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Episode 33: Religious Boombox

This week, Brian is flummoxed by a coworker’s use of a flip phone, while Angelo helps out at the office with some Mac tech support. This leads to a discussion about family tech support and how to deal with it. When things move to the paranormal, they have a closer look at the legendary Ark of the Covenant, and how it was prophesied to melt the face of anyone that got too close to it. Special Guest: Lollypop.

Duration: 01:03:53

Episode 32: The Saucers in our Sky

This week, the episode begins with a look at the HomePod delay, but that quickly spirals into madness and frustration, as Angelo lives an audio-phonic nightmare as he delves into the world of audiophiles. Then in the paranormal section, a look at the common trope of a UFO witnessed on a lonely road in the middle of the night, with a close look at the 1979 Val Johnson incident. Also, haunted Christmas lights.

Duration: 01:00:37

Episode 31: Triangles Are Not Sexy

This week, Angelo gets accused of trying to swindle Apple out of a new phone, Brian has defined a new style of trolling in his personal life, a discussion on release notes, a look at an unsolved 30 year old TV hack, and a new segment where they look at an idiot doing something stupid. In the paranormal section, the duo discusses an alien visitor in the solar system before launching into an in depth look at why interest in the Bermuda Triangle has dwindled.

Duration: 01:21:05

Episode 30: Family Trip to Anjikuni Lake w/Sam Fredrickson

This week, Brian and Angelo welcome Sam Fredrickson from the Not Alone podcast to discuss everything from how he met his cohost Jason Moitoso, to what it’s like to work with technology, as well as his love for Magic: The Gathering. Special Guest: Sam Fredrickson.

Duration: 01:44:20

Episode 29: Cat Emojis All the Way Down

This week, Brian has some follow up thoughts about passwords and security, Angelo ponders if there’s an Apple product he wouldn’t buy, and then the duo take a look at how quickly watching children's content on YouTube can degenerate into something horrific. Shifting to the paranormal, Angelo’s son has some chilling news about the Moon, our hosts question a new void in the Great Pyramid, and is there any truth the the Mummy’s Curse? There’s also a surprise guest that makes a short...

Duration: 01:10:25


Another week, another new Apple product for Angelo, but it's not the iPhone X - he got a Series 3 Apple Watch for his birthday. After a quick discussion about AppleCare, Brian and Angelo talk about the insane cost of repairing an iPhone X and the fight for one’s right to repair devices at home. What’s a good Apple laptop if you want a new one, especially in light of all the keyboard issues they are experiencing? Moving into the paranormal, a quick take on some Reddit-based creepy pasta and...

Duration: 01:11:53

Episode 27: Chupacabra vs. Loch Ness

This week, there are some iPhone 8 misconceptions that Angelo would like to clear up before moving on to some thoughts on the Essential Phone price drop. The intrepid duo also cover hacking and security, as well as some iCloud horror stories, which are perfect for this time of year. Later, after talking about a possible downed UFO, they finally talk about the lore surrounding lake monsters.

Duration: 01:08:26

Episode 26: Tom DeLonge Gets His Paranormal Media Empire

This week, after Angelo gets excited about his newly upgraded internet speed, he and Brian get a little more serious as they discuss how people may be spending too much time on their devices, how it affects society, and how they deal with it. They also talk about listening to music on vinyl vs. going digital. Then, in the paranormal segment, they pick apart Tom DeLonge’s new venture into UFO and paranormal research, the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. Make sure you stick around...

Duration: 01:17:33

Episode 25: Smash It Against Your Face

This week, Angelo got an iPhone 8 Plus and Brian is a captive audience. After talking a little bit about Angelo’s new phone and his experience at the Apple store for an iPhone 6S battery replacement, discussion shifts to Apple not slowing down old phones on purpose and their move into content with Amazing Stories. In the paranormal segment, we bump lake monsters off the show again to talk about time travelers like John Titor, and if they are going to save us from ourselves.

Duration: 01:11:09

Episode 24: Self MIB

This week, Brian and Angelo welcome Rob Kristoffersen (@YerUFOGuy) to the show to discuss his podcast setup, his issue with Apple products, smartphones, and old video games. Then, the topics shift to Rob’s area of expertise with a look at the history of the Men in Black. Special Guest: Rob Kristoffersen.

