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Roody Senecal - "Karmasoft" - Software Developer, founder of Yoga Tribe Brooklyn, creator of Karmasoft Online

J sits down with Roody Senecal, creator of Karmasoft Online, to talk about how he went from manufacturing metal doors to becoming a yoga teacher, owning a yoga center, and developing the software that J ran his center with for seven out of ten years he had it. They discuss Roody’s childhood in Haiti and immigration to Brooklyn, the relationship to his wife that started his yoga journey, his training with Bikram Choudhry, and how he utilizes his relationships with people to foster a...

Duration: 01:49:28

Jillian Pransky - "Deep Listening" - Yoga Therapist, author, director of Restorative Yoga Teacher Training for YogaWorks

Jillian Pransky, author of Deep Listening, talks with J about her journey in overcoming anxiety and finding a slow, gentle approach to body and life. They discuss her childhood and early exposure to meditation, giving up a “real” job in publishing to pursue a yoga career, the influences that have shaped her work and led to a focus on restorative yoga, and her new book. The conversation also touches on navigating the changing professional yoga landscape, and the increasingly difficult...

Duration: 01:51:21

Vanessa Kudrat - "Kundalini and Internet Startups" - Yoga Teacher, DJ, student of Yogi Bhajan, founder of Body Mind Gifts

Vanessa Kudrat, founder of Body Mind Gifts, is an old friend of J’s from their college days and drops by to see him in his final days in Brooklyn after not seeing each other in over fifteen years. They reminisce on the old days at NYU, talk about Vanessa’s studies with Yogi Bhajan, the early days of the internet, and the ways in which wellness and yoga have come into the mainstream and become professions. The conversation also examines the effects of the new media on yoga teachers and the...

Duration: 01:31:58

Trina Altman - "Interdisciplinary Movement" - creator of Yoga Deconstructed® and Pilates Deconstructed®

Trina Altman, creator of Yoga Deconstructed® and Pilates Deconstructed®, talks with J about her viewpoint on the limitations of the physical side of yoga for fitness and health. They discuss life events and influences that have led to the combination of modalities and techniques informing her teaching and approach to yoga and embodied movement. J learns about the differences between Yoga and Pilates, and they examine how the new teaching landscape lends itself to exploring a wider scope and...

Duration: 01:58:07

Melissa Hagedorn - "Affordable Immersion" - Yoga Aficionado, Outdoor Guide, founder of the Northwest Yoga Conference

Melissa Hagedorn, founder of the Northwest Yoga Conference, joins the podcast for a lively and redemptive conversation after J accidentally used a photo of hers on one of his blog posts and got a polite but firm request to cease and desist. All is made well as they discuss Michelle’s mobile lifestyle and her call to create a yoga conference against all odds. They also discuss the accessibility of conference offerings, the pay or lack there of for teachers, and the ways in which balance can...

Duration: 01:36:46

Noah Mazé - "Outdoor Adventure, Anusara, and Embodied Spirituality" - Yoga Teacher, founder of YOGAMAZÉ

Noah Mazé, founder of YOGAMAZÉ, talks with J about his early exposure to yoga, how he came to meet John Friend during the formative time of Anusara, the trajectory of his teaching and the effects that the Anusara downfall had on him, and the ways in which the thread of his yoga has carried through and expanded. They also discuss the online videos of Noah doing crazy asana stuff, the repercussions of those videos being posted without context, a recent scandal, Facebook trolls, and the...

Duration: 01:50:31

Cora Wen - "The Fame Game" - Acclaimed Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, underground icon of the old school

Cora Wen is a name that J knew from his early remembrances of the yoga world, yet it wasn’t until this talk that he knew anything about her. They discuss Cora’s origins in yoga, the many amazing teachers that she has worked closely with over the years, and some reasons why she has maintained a slightly underground status. The conversation also tracks some yoga-going-into-the-mainstream history, some of the pitfalls and troubles that come with the territory, what things look like today and...

Duration: 01:41:29

Leslie Kaminoff - "Endings and Beginnings" - Live from the last oral history event at The Breathing Project

Leslie Kaminoff invites J to join him for the last of his live oral history events at The Breathing Project. They are accompanied by a small group of staff and friends for an intimate conversation about what has gone past and what lies ahead. The discussion tracks some history behind the Breathing Project, the publication of Yoga Anatomy and rumors of a potential third edition, and all the emotions around saying goodbye as the space reincarnates into the Babies Project and Leslie sets a new...

Duration: 01:44:49

Nischala Devi- "The Full Yoga" - Teacher, Author, spent 25 years as monastic disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda

Nischala Devi, author of The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman's Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras, joins the podcast and brings J some inspiration and joy. They talk about her many years in ascetic life, the process of leaving it, new paths forged since, and what its like to translate Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras from a woman’s perspective. They also discuss the evolution of yoga from its beginnings as an alternative lifestyle into a mainstream industry, and what might be needed to...

Duration: 01:31:48

David Lipsius - "Yoga Alliance Reboot" - President and CEO of the Yoga Alliance, Registered Yoga Teacher

David Lipsius, president and CEO of Yoga Alliance, sits down with J to talk about the issues facing the organization and his new leadership role. They discuss David’s history and credentials, his study and training in yoga, and what he hopes to do at the YA. The conversation tackles many of the misconceptions regarding YA, problems with the standards, a lack of transparency in the past, what is going to change going forward, and how we might start an honest dialogue to raise the value and...

