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FREE podcasts related to divorce and divorce recovery are provided weekly to help get your life back on track. Whether contemplating, going through or just getting over divorce, this is the place for you. Welcome to our community!

FREE podcasts related to divorce and divorce recovery are provided weekly to help get your life back on track. Whether contemplating, going through or just getting over divorce, this is the place for you. Welcome to our community!
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FREE podcasts related to divorce and divorce recovery are provided weekly to help get your life back on track. Whether contemplating, going through or just getting over divorce, this is the place for you. Welcome to our community!




Pre-Recovery After an Affair

In this podcast of BEYOND INFIDELITY, David Feder introduces us to what he believes is a critical phase of his recovery program. David calls this phase of treatment, PRE-RECOVERY and he states that “it is one of the most important predictors of treatment outcome.” David continues that “if the participating partner completes the pre-recovery phase successfully, the potential for a successful treatment outcome goes up considerably. However, the opposite is also true because if the tasks in...

Duration: 00:33:46

Be a Change Superhero, with Jenny Douglas

This week, Stacy is joined by Grief & Gratitude workshop creator, Jenny Douglas. Jenny focuses on the importance of curiosity, patience, and standing with a community after divorce. She shares the grieving techniques which helped her find the best version of herself, during her own divorce, and move forward. And she shares this with the women in her workshops, as well. In this episode, you will gain insight on: · How to feel gratitude about your marriage regardless of the...

Duration: 00:35:57

Children and Divorce: Negotiating Custody to Create a Win Win

Today’s show acknowledges the tender emotions you experience while negotiating custody. We encourage you to notice the nightmare stories that create fear and tension, derailing your negotiations. Our guest, Josh Hecht, shares strategies to cut through the acrimony, negotiate for both the current and the long term needs of your children, and insure that you consider the nitty gritty details to guarantee a rock solid agreement. This is one of the most stressful aspects of your divorce...

Duration: 00:44:13

Who can you turn to? Elise Pettus helps you build your professional and social support team

This week, Stacy is joined by Elise Pettus. Divorced mom and founder of UNtied, Elise created an online network to connect fellow divorced women and help them re-discover their confidence, post-divorce. In this episode, you will gain insight on: ü Conquering the process of divorce and coming out the other side “financially ever after” ü Pre-divorce tips and help with the grieving process ü Building a team, including an attorney, specific to your needs Elise emphasizes that...

Duration: 00:28:47

Children and Divorce: How to Navigate a Child-Centered Divorce Standard vs. High Conflict

In today’s show we discuss how to choose the best legal approach with your children’s mental and emotional health front and center. Children can experience significant emotional damage as a result of divorce, but they don’t have to. While it is understandable that you want to fight for your fair share of time with the kids, we want you to understand the risks that accompany a legal fight wherein children are dragged through the court process and strangers make parenting decisions for...

Duration: 01:03:40

Children & Divorce: The Child's Bill of Rights

Today's show focuses on your children and how you can parent through divorce in a way that protects them from the animosity between you and your spouse and honors their rights. We talk with Dr. Mark Banschick, a child psychiatrist who share the negative impact and long term affects children experience when parents do not protect them from the hostility. Dr. Banschick discusses why we tend to act out and react without filters in front of our children and how hard this season is for mom's...

Duration: 00:54:20

Recovery Hurdles After an Affair Pt. 2

In this episode of BEYOND INFIDELITY, David Feder, expert in treating infidelity continues his discussion in our 2-part series about the recovery hurdles that can interferes with and derail the recovery process. If you benefited from David's last informative episode of "Recovery Hurdles you will enjoy this one as well, so tune in to learn more about in Recovery Hurdles, part 2. In this episode David Feder reviews more of the common mistakes that people make but should avoid when they want...

Duration: 00:51:20

Entitled to be Happy

This week, Deborah Donenfeld recounts the moment she realized that she was entitled to leave her unhappy marriage of 22 years. By allowing herself to grieve and focus on her self-worth and her children, Deborah ultimately freed herself and gained more clarity and control in her financial life Deborah Donenfeld | W: www.deborahdonenfeld.com P: 212-675-4420 E: deborah525@gmail.com Stacy Francis | W: www.francisfinancial.com P: 212-374-9008 E: Stacy@francisfinancial.com

Duration: 00:37:38

Living with Your STBX: The Secret to Surviving the Stress

Once the decision to divorce has been made one of the greatest daily difficulties is how to live under the same roof with your STBX and all the contention that you are each feelings. The most effective way of approaching this stage is refining your communication and problem solving skills. Dr. Dan Thomason explains how easy it is to get caught in arguments about how you are communicating and lose the opportunity to actually communicate effectively. He shares a tool he has created to...

Duration: 00:54:42

Child Custody in Same-Sex Divorces

This week, top matrimonial attorney, Caroline Krauss-Browne, shares how she persevered in her career from working part-time to being a mother and then becoming a partner at a top New York City law firm. Stacy and Caroline dive into the harsh reality of child custody within same-sex divorces. Are you protected as a legal parent of your child? In this episode, you will hear a powerful pro-bono case Caroline worked on that fought for the right of the non-biological mother. Caroline...

