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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!
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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!




Episode 10 - The Boys Fight a Box

The notes for this episode description say "Our adventurers engage in deadly combat with a box". That must be a typo. Or maybe a metaphor? Oh wait, it also says "the box has tentacles". Okay, that makes more sense. Container combat time!

Duration: 00:49:42

Episode 9 - Blag's Not So Good Day

Our adventurers very cautiously approach the domain of the Wizard King. They discover an ominous lever that can only lead to bad things. One of the party will die! Is it Blag? No. But it could be! It isn't.

Duration: 00:46:17

Episode 8 - Take Him To The Farm

The Trial of Preservation begins! The previously generic quest giver is starting to show some personality, and it turns out he sucks! He gives our adventurers the power of life or death over a complete stranger. Who thought that was a good idea? Oh yeah, the guy who's a jerk.

Duration: 00:30:59

Episode 7 - Technical Success

The very public appearance of a certain imp last episode encourages Rath to overcome some of his trust issues. We have a brief agricultural interlude with Blag. And our adventurers take on a mission to fight back against the Wizard King. With an episode name like Technical Success you know that probably doesn't go so well!

Duration: 00:45:05

Episode 6 - Beelza-bow

A new set of challenges reveal a mysterious individual from Kort's past. Things get dramatic when Rath faces down an old enemy. What dark secrets will be revealed? And get ready for a knock-out performance from Beaker!

Duration: 00:41:46

Episode 5 - Kobold Kanyon

Can our adventures pull off the impossible Kobold Kanyon job? What surprising Kobold sleeping habits will they discover? Also Blag gets violent. Disturbingly so. But that's probably just a one time thing and not a trend.

Duration: 00:42:08

Episode 3 - Fix A Fence

In this episode our Dungeon Master Kyle clearly puts a lot of thought into various shady characters he introduces in the tavern. Will our adventurers promptly ignore and forget about them? Most likely! Will they accomplish their tasks intelligently? Surprisingly they just might! But will that be through their own competence or an absurd number of critical success rolls?

Duration: 00:32:20

Episode 4 - Fast Cash

Romance in the air! Or is that the smell from all the elephants? Let's say both because Rath has an admirer! Blag orders some milk. Kort does some shady fundraising. And Tor, well Tor continues to be the most effective member of the group.

Duration: 00:33:42

Episode 2 - Bunk Buddies

The Trial of Defense begins! Introductions are made, Blag gives a guy a hard time, and battle against the forces of the Wizard King begins. Will the day be won? Will they almost get completely stomped in their first fight? Join our adventurers as they undertake their first mission as roommates!

Duration: 00:32:08

Episode 1 - The Beginning

Our premier episode in which we meet our adventurers. Dark pasts are alluded to! A mysterious empire that magically abducts people as a narrative tool is revealed! Dice are rolled very poorly. And an epic quest begins!

Duration: 00:32:53

What Is Intelligence Check?

A Live Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast coming soon!

Duration: 00:03:03