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Oy with the Mets!

Oy with the Mets!
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Oy with the Mets!






That's Not What We Meant

In light of the Mets getting him back, Brian ended his legendary silence about Jay Bruce (07:00). Then he and Roger discussed if the Mets would have signed Bruce if they had more money and what this all means for Michael Conforto (14:30), who was responsible for backing off of the Jason Kipnis trade(16:20), the days when Brian was considered an optimist and a 'shill' (22:30), how the Mets have somehow overspent and outthought themselves anyway (26:40), Adrian Gonzalez (33:50), why Gonzalez...

Duration: 01:19:16

So This is the New Year

Hey you fellow Swarziaks, it's the first Good Fundies episode of 2018! Brian and Roger returned to talk about Anthony Swarzak (03:00), their new year's resolutions (11:15), the legitimately surprising end result to Roger writing about Keith Hernandez's connections to Richard Nixon and Donald Trump (21:15), the return of Omar Minaya (36:00), Ken Rosenthal calling Mets fans 'shrill' (44:35), and why so many free agents remain available in baseball (01:00:10). Then in the mailbag, the two are...

Duration: 01:39:38

The Szymborski Clause (with Dan Szymborski)

The ineffable Dan Szymborski (Fangraphs, ESPN) returned for what was definitely the second time on the Good Fundies holiday special, officially making it a tradition. In the aftermath of Marc Carig's article wanting answers from ownership, and hearing from literally hundreds of frustrated Mets fans, Brian talked about the new fan movement designed to help bring about positive change to the franchise(11:15). Then Szymborski Claus talked about which Star Wars character's son he would be...

Duration: 02:35:01

A Watched Cold Stove Never Boils

Roger and Brian chatted about Shohei Ohtani spurning the Mets despite their multimedia presentation(17:30), the Mets continuing to not spend money (19:55), Ubaldo Jimenez (27:25), Carlos Santana (35:30), how getting Ian Kinsler would be such a Mets move (39:05), why the Mets wouldn't just try to be in on Giancarlo Stanton (44:10), their feelings on Carlos Beltran not getting the Yankees managerial job (47:35),Terry Collins' new nickname (49:10), Jordany Valdespin's weird tweet (50:00), Matt...

Duration: 01:45:34

Ty Kelly Day (with Ty Kelly)

Former Met Ty Kelly joined the Good Fundies boys! He talked about playing in the 2016 Wild Card Game (17:30), if he brings up how he got a hit off of Madison Bumgarner every single day (18:40), going vegan and if he still eats at Chipotle (20:10), growing up a Giants and A's and Braves fan (24:40), the funniest Met besides himself (26:00), how to make friends in baseball (27:20), his excellent memory of opposing pitchers (30:40), the trouble with playing in Las Vegas (33:10), the superpowers...

Duration: 02:01:48

Monster Mashes

Marc Carig (Newsday) and Rich MacLeod (, BP Mets) joined us for a twofer on a very special Ghoul Fundies. After Roger was wished a Happy Scareadays season from a very old ghoul (01:40), Brian and Roger talked about new Mets manager Mickey Callaway (08:30), and the details of the not so smooth purchase of the Triple-A Syracuse franchise you probably don't know about (13:00). Then Marc Carig joined the Good Fundies boys and discussed the latest news on Asdrubal Cabrera and Jerry...

Duration: 01:56:44

The 2017 Fundies Awards!

First Roger talked about the Mets related Halloween costume he's working on (01:24) before the boys of Good Fundies chatted about the secret real reason why Ray Ramirez was fired days after the rumor was he was staying (05:00), whether it's okay to root for the Nationals never getting past the Division Series round (16:10), how the Nats and the rest of the NL East are looking now (22:10), their most to least favorite NL East teams (25:40), the latest on the Mets search for a manager...

Duration: 02:01:11

Surf's Up

Brian was on a winning streak when the boys of Good Fundies talked about Terry Collins' resignation (03:00), the aftermath of Marc Carig's revealing piece about the team (06:00), who the next Mets manager will be (25:00), the METCON level (38:55), the final results of the 2017 Mets over/under contest (42:40), and the ultimate determination of whether or not Rafael Montero sucks (45:42). Following a musical tribute to the 2017 Mets season (53:15), Roger and Brian opened up the mailbag where...

Duration: 01:26:24

It Can't End Like This!

On a very special installment of Good Fundies, Brian revealed the results of his deep soul search and discovered he isn't sure if it makes sense to be a Mets fan right now (06:50). Then Roger and Brian discussed whether or not the Mets are treating Terry Collins right by hoping he retires (25:00), the return of Noah Syndergaard (33:10), what the Mets should do with Matt Harvey (40:00), if Dan Warthen should be invited back (48:30), if Mike Barwis is to blame for all of our problems...

Duration: 01:21:12

Rough Week For the Brand

Brian returned to tell Roger what it's like to watch Mets games without social media (07:30) before getting into all of the things Brian didn't get to talk about over the last two weeks: the Binghamton Rumble Ponies making the playoffs (14:25), Robert Gsellman conceding apathy (16:10), Jay Bruce joining Twitter (18:12), Michael Conforto's injury (20:27), Brian's long desired Nori Aoki finally becoming a Met and if he would have been a better signing than Michael Cuddyer (25:50), Yoenis...

