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Gernot Huber - "Disrupting the Stress Response" - Thailand-based Yoga Teacher, Ecologist, Evolutionary Biologist

Gernot Huber, founder of Yoga Mind Yoga Body, happened to take a few of J’s live stream classes via a mutual friend and had some constructive feedback and criticism. In this talk, they discuss Gernot’s background in silicon valley, his studies in ecology and evolutionary biology, how he ended up being a yoga teacher, and his ideas on learning to disrupt the stress response. Ultimately, they engage in a spirited and friendly debate on the pros and cons of periodically engaging your edge with...


Danny Paradise - "Evolution of Ashtanga" - International Yoga Teacher, Musician/Songwriter, early-adopter circa 1976

Danny Paradise, renowned teacher and writer/co-producer of Love Will Rescue You, joins J to talk about how things have evolved from his first experiences in 1976 until the present day. They discuss the influences that have informed his teaching, including shamanism and the Egyptian roots, and how his practices are designed to show the interrelatedness of different cultures and disciplines. They also touch on the commodification of yoga, celebrity clients, and the Pattabhi Jois scandal....


Theo Wildcroft - "Post-Lineage Yoga" - Yoga Teacher, Doctoral Researcher, advocate for safe, diverse and inclusive yoga

Theo Wildcroft was kind enough to let J stay with her during a recent trip to England. On their last day together, they sat down to have this conversation about different yoga cultures. They discuss how yoga happens in alternative spaces, distinctions in philosophy that shape a persons teaching, and the challenges we face when trying to forge uncharted paths. They also discuss the thesis she is working on regarding ‘Post-Lineage Yoga', examining the intersection between lineage traditions...


Andrew Tanner - "Standards Review"- Yoga Alliance Chief Ambassador, Standards Review Project Survey

Andrew Tanner, chief ambassador for Yoga Alliance, joins J to discuss the Standards Review Project and the recently released survey. The conversation gets a bit heated as J grapples with his YA status and what he sees as fundamental flaws with both the survey and the organization. Andrew does his best to reassure J that the process YA has embarked on will be open, democratic and transparent. In the end, the spirit of friendship holds in this passionate exchange tackling the many difficult...


Jonathan Sattin - "triyoga" - Lawyer, Meditator/Practitioner, founder of triyoga London

Jonathan Sattin, founder of triyoga, sits down with J at the head offices in London to talk about how he went from holding yoga classes in his living room to creating one of the premier destinations for yoga in the UK. They discuss what it takes to build an operational structure that can survive and grow for eighteen years, amassing five locations, 200+ teachers, and the inherent challenges that come when you get that big. They also touch on the financial realities at work, current trends,...


Roseanne Harvey - "its all yoga, baby" - Writer, co-editor 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice

Roseanne Harvey, founder of its all yoga, baby and co-editor of 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice, is an old friend of J’s from the blogosphere days who has been away from the yoga world for a time but has recently emerged once again. In this conversation, they talk about the heyday of the internet, that time Roseanne slept in J’s bed, and what is behind her sort-of departure and semi-return to yogaland. They also tackle debt, money, and the yoga of getting our financial...


Richard Freeman - "Still Looking" - Legendary Yoga Teacher, synthesizer of contemplative traditions

Richard Freeman was the person J most wanted to speak with when starting the podcast and his dream is finally realized in this conversation celebrating the 100th episode. They discuss what yoga was like in the late 60’s, how Richard came to study with BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, universal threads that run through the many different contemplative traditions he has inquired into, trends that have emerged with the progression of yoga into the mainstream, and the importance of remaining...


Amina Naru - "Yoga in the Criminal Justice System" - Teacher, owner Posh Yoga, project manager Yoga Service Council

Amina Naru, board member and project manager at the Yoga Service Council, owner of Posh Yoga, talks with J about her work bringing yoga into juvenile detention centers and prisons, and the new Best Practices for Yoga in the Criminal Justice System. They discuss her spiritual name, some of the trials and tribulations that have shaped her journey into yoga, her experience of being a black woman in a predominantly white profession, the process of creating community, and the profound gift of...


Tiffany Cruikshank - "Yoga Medicine" - Yoga Teacher, Wellness Expert, Author, founder of Yoga Medicine

Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, joins J for a discussion about her early challenges and roots into yoga and holistic healing modalities, and the process of developing her professional work as a teacher and educator. Their conversation includes a consideration of changing paradigms in yoga, how she incorporates or separates her yoga with her work in sports medicine and orthopedics, her experience of navigating the yoga industry, and developing training with a focus on fusing...


Maria Kirsten - "Yoga for Grown Ups" - Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Occupational Therapist

J met Maria Kirsten, founder of Yoga for Grown Ups, through mutual contacts in Japan and they kind of hit off after discovering they share many common experiences and viewpoints in yoga. In this conversation, they compare notes on teaching and discuss a range of topics including the importance of self-directed mentorship, fostering gradual progressions and relationships over time, teaching people about themselves more than poses, finding your root and stabilization, somatization, and...


