DFM RTV INT is an Independent Internet Radio Station whereof it's members broadcast live from their Home Studios and/or the DFM Studio in Amsterdam. There is also broadcasts from locations like alternative bars, parties, concerts and events. The cosy DFM Amsterdam internet/radio/tv studio is perfect for Amsterdam members who do not have their own possibilities like to do regular shows, DJ or receive/record/broadcast guest /performers/dj's. We also welcome travelling artists and small acoustic and/or electronic groups to do live shows/interviews there. DFM has been working/works with/in the likes of: Robodock, Gogbot, De Balie, V2, Stubnitz, OT301, Next Five Minutes (N5M), Net Congestion, No Music, Nacht v/h Geluid, VPRO, NIMK, LIVE.NU, DDS, Mediamatic, Indymedia, Nettime, Montevideo, Soundart Radio, Sonic Acts, B92, Time Based Arts, Bilwet, 2B, HIP, PIP, Neture, Radical Connectors, FilmArt, Circuit du Theatre, Europartrain, Art Cologne, Avecom