now at The panel tackles quite a bit this week: more "Staircase" episodes coming, the "Black Tapes" fake out, a scathing review in Slate on "Atlanta Monster," books that stay with us, and a special announcement for our Patreon supporters (it involves Toby). Moving on, season...


O.J. Confessed? Atlanta Monster revisited? Seven Seconds Reviewed! (And more!)

And then there were four...Crime Writers On destroyed S-town in the Elite Eight round on DiscoverPods's Podcast Madness. Now, in the Final Four, it's time for CWO Nation to propel us to victory over Wine and Crime. VOTE FOR US AT DISCOVERPODS.COM. This episode the panel blitzes through a bunch of topics. Who knew Stormy Daniels was an accomplished equestrian? That $500m lottery winner gets to remain anonymous. Why did Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) get paid less than Matt Smith (Prince...


A McMafia Review, An EPIC Rant & "I'll be Gone in the Dark"

No more messing around! CWO has made it to the Elite Eight in Discoverpod's Podcast Madness. With the help of awesome listeners like YOU, we can beat that little-known podcast S-town and advance to the Final Four. Vote at! LET'S SHOCK THE WORLD! Meantime...back in our podcast...the panel talks about updates from "The Pope's Long Con" and "Mommy Dead & Dearest." We listen to a profanity-laden rant from "Crime in Sports" about self-important podcasters. And we talk about the...


Disgraceland reviewed, the Pope's final con, & Dassey's SCOTUS appeal

IT'S A CINDERELLA STORY! Thanks to you, we've advanced past the first round of discover pods's Podcast Madness. Thanks for voting. It's on to round two where we will likely face a gangland-style death at the hands of "Crimetown." Nevertheless, we'd appreciate you clicking here and voting in Round Two. Before we take a week off for school vacation (thank you, children) we'll circle back to some important True Crime Updates. The election to fill the statehouse seat of the late Danny Ray...


HBO's Mosaic, lottery woes, and a brief return to West Cork

VOTE FOR US in the Podcast Madness bracket from Help us advance to at least the second round. This week we ponder the problems of winning $550 million in the lottery and keeping a low profile. We get a love letter from Ireland and circle back to "West Cork" with a spoiler-full discussion about the prime suspect. IF YOU STILL WANT TO REMAIN SPOILER-FREE ON WEST CORK, SKIP AHEAD TO 33:16. Then we'll have an up-close look at "Mosaic," Stephen Soderbergh's multi-platform...


Double Take: The Onion's 'A Very Fatal Murder' and our (spoiler free) 'West Cork' review

Not even a blizzard can stop the Crime Writers from their appointed rounds (though it may crackle the connection once in a while). We get skeeved out by the latest accusations of "Making a Murderer" defense-lawyer-now-judge Len Kachinsky (cue your own cat noises). There's a notable cameo in "Sword & Scale." And we toss around our thoughts on the Onion's new true crime parody podcast, "A Very Fatal Murder." Does a send up of the crime podcast world seem like it's about three months too...


A Done Disappeared encore, Slow Burn’s next story, The Walk’s big idea, The Alienist reviewed

A Done Disappeared encore, Slow Burn’s next story, The Walk’s big idea, and an Alienist review The Crime Writers take on a trio of True Crime Podcast Updates as Slow Burn wraps up season one and teases a *fantastic* follow-up, Dirty John lands a scripted series, and our best friend John David Booter tries to raise funds (click here to help him!) for a second season in which he’ll appropriate all things 1980’s. Then, our take on The Walk, the hit podcast from Panoply. This show is trying to...


In which we review "Dark" from Netflix and retract our criticism of a maligned media figure

This week we unveil the new name for Studio C (it's a mouthful), learn Toby's actually the nice one, and get freaked out by what this drug can make you do in your sleep. The Crime Writers eat some humble pie and admit they were too quick to dismiss one of America's most underappreciated media figures last week - Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC. Some special podcasters will join the discussion - and you can find their awesome show A Date With Dateline right here. The main focus shifts to...


Atlanta Monster gets our review! And Dirty John gets the prime time treatment!

It was one of 2017's biggest podcasts. Now the tale of "Dirty John" gets the treatment from Dateline NBC. Does a 42 minute TV episode add anything to a story already told over five hours in podcast form? Maybe just some pictures of how hunky John Meehan really was. The main event: we breakdown the first installments in "Atlanta Monster," the new podcast from Payne Lindsey's Tenderfoot TV and HowStuffWorks. This look back at the 1980s Atlanta child murders is billed as "an investigative...


WTF Wormwood? At least we still have Slow Burn...

"We are not crooks." This episode we'll circle back to Slate's excellent Watergate-based series, "Slow Burn." Look what happens when those who believe in conspiracies learn those conspiracies are actual conspiracies. (And no, Toby still doesn't believe in conspiracies!) Speaking of conspiracies within conspiracies, we ponder Netflix's "Wormwood." The genre-blending documentary about a secret CIA LSD-induced suicide is only the first layer in a trippy, troubling tale from Oscar winner...


The Pope's Long Con and Done Disappeared finale! (And by the time you hear this we might all be dead.)

