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15: "What good is access if you're not using it to preach truth to power?"

In which we call B.S. on the court evangelicals who want us to believe that they're counseling Trump about his misogyny and racism and cruelty behind closed doors--but won't say anything against him publicly. We also discuss the legacy of Billy Graham, who passed away this week at the age of 99, and question whether his son Franklin will end up being responsible for pushing more Americans away from Christianity than his father brought to it. Nish finally gets her chance to talk about Mitt...



Why did white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in greater numbers than they have for any other presidential candidate in history? Why do some of us believe healthcare is a human right while others think that if you get sick, it’s your own fault? We're going to answer this stuff with a lot of context, nuance, and high level of attitude. Subscribe!