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Facing The Aftermath Of A Vicious Hurricane

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we'll be discussing facing the aftermath of vicious hurricanes such as Hurricane Harvey's impact on Texas and Hurricane Irma's impact on Florida. These Hurricanes caused tremendous damage and their impact will be in the history books. Now that the storms are over, citizens and families are left to pick up the pieces. Many will have to rebuild and replace as their homes and belongings have been destroyed in the wrath of the storm. Though only victims of...

Duration: 02:08:07

How Do You Feel About The State Of Professional Boxing?

Tonight we'll be having a discussion on Pro Boxing. Topics include: The State Of Professional BoxingCanelo vs Triple G ReviewWhere Does Floyd Mayweather Rank Amongst All-time Greats?Corruption & Politics In BoxingThe Rise And Fall Of Mike Tyson This discussion right here is for true boxing fans. If you're a true die hard fan, trust me when I say you don't wanna miss out! Call In # 347-838-9540 #ItJustGotReal

Duration: 02:27:23

Interview with Special Guest Tiffany Macon

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we'll eb joined by special guest Tiffany Macon, for an exclusive interview. Tiffany Macon (mother of 2), is a motivational speaker, Beauty professional and now Health & wellness expert, residing in in Dallas, Texas!!! Her busy lifestyle after having two children, working full time, and running a business of her own caused her to neglect the very thing that sustained her to do it all her Health. In 2017, Tiffany made a decision that she would focus on...

Duration: 00:53:52

September Is Sickle Cell Awareness Month

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we'll be recognizing Sickle Cell Awareness Month, which is September for those who don't know. Ms. Sha', It's Real Talk Radio co-host, has the Sickle Cell Trait and has a child who has the actual virus which is passed on genetically. Millions of people carry the trait and millions live with the actual illness and it's important to recognize and educate ourselves on this deadly disease, which claims the lives of countless people including Hip Hop legend,...

Duration: 02:09:18

Real Talk Tuesday: Episode 6

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we have our 6th installment of Real Talk Tuesday, and we have 4 primary topics for the night, which include: The Passing Of The Late Dick Gregory Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Review Charlottesville, Virginia Protest/Racism/Anti-Racism The Impact Of Hurricane Harvey If you're familiar with us then you know we don't hold back punches and it doesn't get any realer, so make sure you tune in because I can promise you, it's going down! Call In # 347-838-9540...

Duration: 02:12:48

What Parenting Style Do You Have?

Tonight, on "It's Real Talk Radio", we will be discussing "Parenting Styles." The question we're asking is "What Parenting Style do you have?" There are 4 Primary Parenting Styles: Authoritative - Flexible, assertive, democratic, self-regulation, warmth, supportive.Authoritarian - Obedience, Autocratic, structure, responsiveness, boss mentality.Permissive - Appeasement, non-directive, over-involved, indulgent, lenient, no guidelines.Uninvolved - Distant, uninterested, neglectful, absent,...

Duration: 02:04:22

Rhett Thompson's 1 Year Anniversary Of Hosting It's Real Talk Radio

Tonight we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Rhett Thompson hosting It's Real Talk Radio. So many conversations, so many moments: the good, the bad and the ugly: Breast Cancer Awareness, The Honeymoon Stage, Sex Chronicles, Do You Think Black Wall Street Would Work Today, Babies Having Babies, just to name a few of the topics Rhett has covered with the team in her 1 year. Always professional, courteous and on time, it has been a pleasure to work with Rhett over the past year. Tonight is...

Duration: 02:39:02

What If You Found Out Your Partner Was Transgendered?

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're asking what would you do if you found out your partner that you have been intimately dating is Transgendered? Would you curse them out, storm out and cut them off? Would you try to make out they've never existed from then on? Would it turn into a physical altercation? Do you think you'd be able to maintain your composure? If you are a straight man fooled by a Transgender Woman, would you feel like less of a man? Do you think you'd ever be able to...

Duration: 02:14:00

Talking Education And The State Of Public Schools With Special Guest Kesia

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio", we'll be discussing education, its importance, the state of the United States Public Schools and what it's like from an insider's perspective. What do we mean by an insider's perspective? Well tonight we'll be joined by special guest Kesia, who is a teacher for public schools. With several Master's Degrees and experience with teaching from elementary school all the way to college level, there's nobody better suited to have this discussion with. Kesia has...

Duration: 01:45:25

Real Talk Tuesday: Episode 5

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio", we have Episode 5 of "Real Talk Tuesday." We have 5 very controversial discussions for you this week. If you've tuned in to any of our previous 4 episodes, you know that we typically have 6 topics but tonight we chose to go with 5 because one of our topics we've decided to double the time because we need more time to discuss the shenanigans! Below are a list of the topics we'll be discussing for tonight: R. Kelly accused of holding women captive in a cult...

Duration: 02:18:22

Does Pop Culture Glorify Single Parent Households?