Duration: 01:16:35

Episode 23: The CBC and the Alien Agenda

In a grab bag episode, Brian and Angelo reminisce about manual saving, look at how fast the A11 Bionic chip really is, iPhone 8 and X buying options, content departing Netflix just as you’re watching it, and ham radios(?!). In the paranormal section, there’s some inward reflection about who is listening to the show, surviving the September 23 doomsday prediction, the search to discover flat Earth, a great discussion the Shag Harbour UFO which happened 50 years ago, and finally a callback...

Duration: 01:12:15

Episode show-announcement-sept-2017: BONUS - Show Announcement

A quick note for everyone subscribed to us. All wrapped up in a great little segment.

Duration: 00:01:54

Episode 22: I Don’t Want to Believe

This week, Angelo tells Brian a whole lot about iOS 11, going over a few of the features on the iPhone and iPad, more on how Face ID works. In the second half of the episode, there’s an off the cuff discussion about who believes in conspiracy theories, and why they think the way they do.

Duration: 01:05:24

Episode 21: Reverse Santa Claus

This week, we spend some time talking about the Apple event, wonder how long iPhones should last, hope Nintendo is actually making enough classic consoles, and take a look at some bad things that have happened on the internet. Then in the paranormal segment, we get spooky and present a primer on ghosts that leads to a few tangents. Finally, we open up our mail bag and read some "listener" mail.

Duration: 01:06:11

Episode 20: Samsung Presents: Area 57

This week, Angelo comes to the sad realization that his magazines are gone forever, setting up a RetroPie, the September Apple event, the possibility of Apple moving into media, and when to upgrade your gear. Then the guys talk about the government’s acknowledgment of Area 51, the possibility of other “Areas,” and the Double Density Scale of Ufology.

Duration: 01:05:40

Episode 19: Operation Pixel Shred

This week, we talk about our new website and moving our podcast to Then we look at how some apps invade your privacy which prompts Angelo to give out battery saving hot tips. Also, classic Nintendo sales tactics and the SNES Classic, and the sadness that comes from the destruction of videogame magazines. Our paranormal segment stares right at UFOs and the eclipse, Hangar 18, the difference between Area 51 and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and we try to figure out what the...

Duration: 01:08:24

Episode 18: Super Nintendo Daydreams

As we prepare for a very special episode 19, we go back into the vaults to pull out a previously-recorded but unreleased episode 18. Brian and Angelo list their top 5 SNES games and then have an Alien Cinema discussion of the documentary Australien Skies. Donkey Kong Country VHS: Nesticle Article: Cinemassacre - A Link to the Past: Metroid Voiceover: Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down The...

Duration: 01:04:03

Episode 17: Skeptical But Fun

Will AI kill us? Is Siri still after Angelo? Are we going to have to subscribe to everything? Is the world going to end? These are the questions that Brian and Angelo are going to tackle in this episode. AI Beats best DOTA 2 player: AI Loses to DOTA 2 players: 9 to 5 Mac Ulysses Pricing: Heaven’s Gate Web Masters: John Hogue is not a good prophet: Benoit...

Duration: 01:03:50

Episode 16: The Live Sweet 16 Special

This week we podcast from Angelo’s backyard, with the hopes of seeing an actual UFO. We discuss our backyard recording setup, more iPhone rumours, as well as Disney’s possible streaming service. Moving into the paranormal, we start to look at the sky as Brian gives us some UFO spotting tips and tells us about his visit to Area 51, forum craziness, and Brian asks Angelo for some paranormal hot takes. Disney Streaming Service: Orb Video:

Duration: 01:30:25

Episode 15: Aliens Love Orbs

This week we talk about holograms, scam calls, Siri’s ongoing harassment of Angelo, Twitter’s lack of new users, and Apple lets some secrets slip. Then we take a trip to Skinwalker Ranch with a brand new segment. Dio the Hologram: Time Traveler: Twitter users: Apple’s firmware mistake: A.I. Creates Weird Cases: Mont-Saint-Hilaire UFO:

Duration: 01:12:20

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