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Introducing KonpaMizik This Radio Station is to honor all Konpa Music Bands & Konpa Artists that marked our culture or anyone that contributes to the Konpa World and also It is stand for our Haitian Heritage a little bit of history on Haiti's past or present. ... . Today, as we extend KonpaMizik (ClubLougarou Radio) into a bigger realm, we have added KonpaMizik as the new name to our Radio Station KonpaMizik highlights the great contributions Konpa has made to the world of Haitian Music. Created by Nemours Jean-Baptiste over 60 years ago, Konpa has become a staple to describe anything Haitian and together with KonpaMizik (ClubLougarou Radio) it is important to keep Konpa relevant throughout the airways and the community as well. Everything remains the same, KonpaMizik is still the top stop for music lovers from all ages . KonpaMizik is an extended platform for bands to engage crowds from all generations around the world and as a way to grow its reach. It will feature an added bonus to music with more educational and social discussions to introduce Konpa to people in a different way. it is about having fun and enjoying music, but it is also a place where everyone can learn something new. Welcome to our Konpa World..