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Prepare yourselves for a battle of epic proportions between two titans! Feast upon their voices and revel in their words. This is Dueling Ogres! A no-holds-barred podcast about anything under the sun that could be discussed by two nerds (Brandon and Remington) with too much time on their hands! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll troll them for cookies. They probably won't make you any, though.




Episode 126: Scratch that Voynich

A waterfall over an otherworldly plant, a woman bathing in the foreground. Mysterious drawings and runes. This...is Dueling Ogres! The Geocities backup project will fill hours of your time with awesome gems like these! Seriously, spend some time here and see what the late 90's internet was all about. http://duelog.me/GeoNSFW http://duelog.me/GeoNSFF http://duelog.me/GeoNSFNinja The guys also spend a LOT of time discussing the Voynich Manuscript, so here are a few links to get you started...

Duration: 01:37:30

Episode 125: Stephen King Presents Dueling Ogres

We're back and ready to milk that sweet Stephen King SEO right off the internet. Did you know the movie IT is kind of a big deal right now? Don't worry, we'll remind you. Seth MacFarlane's FOX show The Orville premiered, and Remington has an opinion or two that may or may not surprise you. Is he meant for space? There's also talk of Danny Trejo and his strong opinions on doing his own stunts, as well as Jared Leto and the art of method acting. Stormlands, a cancelled Xbox One launch title,...

Duration: 01:20:35

Episode 124: This Time it's More Carapacey!

Two weeks in a row? The guys are back on top! This week Brandon and Rem dive into the differences between the pilot and second episode of Amazon's "The Tick" series, now that it's out for your viewing pleasure! You've fingered foul fruit, friend! Xbox One X is fastest selling Xbox preorder, and we think that's just fine. Star Wars The Last Jedi and wipe transitions - what's going on with those things? Rem and Brandon talk about director Rian Johnson's recent comments with shock and dismay!...

Duration: 01:34:22

Episode 123: Solar Eclipse of the Heart

Did you guys get to see the solar eclipse?! That was a lot of hype without those silly glasses. I'm not bitter...and Bonnie Tyler is still fantastic. We're back with talk ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy to splooge ghosts, so be sure to bring your Pokemon before Brandon buys them all! We meditate on prank calls to "NASA" and wonder if taking suggestions are good for the overall health of the current space program. More science talk brings some interesting discussion about...

Duration: 01:10:17

Episode 122: Double-Fisted Pun Guns!

We're back with video this week and our double-fisted pun guns are locked and loaded! So acquire the target and shoot to thrill! Wait, did I just quote AC/DC? Anyway, here are the topics for this week! All topics and times are approximate and not necessarily indicative of the actual topic of discussion. It's almost like I put these here to get closer to some arbitrary SEO word counter! Miitopia | 0:05:01 MSI, Asus, computer parts | 0:18:46 Megabots | 0:26:44 Suidobashi | 0:26:53 Eagle...

Duration: 01:35:40

Episode 121: SDCC We Hardly Knew Thee

We recap some of the news coming out of SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) even though Rem was on vacation while it happened! But first, let's talk about the Pokemon Go Fest fiasco! Hey, here's a list of topics I found on the floor in no particular order. They seriously just throw this stuff around like it's worthless. Or priceless. I always get those confused: SDCC Thor Ragnarok Wonder Woman 2 Justice League Han Solo Rob Liefeld Deadpool 2 Zazie Beetz Domino Flashpoint Captain Marvel CW Riverdale...

Duration: 01:38:48

Episode 120: Make No Bones About It

Millions of hot dogs recalled due to bones in the meats! But first, the next Doctor of Doctor Who is a female?! What does this mean for PC culture! Who really cares?! R. Kelly may have a sex cult? Philip DeFranco is a decent guy?! (Here's where we talk about hot dogs) And finally, sadly, George Romero and Martin Landau have passed away. Aren't these usually longer? Interested in writing geek-centric articles? Got a fever to let your inner writer out? Email us with an article to be...

Duration: 01:21:18

Episode 119: Viscount Me In, an Interview with Terry W Ervin II

Author and resident viscount Terry W Ervin II swings in for another glorious interview and a sneak peek into his new LitRPG novel Monsters, Maces, and Magic: Outpost (working title). We also discuss his most recent novel Thunder Wells as well as many other topics including processed meats, classic television, realism, accuracy, and relatable content in writing and so much more! https://youtu.be/RpW0B6fIJq8 Terry W Ervin II http://www.ervin-author.com Flankers Facebook Group...

Duration: 01:46:27

Episode 118: The Sluice of the Internet

Brandon and Rem are back bringing you the sluice of the internet and other disgusting words! Here are some more topics! Elite Dangerous Valkyria Revolution Gorilla food songs Tempered glass DC movies Cows of the future Heat resistant cows Brangus Comicon International: San Diego leaving San Diego FSotW: Markus "Notch" Persson all for a heterosexual day and if you're not down for that you should be shot, apparently! The Internet: A wretched hive of scum and villainy. Interested in writing...

Duration: 01:17:16

Episode 117: Touch Brandon

We took a week off because everything in our usual wheelhouse sounded booooooooooring. But we're back and touch on tons of stuff! Hey! Listen! Touch the topics!: stardew valley, car problems, live action cowboy bebop, twitch.tv, mystery science theater 3000, han solo movie, ron howard, jackie chan, the foreigner, spiderman, venom, sony, marvel, gmail ad targeting, ebay price matching, prime wardrobe, snes classic, starfox 2, #lifegoals, space nation asgardia, spaceX, elon musk, pokemon go...

