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KG Smooth was born and raised in Dayton, OH, the birthplace of funk music. KG is a very multi-talented man. He can sing, dance, write, produce, vocal arrange, host and entertain. KG got his start in radio in the year 2000 in Cincinnati, OH at WIZF, 100.9 The Wiz, now 101.1 The Wiz, where he learned all he could and did the best at everything he did. He then moved on to Cleveland, OH, where he served as afternoon and midday host on heritage station 93.1 WZAK, where he was dubbed “a breath of fresh air” with his smooth delivery. After this time in Cleveland, KG then moved to Columbus, GA to do mid-days on WKZJ, K92.7, where he became a staple in the community. KG is now shaking up the airwaves in Houston! His mellifluous voice, charm, charisma and humility has already been recognized here in the city of Houston. You can listen to KG Smooth weekends on Majic 102.1.



This program will be available today at 8PM.