Duration: 02:02:37

Michelle Ryan - "Collectively Running a Center" - Yoga Teacher, founder of Ashtanga Yoga Northampton

Michelle Ryan, founder of Ashtanga Yoga Northampton, has been listening to the podcast and, after hearing J and his guests talking about new models for yoga centers, felt compelled to reach out via email. She is running her center in a different way that brings some new ideas to the table, so J brought her on to discuss what she is doing. They track Michele’s background in yoga and owning centers, the pitfalls and tribulations of the life, and the methods that she has arrived at to forge...

Duration: 01:55:38

Amy Ippoliti - "Evolving Leadership" - Yoga Teacher, Author, veteran of the yoga wave and Anusara kula

Amy Ippoliti talks with J about being in the right place at the right time, at the cusp of yoga’s entrance into the mainstream, through the rise and fall of the Anusara popularity, and the path to healing and learning in the aftermath of the scandal. They swap some tales of the early NY scene, get into the real story behind why Anusara fell apart, compare the time that they came into to teaching with some of the realities that new teachers are facing today, and find shared purpose in their...

Duration: 01:36:06

Temple Fiergola - "Underpaid and Undervalued" - Experienced Yoga Teacher, Writer, podcast listener

Temple Fiergola is a yoga teacher and podcast listener who sent J a blog post she wrote about negotiating her pay rates with yoga center owners that warranted a longer conversation, so J brings her on to talk it out. In the course of the discussion, Temple shares some intimate details of her life that strike a cord in J and set a tone for further inquiries into balancing family life and maintaining a teaching practice, overcoming grief, the diminishing pay scales available to yoga...

Duration: 01:24:09

Justine Wiltshire Cohen - "Down Under School of Yoga" - Yoga Teacher, owner of Down Under School of Yoga

After a snarky post from J referencing an article in Yoga Journal about Down Under School of Yoga in Boston making yoga teachers employees vs independent contractors, the owner, Justine Wiltshire Cohen, joins in this conversation to clarify and make her positions clear on the issues. They discuss the origins of the center, its growth, the reasons for non-compete clauses, intellectual property rights, pay scales, and the problem with attempting to present black and white solutions to nuanced...

Duration: 01:45:37

Adriene Mishler - "Yoga with Adriene" - Actor, Yoga Teacher, co-founder of famed Youtube channel

Adriene Mishler, from the Yoga with Adriene Youtube Channel, talks with J about what its like to have over two million people subscribing to your Youtube videos, how such a thing comes about, and the work that goes into making something like that fly. In this unexpected and engaged conversation, J discovers that Adriene is way more than just a “Youtube star” as they discuss the yoga hustle and what it means to make real connections with people both in person and through the asynchronous...

Duration: 01:46:45

Amy Matthews - "Ordinary Magic" - Embodied Asana Teacher, co-founder Babies Project, purveyor of possibility

Amy Matthews, co-founder of Babies Project, sits down with J to talk about the ideas we hold around the human body and our ability to change. After studying with Amy for almost a year, J takes this opportunity to delve deeper into questions of injuries, bio-mechanics, somatic experience, embryology, the proportionality of growth, and the disconnect between what our physiology is actually saying and what we think is the case. More than anything, they invite a full range of possibility by...

Duration: 01:37:50

Alexandria Crow - "Evolution of a Teacher" - Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, founder of Yoga Physics

Alexandria Crow, founder of Yoga Physics, joins J for a conversation about her evolution as a yoga teacher, from early high profile appearances to whistle-blower and rabble-rouser. They have been in contact for some time but only hook up after Alex posted one of J’s podcast about Yoga Alliance on her FB timeline and a comment thread blew up. In this candid conversation, they discuss some of Alex’s history, reconciling the documentation of your past online, and problems with the industry...

Duration: 01:38:33

Accessible Yoga NYC 2017 - "Ageism and Ableism" - Steffany Moonez, Prakash Capen, Mirabai Hubbel, and Char Grossman

J moderates this panel discussion at the Accessible Yoga Conference NYC with Steffany Moonez, founder of Yoga for Arthritis, Prakash Capen, Integral Yoga Teacher and Minister, Mirabai Hubbell, chair of the Older Adults Department at City College, and Char Grossman, founder of YogaReach. The topic was “Ageism and Ableism: Creating Welcoming Yoga Spaces” and after some time getting to know the panelists, they share their views and take questions from the audience on issues of inclusion in...

Duration: 02:11:08

Amber Karnes - "The New Grind" - Ruckus Maker, Yoga Teacher, creator of Body Positive Yoga

Amber Karnes, creator of Body Positive Yoga, joins J for a talk about making the ends meet as teachers in the new landscape. They are both in the midst of moving and navigating the ways they can make a living and, after canceling a number of times, they jump into a conversation despite not feeling all that up to it. Fortunately, coming together on the challenges they are facing is a welcome release and serves to reaffirm their resolve. They also discuss the origins of Body Positive Yoga...

Duration: 01:22:20

Sadia Bruce - "Yoga Industrial Complex" - Yoga Teacher, Alchemist, grassroots voice for diversity and inclusivity

Sadia Bruce, a friend and fellow teacher, posted something about one of J’s podcasts that ruffled his feathers some so he decided to bring her on the show to talk about it. But, while they do discuss the post and why it bothered J, the conversation ended up going in unexpected directions as J learns that Sadia has come to a crossroads in her career and is considering leaving the profession. They talk about racism, prejudice, the co-option of the diversity and inclusion conversation, and the...

Duration: 01:27:03

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