Duration: 01:56:34

Episode 116: E3 - Elegant Eggplant Enzymes?

E3, The Electronic Entertainment Expo was in full swing and Brandon was just itching to go over his favorite stuff! So that's what we did. It's like a Blizzcon episode, only this time Rem is the one who's feigning interest! Just kidding, he still likes vijigames. Enjoy the show! Baby Garbage Trees are Delicious! Interested in writing geek-centric articles? Got a fever to let your inner writer out? Email us with an article to be published for thousands of readers to see!...

Duration: 01:41:50

Episode 115: We'll Be Your Digital Copy if You'll Be Our Pumpkin Pie

Brandon got a haircut and didn't get a digital copy, but he made a new friend! Not really, he actually completely wigged out his hair dresser. This week brings this and soooo much more! We bring back the FuckShit of the Week! Probably just for one week! Until we remember to do it again! Celebrity Stalkers Destiny 2 will join Blizzard games on the Battle.Net launcher Twitch acquired Curse Animaniacs, DuckTales, and Tick Reboots Pete & Pete Reunion Botulism Outbreak Kirby with Human Feet...

Duration: 01:34:17

Episode 114: The Predator has become the Prey

Brandon recounts his experiences with the game Prey as we wind way back after two successful interviews with some very interesting people! We drop a little Hearthstone talk and then move into more pressing matters, like whether the Oculus Rift and its copycat systems will ever be free of the lawsuit hammer of ZeniMax. Soon after some riveting discussion about how unsuccessful we are (don't worry, it's kinda funny. In a sad "I pity you" way), we bust out some news stories including: The...

Duration: 01:24:01

Episode 113: Jennifer Briney - A Dish Best Served without Corporate Spending

This week we interview podcaster Jennifer Briney in a show that's very different from our usual fare! Strap in, kiddies, we're dishing on the government! Topics include: Bills and Amendments The Congressional Record Congress The House of Representatives The Omnibus The Vehicle of the Bill Corporate Sponsorship Campaign Contributions Representative Orientations Phone Banks Party Divide Political Labelling Two-party "system" The Unrepresented Masses The guys break in with their usual affair;...

Duration: 01:21:09

Episode 112: David C. Hayes - I am the Wolfman, I am the Swamp Thing

This week Brandon and Remington interview the prolific David C. Hayes! Horror director, actor, writer, podcaster, one-time wrestler, and Harry Potter aficionado. Listen as they discuss breaking into the business! Stare in horror as the conversation turns to tropes in movies and whether they have a place in modern writing! Flee in terror from the hideous Swamp Thing and his relatability! This episode is Indescribable! Inescapable! Nothing can stop it! David C. Hayes' Website:...

Duration: 01:34:50

Episode 111: Lubricate that Funny Bone

After an unexpectedly long hiatus, Brandon and Rem are back to lubricate your funny bone! Or theirs. We haven't decided yet. Is Warner Bros stealing all the conjurings? Walk the Prank, or else! The Watchmen are animated? Stan Lee wins Whitecastle, true believers! YouTube Kids app makes YouTube more friendly? Star Wars or Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford doesn't ever quit! Bioware says "Go ahead, pirate Mass Effect. We DARE you!" Will Dwayne the Rock Johnson Rampage into the theatres again?...

Duration: 01:19:05

Episode 110: What's Happening, Marvel?!

Brandon & Rem invite you to sit in with comic shop owner Jordan Lowe to talk about what is happening with Marvel & the comic world at large! Poor Marvel has had just a terrible few weeks with PR nightmares such as VP of sales David Gabriel blaming diversity for the lurch in sales. From there, we ask Jordan's perspective as a shop owner and comic connoisseur whether the problem is diversity or overall storytelling. Turns out it's just not that simple! Finally, we dive into the controversy...

Duration: 01:09:12

Episode 109: The Devastating Backblast Attack!

Rem re-lives his "devastating back injury" (seriously, he's such a crybaby) and Brandon has been playing Farcry 4 and talks briefly about Horizon Zero Dawn and Ubisoft's other titles that have waaaay too many damn quests. Bioware bring a much needed patch to Mass Effect: Andromeda, which begs the question: Should games be incomplete on release? Should people just expect a patch period just so companies can meet their designated release quotas? Should Destiny 2 and other titles release...

Duration: 01:16:04

Episode 108: Sheldon Brings the Venom to Buzz Aldrin's Facebook Mummy?

The big conversation is the origin of Venom as Rem understands it (which probably isn't at all. Don't we have comic genius podcast friends now?!), but we skirt around so much more! Is Beauty and The Beast's LeFou gay, or just really into wrestling with Gaston? Brandon gives a brief update on No Man's Sky's patches. Is it worth a revisit? Windows 10 brings you ads to your File Explorer because NOTHING IS EVER FREE! Planetary Scientist Kirby Runyon wants to redefine what makes a planet which...

Duration: 01:06:43

Episode 107: Mama Don't Take My Cosplay Away

The big discussion is Elite Con's banning of Cosplay, but first you have to slog through our inane banter! Starting off with recapping what we've been up to these past few weeks including hooking up at Asylum Comics with Ka-Pow! The Pop Cultured Podcast and Source Material Podcast; and doing some interviews at the Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo! Who would win between a Wulk (Hulk-Wolverine hybrid) and Magneto? What are Magneto's true abilities, and why is Brandon even mentioning Age of...

Duration: 01:09:35

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