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21 — Running Pumps With Floaters — Daily Solutions Podcast

In today's episode of the Daily Solutions Podcast, Graham & Ashkahn dole out some advice on why you shouldn't run pumps when floaters are in your tanks. The best case scenario if a pump goes on with someone still in it — their float is ruined. Worst case scenario? Their hair could get stuck in the filter or worse. In our risk-averse society, these disaster scenarios compel us to set up safeguards to make sure they never happen. At Float On, we make it a point to never run a tank when a...

Duration: 00:06:39

20 – Setting up a Website – Daily Solutions Podcast

What does a float center need to do to get a website? What should they be prepared for? Find out in this episode of the Daily Solutions Podcast!

Duration: 00:09:48

19 – How to Fill a Float Tank – Daily Solutions Podcast

Graham and Ashkahn share their expertise on the nuances of filling a float tank; how much salt to use, how long it takes, and what to expect during this process with your equipment. After all, who hasn't wondered whether their mechanical drive filtration pump can handle epsom salt filled water?

Duration: 00:09:16

18 – Float Center Transitions – Daily Solutions Podcast

Listen up future float center owners! Every one of you has probably wondered "What exactly does a transition look like in a float center from one float to the next?" In this episode, Graham and Ashkahn explain exactly how they do transitions at Float On and why they do it the way they do.

Duration: 00:10:02

17 – Should Children Float? – Daily Solutions Podcast

How young is too young to float? Is it dangerous? Do we even know? Graham and Ashkahn share their opinions and experiences with working with parents and having kids float at Float On.

Duration: 00:09:31

16 – Types of Salt – Daily Solutions Podcast

How do people float in float tanks? With salt, of course! Salt water is denser than regular water, so it can hold more weight. But not all salt is made the same. Find out about what salt to use in your float tanks, how it's made, and the different options out there for float tanks (plus which salts count as "delicious") in this episode of the Daily Solutions Podcast.

Duration: 00:06:39

15 — What’s In a Float Room? — Daily Solutions Podcast

What goes into a float room? From the furniture and fixtures to the floors and float tanks themselves, it turns out a lot. Whatever the items, they need to withstand a constant barrage of salt and water. In this episode, Ashkahn and Graham go over the myriad float materials and objects commonly found in a float room, why they're useful, and why minimalism works well when it comes to float room design.

Duration: 00:11:50

14 — Setting the Right Temperature — Daily Solutions Podcast

When you're in the business of slinging nothingness, it takes a lot of work to create the ideal float environment. The hardest factor to get right in the float tank is usually water temperature — preferences are bound to vary across your floaters due to a natural variance in each individual's skin temperature. Perfection is super subjective from person to person, and it's hard to adjust for that. While you can't always deliver a float in which the air and water temperature are perfect, you...

Duration: 00:10:00

13 — Second Floor Reinforcement — Daily Solutions Podcast

In this short, salty, and to the point episode, Graham and Ashkahn talk about installing float tanks on the second floor and how to work with contractors and engineers to determine if you need to reinforce your building to support the weight.

Duration: 00:02:38

12 — Price of Float Tanks — Daily Solutions Podcast

How much does a float tank cost? Short answer — roughly $18 – 43K. The slightly longer answer — listen to today's episode.

Duration: 00:03:58

11 – Number of Float Centers in the USA — Daily Solutions Podcast

Some questions are hard to answer, but that doesn't take away the fact that it's fun to try to find answers anyway. This week, Ashkahn and Graham tackle the question, "How many float centers are there in the USA?" While the amount is constantly changing, their attempt to pin down a number opens up a fun discussion about the recent growth of the float industry.

Duration: 00:05:21

09 — Payment: Before or After — Daily Solutions Podcast

At some point, unless your float services are gratis, you're going to need to collect payment from your floaters. In this hard-hitting and insightful episode of the Daily Solutions Podcast, Ashkahn and Graham dissect the nuances of addressing the financial side of the equation, and when and how to time payment in relation to people's floats.

Duration: 00:10:24

08 – Ol’ Salty Ear — Daily Solutions Podcast

In this episode of the Daily Solutions Podcast, Graham and Ashkahn discuss what to do if you experience salt in your ear after your float. The Ol' Salty Ear is common, uncomfortable, but ultimately avoidable by using things like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. To learn more, take a listen (or read text from their conversation below).

Duration: 00:06:01

07 — Double Studded Walls — Daily Solutions Podcast

What the heck are double stud walls and why would I need them? Graham and Ashkahn talk about this and how a high level of soundproofing and construction design can make the difference between a perfectly quiet float, and one where you can hear the person chanting and doing yoga in the room next to you and trucks rumbling by outside. When it comes to float centers, what's inside the walls is what makes the experiences outside them so special.

Duration: 00:07:23

06 — Home Tanks — Daily Solutions Podcast

The Question: Will the home tank market and its low prices affect the commercial float industry negatively? Our Answer: We don't think so! In fact, home tanks increase the visibility of our industry. Tune in to this short Daily Solutions Podcast, or read the text below if you're at work and you need it to make it look like you're doing important stuff.

Duration: 00:03:59

05 – 60 vs 90 Minutes — Daily Solutions Podcast

Today's Daily Solution explores why Float On runs 90 minute floats versus shorter ones, and talks about various float lengths and what choosing them means for your float schedule and, ultimately, your business. As always, Ashkahn and Graham dig deep into their float bibles and guide us to wisdom, truth, and prosperity.

Duration: 00:09:39

04 — Running Internships — Daily Solutions Podcast

Float On swears by its internship program. We've been running it for seven years, and it brings us a lot of joy. Running an internship program is work, and you also have to be sure to do it legally. In today's episode, Ashkahn and Graham will talk more about the legal requirements and why we love our internship program.

Duration: 00:12:59

03 – Raising Prices – Daily Solutions Podcast

Today's episodes focuses on a tough topic — raising prices. Graham & Ashkahn discuss how, while this can be a tough thing to think about and put into place for your business, you needn't be afraid. If you genuinely need to raise your prices because expenses are going up or you want to pay your staff more, you'll be surprised how much your customers will understand.

Duration: 00:11:14

02 – Post Float Emails – Daily Solutions Podcast

Email is a valuable channel for communicating with your floaters. While you can use it to gather feedback, send appointment reminders, and share relevant news from your center, you never want to spam your clients. In fact, you want them to love floating at your center so much that you don't need to spend time writing persuasive emails in order to lure them back. In this episode, Ashkahn and Graham talk about how, when, and when not to send emails to your customers.

Duration: 00:06:22

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