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Estereo McIntosh, HRMK 103.5 FM, La Ceiba, Honduras

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La Ceiba, Honduras


Lucas P Barrios established his credibility for taste in music and sound from the early age of 12 in 1974, working as a host at local radio stations in the coastal town of La Ceiba, Honduras. Throughout the rest of his lifetime and even after moving to the U.S., Lucas maintained his affinity and ties to radio, hosting programs at local stations with each visit back home, bringing friends and audiences the newest music from abroad. Additionally, Lucas and his father created the brand “Stereo McIntosh” as a mobile disc-jocking unit in the 80s, leveraging its popularity to then expand as a full-on radio station in 1997 with the now infamous dial, 103.5. “Estereo McIntosh 103.5” quickly became the number one FM station, and a pioneer in many aspects, from technology, to airway coverage, but more importantly, in quality of sound and music. In addition to managing and marketing the station, Lucas, along with a dear friend, created the first jazz program in the country. Aptly called, “Jazz Corner,” this program is still being broadcast every Sunday. As of December 2015, Lucas has continued to exercise his passion in programming, now hosting “Caribbean Sounds” from his studio in New Orleans, powering through the original “103.5 Stereo McIntosh” airwaves in Honduras, through the internet worldwide.​