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The idea for I-Radio came about during the speech of His Excellency Ambassador Adnan V. Alonto in one of the recent FilCom events at the Philippine Embassy - Riyadh. He mentioned there that he got inspired by one of the internet radio he chanced upon and heard during his short stint in Hawaii. Out of that claim by the good ambassador, FilCom groups immediately got challenged and visualized the idea of creating a similar one here in KSA to be utilized for a more noble purpose: to reach out and help our fellow Filipinos living and working all over the kingdom by providing informative broadcasts aimed at guiding and assisting them in ways more than one. Hence, through the initiative of TAMA–KSA (Tapang At Malasakit Alliance - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and by incorporating the ideas of both social media and radio, formation of I-Radio started taking shape under the following objectives: To forge unity and alliance between all active Filipino NGO’s all over the kingdom. To provide accurate and reliable OFW-related information and advises sourced directly from the Philippine Embassy and POLO while complying with, and conforming to, the existing norms and Islamic (Sharia) laws of Saudi Arabia. To provide music and variety of radio programs that would cater to the OFWs entertainment needs while living here in KSA and adopting to its culture and environment. Now,...