The Crime Writers might be from New Hampshire, but the shizz that's been going down with our weather has been BANANAS. Seriously, by the time you hear this, we might all be dead. BUT - we're not dead yet, so we responded to some sassy listener emails, talked about OUTSTANDING finale of John David Booter's podcast Done Disappeared, and reviewed The Pope's Long Con, a pretty great podcast from the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting. Then, our Crime of the Week put's Rebecca in the...


A Godless Review, Adnan Syed's Witness, & A New Jinx Lead?

In our last installment of 2017, we have an exclusive interview with Undisclosed’s Rabia Chaudry. She’ll be talking about a defense alibi witness for Adnan Syed, whose recent arrest again points to prosecutors looking the other way when it came to witnesses in Adnan's case. Also, is there a new lead in the mystery of Robert Durst's missing wife? Then we shoot it out about Netflix’s new limited series “Godless.” In an Old West town where the men have been killed in a mining accident, the...


Dassey Hopes Dashed, Done Disappeared Does Us, and a Voyeur Review

Well, lookie lookie here. We've got the latest disappointing news for Brendan Dassey's hopes of a new trial, get to spread some podcast love to both Amber Hunt and Bill Rankin, and take the hit from Done Disappeared's wicked send up, "Crime Writers Off." (Spoiler alert: Bobby Tall needs to count to ten and cool off). Then we look through the peep hole at Netflix's "Voyeur." This odd tale pivots from its subject - a motel owner who spied on guests for years - to the famous journalist so...


Slow Burn Podcast Review, Making A Murderer Misstep & A Cow Named Lara

The Crime Writers dig in to the problem with sending flowers to a judge, even when said judge has just ruled the way you wanted her to in the Steven Avery case. Also, a cow named Lara? Toby's daughter is a star? And only Rebecca swears too much? Then, we respond to some ire around our mixed review of the Netflix show Alias Grace. Finally, a review of the (spoiler alert) OUTSTANDING new podcast from Slate about Watergate. It's called Slow Burn, and if you want to hear our spoiler-free...


Done and Disappeared, Alias Grace on Netflix and More

OMG - We can't get enough of Done Disappeared, the amazing parody true crime podcast by the unparalleled talent that IS John David Booter. We review that show and try to figure out the mystery of just what happened to missing 1987 woman Clara Pockets. Then, a more earnest review of the Netflix series Alias Grace. Based on a Margaret Atwood novel, does this show resonate? Or does it's less-than-Handmaid's Tale production values take away from what could have been a compelling view of a...


Manson, Long Shot, and our Must-Listen Podcast Recommendations

It's our 100th episode and we're celebrating by...doing what we always do. We'll look at the times and crimes of the late Charles Manson. The panel offers holiday travelers some recommendations of podcasts and TV shows that will make Thanksgiving bearable. The crime writers dig into "Long Shot," the new Netflix documentary. It tells the story of how an innocent man stayed off of death row because of the Los Angeles Dodgers and HBO's Larry David comedy of manners, "Curb Your...


A CWO Gameshow! Some Up and Vanished News, and Elizabeth Smart on A&E

Watch out - this episode is punchy! The Crime Writers settle a beef, play a couple of games, and yes, talk about Payne Lindsey's new TV deal AND his YouTube music video alter ego. Then, a look at the Elizabeth Smart case through the lens of the new A&E 2-park documentary, the super confusingly named Biography Presents: Elizabeth Smart Autoiography. Plus, our Crime of the Week cuts the cheese! Episode sponsors: Madison Reed- get 10% off plus Free Shipping at with promo...


Stranger Things 2 Reviewed, Maura Murray Disputed, Bowe Bergdahl Sentenced

The Crime Writers complain about Rebecca's jet lag and a certain crappy airline, and Lara is LITERALLY about to become a crazy cat lady. Plus, Toby's book is classy AF. Then, a trio of True Crime Updates: Bowe Bergdahl's been sentenced! That Maura Murray TV show made a crazy claim! And Making a Murderer's Steven Avery still has a filing-happy lawyer who seems to love accusing every single one of his relatives of something. The panel does a deep dive review of Stranger Things 2 - and gives...


Heaven's Gate, Toby's Cult of Personality, & Stranger Things 2 First Impressions

No more Amazon list??? Yup, the behemoth site kicked us out of their affiliate program, so we'll have to find something else for Toby to do... The Crime Writers open up the hit podcast Heaven's Gate, and, KNOWLEDGE ALERT, one of the panel is kind of an expert on the cult phenomenon. Plus, the panel will dive into Stranger Things 2 in full next week, but isn't shy about sharing first impressions. And no, Toby STILL hasn't seen Goonies! Also, an update from the courtroom in the Serial...


Mindhunter from Netflix, Making a Murderer's Paper Trail, and an Ode to Stampy

The Crime Writers dive in to Mindhunter - a series from Netflix about FBI profilers that even Rebecca can get behind. And newly-minted Broadway Siri Patrick Hinds makes a cameo with a little Groffsauce primer you won't want to miss! Plus, Stampy died! Lara does a little PSA every pet lover should listen to. DONATE TO CATS 1ST, THE RESCUE ORGANIZATION THAT GAVE STAMPY A CHANCE And, yet another filing in the never-ending paper trail for Making a Murderer's Steven Avery. Is his lawyer...


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