Duration: 00:43:53

Overcoming Hurdles After an Affair Part 1

Either you or your partner had an affair and you’ve made the decision to stay together. Yes, you can stay together and settle for a relationship that is OK, or with the help of David Feder who is an expert in treating infidelity, you can survive infidelity, rebuild your relationship and thrive. In this episode of BEYOND INFIDELITY David Feder begins a 2-part review of some of what he coins, the common “recovery hurdles” that can interfere with the process of rebuilding your relationship...

Duration: 00:51:06

Divorce: A Chapter in Deirdre Coupe Hopkins's Life

This week, Stacy is joined by friend and single mother, Deirdre Coupe Hopkins as she reflects on her divorce and the role money played in this chapter of her life. After leaving her alcoholic ex-husband, Deirdre raised all four children on her own. With the help of education, family and community, she ultimately gained her financial independence. Deirdre always lives her life with the glass half full mentality and continues to do so 25 years later. Deirdre Coupe Hopkins | E:...

Duration: 00:36:39

Going Public About Your Divorce: Who, When and What to Tell

In the early stages of divorce we experience a powerful emotional sting. Coming to terms with the fact that divorce IS part of your reality often happens when you begin to tell others about it. Today we discuss telling your spouse, children, family, friends and others. We look at the fears and resistance that arises and the questions that you want to ask yourself prior to telling. Being clear on what you want to say and who you are ready to tell and what your boundaries are around...

Duration: 00:47:28

Facing the Emotional Fear of Divorce with Liza Caldwell

Top New York City divorce coach, Liza Caldwell, joins Stacy to discuss how to navigate her proven approach of the 4 stages of divorce. In this episode, Liza opens up about how going back to school and how being a role model for her children were major turning points in her life. Whether you are contemplating, navigating or recovering from divorce, Stacy and Liza dive into how to overcome the challenges and fears associated with this transition. Liza Caldwell | W: www.sasforwomen.com P:...

Duration: 00:35:27

Finding Love After Divorce with Kathy Ellman

This week, Stacy chats with successful business woman, caring mother, and friend, Kathy Ellman, as she shares her story of divorce. Stacy and Kathy reflect on her first marriage, the lessons she learnt and how she was able to find love again. She reveals how communication is key in maintaining her relationship, shared finances and teaching the value of money to her three sons. Show Contact Info: Kathy Ellman | W: www.bayardad.com P: (917) 848-6280 E: KathyE@BayardAD.com Stacy Francis |...

Duration: 00:33:59

Survive and Thrive after Infidelity

David Feder, a therapist specializing in helping people recovery from infidelity not only believes that the majority of people can save their marriage and keep their families intact, they can SURVIVE infidelity and THRIVE! David brings his expertise to DSR where in this podcast he speaks about his own 12 Pre-Requisites to Recovery that Participating Partners and Hurt Partners require in order to successfully recover. David believes that following the pre-requisites for a successful...

Duration: 00:37:23

Divorce Finances - 5 Essentials to be Financially Prepared

Your finances are certain to change during and after divorce and therefore raise fear in just about everyone facing this transition. Today we speak with Elizabeth Polizzi, a financial expert who specializes in strategizing around the finances of divorce. She discusses how vital it is to be informed and educated in order to negotiate the best possible settlement. In this straightforward talk, Elizabeth elaborates on the 5 Keys to preparing financially for your divorce. She invites you to...

Duration: 01:01:18

Mediation and Negotiation

Stacy and Jennifer Kouzi, a top matrimonial and family attorney, discuss mistakes you might make when going through divorce, tips for making custody battles go as smoothly as possible and understanding the difference between legal and physical (residential) custody. Ever wondered what your judge is thinking? In this episode, you will gain insight on how judges view your statement of net worth, in order to better prepare yourself for the courtroom. Show Contact Information: Jennifer Kouzi...

Duration: 00:36:19

The Skin Above My Knee

This week, Financially Ever After welcomes Marcia Butler, author of The Skin Above My Knee. Marcia shares how listening to music starting at the age of 4 saved her life and was ultimately the reason she survived an abusive childhood. Marcia’s early experiences gave her a template for the men she chose later in life. Three divorces later, Marcia talks about the tools she used to survive divorce and for thriving in her new single life. Show Contact Information: Marcia Butler | W:...

Duration: 00:32:38

Moving Forward: Navigating Life Transitions

Award-winning financial advisor, Stacy Francis, debuts her “Financially Ever After” podcast and interviews life, career and grief coach, Nesreen Mahmoud. Together, they discuss the grief involved in the divorce process, financial mistakes to avoid and how best to take care of yourself in order to move forward in this new chapter of your life in a positive way. You will receive access to a wellness tracking sheet, learn about the Ostrich effect and hear a sneak preview of episodes to...

Duration: 00:41:49

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