Rexx Anthony - "Rogue Ashtanga" - Teacher, former center-owner, evolutionary approach to Ashtanga Mysore Instruction

Rexx Anthony, founder of Rogue Ashtanga, wrote a blog post entitled "A Cautionary Tale on Operating Yoga Studios" that caught J’s attention and spurred this conversation. They talk about Rexx’s early adoption of Ashtanga Yoga and how the system has changed over the years. They also discuss the trends and tribulations of managing a yoga center, some of the pressing issues facing the industry, the challenges that yoga teachers grapple with, and the personal and professional factors that make...


Seane Corn - "Assume Humanity" - Internationally Renowned Vinyasa Flow Teacher, Spiritual Activist

Seane Corn, creator of 'Off the Mat, Into the World', joins J for a lively and wide-ranging discussion on coming into adulthood as teachers alongside yoga going mainstream. Seane talks about the early days of NY Yoga and Life Cafe, her migration west, how she became a “yoga celebrity,” and the political activism that she spearheads. The conversation also examines the evolution of yoga as a profession, healing trauma, sexual misconduct in the yoga world, and the light, shadows and people...


Or Shahar - "Light of the Dawn" - Israeli Yoga Teacher, Buddhist, passionate about depth and connection

Or Shahar, from freedomyoga.info, is a podcast listener with a booker who got a bit lucky and caught J in a moment that led to this candid and unexpected conversation about family, cultural divides, and the universality of yoga. Or shares her process of healing depression and trauma, how she ended up making a life for herself in Berlin, overcoming the obstacles that yoga teachers face as professionals, and the challenge of meeting people where they are while still holding true to...


Barbara Benagh - "Slow Flow Master" - Early-adopter, Boston-area legend, indy yoga teacher icon

Barbara Benagh, legendary indy yoga teacher, joins J to trace the history and evolution of yoga from the 70’s until the present day. They discuss her early adoption of Iyengar yoga, her progression into a more somatic approach, the teachers and influences that have inspired her along the way, her relationship to and feeling about the ascendance of yoga as big business and the celebrity of yoga teachers, and how she ended up going against the grain and setting a precedence of cultivating...


Justine Mastin - "Full-time Fangirl" - Geek-centric Psychotherapist, Yogini, and creator of YogaQuest

Justin Mastin, creator of YogaQuest, talks with J about bringing yoga to the geek community. They discuss what it means to be a geek, the process of embracing her inner nerd through yoga, and how she came to create a narrative-based practice that gives permission for people to be who they are even when it doesn't fit what other people think is normal. Justine also shares her insights into the unique issues that those with passionate fandoms face, and provides an example of what it means to...


Anneke Lucas - "Conspiracy of Patriarchy" - Teacher, Writer, Speaker, founder of Liberation Prison Yoga

Anneke Lucas, founder of Liberation Prison Yoga, returns to talk with J about her thoughts on the resurgence of the #metoo movement, the politics of power addiction, and the larger implications for the yoga world. They discuss the public reckoning that men are being confronted with, areas in which we are still operating with blinders, the prevalence of pedophilia and conspiracies that cover it up, enabling in the ashtanga tradition, bringing yoga into the criminal justice system, making...


Jill Miller - "Hip Replacement Surgery" - creator of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method®

Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method®, talks with J eight days after receiving hip replacement surgery. They discuss their parallel journeys, Jill’s decision to go under the knife, what its been like since, the blowback she got online, and why J is both grateful and freaked out by her example. The conversation also touches on issues surrounding injuries in yoga, the role that anatomy plays in mitigating risk factors, radical transparency, and the challenge of...


Alexis Marbach and Caitlin Lanier - "Trauma-Informed" - Social Workers, Yoga Teachers, members of The Breathe Network

Alexis Marback and Caitlin Lanier, members of The Breathe Network, talk with J about the evolving world of trauma-informed yoga. They discuss the expansion of trauma sensitivity in the wake of yoga scandals, whether increased training is warranted, pitfalls in labeling and standardizing individual experience, Flip Chips, and how the current landscape is changing the dynamics and context. They also tackle some of the sticky realities implicit in addressing power dynamics, and being able to...


Sadie Nardini - "Rock Your Yoga" - Core Strength Vinyasa, The Yoga Shred, Yoga Girls, lead singer of Salt & Bone

Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa and The Yoga Shred, host of Rock Your Yoga and cast member of Yoga Girls, talks with J about her early beginnings and emergence as a social media yoga icon. Sadie discusses her childhood struggle with a neurological disorder, the fierce determination that helped her be strong, the unintended consequences that forced her to change, and the development of her yoga practice and teaching. They also discuss her persona as the “black sheep” of yoga...


Lucas Rockwood - "Energetic Equity" - Yoga Teacher Trainer, Digital Nomad, Green Food Junkie, Serial Entrepreneur

Lucas Rockwood, founder of Yoga Teachers Collegeand YOGABODY Naturals, host of Yoga Talk Show, is a fellow podcaster and expat who wrote a scathing piece about doTerra that got J’s attention. They have a lively discussion about leaving the NY scene to stake a claim in the international markets, his evolution from accidental teacher to retreat center owner, starting a supplements company, and creating a well known online presence. Lucas also shares important warnings and insights into...


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