Duration: 01:36:24

A Summer Wasting (with Ursula)

With all of his favorite players and podcast partner gone, Roger kept moving forward. First he talked out his depression over the Michael Conforto injury (03:13) before reading #MetsTwitter's favorite David Wright moments (07:22). Then he was joined by Mets/Marlins fan Ursula of the @FBWGPodcast. They chatted over what to expect from AJ Ramos (18:30), Robert Gsellman's disappointing season (26:22), if roommate Noah Syndergaard is a bad influence (33:08), what the Marlins might take from...

Duration: 01:23:02

Brian? Brian? Brian?

Roger said goodbye to Neil Walker (01:30) and Brian was forced to be nice and bid adieu to Jay Bruce (05:30), whom he does not hate personally. The two then dissected the Mets trades made in the past week (13:00), and if it's generally okay to trade with the Yankees or the Nationals (23:00). After that they put Dominic Smith through the infamous 'Soup or Savior' test (35:40) wondered why Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez kept saying Brian's name over and over again on Sunday's Mets broadcast...

Duration: 01:53:41

Amed's Home (with Joe DeMayo)

Roger and Brian said goodbye to dear friends Lucas Duda and Addison "Raddison" Reed (01:07), talked about the three trades the Mets made and all of the trades they did not make leading up to the non-waiver deadline (09:00), wondered if the dreams of the 'Hot Rebuild' are dead (18:50), and discussed the long awaited debut of Amed Rosario in the final installment of 'Where in the World is Amed Rosario?' (22:36) Then the boys said hello again to Joe DeMayo (@psltoflushing), who shared his...

Duration: 01:49:35

Cormier's Korner: Sarah D. Bunting is a Mets Fan

Roger was joined on the korner by Sarah D. Bunting (Previously.TV, Tomato Nation). She talked about how a Dwight Gooden homer made her a Mets fan for life (04:00), her favorite Mets growing up and now (15:00), the fun she's had with her last name (17:33), speaking at academic baseball conferences (20:33), inadvertently collecting Dave Stieb baseball cards (22:00), her experience reviewing the show 'Pitch' (25:20), perfectly describing Daniel Murphy's base running (32:42), lecturing college...

Duration: 00:57:46

If You're Not Streets Ahead...

Brian and Roger finally agreed on their level of anxiety as Mets fans (03:45) and debated the definition of 'conspiracy' when talking about who is responsible for Amed Rosario remaining in Las Vegas (25:25). Then there was a big discussion on if any Met is truly 'untouchable', and friend there were some disagreements. The two specifically talked about the possible trade deadline returns for a Jay Bruce (37:00), Jacob deGrom (45:30), Michael Conforto (52:40),Wilmer Flores (55:30), or...

Duration: 01:48:30

Daddy and the Boy (with Sean O'Connor)

Brian and Roger looked back at the over/under predictions they made for the 2017 Mets season back in April to their occasional utter embarrassment. The boys also found time to shake their heads and try to make sense of the latest Matt Harvey injury news and losing Bartolo Colon yet again. Then they had a chat with writer and big time Mets fan Sean O'Connor (Hood Adjacent with James Davis, Late Late Show with James Corden) about Chris Christie, Steve Somers, Kevin James, Facebook message...

Duration: 02:14:08


Brian and Roger talked about the Mets' latest obsession with hydration (03:00); Brian's trips to the SABR convention, Camden Yards, and Nationals Park (07:10); Michael "Scooter" Conforto's official designation as an All-Star (20:20); the latest METCON levels (33:30); what to put in an Amed Rosario care package (47:00), and if the Mets should bring back Bartolo Colon (56:15). Then in the mailbag segment (01:09:30) they wondered about which pitcher to take to the local county fair, why the...

Duration: 01:38:58

After Geography

Roger and Brian asked and answered a lot of geographical questions, such as "Where does Asdrubal Cabrera get off?", and "Where does Terry Collins get off?", plus "Where in the world is Amed Rosario?" The METCON level was updated with new and improved context, and Roger, to his horror, heard Brian convince himself that the Mets still have a chance to make the postseason. Roger made things worse by defending a Terry Collins decision regarding Michael Conforto, and Brian reflected further on...

Duration: 01:48:41

Freedom! '17 (with JT. Terán)

Note: Since even Roger is starting to give up on the Mets' season, Good Fundies is a 51s/Rumble Ponies podcast now. Always was, if anyone asks. Brian talked about his attempts at freeing Amed Rosario and his thoughts about the future of Dominic Smith, and Roger talked about Marcos Molina, the latest on his feud with Rowdy the Pony, and his weekend adventure to see the Binghamton Rumble Ponies in action. Helping Roger discuss his journey into Rowdy's neck of the woods was his travel buddy,...

Duration: 01:58:53

Cormier's Korner: Michael Price is a Mets Fan

Michael Price (The Simpsons, F is For Family) is a Mets fan. He once annoyed Alex Trebek over it. He's also written some Mets jokes into The Simpsons. Duffy Dyer was Michael's favorite obscure Met growing up. He has had an interesting life.

Duration: 00:55:42

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