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" we'll be discussing single parent households and the role pop culture plays in them. Some argue that pop culture is the # 1 endorser for single parent families. A lot of the music and television shows in pop culture seem to highlight the single parent movement. On one hand, it's good to see parents not make excuses, step up to the plate and do what they have to do to provide and give their children the best lives possible. On the other hand, glorifying...

Duration: 02:02:45

Do Best Friends Make Good Couples?

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" we'll be debating on if best friends make for good couples. Best friends hooking up isn't something out the norm. A lot of best friends have hooked up and some have even managed to remain great friends after the relationship didn't work out. But is that a good idea? If you hooked up with your best friend and it didn't work out, could you see yourself reverting back to best friends or even friends at all? Is pursuing a romantic relationship really worth...

Duration: 01:50:28

"C.B.R." Talking The Latest In Hip Hop & Battle Rap

Check out C.B.R. tonight as we'll be discussing the latest in Hip Hop & Battle Rap. Topics include: Kodak Black's Controversial Statement On Not Liking Black WomenJay-Z's New Album "4:44"Remy Ma Wins Female Artist Of The Year Over Nicki Minaj At 2017 BET AwardsJoe Buden & Migos ControversyIs DJ Akademiks The Best At Hip Hop Media Coverage?URL's Double Impact ReveiwHollow Da Don vs Tay RocArsonal vs Loaded LuxRain & Hitman Holla BeefThe Black Squad (Nick Cannon, Conceited, Hitman Holla &...

Duration: 02:08:34

Real Talk Tuesday: Episode 4

Tonight, on Episode 4 of Real Talk Tuesday, we'll be discussing the leatest gossip and controversy in the media and sharing our thoughts. These topics include: All Eyez On Me BiopicThe Bill Cosby MistrialOfficer Yanez Acquitted For The Killing Of Philando CastileThe Passing Of Hip Hop Legend ProdigyNicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Getting Jumped By Meek Mill's CrewThe 2017 BET Awards These are 6 of the most controversial topics that occured in June 2017, so of course we have to tackle them. There's...

Duration: 02:05:21

"C.B.R." Remembering Prodigy Of Mobb Deep

Tonight on C.B.R., we'll be discussing the life of the Hip Hop legend Prodigy. On June 20th, 2017, Hip Hop legend Prodigy passed away abruptly, taking the Hip Hop community by storm. Prodigy's passing was felt all through the Hip Hop community. We at C.B.R. are Mobb Deep fans, so it's only right that we pay homage and dedicate tonight's show to Prodigy. Who can forget "Shook Ones" and "Quiet Storm"? Well tonight we'll be not only discussing the life of Prodigy but playing some of his...

Duration: 02:55:44

Does Father's Day Get The Acknowledgement It Deserves?

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" we'll be discussing Father's Day and if it gets the recognition it deserves. We know Mother's Day is a big deal and is pretty much embraced on a grand scale, but can we say the same about Father's Day? Are fathers worthy of being acknowledged to the same degree that mothers are? Do superdads get the credit they deserve or are villian dads getting too much of the focus? Did you have a good dad? Do you acknowledge and celebrate your pops on Father's Day?...

Duration: 02:12:58

Kicking It With Clyde & Suzie

Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we welcome special guests Clyde & Suzie. Clyde & Suzie are 2 individual entrepreneurs who have maintained consistant success throughout their run. They are here tonight to discuss business, share their stories and share their views on what's going on in today's society. Clyde & Suzie know each other quite well because their businesses are right next to each other and Clyde served in the military with Suzie's late husband. Since then they have become friendly...

Duration: 00:49:35

How Far Is Too Far?

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we'll be discussing limitations. The question we're asking is how far is too far? With recent events such as Snoop Dogg shooting a fake gun at a mime dressed up as President Donald Trump and most recently, comedian/actress Kathy Griffin holding what looks like a replicated head of Donald Trump with no body attached and fake blood running down its entire face. The image is so disturbing that media outlets have blurred it out because it is simply too...

Duration: 02:08:25

Real Talk Tuesday: Episode 3

Tonight's is Episode 3 of Real Talk Tuesday here on It's Real Talk Radio and as with every Real Talk Tuesday we are bringing some fresh, hot topics. There's no better way to close out the month than with a new episode of Real Talk Tuesday. Our topics for Episode 3 are as follows: Does The Cost Of What The First Lady Wears Matter? Does Trump Represent Real America Or A Stereotype? The Manchester Bombing Who Is Better, LeBron James Or Michael Jordan? Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland...

Duration: 02:03:20

Should All Fathers Get DNA Tests For All Their Children?

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio", the topic of discussion is the infamous DNA Tests, or maybe we could just call this "Maury" lol. So what we're asking is: “Should all men get DNA Tests for all their kids?” Every last one, regardless if they're all by the same mom or different mothers?? If your answer is yes then should men really have to pay out of pocket for DNA Tests? Women don't need DNA Tests because they know what came out of them. Is it fair that women get the upper hand because of...

Duration: 01:28:16

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